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Author : Frank Sommer
ISBN : 9781782556909
Genre : Middle-aged men
File Size : 42.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Male potency is subject to the natural aging process. This process can be slowed down by regular exercise. Just like the endurance ability of the cardiovascular system can be exercised, potency has to be exercised as well if the man wants to sustain his performance ability. VigorRobic® is the first book ever that deals with exercising potency. In addition to articles of introduction that explain the structure of the male genital organ, the phases of erection, possible causes of their disturbances as well as the question about the trainability of potency, training sessions for the ""steadiness"
Category: Middle-aged men

Brain Training

Author : Adam Fondey
ISBN : 9788834171547
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 503
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You'll love the things you will learn about your brain in this book. We'll go over many different topics related to self-help and neurological discoveries. Examples are: - Learning techniques people use. - The reason oxytocin is such a powerful hormone. - Dopamine, the pleasure and reward system, and its effects. - What you need to understand about serotonin and serotonin syndrome. - How to focus better with proven techniques. - A number of helpful speed reading techniques so your memory and knowledge will expand more quickly. These and various other things are included in this comprehensive guide. Enjoy the valuable piece of knowledge and get this book right now for a low price!
Category: Psychology

365 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Author : Rachel Laferriere
ISBN : 9781440513091
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 38.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Okay, so you probably weren't born with the metabolism of a Nicole Kidman or Johnny Depp. That doesn't mean you have to surrender to a slow metabolism forever. You can increase your metabolic rate—and tone up and trim down!—no matter what your age or fitness level. With this practical handbook, you will set your metabolism afire when you incorporate these 365 easy, surefire tips into your daily lifestyle, including: Jump rope five minutes a day Have a pomegranate for lunch Replace your three squares a day with grazing Drink green tea Eat every two hours Develop a taste for chili peppers Weight train three times a week Sprinkle cayenne pepper on every entree Have your thyroid checked Build interval training into your workouts Swap 20 percent of your daily carbs for lean protein Eat a minimum of 1,200 calories per day Take the stairs Add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon a day to your diet (or try capsules) You are not what you eat, you are what you burn when you eat!
Category: Health & Fitness

Subconscious Mind

Author : Emily Wilds
ISBN : 9791220201261
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 82.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a 3-book bundle, which addresses various subtopics, including but not limited to these: Book 1: The power of our minds stretches far beyond our current comprehension. No matter how much science keeps progressing, they still find new wonders of the human brain. One of the reasons for this, is that the subconscious mind suppresses and exposes many impulses and neural pathways that we don’t generally notice in our daily lives. Book 2: In order to tap into the amazing abilities of our brains, it can help to first understand how they work. This guide will aid you in your journey to comprehension. Some things that will be discussed, are how our subconscious mind procrastinates things, mind wandering and its significance, daily escapes, predispositions that shape our thoughts, creative skills, and free choice as a gift of nature. Book 3: Do you know what the seven keys are to think better? And do you understand the advantages of creative visualization? Many people have no clue what’s going on inside their minds. And even though I cannot promise that this book can explain every thought and every idea or imagination, it will definitely give you new insights that help you get a firmer grasp of the neurological connections your brain is making.
Category: Self-Help

How To Boost Your Metabolism

Author : Eric Spencer
ISBN : 9781365032653
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 88.94 MB
Format : PDF
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here is just SOME of the information you will find inside: - What metabolism is and what metabolism isn't. - How metabolism helps you (in ways you've never thought of). - The truth behind calories and how your body deals with them (it's the same with fruit as with ice cream). - How anyone can speed up their metabolism by making changes in these 3 areas of their life. - The place to start when trying to boost your metabolism through exercise. - Why jogging isn't enough to boost your metabolism and lose weight by itself. - Interval training as your secret weapon for fitness (and burning extra calories). - How wine with dinner can help you lose the battle over your metabolism. - Why most people are wrong about how they look at calories. - The secret to eating more to weigh less. - Breakfasts that will only make you more hungry later - and you should avoid. - The truth about carbohydrates (once adored by weight watchers)! And there's MUCH more...
Category: Health & Fitness

