Blueprint For Revolution

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Blueprint For Revolution

Author : Srdja Popovic
ISBN : 9780812995312
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An urgent and accessible handbook for peaceful protesters, activists, and community organizers—anyone trying to defend their rights, hold their government accountable, or change the world Blueprint for Revolution will teach you how to • make oppression backfire by playing your opponents’ strongest card against them • identify the “almighty pillars of power” in order to shift the balance of control • dream big, but start small: learn how to pick battles you can win • listen to what people actually care about in order to incorporate their needs into your revolutionary vision • master the art of compromise to bring together even the most disparate groups • recognize your allies and view your enemies as potential partners • use humor to make yourself heard, defuse potentially violent situations, and “laugh your way to victory” Praise for Blueprint for Revolution “The title is no exaggeration. Otpor’s methods . . . have been adopted by democracy movements around the world. The Egyptian opposition used them to topple Hosni Mubarak. In Lebanon, the Serbs helped the Cedar Revolution extricate the country from Syrian control. In Maldives, their methods were the key to overthrowing a dictator who had held power for thirty years. In many other countries, people have used what Canvas teaches to accomplish other political goals, such as fighting corruption or protecting the environment.”—The New York Times “A clear, well-constructed, and easily applicable set of principles for any David facing any Goliath (sans slingshot, of course) . . . By the end of Blueprint, the idea that a punch is no match for a punch line feels like anything but a joke.”—The Boston Globe “An entertaining primer on the theory and practice of peaceful protest.”—The Guardian “With this wonderful book, Srdja Popovic is inspiring ordinary people facing injustice and oppression to use this tool kit to challenge their oppressors and create something much better. When I was growing up, we dreamed that young people could bring down those who misused their power and create a more just and democratic society. For Srdja Popovic, living in Belgrade in 1998, this same dream was potentially a much more dangerous idea. But with an extraordinarily courageous group of students that formed Otpor!, Srdja used imagination, invention, cunning, and lots of humor to create a movement that not only succeeded in toppling the brutal dictator Slobodan Milošević but has become a blueprint for nonviolent revolution around the world. Srdja rules!”—Peter Gabriel “Blueprint for Revolution is not only a spirited guide to changing the world but a breakthrough in the annals of advice for those who seek justice and democracy. It asks (and not heavy-handedly): As long as you want to change the world, why not do it joyfully? It’s not just funny. It’s seriously funny. No joke.”—Todd Gitlin, author of The Sixties and Occupy Nation
Category: Political Science

Blueprint Of Revolution

Author : Raymond M. Momboisse
ISBN : UOM:39015010317215
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Political Science

Ho Chi Minh S Blueprint For Revolution

Author : Virginia Morris
ISBN : 9781476631219
Genre : History
File Size : 83.79 MB
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When Saigon fell to North Vietnamese forces on April 30, 1975, the communist victory sent shockwaves around the world. Using ingenious strategy and tactics, Hồ Chi Minh had shown it was possible for a tiny nation to defeat a mighty Western power. The same tactics have been studied and replicated by revolutionary forces and terrorist organizations across the globe. Drawing on recently declassified documents and rare interviews with Hồ Chi Minh's strategists and operatives, this book offers fresh perspective on his blueprint and the reasons behind both the French (1945-1954) and the American (1959-1975) failures in Vietnam, concluding with an analysis of the threat this model poses today.
Category: History

Blueprint For Change

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111575051
Genre : Astronomy
File Size : 62.65 MB
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Category: Astronomy

The Irm Revolution

Author : Milt Bryce
ISBN : IND:39000009235479
Genre : Information resources management.
File Size : 45.18 MB
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Category: Information resources management.

