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Britain S Airlines 1946 1951

Author : Guy Halford-MacLeod
ISBN : 0752436961
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 87.9 MB
Format : PDF
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The smaller, independent British airlines tend to be forgotten in the telling of British aviation history. This book, the first of three volumes, looks at developments before and during WWII, nationalization and post-war aviation policy, business opportunities, and manufacturing policy up to the Berlin airlift and its aftermath.
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Commercial Aviation In Britain In The 1970s

Author : Malcolm Fife
ISBN : 9781445653044
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 90.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Malcolm Fife explores the fascinating world of commercial aviation in Britain in the 1970s.
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A History Of Britain Volume 3

Author : Simon Schama
ISBN : 9781409018353
Genre : History
File Size : 21.33 MB
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The final stage of Simon Schama's epic voyage around Britain spans centuries, crosses the breadth of the empire and covers a vast expanse of topics - from the birth of feminism to the fate of freedom. The Fate of the Empire asks crucial questions about the nature of empire, journeying from celebrations of industrial and imperialist power at the Great Exhibition, to the catastrophic Irish potato famine and the Indian Mutiny. Through the military and economic shocks and traumas of our past, Schama asks the question that is still with us - is the immense weight of our history a blessing or a curse, a gift or a millstone around the neck of our future? This third and final volume in the series is a vast compelling history, made more so by the lively storytelling and big bold characters at the heart of the action. But alongside flamboyant heroes, like Nelson and Churchill, Schama recalls unsung heroines and virtually unknown enemies. Alongside the grand ideas, he exposes the grand illusions that cost untold lives.
Category: History

Papers And Proceedings

Author : Great Britain. Commission on the Third London Airport
ISBN : LCCN:71482178
Genre : Airports
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The Charlie Muffin Thrillers Volume Three

Author : Brian Freemantle
ISBN : 9781504056342
Genre : Fiction
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The un-Bond-like British spy is back—from a multimillion-selling author who “hauls you aboard and won’t let you off until the roller coaster stops” (Los Angeles Times). “If Brian Freemantle isn’t the best writer of spy novels around, he’s certainly, along with John le Carré, in the top two.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer In his long-running Charlie Muffin series, Freemantle gives us an atypical British spy. Charlie is neither high cultured nor well mannered. He’s working-class, scruffy, and fond of a drink. But he gets the job done . . . The Run Around: It could be the most sensational defection of all time. The head of the KGB’s cipher section comes with every code, every plot, and every secret. But his most startling disclosure of all is that the Russians are planning a shocking assassination. But the defector doesn’t know who, where, when, or how. All Charlie knows is that he must stop the murder from happening—without being marked for death himself. “Freemantle surpasses his earlier acclaimed thrillers.” —Publishers Weekly Comrade Charlie: Charlie uncovers a last-gasp plot from the collapsing Soviet Union. The signs point to a new Soviet Star Wars system—and to the involvement of a British traitor. But can he trust the intel? Or does the KGB want one more chance to set up their old adversary? His nemesis, Berenkov, sets a nasty trap using Natalia Fedova as bait, and as the Soviet regime crumbles, it could take Charlie down with it . . . “Intricate, funny and highly satisfying.” —Publishers Weekly Charlie’s Apprentice: Following the end of the Cold War, Charlie is tasked with training new recruits. When one of his trainees is arrested within days of arriving in Beijing to extract a blown British agent, Charlie must go to China and get both of them out. Meanwhile, his former lover Natalia Fedova is searching for him—with a daughter she says is his. “Superior work from a master of the form.” —Publishers Weekly Bomb Grade: It has been more than five years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Britain’s cagiest spy is beginning to feel obsolete—until he’s assigned to Russia one more time. The British government needs him to go undercover as an arms dealer to retrieve 250 kilograms of uranium stolen from their nuclear silos. To complicate the explosive situation, heading the anti-smuggling unit is none other than his old flame, Natalia Fedova. “Once again, Freemantle confirms his place as one of the masters of the genre. Thumbs-up for his latest—it’s everything an espionage thriller should be.” —Booklist
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Croydon Airport And The Battle For Britain 1939 1940

Author : Douglas Cluett
ISBN : UOM:39015046340470
Genre : Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940
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Beretter om den engelske flyveplads Croydon ved London.
Category: Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940

