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Brompton Bicycle

Author : David Henshaw
ISBN : 1901464253
Genre : Folding cycles
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This text tells the story behind one of the world's most unusual and popular folding bikes. It details how you can modify and convert your Brompton for such uses as child carrying and tackling hilly country as well as acting as a maintenance and repair manual.
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Folding Bicycles

Author : Books, LLC
ISBN : 1156473748
Genre :
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 24. Chapters: Brompton bicycle, Strida, Folding bicycle, Birdy, Andrew Ritchie, Dahon, Neobike, Xootr, Portable bicycle, Tikit, Montague Bikes, Brompton World Championship, Small wheel bicycle, YikeBike, A-bike, Swift Folder, Bike Friday, Joe Breeze, Mini125, Bickerton, Riese und M ller, Samchuly, Pocket Bicycles. Excerpt: Brompton Bicycle is a bicycle manufacturer based in Brentford, London, in the United Kingdom. It is notable for its folding bicycle and being the last transport manufacturer of any kind based in the capital city. It is the largest volume bicycle manufacturer in Britain, the other being Pashley Cycles. Approximately 22,000 bicycles are produced by the company each year of which 70 percent are exported. The Brompton folding bicycle and accessories are the company's core product, noted for its self-supporting compact size when stored. All available models of the folding bicycle are based on the same hinged bicycle frame and 16 inch (349 mm) wheel size. Components are added, removed, or replaced by titanium parts to form the variations. The modular design has remained fundamentally unchanged since the original patent was filed by Andrew Ritchie in 1979, with small details being refined by continual improvement. Ritchie was awarded the 2009 Prince Philip Designers Prize for work on the bicycle. In reviews of folding bicycles, the Brompton is often the winner. All Brompton folding bicycle models share the same curved frame, consisting of a hinged main tube, pivoting rear triangle, and hinged handle-bar stem. The steel sections use brazing to join the steel (instead of welding). Wheels are 349 mm rim size, carrying tyres with 16" tread diameter. The handlebars and some periphery components are aluminium. A Brompton bicycle uses over 1,200 individual pieces, eighty-percent of which are manufactured purely for the Bromp...

Roads To Success

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: Select Committee on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
ISBN : 010855046X
Genre : Business & Economics
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There are nearly 5 million SMEs in the UK and they have a crucial role to play if the UK is to achieve export-led recovery. Only a very small number of SMEs have been helped by UK Export Finance (UKEF) with only 21 receiving help from the agency up to August 2012. UKEF services need to be better promoted both to SMEs and banks who act as the gatekeeper to the scheme. The Committee say that unless banks are prepared to take on some of the risks of lending to exporters then UKEF's programmes are 'dead in the water'. More generally, the transition from loan decisions being made by local bank managers to a centralised process driven by formulae has weakened SME access to bank finance. Local bank managers are much better placed to make informed decisions about loan applications from small local businesses. SMEs must also do more to explore alternative sources of finance to invest in export efforts including non-clearing banks, equity funding and crowd sourcing and UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) must to do more to raise awareness of these sources of alternative funding. UKTI do a good job with companies they support but awareness of UKTI is low. The Committee also consider the impact of the Bribery Act 2010 in deterring UK exporters. They say the Act has led to confusion and uncertainty and call for detailed post-legislative scrutiny of the Act
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New Venture Creation

Author : Paul Burns
ISBN : 9781352000511
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61.75 MB
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A core textbook for creating a successful business plan which looks at everything a budding entrepreneur needs to consider to have the best chance of launching a successful new venture. It is a very practical text and progressively builds a roadmap towards the creation of an effective business plan.
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Electric Motorcycles And Bicycles

Author : Kevin Desmond
ISBN : 9781476634661
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 63.56 MB
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 Beginning in 1881, isolated prototypes of electric tricycles and bicycles were patented and sometimes tested. Limited editions followed in the 1940s, but it was not until the lithium-ion battery became available in the first decade of this century that urban pedelecs and more powerful open-road motorcycles—sometimes with speeds of over 200 mph—became possible and increasingly popular. Today’s ever-growing fleets of one-wheel, two-wheel and three-wheel light electric vehicles can now be counted in the hundreds of millions. In this third installment of his electric transport history series, the author covers the lives of the innovative engineers who have developed these e-wheelers.
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Entrepreneurship And Small Business