The Spies At Carpenters Hall

Author : Charles Cook
ISBN : 1728340594
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Based on a true story, Francis Daymon is not your average history book hero--he was an everyday American who did what he could, never realizing that his actions and talents would mean the difference between victory or defeat in the American Revolution. Whenever America has needed heroes someone has always been there.This book was written for children and adults alike to celebrate another example of America's greatest strength--its people.
Category: Fiction

The Hydrogen Revolution

Author : Marco Alverá
ISBN : 1529360277
Genre :
File Size : 62.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is not just another climate change book. This is a comprehensive manifesto on the missing link between us and truly clean energy: Hydrogen. Marco Alverá, a pioneering voice in this field, will explore the market-based solutions that Hydrogen offers, moving the fight against climate change from a space of morally-motivated activism to financially incentivized global change. From introducing Hydrogen as the hot commodity it is to exploring how existing infrastructure can be adapted to embrace Hydrogen, this is truly plan blueprint for the future of clean energy. This book is for everyone: for the policy maker, for the business person, for the curious, and for the activists because if there's one lesson to take away, it is this: there is hope, for us and our planet.

The Hydrogen Revolution

Author : Marco Alverà
ISBN : 9781529360301
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is not just another climate change book. This is a comprehensive manifesto on the missing link between us and truly clean energy: Hydrogen. Marco Alverá, a pioneering voice in this field, will explore the market-based solutions that Hydrogen offers, moving the fight against climate change from a space of morally-motivated activism to financially incentivized global change. From introducing Hydrogen as the hot commodity it is to exploring how existing infrastructure can be adapted to embrace Hydrogen, this is truly plan blueprint for the future of clean energy. This book is for everyone: for the policy maker, for the business person, for the curious, and for the activists because if there's one lesson to take away, it is this: there is hope, for us and our planet.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Blueprint

Author : Jaeson Ma
ISBN : 0830744088
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.49 MB
Format : PDF
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God is calling forth a generation that is passionate for His presence. What does that look like and how can it be accomplished? Jaeson Ma offers a powerful vision of what God is radically doing in this generation. Students are already being set on fire for God, planting missional communities, praying fervently and stepping out in faith to see God move in power to reach the lost. It is time to see this manifested on every campus, in every city and in every nation. Through his own personal stories, student testimonies and practical biblical teaching, Ma envisions and practically equips student and staff leaders to change themselves and their campuses for Christ. Readers of The Blueprint will receive a clear vision for revival and reformation of society, a specific spiritual DNA (passion for prayer, power evangelism and planting simple churches) and practical tools to see the vision for reformation become a reality. That’s the plan. Now to see the revolution unfold!
Category: Religion

Rescuing Canada S Right

Author : Tasha Kheiriddin
ISBN : 9780470739723
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 55.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A provocative and timely call to action for civic-minded Canadians yearning for a more competitive political system ane better government. Canadians everywhere are asking: what's wrong with the Conservative Party? The Liberal Party of Canada has held power for 70 of the past 100 years--a feat unrivaled by any other political party in the Western hemisphere. This dominance has caused a great deal of frustration on all political fronts, especially on the right. In the past two years, the long-awaited merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives has not achieved the results many were expecting. Despite the explosive revelations of the sponsorship scandal, and attempts to improve his party's image, Stephen Harper's Conservatives still trail in the polls. In Rescuing Canada's Right, the authors examine the problems facing the Conservative Party and the broader conservative movement, and offer concrete solutions on how to fix them. Some of the issues the book will address: Why the Conservative Party and its predecessor parties have such a poor electoral record; Why today's Conservative Party is not really conservative. Why a new political vision is necessary to inspire Canadians--and what it should be. How the Liberals use public money to entrench an unhealthy reliance on the state--and how the right has failed to challenge it What Canadian conservatives can learn from the American and British experiences How to build a Canadian Conservative counter-culture in the media, academia, and the law How the right can break through to the young, and to immigrants in Quebec An action plan to end Canada's democratic deficit and level the political playing field. Rescuing Canada's Right will be a hard-hitting and groundbreaking work that will introduce new ideas and a passionate call for change for 21st century Canada.
Category: Political Science