Boost Your Mental Capabilities

Author : Danilo H. Gomes
ISBN : 9781071558164
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 72.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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BOOST YOUR MENTAL CAPIBILITIES is a manual of brain training to improve five mental capabilities: memory, creativity, attention, reasoning and intelligence. The book contains numerous suggestions, several examples and 32 easily practicable activities that can be carried out in a few minutes daily, in addition to the basic explanations for each theme.
Category: Psychology

Brain And Memory Games 70 Fun Puzzles To Boost Your Brain Juice Today

Author : Jason Scotts
ISBN : 9781628844948
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 55.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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You've probably heard the saying that as you get older, you starting becoming more forgetful and your brain just doesn't function as well as it used to in your prime. Well, that eventuality can be slowed down in a fun way that most people enjoy which is figuring out or solving puzzles. "Brain and Memory Games: 70 Fun Puzzles to Boost Your Brain Juice Today" will help you improve your concentration and focus your mind. The mental exercises in this book will juice up your brain and not only are they exciting to do, but the mental stimulation can make you feel energized and ready to remember anything. If you are able, do one puzzle every other day or at least several times per week so that there's a consistency in doing these fun mental exercises. Before you know it, your mind will become more focused and your concentration will improve. You don't need to complete them in order; just flip through the pages and find one that you're in the mood to do on a particular day.
Category: Self-Help

Boost Your Heart Energy

Author : Nathalie Campeau
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 45.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Your heart is a source of energyDid you know that your heart, not your brain, is the organ of your body that produces most energy?As measured by an EKG, the electrical courant which it produces is 50 times stronger than that of the brain.This electromagnetic field can be detected up to 15 feet away from the body. Consequently, our inner cardiac energy can influence others: parents holding a baby in their arms will surround this baby with their loving energy. So will embraced lovers.Moreover, people at small distance will affect each other's field and influence the conversation's tone.Beyond its fundamental importance in culture as well as literature, your heart is much more than a pump that produces blood circulation. It has many complex functions, as it acts as:an endocrine gland that produces hormones,a sophisticated nervous system,an electricity generator.Indeed, we can talk about a "little brain" in your chest that gathers information, communicates and has its own intelligence. That from your brain is different from that of your heart and plays a different role.Recent research in the field of neuro-cardiology has improved our understanding of the respective roles of both organs. Specialists have long recognized that one has the power to influence the other. Researchers have now proved that the heart has the power to modulate brain activity and to optimize its function.Scientists describe a state of well-being, called cardiac coherence, obtained by synchronizing both, which yields remarkable benefits in the areas of health, personal energy and relationships.How can you tap into the powerful energy of your own heart? An easy way to access your energy is to trigger a state of cardiac coherence. I have developed a simple technique called "Heart-Smiling" that allows you to better use the energy of your heart and can restore your personal energy at will.Heart-Smiling is a groundbreaking easy to learn technique that allows you to tap into the dynamism of your cardiac organ's superior and positive emotions, like appreciation, gratitude, compassion, generosity, understanding and love.These feelings, when felt and experienced, release hormones into your blood stream that make you feel good and energized. Heart-Smiling is a practical tool that has the power to change your inner state and improve your relationship to yourself and to your world.According to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "love is the most astounding cosmic energy". We have access to this amazing force and can use it in our daily lives. It resides in our chest and we can tap into it at will to recharge our batteries and transmit it to those we love.So... Let us replenish ourselves with this vitality and love force and share a Better Heart Energy to those we cherish and love! What are the benefits to using your heart energy on a daily basis?Research in the area of heart energy and cardiac coherence indicate definite benefits in:stress management,physical and emotional health,improved mental capacitiesand smoother interpersonal relationships at home and at work. Smiling practitioners report feeling at once calmer and energized.Smilers feel it easier to stop wasting their precious energy and time on energy sappers.They feel unconstrained and free to spend their energy on what matters to them.Learn to use the Energy of your Heart to transform your life for the better, at home and at work. We hope that this practical book will help you throughout the way a better life and well-being! Sincerely, Nathalie Campeau
Category: Health & Fitness

