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Boots On The Ground

Author : Dick Camp
ISBN : 9781610597449
Genre : History
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Boots on the Ground is a narrative account of the American war to free Afghanistan from al Qaeda and the Taliban. Author Dick Camp uses extensive firsthand accounts that bring the text alive. Camp’s exciting narrative covers the origins of American combat involvement in the country as well as the post-9/11 campaigns that initially brought victory over al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. In an incisive epilogue, he describes how we let victory in Afghanistan slip away to fight a war in Iraq.
Category: History

Boots On The Ground Troop Density In Contingency Operations

Author :
ISBN : 0160869501
Genre :
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Recent Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) operations in Iraq have focused attention on the issue of the number of deployed troops needed to effectively conduct contingency operations. While pundits, military observers, and serving officers frequently address this issue, there seems to be no concise, systematic approach to this subject. Planning factors appear to be either extremely vague or nonexistent. Since historical analysis can be used to seek out examples from past similar operations to determine trends or estimates based on historical precedent, this work fills that gap with a brief but intensive study of troop strength in past contingency operations. While there are no established rules for determining troop density, since 1995 several military observers, analysts, and civilian journalists have promulgated general theories on troop density. Most theorists generally cite historical precedent when proposing ratios for troop density levels. Most density recommendations fall within a range of 25 soldiers per 1000 residents in an area of operations (soldier per 40 inhabitants) to 20 soldiers per 1000 inhabitants (or soldier per 50 inhabitants). The 20 to 1000 ratio is often considered the minimum effective troop density ratio. However, are these estimates supported by historical data? This work will study a selected sample of successful military contingency operations to answer that question. Since many of the activities of military forces in contingency operations are similar to the daily functions of civilian police forces, the work also will consider size and density factors for police forces in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles, and State Police forces. The analysis will then provide a recommended planning estimate for future contingency operations based on this review of historical experience. The current operation in Iraq will be analyzed using the recommended planning estimate.

Boots On The Ground

Author : Karl Zinsmeister
ISBN : 9781429963701
Genre : History
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Includes 32 color photos taken by the author during the month he was embedded with the 82nd in Kuwait and Iraq. This is a riveting account of the war in Iraq moving north with the 82nd Airborne. Units of the 82nd depart Kuwait and convoy to Iraq's Tallil Air Base en route to night-and-day battles within the major city of Samawah and its intact bridges across the Euphrates. Boots on the Ground quickly becomes an action-filled microcosm of the new kinds of ultramodern war fighting showcased in the overall battle for Iraq. At the same time it remains specific to the daily travails of the soldiers. Karl Zinsmeister, a frontline reporter who traveled with the 82nd, vividly conveys the careful planning and technical wizardry that go into today's warfare, even local firefights, and he brings to life the constant air-ground interactions that are the great innovation of modern precision combat. What exactly does it feel like to travel with a spirited body of fighting men? To come under fire? To cope with the battlefield stresses of sleep-deprivation, and a steady diet of field rations for weeks on end? Readers of this day-to-day diary are left with not only a flashing sequence of strong mental images, but also a notion of the sounds and smells and physical sensations that make modern military action unforgettable. Ultimately, Boots on the Ground is a human story: a moving portrayal of the powerful bonds of affection, trust, fear, and dedication that bind real soldiers involved in battle. There are unexpected elements: The humor that bubbles up amidst dangerous fighting. The pathos of a badly wounded young boy. The affection openly exhibited by many American soldiers--love of country, love of family and hometown, love of each other. This is a true-life tale of superbly trained men in extraordinary circumstances, packed with concrete detail, often surpassing fiction for sheer drama.
Category: History

Devotions For Boots On The Ground

Author : James W. Visel
ISBN : 9781449713966
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.35 MB
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Possibly there is nothing more conducive to thoughts of the Eternal, than having one’s face slammed into red, wet muck, with explosions so close your body arcs and bounces off the ground, hot shards burn in your flesh, and concussions are bright flashes of dirty fire beating a tattoo on the light receptors in the backs of your eyes. Your head aches; throbbing from visual shock waves. Time has come to an end; there is no right, no wrong, only whatever follows a life that is now over. The dark reaper is here. What’s it going to be like on the other side? Is there an “other side”? The old timers use the maxim, “There are no atheists in a fox-hole.” Possibly so; I can only give my own experience, and I never had the opportunity to be in one. Combat aviators crash and sometimes burn instead. But close calls almost always give rise to interminable questions; especially when the survived experience is seared into the human psyche. For some, satisfactory answers never seem to come. For myself, may I pro-offer both scorching experience, and incredible life-lessons learned? Then, should you ever fall into similar adventure; you man go into it better prepared than I was. JWV
Category: Religion