Author : Paul Burns
ISBN : 9781137430342
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this holistic and practical introduction to Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Paul Burns takes a life-cycle view of a business, arming students with a comprehensive understanding of the many stages and forms of entrepreneurship. The book unpicks exactly what makes an entrepreneur, what motivates them, how they manage and lead, and how their characteristics help shape the businesses they run. What's new for this edition? - Updated international case studies from entrepreneurs and small businesses, ranging from Oman to Australia (see list below for more details) - First-hand, detailed stories from real-life entrepreneurs in brand new Meet the Entrepreneur video case studies - Exploration of the growing importance of social and civic enterprise and hot topics such as effectuation and lean entrepreneurship - Rich multimedia content in the form of additional teaching and learning resources on the companion website This market-leading book offers a truly global selection of case studies: - 97 cases from across Europe - 22 cases from the U.S. - 9 cases from Far Asia - 7 cases from the Middle East - 6 cases from Southern Asia - 6 cases from Australia
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Author : Karen Ruth
ISBN : 9781589236042
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Learn to love biking all over again! Other than the fundamental act of mounting a bike and pedalling off down the street, practically everything has changed in biking today.
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Home Is Elsewhere

Author : Eric Van Den Berg
ISBN : 099345240X
Genre : Bicycle touring
File Size : 23.43 MB
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In November 1962, the then 22-year-old Stücke left his job as a tool and die maker and rode out of his hometown on a three-speed bike, with a dream to explore the world on two wheels. During his travels, Stücke encountered many obstacles and near death experiences, which saw him hit by a truck in Chile's Atacama Desert, chased by an angry mob in Haiti, attacked by bees in Mozambique, detained by military in Cameroon and losing his bike in Siberia before having it stolen in Portsmouth. Stücke's extraordinary desire to travel the world was partly motivated by his aversion to returning to factory work in his native Germany. Heinz Stücke is now back where he started: in Hövelhof, the German village he happily cycled away from half a century ago. He visited 196 countries, got through 21 passports, and ended up with a tidy number of 100,000 photos to sort out. He came across Pelé, got pocket money from Haile Selassie, and even slept under the arms of Christ the Redeemer. He cycled more than 648,000 kilometres, most of them on an ordinary gents' bike, and several thousands on a Brompton folding bike. Heinz 'wanted to see it all'. Dutch travel writer Eric van den Berg, who dug into his vast collection of journals, photos, postcards and notes, visited the now 75 year old cyclist to get an answer to that most pressing question: why? His philosophy of 'home is elsewhere' comes through in the daily routines, unexpected encounters and inevitable mishaps of a lifelong adventurist and Einzelgänger, and not least through the pictures Heinz took himself.
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Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World

Author : Alex Newson
ISBN : 9781840916508
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 33.80 MB
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The Design Museum brings you fifty bicycles that changed the world we live in! The bicycle is the world's most popular form of transport. From the penny-farthing, the Dandy-horse and the Velocipede the design of the bicycle has evolved over the decades both in terms of style and technology. From high-performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, Alex Newson explores the 50 most important, pivotal bicycles from around the world. The bicycle is the world's most popular form of transport. From the penny-farthing, the Dandy-horse and the Velocipede the design of the bicycle has evolved over the decades both in terms of style and technology. From high-performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, here are the 50 most important, pivotal bicycles from around the world. Contents Includes... Laufmaschine c.1817 Velocipede c.1863 Safety Bicycle c.1880 The tandem 1898 The cargo bike 1900s BSA 3-Speed Hub 1930-40 Flying Pigeon PA-02 c.1950 PARIS Galibier c.1947 Raleigh Chopper 1969 Dawes Galaxy 1971 Avatar 2000 1980 AM series Moulton Bicycle 1983 STRiDA 1985 Kestrel 4000 1986 'Old Faithful' 1993 Airnimal Chameleon c.2000 Bianchi Pista Chrome 2007 EADS Airebike 2011 Faraday Porteur 2013 ...And Much More!
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Them And Us

Author : Will Hutton
ISBN : 9780748115020
Genre : History
File Size : 26.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The suddenness and depth of the recession has raised questions about the workability of capitalism not seen since the 1930s. One of the constraints on recovery is the growing belief that if the old model did not work there is no new one on offer. This book sets out to provide one, arguing that reconstructing a bust financial system is not just a technical question. It cannot be done without a wholescale revision of the wider system and values on which it is based. And fairness must be placed at the heart of the new capitalism if our society is to recover its values. Will Hutton's new book musters brilliant, convincing arguments which will lend favour on both right and left. It is set to be a book which captures the mood of the moment in the same way that THE STATE WE'RE IN did.
Category: History