Black Ace A Series Of Poems

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Black Ace

Author : Emiricus T. P. Brown
ISBN : 1544650868
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black.ace is a series of poems based on the topics of sexuality, queerness and race.

Poems On Affairs Of State

Author : George deF. Lord
ISBN : 0300007264
Genre : Poetry
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Deep conflicts in Restoration England produced a torrent of satirical verse on the policies, manners, and morals of Charles II and his age. Almost every poet—impelled by motives ranging from venality to patriotism—took his turn at satirizing the establishment. These Poems on Affairs of State, as they came to be known, provide an inexhaustible and minute record of the times from every point of view. The first volume of the Yale Edition includes the most important pieces, published and unpublished, dealing with events from the restoration of Charles to the outbreak of the Popist Plot in 1678. It is fully annotated and illustrated from contemporary materials. George deForest Lord, associate professor of English at Yale University and Master of Trumbull College, is general editor of the series as well as editor of this first volume.
Category: Poetry

The Poetry Of The Blues

Author : Samuel Charters
ISBN : 9780486832951
Genre : Music
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"A signal event in the history of the music." — Ted Gioia, author of The Delta Blues Musicologist and writer Samuel Charters (1929–2015) considered blues lyrics a profound cultural expression that could connect all people who love poetry. A pioneer in the exploration of world music, Charters conducted research that brought obscure musicians of the American South and Appalachia into the mainstream. In this landmark volume, the noted blues historian and folklorist presents a rich exploration of blues songs as folk poetry, quoting lyrics by such legends as Son House and Lightnin' Hopkins at length to reveal the depth of feeling and complex literary forms at work within a unique art form. Originally published in 1963, The Poetry of the Blues raised interest in many previously unrecognized aspects of African-American music and made a significant contribution to the blues revival of the 1960s. This volume features now-vintage black-and-white photographs by Ann Charters from the original edition.
Category: Music

The Castalian Crave A Collection Of Poems

Author : Fletcher DeWolf
ISBN : 9781683483663
Genre : Poetry
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The Castalian Crave: A Collection of Poems, by Fletcher DeWolf, is worth far more than an hour of everyone’s time. Each poem is meant to be read, deciphered, and read again. The degree of this work’s depth will instill energy in the lackadaisical and offer serious contemplation to the erudite. The freshness with which Mr. DeWolf delivers his messages intensifies the readers’ awareness of the inner recesses of our minds and the workings of our souls and hearts. Multifaceted meanings result in an exquisite torture, forcing one to pause and consider while hungering for more. Castalian Crave: A Collection of Poems is a book of epic proportions, bringing lovely rhymes to the times in which we live.
Category: Poetry

Beach And Temple

Author : David B. Griffiths
ISBN : UCSC:32106015385088
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A classis study of outsider (and outlaw) poets of the American West, covering the poetry and jazz scence, San Francisco poetry, the Beats and their heirs, K. Rexroth, the emergence of Zen/Buddhist poetry, poetry against the Vietnam war and ecopoetry.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Dark Rider Poems

Author : James Ryan Morris
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112428474
Genre :
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Poems From My Heart

Author : Myles W. Wallace
ISBN : 9781490729770
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 49.20 MB
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This book is about poetry. Poetry regarding how it affected and continues to affect my life through working, church, family, and living.
Category: Poetry

Venice West

Author : John Arthur Maynard
ISBN : 0813519659
Genre : History
File Size : 22.30 MB
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In this fascinating book, John Arthur Maynard tells the story of the poets and promoters who invented the Beat Generation and who, in many cases, destroyed themselves in the process. In this look at the least remembered (but in its time, most publicized) beat enclave, Maynard focuses on two of Venice's most newsworthy residentsÐÐLawrence Lipton and Stuart Z. Perkoff. Lipton began as a writer of popular detective stories and screenplays, but was determined to be recognized as a poet and social critic. He eventually published The Holy Barbarians, which helped to create the enduring public image of the beatnik. Stuart Perkoff was a more gifted poet; with fascination and horror, we follow his failed attempts to support his family, his heroin addiction, his first wive's courage and mental fragility, his sexual entanglements, his imprisonment, and the development of his own writing. Other characters who move in and out of the story are Kenneth Rexroth, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg, as well as lesser-known poets, artists, hangers-on, and the many women who were rarely treated as full members of the community.
Category: History

Black Mountain

Author : Lesli Birkhead
ISBN : 9781982240950
Genre : Poetry
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Like most others, the author has experienced adversity and loss whether personally or by witnessing others’ experiences. The author is very sensitive and significantly empathizes with others and animals in different situations. Through the writing of poetry, the author has experienced catharsis in many ways. Tears were genuinely shed with the writing of nearly every poem. The author includes a chapter based on a fictional character known as The Traveler. This diversion from other serious poetry allowed the author to delve into writing fantasy and takes the reader on a different type of journey. No matter the reader’s pain or adversity, at least one of the authors poems is sure to resonate and hopefully encourage the reader to seek help or at least realize they are not alone. An old saying is certainly true... “We are more alike than we are different”. While the writings discuss life matters such as suicide, hopelessness, adversity, and loss there are also rays of hope, love, inspiration, and peace. For those experiencing suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text CONNECT to 741741. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.
Category: Poetry