100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Author : Ben Greenfield
ISBN : 9781619841321
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 73.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 252
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"100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism," written by renowned fitness expert Ben Greenfield, is the definitive guide to using dietary supplements, nutritional science, and exercise secrets to melt fat, build lean muscle, and make your daily metabolism burn like a wildfire! This book contains a different tip for every page, and practical ways to trick your body into burning more calories and more fat.
Category: Health & Fitness

Boost Your Brain Power

Author : Dr G Francis Xavier
ISBN : 9788122308648
Genre :
File Size : 88.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book shows you the way by offering a variety of time-tested and proven techniques based on the ancient wisdom of the East, combined with practical modern research findings of the West. This is an invaluable book for all those who wish to lead a happy, enriched and successful life.

Boost Your Child S Confidence

Author : Lucy Morgans
ISBN : 9781907755552
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 73.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 203
Read : 956

Growing up is a tough business. As children get older and become more independent they can struggle to work out where they fit into the world, and as a parent it's natural to want to make this potentially scary process as easy and problem-free as possible. But the answer isn't to be overprotective or mollycoddle your child. To be able to negotiate successfully all the new territories they find themselves in as they grow up children need to be confident, outgoing and unafraid to ask questions, have a go at things, or make mistakes. So how do you prepare your child to be confident, happy and capable of making the most of every opportunity?With the help of "Boost your Child's Confidence" you can help your child grow into a balanced and self-assured person who can cope with everything life may throw at them. Packed with drama techniques you can practise with your children to help them be more confident and outgoing, "Boost your Child's Confidence" will help your child shine in every situation, whether at school, at play or with family. With the help of "Boost your Child's Confidence" you can help your shy and retiring wallflowers blossom into the confident, self-reliant and happy children you know they can be.
Category: Family & Relationships

Boost Your Brainpower

Author : Frank B. Minirth
ISBN : 9780800733575
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 940
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Most people use less than 5 percent of their overall brain potential. Boost Your Brainpower helps readers tap into the other 95 percent through the mental exercise of vocabulary building and memorization. With the exercise in this book, readers can improve test scores, increace IQ, memorize more information, communicate more effectively, and excel in work and interactions with other people. The book also reveals eight time-proven memory technique encourages Scripture memorization, and offers insights into language that will open new doors for any reader.
Category: Psychology

How To Get A Specialty Training Post

Author : Danny C. G. Lim
ISBN : 9780199590803
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Each year, thousands of junior doctors apply for highly competitive training jobs in a variety of specialties. Obtaining a training job can be a difficult and stressful process, with some specialties attracting 40 applicants per post. This book helps doctors to improve their chances of getting that highly sought-after post. It is a wide-ranging, accessible guide to the application process, covering every step, from online application to the selection panel. It includes essential tips on career development, interview technique, and specialty-specific advice.
Category: Medical

Weight Training For Dummies

Author : LaReine Chabut
ISBN : 9781118940754
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 39.95 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 636
Read : 708

Tone up, burn calories, stay strong Weight Training For Dummies makes it easy to get startedwith weight training by offering trusted and straightforwardguidance on the latest circuit and resistance training, and all-newinformation on the highly popular bodyweight and High IntensityInterval Training (HIIT). Whether you're working with dumbbells,free weight sets, or machines, you'll find out how to combineweight training with other exercise to properly strength train andget in the best shape of your life. Along with aerobic exercise and flexibility, body weighttraining is an integral part of a complete physical activityprogram. But with all the different equipment and techniquesavailable, getting started can feel overwhelming. Want to getpumped about weight training? Consider these facts: strengthtraining, whether via free weights or a machine, builds muscle. Andthe more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the lessprone you are to injuries—in and out of the gym. Plus,strength training promotes bone strength, which can significantlyreduce your odds of developing osteoporosis. If that's not enough,strength training—unlike cardio workouts likerunning—reaps benefits almost immediately. So what are youwaiting for? Weight Training For Dummies has everything youneed to get started. Provides examples and directions for powerful 20-minute weighttraining routines for the time challenged Features advice to help you choose a weight training systemthat you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle Includes new coverage devoted to warm-ups and the hottest andmost beneficial stretches Introduces using weight training to address specific health ororthopedic conditions Whether you're already in the gym several times a week or arejust starting out with a fitness routine, Weight Training ForDummies shows you how to use free weights or weight machines toget results—fast.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Brilliant Brain Training Flash