The Party S Over

Author : Keith Sutherland
ISBN : 9781845405281
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Consider the following paradox: As the leaders of both of the main British political parties subscribed to the neoconservative doctrine on Iraq, everybody else in the birthplace of parliamentary democracy was effectively disenfranchised. Yet one of the rationales supporting the deployment of UK forces in Iraq was the wish to export democracy to the Middle East. The Emperor would appear to have mislaid his clothes (see Gordon Graham's Case Against the Democratic State). Judging from the lack of ministerial resignations in the wake of the Butler enquiry, Britain is no longer a parliamentary democracy. The classical doctrine of joint and several ministerial responsibility is revealed to be a fiction, and Lord Hailsham's verdict of 'elective dictatorship' is a better assessment of the British constitution. By contrast unelected bodies like the BBC are now far more accountable for their actions. The reason of this paradox is the monopoly power of the ruling party, controlled by the Prime Minister. The UK political party started off as a loose association of like-minded MPs. However, in recent years the tail has been wagging the dog - politicians now have no alternative but to choose and then fall in line behind a strong leader with the charisma to win elections. This book examines the historical forces that gave rise to the modern political party and questions its role in the post-ideological age. If we all now share the liberal market consensus, then what is the function of the party? Parties in America are a lot weaker, so the book considers Graham Allen's argument to emulate the US system of checks and balances, but concludes that we would be better off reinterpreting our own constitution more literally. When the Chancellor really was a minister of the crown, every line of the budget was meticulously scrutinized. The key to the changes advocated in the book is the replacement of the Victorian ballot-box with a modern system of representation, based on the jury-selection principle.
Category: Political Science

The Derivatives Revolution

Author : Raffaele Scalcione
ISBN : 9789041134301
Genre : Law
File Size : 22.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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It is now widely recognized that an uncontrolled "derivatives revolution" triggered one of the most spectacular worst-case scenarios of modern times. This book - the most cogent legal analysis of the subject yet to appear in any language - lays bare the core role played by the failure to adequately regulate derivatives in the financial crisis of recent years. The author's insistence that derivatives must be viewed not as profit-seeking investments but as risk management tools - and his well-grounded prescriptions to ensure that they are regulated in that way - sheds clear light on the best way for companies, financial institutions, and hedge funds to move forward in their use of these useful but highly hazardous instruments. This book clearly shows how such elements as the following fit into the legal analysis of derivatives, and how proper regulation will preserve their usefulness and economic value: ; derivatives allow for the most efficient and cost-effective risk fractioning, hence risk taking, techniques ever conceived; derivatives allow for all measurable and identifiable risks that may exist in modern finance; the ability to isolate risks and insure against risk exposures is the key to the very survival of modern financial markets; risk buyers effectively take on financial exposure to various types of risk while hedgers unload unwanted exposures; derivatives allow domestic investors to acquire exposure to foreign markets without the necessity of dealing with foreign laws, foreign investments, currency exchange, or foreign fiscal regimes; derivatives increase social welfare by making it easier and less expensive to carry out many types of financial transactions; derivatives allow governments to insulate, manage, hedge or concentrate risks deriving from financial, meteorological, and even geopolitical exposure; and derivatives allow radical changes to financial and risk structure to be performed silently and rapidly. To the question: how do we ensure that a company trading derivatives is regulated effectively? this work offers a clear and convincing answer. The author's detailed recommendations for regulatory and corporate governance measures are designed to prevent excessive risk taking, the emergence of rogue traders, and ultimately the emergence of another systemic disturbance caused by chains of derivatives-related losses.
Category: Law

