Body Double

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Body Double

Author : Vicki Hinze
ISBN : 9780373513260
Genre : Fiction
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Category: Fiction

Body Double

Author : Lucy Fischer
ISBN : 9780813554501
Genre : Performing Arts
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Body Double explores the myriad ways that film artists have represented the creative process. In this highly innovative work, Lucy Fischer draws on a neglected element of auteur studies to show that filmmakers frequently raise questions about the paradoxes of authorship by portraying the onscreen writer. Dealing with such varied topics as the icon of the typewriter, the case of the writer/director, the authoress, and the omnipresent infirm author, she probes the ways in which films can tell a plausible story while contemplating the conditions and theories of their making. By examining many forms of cinema, from Hollywood and the international art cinema to the avant-garde, Fischer considers the gender, age, and mental or physical health of fictionalized writers; the dramatized interaction between artists and their audiences and critics; and the formal play of written words and nonverbal images. By analyzing such movies as Adaptation, Diary of a Country Priest, Naked Lunch, American Splendor, and Irezumi, Fischer tracks the parallels between film author and character, looking not for the creative figure who stands outside the text, but for the one who stands within it as corporeal presence and alter-ego.
Category: Performing Arts

Body Double

Author : Alane Hudson
Genre : Fiction
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What's more outrageous than meeting your double? Standing in for her at her own wedding. Foundation CEO Sarah's in a bind. She needs to go to South America to rescue some girls being held by a group of notorious human traffickers. But her wedding to the handsome and rich Blake Thomas is only days away. Then the answer to her problem walks right into her office. When struggling social worker Andrea Lindholm goes for a job interview, she meets a woman who could be her twin. It sounds like the job of her dreams, but Andrea's offered a different position than the one she applied for. All Andrea has to do is play the part of the bride in Sarah's wedding and then share a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii with Blake. But after she meets the dashing groom, her ability to distance herself from the job becomes more challenging every day. Will Andrea be able to cash out of this arrangement with her heart intact when Blake’s new wife claims her place at his side? Body Double is a unique and compelling contemporary romance that will take your breath away. If you love engaging characters and entertaining storylines with a touch of intrigue, you'll love this heartwarming story from newcomer Alane Hudson!
Category: Fiction

Body Double

Author : Tad Kershner
ISBN : 1616135387
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 46.1 MB
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Provides information and advice for boys concerning the physical, psychological, and behavioral changes associated with puberty.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Body Double

Author : Jared Harel
ISBN : 9781936767144
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 79.56 MB
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Poetry. "Harel writes with such grace, lacing his preoccupations with such a light touch of humor, that you often forget THE BODY DOUBLE is cut from the same big questions that keep us all up at night. If you've strayed from poetry, this is the book that will bring you back. If you've ever secretly wished that Kafka had been an optimist, this is the poet for you."—Tea Obreht "With mischievous appreciation for the human dilemma, THE BODY DOUBLE charts the adventures of a rebellious, canny self within the self, and in doing so offers an imaginative perspective on both the classic doppelgänger and the contemporary fascination with identity. These charming ontological poems suggest our myopia and powerlessness in the face of our own fears and delusions. They offer a wild exploration of proximity: estranged identities we wish we could suppress, the neighboring self we pity or blame. The wily id morphs into a sweeter version of the evil twin—a double-tasking double-dealer who gradually subsumes the hapless narrator. By means of such subtle doubling, Jared Harel entertains and surprises as he encounters—and enlivens—one of the great literary motifs."—Alice Fulton "THE BODY DOUBLE is an impressive achievement of imagination and wordplay. With this, his first collection, Harel enters the American literary scene already accomplished. An estimable debut."—BJ Ward "When we look closely at 'I,' we always seem to see a stranger, and so the doppelg,,nger is a perennial figure of dream. The shadow self follows us, looks back sometimes from the face of a person across from us at the intersection, and sometimes seems to speak out of our mouths before we know what's happening. Harel's witty and inventive poem employs a wide register of forms—from the sonnet to the legal contract—to investigate the inexhaustible power of Rimbaud's dictum: Je est un autre."—Mark Doty "Jared Harel's poetry is spare, beautiful, and evocative. He represents a unique voice in his generation."—Liz Rosenberg
Category: Poetry

Notes For My Body Double

Author : Paul Guest
ISBN : 0803257996
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 36.92 MB
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Who would guess that Godzilla, the Invisible Man, Elvis, Donald Duck, Ted Williams, and the Three Stooges might have something to say about the love and loss that shape the way we see the world? And yet these are the pop-culture coordinates that chart the emotional life brilliantly mapped out in Paul Guest?s second book of poems. Winner of the Prairie Schooner Prize in Poetry, this collection plumbs the depths of nature and culture (how, for instance, ?gar? in Old English means ?spear,? and an octopus can lose a limb during mating) to give form to the darkness and the light that make us human. ø In poetry whose tone is largely one of lament tempered by a wry and intelligent humor, Paul Guest does what a poet does best: he gives us the moments of his life refashioned to reflect the larger arc and meaning of our own?of life, that is, writ large.
Category: Poetry

