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British Tanks In Normandy

Author : Ludovic Fortin
ISBN : 2915239339
Genre : History
File Size : 58.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A detailed account of the Normandy campaign fought by the British Armoured Divisions and independant Armoured Brigades, from the D-Day landings to Operation Goodwood. The Author, an acknowledged British armor specialist, has divided his work into three parts: the units involved, the AFVs fielded in Normandy, and the doctrine of use of the High Command with its actual effect on the battlefield. Equipped in some cases with obsolescent vehicles, their personnel often under-motivated but often inventive, the British tank formations did not always answer the hopes of the Allied military planners. This book gives a fresh point of view on the whole question. REVIEWS .,."an excellent look at the 'hardware' of the British forces... photos are well- chosen...very well-researched and is extremely well-written."Armorama
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British Armour In The Normandy Campaign

Author : John Buckley
ISBN : 9781135774011
Genre : History
File Size : 28.66 MB
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The popular perception of the performance of British armour in the Normandy campaign of 1944 is one of failure and frustration. Despite overwhelming superiority in numbers, Montgomery's repeated efforts to employ his armour in an offensive manner ended in a disappointing stalemate. Explanation of these and other humiliating failures has centred predominantly on the shortcomings of the tanks employed by British formations. This new study by John Buckley challenges the standard view of Normandy as a failure for British armour by analysing the reality and level of the supposed failure and the causes behind it.
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Tigers In Normandy

Author : Wolfgang Schneider
ISBN : 9780811745093
Genre : History
File Size : 32.97 MB
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This book has it all ... like reading an After the Battle and Panzerwrecks combined ... highly recommended! --Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland
Category: History

German Armor In Normandy

Author : Yves Buffetaut
ISBN : 1612006434
Genre :
File Size : 36.10 MB
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This volume in the Casemate Illustrated series looks at the German armored forces in Normandy in 1944, focusing on the organization of the 10 Panzer divisions that fought in Normandy, the vehicles they relied on and the battles they fought in.

Blood Sweat And Arrogance

Author : Gordon Corrigan
ISBN : 9781780225555
Genre : History
File Size : 34.21 MB
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Why the British forces fought so badly in World War II and who was to blame Gordon Corrigan's Mud, Blood and Poppycock overturned the myths that surround the First World War. Now he challenges our assumptions about the Second World War in this brilliant, caustic narrative that exposes just how close Britain came to losing. He reveals how Winston Churchill bears a heavy responsibility for the state of our forces in 1939, and how his interference in military operations caused a string of disasters. The reputations of some of our most famous generals are also overturned: above all, Montgomery, whose post-war stature owes more to his skill with a pen than talent for command. But this is not just a story of personalities. Gordon Corrigan investigates how the British, who had the biggest and best army in the world in 1918, managed to forget everything they had learned in just twenty years. The British invented the tank, but in 1940 it was the Germans who showed the world how to use them. After we avoided defeat, but the slimmest of margins, it was a very long haul to defeat Hitler's army, and one in which the Russians would ultimately bear the heaviest burden.
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Kursk In Normandy

Author : Perry Moore
ISBN : 9780741423542
Genre : History
File Size : 63.23 MB
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British Battle Tanks

Author : David Fletcher
ISBN : 9781472821492
Genre : History
File Size : 75.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plagued by unreliable vehicles and poorly thought-out doctrine, the early years of World War II were years of struggle for Britain's tank corps. Relying on tanks built in the late 1930s, and those designed and built with limited resources in the opening years of the war, they battled valiantly against an opponent well versed in the arts of armoured warfare. This book is the second of a multi-volume history of British tanks by renowned British armour expert David Fletcher MBE. It covers the development and use of the Matilda, Crusader, and Valentine tanks that pushed back the Axis in North Africa, the much-improved Churchill that fought with distinction from North Africa to Normandy, and the excellent Cromwell tank of 1944–45. It also looks at Britain's super-heavy tank projects, the TOG1 and TOG2, and the Tortoise heavy assault tank, designed to smash through the toughest of battlefield conditions, but never put into production.
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Normandy 44

Author : James Holland
ISBN : 9781473564077
Genre : History
File Size : 83.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'A superb account of the invasion that deserves immense praise. To convey the human drama of Normandy requires great knowledge and sensitivity. Holland has both in spades' The Times Renowned World War Two historian James Holland presents an entirely new perspective on one of the most important moments in recent history, unflinchingly examining the brutality and violence that characterised the campaign. ______________ D-Day and the 76 days of bitter fighting in Normandy that followed have come to be seen as a defining episode in the Second World War. Its story has been endlessly retold, and yet it remains a narrative burdened by both myth and assumed knowledge. In this reexamined history, James Holland presents a broader overview, one that challenges much of what we think we know about D-Day and the Normandy campaign. The sheer size and scale of the Allies’ war machine ultimately dominates the strategic, operational and tactical limitations of the German forces. This was a brutal campaign. In terms of daily casualties, the numbers were worse than for any one battle during the First World War. ‘A devastating new account..Holland knows his stuff when it comes to military matters. The reader is in safe hands navigating each aspect of this complex campaign’ Daily Mail, Book of the Week _________________ ·Drawing on unseen archives and testimonies from around the world ·Introducing a cast of eye-witnesses that includes foot soldiers, tank men, fighter pilots and bomber crews, sailors, civilians, resistance fighters and those directing the action ·An epic telling that will profoundly recalibrate our understanding of its true place in the tide of human history
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Britain S War Machine

Author : David Edgerton
ISBN : 9780199911509
Genre : History
File Size : 36.1 MB
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The familiar image of the British in the Second World War is that of the plucky underdog taking on German might. David Edgerton's bold, compelling new history shows the conflict in a new light, with Britain as a very wealthy country, formidable in arms, ruthless in pursuit of its interests, and in command of a global production system. Rather than belittled by a Nazi behemoth, Britain arguably had the world's most advanced mechanized forces. It had not only a great empire, but allies large and small. Edgerton shows that Britain fought on many fronts and its many home fronts kept it exceptionally well supplied with weapons, food and oil, allowing it to mobilize to an extraordinary extent. It created and deployed a vast empire of machines, from the humble tramp steamer to the battleship, from the rifle to the tank, made in colossal factories the world over. Scientists and engineers invented new weapons, encouraged by a government and prime minister enthusiastic about the latest technologies. The British, indeed Churchillian, vision of war and modernity was challenged by repeated defeat at the hands of less well-equipped enemies. Yet the end result was a vindication of this vision. Like the United States, a powerful Britain won a cheap victory, while others paid a great price. Putting resources, machines and experts at the heart of a global rather than merely imperial story, Britain's War Machine demolishes timeworn myths about wartime Britain and gives us a groundbreaking and often unsettling picture of a great power in action.
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The Desert Fox In Normandy

Author : Samuel W. Mitcham
ISBN : 0275954846
Genre : History
File Size : 50.96 MB
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This work covers the Battle of Normandy from the point of view of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel from December 1943, until he was critically wounded on July 17, 1944, examining the effect the Desert Fox had on the toughening and evolution of the German defence in Normandy and elsewhere. It describes how and why Rommel's absence on D-Day significantly weakened the German reaction to the Allied landings, and how he temporarily checked, though he could not repulse, the Anglo-American invasion and ultimate victory. In addition, the work documents the reinforcements Rommel wanted to pour into Normandy in the six weeks prior to the D-Day landings, after he had analyzed the Allied bombing pattern and discovered that they were trying to make Normandy a strategic island - to isolate the battlefield.
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