Recovery Revolution

Author : Paul Rashid
ISBN : 0998838705
Genre :
File Size : 38.96 MB
Format : PDF
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Reclaim Your Brain Using Unique And Powerful Tools To Rapidly Free Yourself From The Chains Of Mental Disorders. Dr. Paul Rashid will guide you through a personalized and holistic blueprint for social therapy developed through years of medical study, clinical psychiatric practice, evidence-based research, and his personal experience with anxiety. Just as there is rehabilitation for physical injuries, social recovery is a form of rehabilitation for psychological conditions. Social recovery is a new, yet proven way to navigate recovery from mental illnesses to improve emotional states and live life to the fullest. Imagine if you had the power to create and customize an effective treatment plan for your mental health - on your own! Here is what mental health professionals have said about Recovery Revolution: "This book promises to be very useful for people who are looking for information and resources to guide them in their own recovery." -Larry Davidson PhD, Director of Yale Recovery and Community Health Program "Recover Revolution is exceptional! I think this would be good for many of my patients and I am going to recommend it to them!" -Wayne Denton MD, PhD, Clinical Professor at Florida State University College of Medicine "Before I completed reading his book, I already found myself applying his ideas for my own health. I wasted no time in sharing his ideas with my friends and family members, who continue to thank me for sharing Dr. Rashid's life changing advice." -Donald Fidler MD, Professor Emeritus Psychiatry, West Virginia University


Author : Elizabeth Perry
ISBN : 9780520954038
Genre : History
File Size : 74.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How do we explain the surprising trajectory of the Chinese Communist revolution? Why has it taken such a different route from its Russian prototype? An answer, Elizabeth Perry suggests, lies in the Chinese Communists’ creative development and deployment of cultural resources – during their revolutionary rise to power and afterwards. Skillful "cultural positioning" and "cultural patronage," on the part of Mao Zedong, his comrades and successors, helped to construct a polity in which a once alien Communist system came to be accepted as familiarly "Chinese." Perry traces this process through a case study of the Anyuan coal mine, a place where Mao and other early leaders of the Chinese Communist Party mobilized an influential labor movement at the beginning of their revolution, and whose history later became a touchstone of "political correctness" in the People’s Republic of China. Once known as "China’s Little Moscow," Anyuan came over time to symbolize a distinctively Chinese revolutionary tradition. Yet the meanings of that tradition remain highly contested, as contemporary Chinese debate their revolutionary past in search of a new political future.
Category: History

The Power Of Rare

Author : Victoria Jackson
ISBN : 9780692928998
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 83.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"The Power of Rare is equal parts science and inspiration. In her urgent drive to help her daughter, Victoria Jackson not only transformed the competitive world of biomedical research, but also created a new medical model for generations to come." —Arianna Huffington Victoria Jackson revolutionized the beauty industry in the 1980s and '90s with her "no make-up" approach to make-up and ultimately made Victoria Jackson Cosmetics into a billion-dollar global brand. But her greatest test of the power of rare didn't come until her daughter, Ali, was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica, or NMO—a rare, life-threatening autoimmune disease—and Victoria, driven by a mother's love, set out to find a cure for her daughter. Within days of hearing Ali's diagnosis in 2008, Victoria began the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation to fund medical research into this often misdiagnosed orphan disease. Her "blueprint" called for breaking down the so-called silos of traditional medical research and bringing together some of the greatest minds to collaborate and share their findings. She hadn't expected to galvanize how medical research works, but within only a few years, that's just what she did. By focusing on the "rare" in each of us, the foundation has catalyzed breakthroughs in NMO in record time. These advances are also opening new doors to solving MS, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases—plus diseases that are not so rare, including cancer, infection, aging, and more. It has been Victoria's guiding philosophy that if she can do it, anyone can. With The Power of Rare, she shares how the foundation harnessed the power of rare to speed discoveries that help patients. Through her business savvy, wit, and heart, she offers real-world advice and inspiration for others to tap into "rare" to empower their own breakthroughs.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