Body Double

Author : Tess Gerritsen
ISBN : 9780345547712
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.20 MB
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Returning from Paris to discover a murder victim in her driveway, Boston medical examiner Maura Isles is shocked to discover that the victim looks exactly like her and is a twin sister she never knew.
Category: Fiction

The Body Double

Author : Emily Beyda
ISBN : 9780385545280
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A dark, glittering debut novel, The Body Double is the suspenseful story of a young woman who is recruited by a stranger to give up her old life and identity to impersonate a reclusive Hollywood star. A strange man discovers our nameless narrator selling popcorn at a decrepit small-town movie theater and offers her an odd and lucrative position: she will forget her job, her acquaintances, even her name, and move to Los Angeles, where she will become the body double of the famous and troubled celebrity Rosanna Feld. A nervous breakdown has forced Rosanna out of the public eye, and she needs a look-alike to take her place in the tabloid media circus of Hollywood. Overseen by Max, who hired her for the job, our narrator spends her days locked up in a small apartment in the hills watching hidden camera footage of Rosanna, wearing Rosanna's clothes, eating the food Rosanna likes, practicing her mannerisms, learning to become Rosanna in every way. But as she makes her public debut as Rosanna, dining at elegant restaurants, shopping in stylish boutiques, and finally risking a dinner party with Rosanna's true inner circle, alarming questions begin to arise. What really caused Rosanna's mental collapse? Will she ever return? And is Max truly her ally, or something more sinister? With echoes of Hitchcock's Vertigo,The Body Double is a fabulously plotted noir about fame, beauty, and the darkness of Hollywood.
Category: Fiction

Experiential Treatment For Ptsd

Author : M. Katherine Hudgins, Phd, TEP
ISBN : 082614943X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 67.91 MB
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"This book introduces something substantially new...original, clinically valid and well-thought out ideas which have been extensively ëtestedí in workshops conducted internationally over the last decade...a great book!" Adam Blatner, MD The author presents the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM), a systematic modification of Psychodrama, for therapists working with people who are suffering from severe trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. A step-by-step guide for using experiential methods safely, the author first explains the theoretical foundations of TSM, research and theories on trauma, and experiential psychotherapy as a basis for understanding its development. Throughout, clinical action structures and advanced intervention modules for using experiential methods are presented. Each chapter contains active vignettes and case examples to demonstrate the process and progress of the spiral technique.
Category: Psychology

Body Double

Author : Don Lasseter
ISBN : 9780786037971
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 27.54 MB
Format : PDF
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The horrifying true story of the brutal murder of one of Janet Leigh's "body doubles" in Psycho, and another murder a decade later -- committed by a real-life Norman Bates. On June 3, 1988, Myra Davis, 71, one of Janet Leigh's "body doubles" in Psycho, was found dead -- raped and strangled in her Beverly Hills home. Her homicide remained unsolved until investigators linked her killing with that of 60-year-old Jean Orlof, who was sexually assaulted and strangled on March 28, 1998. Police arrested local handyman Kenneth Hunt, who, they believed, like Psycho's Norman Bates, targeted older women for his vicious attacks. With the help of DNA evidence, a jury found him guilty of both murders -- and finally ended his trail of terrifying violence.
Category: True Crime

Indian Club Swinging

Author : Frank Edward Miller
ISBN : WISC:89095144259
Genre : Indian clubs
File Size : 74.25 MB
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Category: Indian clubs