Author : Simon Wootton
ISBN : 9781444140712
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 804
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The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Brilliant Brain Training is a quick, no-effort solution for those who want to buff up their brain power. In just 96 pages,readers will discover fun and challenging exercises that will give them mental agility in every area.
Category: Self-Help

Improve Your Coaching And Training Skills

Author : Patrick Forsyth
ISBN : 9780749452353
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 806
Read : 1003

Staff development is a key management responsibility. Good people and good performance - and hence good development - are vital to success in a fast changing and competitive world. Improve Your Coaching and Training Skills contains practical guidelines to help you develop your staff. Ideal for busy managers who don't have human resources support, it will help you to boost staff effectiveness through coaching and training. Key content includes: why development matters, on-the-job coaching, mentoring, developing a formal training method, conducting a training session, and assessing on-going effectiveness. With tips on using exercises and role-plays in training, Improve Your Coaching and Training Skills is useful to those new to HR as well as hard-pressed managers. The commonsense advice it contains will help you to motivate your staff and maximize their effectiveness.
Category: Business & Economics

The Complete Running And Marathon Book

Author : DK
ISBN : 9781409357476
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 39.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 543
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A one-stop guide for any aspiring runner, from the first step to the first marathon Joining the 2 million runners in the UK ( The Complete Running and Marathon Book has everything you need to know, from choosing the right footwear to eating right and warming up. Or running a race, such as a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon? Train hard with one of the specific programmes for your distance. Invaluable tips can help you to gain a vital competitive edge, from goal-setting and motivation to running psychology and race tactics. Assess and develop your technique under clear no-nonsense guidance with detailed visuals to help you understand what your body is going through. Key pre- and post-run step-by-step stretches help you to protect yourself from injury and core and resistance-training exercises can help you to run faster and further. The Complete Running and Marathon Book is perfect for any new or aspiring runner looking to go the distance.
Category: Sports & Recreation

The Training Bible Proven Programs To Lose Weight Tone Strengthen And Build Muscle

Author : David Groscup
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 90.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 916
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This informative book gives the exercise enthusiast the most effective training methods available to get in the best shape of his or her life! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or build some serious muscle- everything you need is in here. Learn how to build enormous amounts of muscle with workouts that last only 20 minutes The best way to use Kettlebells to build explosive power Train using your own body weight-and build amazing strength Use special little known techniques like rolling static partials, maximum resistance static holds, forced negatives and much more! Learn the right way to use bands in your training to maximize your muscle Why machines are excellent tools to use in your training The best ways to beat sticking points and begin gaining again
Category: Health & Fitness

The Boost

Author : Stephen Baker
ISBN : 9781466810686
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 578
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Ralf is a software prodigy. He works in the US government office that updates the software in the population's boosts—networked supercomputers contained in a chip implanted within the brains of 99 percent of the world's population. Invented by Chinese researchers in 2032, the boost is credited with leading humanity to its most significant cognitive leap since the discovery of fire. Days before a national upgrade, Ralf notices that the update includes an open surveillance gate—meaning that Americans, who had negotiated high levels of privacy with the Chinese manufacturers, will now be subjected to the invasive Chinese standard. Ralf attempts to hack the boost, but is caught by agents working for Washington's preeminent lobbyist. His boost is ripped from his head, and Ralf barely escapes with his life. Pursued by the lobbyist's mercenary cadre, Ralf flees to the US–Mexico border, where there are others like him—"wild" humans on the fringes of society, unenhanced by technology. It's a frightening and backward world controlled by powerful drug lords. Ralf's only hope is to somehow work with these wild bosses of the analog world—in hopes of winning back freedom in the digital one. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Category: Fiction