How To Keep Your Faith In An Upside Down World

Author : Sarah Bowling
ISBN : 9780768495119
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We live in a crazy and upside down world. Bad is good, sick is excellent, the bomb is something terrific and the list goes on. Sarah Bowling knows what it means to have a cause and be concerned, confronted, compelled, corrupted, and consumed by it! Shortly before she was married, Sarah had a confrontation with God. Not only did it turn her world upside down, but it had a radical ripple effect on everyone she encountered from that day forward. In Upside Down, Sarah gives readers the fire and passion to seek their own life-changing encounter with the living God and the will to live in a way that sets them apart from the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary living God intends for them to have.
Category: Religion

Once Upon A Revolution

Author : Thanassis Cambanis
ISBN : 9781451659016
Genre : History
File Size : 25.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Award-winning journalist Thanassis Cambanis tells the “wonderfully readable and insightful” (Booklist, starred review) inside story of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Cambanis brings to life the noble dreamers who brought Egypt to the brink of freedom, and the dark powerful forces that—for the time being—stopped them short. But he also tells a universal story of inspirational people willing to transform themselves in order to transform their society. He focuses on two pivotal leaders: One is Basem, an apolitical middle-class architect who puts his entire family in danger when he seizes the chance to improve his country. The other is Moaz, a contrarian Muslim Brother who defies his own organization to join the opposition. These revolutionaries had little more than their idealism with which to battle the secret police, the old oligarchs, and a power-hungry military determined to keep control. Basem wanted to change the system from within and became one of the only revolutionaries to win a seat in parliament. Moaz took a different course, convinced that only street pressure from youth movements could dismantle the old order. Their courageous and imperfect decisions produced an uprising with one enduring outcome: No Arab leader ever again can take the population’s consent for granted. Once Upon a Revolution is “a welcome addition to the literature on Egypt’s uprising” (Library Journal). Featuring exclusive and distinctive reporting, Thanassis Cambanis’s “fluent, intelligent, and highly informed book…convincingly explains what happened in Egypt over the last four years” (The New York Times Book Review).
Category: History

Evolutionary Technology In The Current Revolution In Military Affairs

Author :
ISBN : 9781428912816
Genre : Command and control systems
File Size : 28.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The author analyzes developments in the Army Tactical Command and Control System as a vehicle for assessing the U.S. Army's strategy for exploiting information age technologies and Force XXI. The author believes the Army has not altered its core tasks nor displaced any of its combat platforms. Changes largely have been marginal, revolving around the leveraging of technologies into existing systems. She points out that technological change, evolutionary and revolutionary, requires the vision of leadership, corporate acceptance, and managerial genius to guide it to effective implementation.
Category: Command and control systems

Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare

Author : Sam Charles Sarkesian
ISBN : 0913750050
Genre : History
File Size : 52.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“Revolution” is a word that causes fear in some, exhilaration in others, and confusion in most. Originally used to describe a restoration, it eventually came to mean a sweeping, sudden attack on an existing order. Human history has borne witness to a variety of national and social revolutions—population revolution, revolution of ideas, technological revolution, and revolution in education. Simultaneously, there has been a proliferation of literature on revolution, armed struggle, and violence aimed at unseating policies and leadership of governments and societies. Revolutionary struggles are more than simply armed internal conflict; they involve the essence of the political system. The desire to make such phenomena understandable often leads to oversimplification. Attempts to encompass their multi-dimensional nature, on the other hand, can become immersed in complexities, ambiguities, and misinterpretations. The perspective of this classic volume, available in paperback for the first time, is that revolution is here to stay. Guerrilla warfare, according to Sarkesian, is a particularly useful strategy for the weak, the frustrated, the alienated, and seekers of power against existing regimes. The collected works in this volume examine the social roots of revolution, development of strategy and tactics, practice in city and countryside, dilemmas of attackers and defenders. The actors and thinkers collected and analyzed here range from leading political analysts, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, and officials as well as practitioners of guerrilla warfare. This core text with primary sources in the area of war, revolution, and insurgence develops an understanding of revolution, traces the growth of guerilla doctrine, and studies the specifics of revolutionary and counterrevolutionary guerilla warfare.
Category: History