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Borstal Boy

Author : Brendan Behan
ISBN : 9781409065395
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'I have him bitched, balloxed and bewildered, for there's a system and a science in taking the piss out of a screw and I'm a well-trained man at it.' So writes Brendan Behan, poet, writer and literary legend, of the episode that coloured his life. Arrested in Liverpool as an agitator for the IRA, he was tried and sent to reform school. He was sixteen years old. The world he entered was brutal and coldly indifferent. Conditions were primitive, and violence simmered just below the surface. Yet Brendan Behan found something more positive than hate in Borstal: friendship, solidarity and healing flashes of kindness. Extraordinarily vivid, fluent, and moving, this is a superb and unforgettable piece of writing. Borstal Boy was adapted into a film in 2000.
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Borstal Boy

Author :
ISBN : 0573606218
Genre : Juvenile jails
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Borstal Boys

Author : David Clarke
ISBN : 9780953947386
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The story portrays a remarkable change that took place, in the life of David when he was 20 years old, on the night of the 16th January 1970. His brother Michael was left untouched. This story was originally published under the title Converted on LSD but this edition has been specially written for prison inmates. These brothers influenced each other during, the 50’s & 60’s, and resulted in both David and Michael serving time in prison. David was sent to Dover Borstal, and Michael Maidstone Prison, for charges of malicious wounding, and carrying a firearm without a license. The story speaks in detail, of all the significant events in David’s life, from being a child through to the time of his conversion to Christ, and then recounts the consequent difficulties that he experienced, as he tried to follow the way of Christ. This led David to make a confession to the Police about his 24 crimes, and the recovery of much stolen property. The story appeared as news headlines in the Bucks Herald on 11th February, 1971 and led to a remarkable conditional discharge. It was believed, by many of Aylesbury’s criminal world, that Dave had gone mad after taking LSD, or the story was an ingenious plan devise by David to prevent him from being sent to prison again, for crimes against society. This was not the case as the story will tell.
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Educ Borstal Boys Ils 204

Author : Erica Stratta
ISBN : 9781136266164
Genre : Social Science
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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Borstal Boy

Author : Gerald Byrne
ISBN : OCLC:316146865
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Borstal Boy 6

Author : Linda Pow
ISBN : 1797056379
Genre :
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"I am a card carrying member of the Young Communist League and would not serve the Crown" I wrote grinning from ear to ear. Everyone handed in their papers and the sergeant took them away. He returned five minutes later an angry look on his face and I knew that that angry look was caused by me. "Muldoon the officer wants to see you" he shouted. I got up and was marched into room with an army officer sitting behind a desk holding my form. "So Muldoon, you are communist are you?" "Yes comrade" I replied barely able to resist sniggering. "Call me Sir, I'm not your bloody comrade" the officer said angrily, sergeant take this piece of shit out of here" he said a look of disgust on his face. I thought nothing more of it until a screw came to me after dinner. "Come on Muldoon you think that you are clever but I am taking you to see a psychiatrist this afternoon. Over to reception and get your civvies on" he said. "What for I don't need to see one I am not mad" I replied. "That's for a psychiatrist to decide; you'll be working your ticket to the nuthouse" the screw said grinning as if he was enjoying my obvious fear. He and two other screws drove me out into the Yorkshire countryside one driving and me sandwiched in the back. We arrived at little house surrounded by a big garden and fruit trees. "Okay Muldoon out you get" a screw ordered. I was taken to a room where a middle class looking man with grey hair and smoking a pipe sat behind a desk. "You can leave him here with me now" he said to the screw.

Homeless Borstal Boys

Author : Roger G. Hood
ISBN : STANFORD:36105033538534
Genre : Homeless boys
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Borstal Boy 3

Author : Linda Pow
ISBN : 1796973726
Genre :
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A Smashing TimeChapter 3The governor who everyone called "Peter the Poof" came over and I was marched into an office on the Ones and sentenced to 28 days on punishment for attempting to escape. "Fucking hell I'm going to die" I thought. After breakfast we double marched downstairs again out onto the yard and ran round until the block screw called "Go to blocks" indicating a vacant block for Miles and I. On the block was a big club hammer and as the other boys had already started to smash up rocks from the pile in between the blocks I began smashing them too. I looked over at Miles and he looked at me with an expression that said. "Look what you have got me into" and then went back to smashing rocks.HospitalChapter 9 In the morning I awoke and looked around the padded cell and discovered that indeed that every inch of it was padded, the walls, the floor the table, the chair and all the furniture was fixed into place and that there was a plastic chamber pot bowl and jug. There was no bell ringing so I got up had a piss that took me ages then got back into the warm comfortable bed and went back to sleep. I was awoken by my cell door being opened and boy brought a tray into my cell and placed it on the padded floor. "Breakfast" he said and the hospital screw shut the door.