Body Politics And The Fictional Double

Author : Debra Walker King
ISBN : 0253108322
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Body Politics and the Fictional Double Edited by Debra Walker King Examines the disjunction between women's appearance and reality. In recent years, questions concerning "the body" and its place in postmodern discourses have taken center stage in academic disciplines. Body Politics joins these discussions by focusing on the challenges women face when their externally defined identities and representations as bodies -- their body fictions -- speak louder than what they know to be their true selves. Racialized, gendered, or homophobic body fictions disfigure individuals by placing them beneath a veil of invisibility and by political, emotional, or spiritual suffocation. As objects of interpretation, "female bodies" in search of health care, legal assistance, professional respect, identity confirmation, and financial security must first confront their fictionalized doubles in a collision that, in many cases, ends in disappointment, distress, and even suicide. The contributors reflect on women's day-to-day lives and the cultural productions (literature, MTV, film, etc.) that give body fictions their power and influence. By exploring how these fictions are manipulated politically, expressively, and communally, they offer reinterpretations that challenge the fictional double while theorizing the discursive and performative forms it takes. Contributors include Trudier Harris, Maude Hines, S. Yumiko Hulvey, Debra Walker King, Sue V. Rosser, Stephanie A. Smith, Maureen Turim, Caroline Vercoe, Gloria Wade-Gayles, and Rosemary Weatherston. Debra Walker King, Associate Professor of English at the University of Florida, Gainesville, is author of Deep Talk: Reading African American Literary Names. She has published articles and reviews in Names: the Journal of the American Name Society; Philosophy and Rhetoric; and African American Review. Contents Introduction: Body Fictions, Debra Walker King Who Says an Older Woman Can't/Shouldn't Dance?, Gloria Wade-Gayles When Body Politics of Partial Identifications Collide with Multiple Identities of Real Academics: Limited Understandings of Research and Truncated Collegial Interactions, Sue V. Rosser Body Language: Corporeal Semiotics, Literary Resistance, Maude Hines Writing in Red Ink, Debra Walker King Myths and Monsters: The Female Body as the Site for Political Agendas, S. Yumiko Hulvey Agency and Ambivalence: A Reading of Works by Coco Fusco, Caroline Vercoe Performing Bodies, Performing Culture: An interview with Coco Fusco and Nao Bustamante, Rosemary Weatherston Women Singing, Women Gesturing: The Gendered and Racially-Coded Body of Music Video, Maureen Turim Bombshell, Stephanie A. Smith Afterword: The Unbroken Circle of Assumptions, Trudier Harris
Category: Social Science

Body Double

Author : Don Lasseter
ISBN : 0786014741
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 85.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Details the shocking true account of Kenneth Hunt, a local handyman, who brutally murdered two older woman including 71-year-old Myra Davis, a former actress who was Janet Leigh's "body double" in Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho. Original.
Category: True Crime

Blinded By The Light

Author : Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9781418558048
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Blinded by the Light sounds an alarm for all who are confused by various reports of Near Death Experiences (NDEs). Lawrence discusses the characteristics of NDEs, including the dark tunnel, the out-of-body experience, the Being of Light, and theological claims such as reincarnation, universal salvation, and the divinity of humanity.
Category: Religion

The Reality Effect

Author : Joel Black
ISBN : 9781135354398
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It used to be only movies were on film; now the whole world is. The most intimate and most banal moments of our lives are constantly recorded for public consumption. In The Reality Effect, Joel Black argues that the desire to make visible every aspect of our lives is an impulse derived from cinema- one that has made life both more graphic and less "real." He approaches film as a documentary medium that has obscured-if not obliterated- the line between reality and fiction. To illustrate this effect, Black traces the uncanny interplay between movies and real-life events through a series of comparative analyses-from Lolita and the murder of JonBenét Ramsey to Wag the Dog and the Clinton scandal to Crash and Princess Diana's violent death.
Category: Social Science

Nuclear Particle And Many Body Physics

Author : Philip Morse
ISBN : 9780323143035
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nuclear, Particle, and Many Body Physics, Volume I is a collection of scientific papers dedicated to the memory of Amos de-Shalit, a distinguished physicist. The book contains chapters that discuss various studies in the field of nuclear and particle physics. The text covers such topics as chemical binding in classical Coulomb lattices; algebraic treatment of subsidiary conditions in dual resonance models; the complete Schwarzschild solution; the investigation of nucleon-nucleon correlations by means of high-energy scattering; and some aspects on the magnetic-dipole moments of states in near-spherical nuclei. Theoretical, experimental, and nuclear physicists, researchers, and students in the field of physics will find the book invaluable.
Category: Science

Nonlinear Optimization And Related Topics

Author : Gianni Pillo
ISBN : 0792361091
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 77.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume contains the edited texts of the lectures presented at the Workshop on Nonlinear Optimization held in Erice, Sicily, at the "G. Stampacchia" School of Mathematics of the "E. Majorana" Centre for Scientific Culture, June 23 -July 2, 1998. In the tradition of these meetings, the main purpose was to review and discuss recent advances and promising research trends concerning theory, algorithms and innovative applications in the field of Nonlinear Optimization, and of related topics such as Convex Optimization, Nonsmooth Optimization, Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems. The meeting was attended by 83 people from 21 countries. Besides the lectures, several formal and informal discussions took place. The result was a wide and deep knowledge of the present research tendencies in the field. We wish to express our appreciation for the active contribution of all the par ticipants in the meeting. Our gratitude is due to the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice, which offered its facilities and rewarding environment: its staff was certainly instrumental for the success of the meeting. Our gratitude is also due to Francisco Facchinei and Massimo Roma for the effort and time devoted as members of the Organising Committee. We are indebted to the Italian National Research Council, and in particular to the Group on Functional Analysis and its Applications and to the Committees on Engineering Sciences and on Information Sciences and Technolo gies for their financial support. Finally, we address our thanks to Kluwer Academic Publishers for having offered to publish this volume.
Category: Business & Economics