Bridge Of Birds

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Bridge Of Birds

Author : Barry Hughart
ISBN : 0552126462
Genre :
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A Gathering Of Birds

Author : Donald Culross Peattie
ISBN : 9781595341631
Genre : Nature
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A Gathering of Birds is an anthology containing selected prose about birds by nineteen famous authors, such as Hudson, Audubon, and Thoreau, and includes brief biographical information about each. The New York Times called the collection “a delightful ‘gathering’ that Mr. Peattie has presented, and his own contributions to the book make it something new and valuable in this field.”
Category: Nature

The Migration Of Birds

Author : T. A. Coward
ISBN : EAN:4064066156367
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51.70 MB
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"The Migration of Birds" by T. A. Coward. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.
Category: Fiction

Arctic Life Of Birds And Mammals

Author : L. Irving
ISBN : 9783642856556
Genre : Science
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After travel through Alaska during the Second World War, in 1947 I went to Barrow with a very lively group of biologists. From their productive research developed the Arctic Research Laboratory. While we examined the rather surpris ingly modest metabolic rates of arctic warmblooded animals in cold, PER SCHO LANDER proposed and then carried out measurements of metabolism of some tropi cal animals in Panama. The differences could be formulated to show the basis of adaptation to arctic cold and to tropical warmth. Imagination and logic were required to formulate the comparison so that it could become a part of science, but the essential measurements were derived from animals and plants in their own arctic and tropical environments. Characteristics that adapt the forms of life to climatic conditions of various environments appear clear in the large dimensions of extremely differing climates. At the time of my arrival in Alaska many of the arctic Eskimos were still largely dependent on natural resources of their immediate and local environment, in which great seasonal changes in temperature and solar radiation appeared as dominant factors. The living environment on which they subsisted was also mar kedly affected by the changes of the seasons, in particular by the change in state of water to ice that terminated summer and by the melting that brought the late transition from winter to summer.
Category: Science

Of Birds And Texas

Author : Stuart Gentling
ISBN : 9780292728349
Genre : Art
File Size : 65.48 MB
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As Audubon's "Birds of America" was the most magnificent ornithological publication of the 19th century, "Of Birds and Texas" may rightfully claim that honor for the 20th. A.C. Greene praised it as "the most stunning and prodigious book in Texas history (and possibly forever)." 50 color plates.
Category: Art

The Rise Of Birds

Author : Sankar Chatterjee
ISBN : 9781421416144
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.64 MB
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A small set of fossilized bones discovered almost thirty years ago led paleontologist Sankar Chatterjee on a lifelong quest to understand their place in our understanding of the history of life. They were clearly the bones of something unusual, a bird-like creature that lived long, long ago in the age of dinosaurs. He called it Protoavis, and the animal that owned these bones quickly became a contender for the title of "oldest known bird." In 1997, Chatterjee published his findings in the first edition of The Rise of Birds. Since then Chatterjee and his colleagues have searched the world for more transitional bird fossils. And they have found them. This second edition of The Rise of Birds brings together a treasure trove of fossils that tell us far more about the evolution of birds than we once dreamed possible. With no blind allegiance to what he once thought he knew, Chatterjee devours the new evidence and lays out the most compelling version of the birth and evolution of the avian form ever attempted. He takes us from Texas to Spain, China, Mongolia, Madagascar, Australia, Antarctica, and Argentina. He shows how, in the "Cretaceous Pompeii" of China, he was able to reconstruct the origin and evolution of flight of early birds from the feathered dinosaurs that lay among thousands of other amazing fossils. Chatterjee takes us to where long-hidden bird fossils dwell. His compelling, occasionally controversial, revelations—accompanied by spectacular illustrations—are a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in the evolution of "the feathered dinosaurs," from vertebrate paleontologists and ornithologists to naturalists and birders.
Category: Science

The Poetry Of Birds

Author : Simon Armitage
ISBN : 9780141941868
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 70.26 MB
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Birds are the most obvious wild things we have around us. They are much watched and much loved, not least by poets. Bird poetry is as old as British poetry itself, and a remarkable number of poets have written poems about birds. Indeed some of the most famous poems in the language concern birds, from Keats's nightingale and Shelley's skylark to Yeats's swans and Hardy's thrush. In this wonderful anthology poet Simon Armitage and birdwatching enthusiast Tim Dee gather together the best of the past and the present, including those famous poems but also many overlooked gems. And in a fascinating divergence from standard anthology practice, the poems are organized according to ornithological classification, beginning with poems by Marianne Moore and David Wright on the ostrich and the emperor penguin and ending with Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens on the oriole and the blackbird.
Category: Poetry

A Dictionary Of Birds

Author : Alfred Newton
ISBN : UOM:39015061986207
Genre : Birds
File Size : 69.35 MB
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Category: Birds

Numbers In The Dark

Author : Italo Calvino
ISBN : 9780544146426
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A posthumously published collection of short stories that span the breadth of Italo Calvino's career.
Category: Fiction