Boots On The Ground

Author : Elizabeth Partridge
ISBN : 9780425291788
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 76.29 MB
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★ "Partridge proves once again that nonfiction can be every bit as dramatic as the best fiction."* America's war in Vietnam. In over a decade of bitter fighting, it claimed the lives of more than 58,000 American soldiers and beleaguered four US presidents. More than forty years after America left Vietnam in defeat in 1975, the war remains controversial and divisive both in the United States and abroad. The history of this era is complex; the cultural impact extraordinary. But it's the personal stories of eight people—six American soldiers, one American military nurse, and one Vietnamese refugee—that create the heartbeat of Boots on the Ground. From dense jungles and terrifying firefights to chaotic helicopter rescues and harrowing escapes, each individual experience reveals a different facet of the war and moves us forward in time. Alternating with these chapters are profiles of key American leaders and events, reminding us of all that was happening at home during the war, including peace protests, presidential scandals, and veterans' struggles to acclimate to life after Vietnam. With more than one hundred photographs, award-winning author Elizabeth Partridge's unflinching book captures the intensity, frustration, and lasting impacts of one of the most tumultuous periods of American history. *Kirkus Reviews, starred review of Marching for Freedom
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Walk The Talk First Responder Peer Support

Author : Sylvio A. Gravel
ISBN : 9780988131675
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 28.20 MB
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The book everyone has been asking for. Developed by using over 55 years of experience and knowledge by two titans in the peer support and trauma management world and best-known speakers on police trauma survival. “Walk the Talk”, introduces all the phenomenal “Boots-on-the-Ground” information that every organizational leader needs to have at their finger tips to go from having nothing or very little in place to reaching the gold standard in Peer and Trauma Support Systems within the workplace. It addresses:  Protecting Society's Protectors  Assessing an Organization's Awareness  Getting Management Onside  Organizational Pre-Hiring Preparedness  Organizational Support for Families  Middle Management Leadership  Developing CISM Teams  Developing Peer Support Teams  Staffing CISM and Peer Support Teams  Organizational Training for CISM and Peer Support Teams  How a CISM and Peer Support System Can Work  Walking the Talk - The Last Word  Survivor’s Testimonials
Category: Psychology

Boots On The Ground

Author : Richard Dannatt
ISBN : 9781782831235
Genre : History
File Size : 38.18 MB
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On Lneberg Heath in 1945, the German High Command surrendered to Field Marshall Montgomery; in 2015, seventy years after this historic triumph, the last units of the British Army finally left their garrisons next to Lneberg Heath. Boots on the Ground is the story of those years, following the British Army against the backdrop of Britain's shifting security and defence policies. From the decolonisation of India to the two invasions of Iraq, and, of course, Ireland, the book tracks the key historical conflicts, both big and small, of Britain's transformation from a leading nation with some 2 million troops in 1945, to a significantly reduced place on the world stage and fewer than 82,000 troops in 2015. Despite this apparent de-escalation, at no point since WWII has Britain not had 'boots on the ground' - and with the current tensions in the Middle East, and the rise of terrorism, this situation is unlikely to change. Sir Richard Dannatt brings forty years of military service, including as Chief of Staff, to tell the fascinating story of how the British Army has shaped, and been shaped by, world events from the Cold War to the Good Friday Agreement. Whether examining the fallout of empire in the insurgencies of Kenya and Indonesia, the politically fraught battle for the Falklands, the long-standing conflict in Ireland or Britain's relationship with NATO and experience of fighting with - or for - America, Dannatt examines the complexity of perhaps the greatest British institution.
Category: History

Influence Without Boots On The Ground

Author : Larissa Forster
ISBN : 1935352032
Genre : Intervention (International law)
File Size : 84.65 MB
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Military intervention always has been and always will be an important part of foreign policy, a tool to further national interests and influence world events. Many scholars have tried to explain the intervention behavior of states in crises, conflicts, and wars. When and why do states intervene, and what are reasons for nonintervention? What conflicts and crises are more likely to call for intervention, and why? When is intervention successful? The explanations are manifold and include political, military, economic, social, environmental, domestic, and humanitarian factors. The theoretical literature covers a gamut of realist intentions, ranging from security, power, and national interests, as guides to state action; to emphasis on international trade and economics; and to domestic politics. Some argue for explanations based on idealistic aspirations, such as democracy and human rights. Many studies focus on a mix of different reasons. From this vast field, the author has selected international crises involving any form of U.S. activity in the years 1946-2006. Within these U.S. activities, the author distinguishes between crisis response with and without naval forces, as this study intends to advance the knowledge of the use of U.S. naval forces as a response to international crises and to contribute to a better understanding of when and how the U.S. Navy is deployed.--
Category: Intervention (International law)