Our Weather Our Sea

Author : Samuel Ace
ISBN : 1732131112
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Poetry. "Sam Ace's fourth collection reads, brilliantly, as a new and selected--even though these poems are fresh and just-here. This is because the book travels through so much of what we love about Ace's work: an intergenerational and sexually fluid map fashioned by a transgressive tenderness that seems to always-be-heading-somewhere. In this way, these poems are culminations towards a queer futurity. 'I beg you to stay unformed,' Ace writes, with what is now his classic voice, both a determined command and compassioned plea. For Ace, whose work and presence now spans decades of activism, lives and genders, this collection honors them all as a site of inquiry, community and, ultimately, celebration in the face of uncertainty. Bravo, maestro. Thank you, brother."--Ocean Vuong "The poems in Samuel Ace's OUR WEATHER OUR SEA orbit many great bewilderments--embodiment, desire, time, loss--but at the center of this expansive solar system of wonder is a presiding fascination with sound and language itself. Ace writes, 'I want to forget / how to put words together,' and then he begins to offer some alternatives to the traditional order--words repel words across the page, sounds come together in dazzling, sensual new arrays to accommodate his commanding and unprecedented experience. The effect is astonishing. 'The meanings change then change again,' he writes. In these poems, Ace has pulled our language, his aperture, wide enough to fit the whole scene."--Kaveh Akbar "In OUR WEATHER OUR SEA, Samuel Ace is onto something startlingly new, 'growling and minty.' In deconstructed epistolary forms, song cycles, and serial prose sequences, 'arenas so soft,' Ace makes his way via word-images, painterly phrases which are part visual, part linguistic, 'the middle roads of half-mooned cherries.' These poems cultivate an air of liminality or mystery which accrues as the musical composition unfolds. The changing lyrical self-knowledge in process, 'threads of you a farm of threads,' confronts us with experiences rendered strange but close-up, 'Headlights / breathing / down my / neck some / big clothing,' or revealed as intimate because of their linguistic oddity, 'sticky with coasts.' Ace's pan-gender prepositions play the heroes in this story, connecting different domains of experience, inverting meanings, recontextualizing, turning poignant, or partying on the head of a pin. In this 'infinite slide through the river of identitude,' gender is a bridge, and love is a preposition."--Trace Peterson "The cadences are quiet, pretty, and insistent. The sounds are like mesquite leaves, repetitive and delicate celebratory. The book is celebratory. This book is very beautiful. Wrap-around line that can shade into prose and makes a true cognitive bend the line break is there because it's not a 'long line' being used but a wrap-around. Clausal, acknowledging Stein, in an overall similitude of texture the book is grand and as if from a different dimension or planet. You don't recognize everything there, but you know how to be there."--Alice Notley

The Collected Poems Of Thomas Merton

Author : Thomas Merton
ISBN : 0811207692
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 84.99 MB
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In 1944, New Directions brought out Thomas Merton's first book of verse. By the time of his tragic, untimely death in 1968, Father Louis (as he was known at the Trappist monastery where he lived for twenty-seven years) had published upwards of fifty books and pamphlets, including several more collections of poetry. All of these poems have been assembled in a single, definitive volume (first published by New Directions in 1977) which includes much additional unpublished or uncollectedmaterial drawn from the archive of the Merton Studies Center at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Kentucky, or supplied by the poet's friends and associates. Brought together in The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton are: Early Poems (1940-42, published posthumously in 1971), Thirty Poems (1944), A Man in the Divided Sea (1946), Figures for an Apocalypse (1947), The Tear of the Blind Lions (1949), The Strange Islands (1957), Original Child Bomb (1962), Emblems of a Season of Fun (1963), Cables to Ace (1968), and The Geography of Lograire (completed in 1968 and published posthumously). These are followed by Sensation Time at the Home and Other New Poems, a book which Merton completed shortly before his death. There are also sections of uncollected poems, humorous verse, poems written in French, with some English translations, Merton's translations of poetry from various languages, drafts and fragments, and a selection of concrete poems. With the availability of The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton as a New Directions paperbook, an ever wider audience may more fully appreciate the impressive range of the poet's technique, the scope of his concerns, and the humaneness of his vision.
Category: Poetry

Selected Poems 1958 1984

Author : John Wieners
ISBN : 087685661X
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 40.22 MB
Format : PDF
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A collection of poetry by John Weiners.
Category: Poetry

The Ghetto Poet

Author : S. Earl Wilson III
ISBN : 9781680907599
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 35.39 MB
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The Ghetto Poet was born in the Ghetto of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which at that time was the third largest city in the state. I was exposed, at a very early age to Ghetto ways; eating, drinking, the blues, fussing, fighting, yelling, dancing, singing, sorrow, laughter, happiness along with prostitution and gambling. All of this happened between two corner churches on Mobile street, just pass the beer garden and dance hall where very loud live music was played. I could hardly sleep at night from listening to the blues. We then moved to the outskirts or country where my father became principal of the Springfield school. I was raised and educated in the country. There I learned country ways and also country talk. I then went to Morehouse college in Atlanta, Georgia and hung out on Auburn avenue and Hunter street, partying.
Category: Poetry

The Beats

Author : Ann Charters
ISBN : UCSC:32106020063936
Genre : American literature
File Size : 61.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: American literature