Labour Traditions

Author : Phillip Deery
ISBN : 9780980388312
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.48 MB
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The 10th National Labour History Conference, held at the University of Melbourne on 4-6 July 2007 centred around the broad theme of Labour Traditions, the conference offered papers, talks and forum discussions on a range of topics involving presentations from leading scholars, reflective activists and those who are still making our collective history, as they speak. John Faulkner, Robert Ray, John Cain and Wally Curran spoke at a forum on how the labour movement has conducted its internal debates over issues large and small. Terry Irving organised a session on Popular Movements for Democracy in Early Australia. Verity Burgmann assembled some very engaging speakers to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the IWW in Australia. Phillip Deery organised an impressive array of people to talk and argue about the Cold War. The blend of scholarly research and direct engagement in the field is reflected in the presentations on workplace health and safety by Yossi Berger, Ray Markey, Greg Patmore and Bill Shorten. In addition to sessions on these special topics, there were numerous informative and engaging presentations on individual subjects, ranging from Bobbie Oliver on apprenticeship systems to Paddy Garrity on trade unions and the arts. Here you will find the papers and abstracts from this conference. Julie Kimber, Peter Love and Phillip Deery (eds), Labour Traditions: Proceedings of the tenth national labour history conference, held at the University of Melbourne, ICT Building, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 4–6 July 2007, Australian Society for the Study of Labour History –– Melbourne, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-9803883-1-2. pp. iii-224.
Category: Business & Economics

British Diplomacy And Us Hegemony In Cuba 1898 1964

Author : Christopher Hull
ISBN : 9781137301765
Genre : History
File Size : 82.78 MB
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An analysis of Cuba's history from a British diplomatic perspective during the period of US political and economic domination, from 1898 to 1964. It investigates how Britain attempted to protect its trade and other interests in the island, whilst always sensitive to the reactions of its most important ally, the United States.
Category: History

Over Empires And Oceans

Author : Robert Bluffield
ISBN : 9780957689268
Genre : History
File Size : 56.9 MB
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This a story of pioneers, intrepid aviators, adventurers, tycoons and innovators. It is also a story of dedication and determination, for despite fixed-wing aircraft proving their value over the battlefields of the Western Front during the First World War, convincing governments and public alike that they had a role in peacetime proved far more challenging. The Americans, as inventors of heavier-than-air powered flight, had briefly courted with a passenger airline across Tampa Bay in 1914, yet it took a further nine years for mail to be flown coast-to-coast. In 1919 a British company made the first international scheduled flight between London and Paris, but the continuation of regular services was thwarted by a less-than-enthusiastic government that allowed its generously subsidised French competition, for a short time at least, to fly cross-Channel passenger schedules unimpeded. The British eventually realzed that fast links with their Empire were vital, followed the example of the French and Dutch who had forged air links with their cousins in North Africa and the Far East. Meanwhile, in South America, the Germans, forbidden under the Versailles Treaty from any major aircraft-building, were establishing cunning supremacy by forming airlines throughout South America and in China. While America awaited a transcontinental passenger service, Juan Trippe's Pan American Airways was crossing swords with Ralph O'Neill of New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (NYRBA) for air supremacy between the US, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America that led to the formation of arguably the world's greatest airline. In Russia, Igor Sikorsky had built a vast passenger-carrying aircraft, the Il'ya Muromets, and politicians debated whether giant airships or fixed-wing aircraft should rule the skies _ an issue that was put firmly to bed when the mighty German airship Hindenburg exploded while mooring at Lakehurst in 1937. Robert BluffieldÍs highly researched and detailed account tells the dramatic stories of explorers such as Kingsford Smith, Lindbergh and Cobham, and flamboyant entrepreneurs, some well known, others forgotten, who risked fortunes and reputations to follow their dreams of reaching and ruling the skies over empires, continents and oceans. Against bewildering adversity, corruption, underhanded deals and dwindling resources, these tenacious individuals braved the elements using primitive, entirely unsuitable equipment to establish earth-shrinking aerial services that criss-crossed the great oceans and the globe's most inhospitable territories. These are the stories of those pioneers _ of A_ropostale, CNAC, Air Orient, Imperial Airways, KLM, Deutsche Luft Hansa, Pan Am, SCADTA, The Condor Syndicat, Qantas and others that had a far-reaching impact on the way the modern world would travel.
Category: History