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Body Soul

Author : Loïc J. D. Wacquant
ISBN : 9780195305623
Genre : Social Science
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In the late 1980s Wacquant, a white, French-born, French and American sociology graduate student, entered the Woodlawn gym on 63rd Street in Chicago and began training as a boxer. This text invites us to follow Wacquant's immersion into the everyday world of Chicago's boxers.
Category: Social Science

Body Soul

Author : J. P. Moreland
ISBN : 9780830874590
Genre : Religion
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While most people throughout history have believed that we are both physical and spiritual beings, the rise of science has called into question the existence of the soul. Many now argue that neurophysiology demonstrates the radical dependence, indeed, identity, between mind and brain. Advances in genetics and in mapping human DNA, some say, show there is no need for the hypothesis of body-soul dualism. Even many Christian intellectuals have come to view the soul as a false Greek concept that is outdated and unbiblical. Concurrent with the demise of dualism has been the rise of advanced medical technologies that have brought to the fore difficult issues at both edges of life. Central to questions about abortion, fetal research, reproductive techologies, cloning and euthanasia is our understanding of the nature of human personhood, the reality of life after death and the value of ethical or religious knowledge as compared to scientific knowledge. In this careful treatment, J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae argue that the rise of these problems alongside the demise of Christian dualism is no coincidence. They therefore employ a theological realism to meet these pressing issues, and to present a reasonable and biblical depiction of human nature as it impinges upon critical ethical concerns. This vigorous philosophical and ethical defense of human nature as body and soul, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees, will be for all a touchstone for debate and discussion for years to come.
Category: Religion

Body And Soul

Author : Alondra Nelson
ISBN : 9781452933221
Genre : History
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The legacy of the Black Panther Party's commitment to community health care, a central aspect of its fight for social justice
Category: History

Body And Soul

Author : Robert S. Cox
ISBN : 9780813922300
Genre : History
File Size : 87.39 MB
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The statesman and reformer James Oglethorpe was a significant figure in the philosophical and political landscape of eighteenth-century British America. His social contributions—all informed by Enlightenment ideals—included prison reform, the founding of the Georgia Colony on behalf of the "worthy poor," and stirring the founders of the abolitionist movement. He also developed the famous ward design for the city of Savannah, a design that became one of the most important planning innovations in American history. Multilayered and connecting the urban core to peripheral garden and farm lots, the Oglethorpe Plan was intended by its author to both exhibit and foster his utopian ideas of agrarian equality. In his new book, the professional planner Thomas D. Wilson reconsiders the Oglethorpe Plan, revealing that Oglethorpe was a more dynamic force in urban planning than has generally been supposed. In essence, claims Wilson, the Oglethorpe Plan offers a portrait of the Enlightenment, and embodies all of the major themes of that era, including science, humanism, and secularism. The vibrancy of the ideas behind its conception invites an exploration of the plan's enduring qualities. In addition to surveying historical context and intellectual origins, this book aims to rescue Oglethorpe’s work from its relegation to the status of a living museum in a revered historic district, and to demonstrate instead how modern-day town planners might employ its principles. Unique in its exclusive focus on the topic and written in a clear and readable style, The Oglethorpe Plan explores this design as a bridge between New Urbanism and other more naturally evolving and socially engaged modes of urban development.
Category: History

Body And Soul

Author : Peter Stanfield
ISBN : 0252072359
Genre : Music
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How the dark continent of blues and jazz provided Hollywood with a resonant resource to construct and negotiate the boundaries of American cultural identity? Writing in the late 1930s, New York journalist Joseph Mitchell observed: Except for the minstrel show, the strip act is probably America's only original contribution to the theater. In Body and Soul, Peter Stanfield's arguments echo Mitchell's observation. Stanfield begins by exploring how Hollywood used black face minstrelsy to represent an emerging urban American theatrical history, and ends with a look at how American film at the close of the studio era represented urban decay through the figure of the burlesque dancer and stripper. In between, Stanfield considers the representation of American urban life in jazz, blues, ballads, and sin-songs, and the manner in which the film studios exploited this gutter music. Alongside extensive, thought-provoking, and lively analysis of some of the most popular jazz and blues songs of the twentieth century-Frankie and Johnny, St. Louis Blues, The Man I Love, Blues in the Night, and Body and Soul-the book contains new work on black face minstrelsy in early sound movies
Category: Music

Common To Body And Soul

Author : Richard A.H. King
ISBN : 9783110196511
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 36.87 MB
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The volume presents essays on the philosophical explanation of the relationship between body and soul in antiquity from the Presocratics to Galen, including papers on Parmenides on thinking (E. Hussey, R. Dilcher), Empedocles’ Love (D. O’Brien), tripartition in Plato (T. Buchheim), Aristotle (C. Rapp, T. Johansen, P.-M. Morel), Peripatetics after Aristotle (R. Sharples), Hellenistic Philosophy (C. Rapp, C. Gill), and Galen (R. J. Hankinson).
Category: Philosophy

Body And Soul

Author : Tony Williams
ISBN : 0810849933
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 64.82 MB
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Body and Soul concentrates on the creative and cultural dilemmas--both personal and political--that affect the individuals in Aldrich's films.
Category: Performing Arts

Body Soul Spirit

Author : Joel T. Klein
ISBN : 9780595442300
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80.53 MB
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Body-Soul-Spirit explores the relationship between these components of life, their interaction, independence and interdependence. These are the most important queries which have occupied the human mind throughout the history of the species. The renewed interest in the relationship of the soul, body and spirit in our contemporary life suggests a widening trend to view the three as an inseparable unit. The resulting findings are the foundation of holistic therapeutic practice, which treats the human being as a whole. The author believes this material is timely and relevant to present-day medical thinking, teaching and healing processes. The Body-Soul-Brain-Mind-Spirit interaction is a frequent topic for the popular and secular press, magazines, newspapers, lecturers, healers and the religious faithful. Major medical schools have introduced courses on spirituality and holistic practices. The general public in ever-growing numbers seeks alternate approaches to health outside of medical and pharmaceutical interventions. In an unprecedented unique way, the author explores the relationship between body, soul, mind, spirit and intellect in mythology, philosophy, science and practice through a collection of dialogues, in poetry and prose. His analysis concludes that all these elements of humans perform as a unified, integrated system.
Category: Medical

Body Soul

Author : Allison Crawford
ISBN : 9781442612907
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 50.25 MB
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Body & Soul features inspiring and award-winning fiction, essays, memoirs, poetry, photography, and visual art on the universal themes of wellness, treatment, and healing.
Category: Health & Fitness