Feral Cities

Author : Tristan Donovan
ISBN : 9781569761038
Genre : Nature
File Size : 87.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"[An] entertaining jaunt through city wildlife." —Kirkus Reviews We tend to think of cities as a realm apart, somehow separate from nature, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Feral Cities, Tristan Donovan digs below the urban gloss to uncover the wild creatures that we share our streets and homes with, and profiles the brave and fascinating people who try to manage them. Along the way readers will meet the wall-eating snails that are invading Miami, the boars that roam Berlin, and the monkey gangs of Cape Town. From feral chickens and carpet-roaming bugs to coyotes hanging out in sandwich shops and birds crashing into skyscrapers, Feral Cities takes readers on a journey through streets and neighborhoods that are far more alive than we often realize, shows how animals are adjusting to urban living, and asks what messages the wildlife in our metropolises have for us. Tristan Donovan is the author of two widely praised books, Replay: The History of Video Games and Fizz: How Soda Shook Up the World. His journalism has appeared in many major newspapers, magazines, and web sites. He has a degree in ecology.
Category: Nature

Modern Fantasy The 100 Best Novels

Author : David Pringle
ISBN : 9781473208063
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Pringle presents his selections in chronological order and includes a synopsis of the story, a discussion of the author's overall contribution to fantasy literature, critical commentary on the title's significance, and a brief publishing history. An introductory essay tackles the difficulty of defining fantasy, while a "Brief Bibliography" directs readers to other discussions of the genre. By no means a definitive subject guide, this entertaining volume should serve as a solid introduction to the elusive field of imaginative literature.
Category: Fiction

Stories About Stories

Author : Brian Attebery
ISBN : 9780199379316
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 77.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Myth is oral, collective, sacred, and timeless. Fantasy is a modern literary mode and a popular entertainment. Yet the two have always been inextricably intertwined. Stories about Stories examines fantasy as an arena in which different ways of understanding myth compete and new relationships with myth are worked out. The book offers a comprehensive history of the modern fantastic as well as an argument about its nature and importance. Specific chapters cover the origins of fantasy in the Romantic search for localized myths, fantasy versions of the Modernist turn toward the primitive, the post-Tolkienian exploration of world mythologies, post-colonial reactions to the exploitation of indigenous sacred narratives by Western writers, fantasies based in Christian belief alongside fundamentalist attempts to stamp out the form, and the emergence of ever-more sophisticated structures such as metafiction through which to explore mythic constructions of reality.
Category: Literary Criticism

Opus In Chromatic Words

Author : Edward V. Van Slambrouck
ISBN : 9781450246163
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 89.44 MB
Format : PDF
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From Jim Ahearns Introduction in Opus in Chromatic Words: If you like jazz, poetic expression, travel, and memoir, you need to look no further than Edward Van Slambroucks new book of poems cleverly titled Opus in Chromatic Words. How appropriate is his choice of title words: Opus (a creative work) and Chromatic (a word of color and music). These words are characteristic of his endeavors and his life as sung in his poetry. His poetry joins those elements with a quick sense of humor. Walk through the door of any one of his poems and you may end up tickling your funny bone and doing a little dance. Eds love for his family, his friendships during youth and adulthood, his school memories, his children and grandchildren, his beloved wife, Diane, and his trips to Alaska, Mexico and other world venues are all lit with poetic light in this book. He and his wife stay on Floridas west coast during winter, thus the sun of the southland appears in warm words in some poems. Beyond that, Eds ever-present saxophone permeates a life celebrated in word-images, framed with music and poetry. I suggest you take a trip through Opus. From Margo LaGattutas Introduction in Heart Music published in 2008: With his musicians ear, Van Slambrouck brings us echoes of those diaphanous feelings that exist even in the silences between the words. Poetry is the perfect form for his thoughts because it combines sound and image in a way that is as close to song as one can get, while still using language. OnSpring: A Family of Poems, Mr. Van Slambroucks first book was published in 2005. Peter Meinke, a noted national poet, commented the following: thanks for sending me your touching chapbook, Onspring, whose pages are heartfelt, moving, linguistically admirable and playful.
Category: Poetry

Planet Of The Bugs

Author : Scott Richard Shaw
ISBN : 9780226163611
Genre : Nature
File Size : 40.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Chronicles the evolution of insects and explains how evolutionary innovations have enabled them to disperse widely, occupy narrow niches, and survive global catastrophes.
Category: Nature

Planet Quest

Author : Ken Croswell
ISBN : 0192880837
Genre : Extrasolar planets
File Size : 24.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are we alone? In 1995 planet hunters discovered the first alien solar system around a star like our own Sun. Ken Croswell tells the fascinating story of this discovery and the people who made it, then explores the possibility that one day we may have the technology to travel to different solar systems and find life.
Category: Extrasolar planets

The Voices Of Birds And Other Plays By Josef Topol

Author : Josef Topol
ISBN : 9781469124124
Genre : Drama
File Size : 55.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a book of five plays by Josef Topol translated into English, only two of which have been produced in the USA. Josef Topol and Vaclav Havel are considered the best Czech living playwrights. The five plays chosen for this volume are representative of Topols chamber plays, dealing with such universal themes as youth, love and parting, life and death in language that is very contemporary and often incredibly poetic. The title of the book The Voices of Birds was chosen because it is the last play Josef Topol has written and indicates that the playwrights newer works are included.
Category: Drama

The Status Of Birds In Britain And Ireland

Author : David Parkin
ISBN : 9781408125007
Genre : Science
File Size : 26.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A detailed and up to date assessment of the status and distribution of every species of bird in Britain and Ireland.
Category: Science