Birdkeepers Guide To Amazons

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Birdkeeper S Guide To Amazons

Author : Greg Glendell
ISBN : 1842861719
Genre : Amazon parrots
File Size : 20.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 891
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The book shows where the species come from in the wild and their typical behaviour patterns. It shows you what the temperament of the bird is and how you should best relate to it as a new birdkeeper. There is a pictorial explanation of aerodynamics showing how the birds fly and the importance of giving them daily opportunities to fly in the home. There is also detail on how birds function physiologically, their sensory abilities, breathing, blood circulation, digestive system and reproduction.
Category: Amazon parrots

The Birdkeepers Guide

Author : Greg Glendell
ISBN : 0793806534
Genre : Amazon parrots
File Size : 83.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 443
Read : 1217

This informative guide offers expert advice in an easy-to-read format that stands to benefit any parrot owner. Because Amazon parrots can be prone to certain behavior problems, the author employs his parrot behavior expertise to answer some of the most common questions in housing and training a pet parrot. Key points are illustrated throughout the text with full-color photos, sidebars, and tip boxes. A portion of the book is also devoted to discussion of how to locate an escaped Amazon parrot.
Category: Amazon parrots

A Guide To Pigeons Doves Quail

Author : Danny Brown
ISBN : 0646230581
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 909
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This title covers all species in this group available to the Australian aviculturist. Colour photography throughout is supported by precise, easy-to-read information on the care, management, health and breeding of these unique birds.
Category: Nature


Author : Nikki Moustaki
ISBN : 1931993920
Genre : Pets
File Size : 30.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 669
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Filled with fascinating historical facts and up-to-date information on how to care for lovebirds, Complete Care Made Easy: Lovebirds addresses all the major concerns about owning a lovebird. Lovebirds offers practical advice, emergency first-aid tips, fun activities, and more!
Category: Pets

A Guide To Pet And Companion Birds

Author : Ray Dorge
ISBN : 9780958726627
Genre : Pets
File Size : 48.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 505
Read : 684

Detailed information regarding the process of selecting a bird, caring for it, and understanding its behavior. Details help you create a happy and healthy environment so bird keeping is pleasurable. Topics include - Choosing your pet bird,cage types, nail and wing trimming, feeding and recipes, body language, handling, taming, behavioral problems, and training. An important reference for all pet bird owners.
Category: Pets

A Guide To Popular Conures As Pet And Aviary Birds

Author : Ray Dorge
ISBN : 9780958726634
Genre : Pets
File Size : 25.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 629
Read : 737

Chapters include general management, care, and breeding of pet and breeder birds with information gleamed from various breeders across the world. Individual chapters present on 13 of the most popular conures kept in captivity. Chapter on health and diseases is written by an avian veterinarian.
Category: Pets

A Guide To Colour Mutations And Genetics In Parrots

Author : Terry Martin
ISBN : 9780958726658
Genre : Pets
File Size : 56.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 730
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The genetics, mutations, and combinations of mutations of over 80 species of parrot are discussed. Numerous examples of breeding outcomes assist the breeder in understanding how various mutations can be bred and developed. Divided into three basic sections—primary mutations, combinations of mutations, and technical detail. Includes two Glossaries of Terms used. Regarded as the definitive title on parrot genetics.
Category: Pets

A Guide To Asiatic Parrots In Australia

Author : Sid Smith
ISBN : 0958710252
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 439
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This complete revision of A Guide to Asiatic Parrots in Australia sees the addition of over 70 new colour images of new mutations, and improved text including new genetic tables and more information on nutrition, housing and breeding.
Category: Nature

African Greys

Author : Greg Glendell
ISBN : 0793806526
Genre : Pets
File Size : 74.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 676
Read : 643

This all-new, highly visual guide is written by a parrot behavior specialist and provides concise yet complete coverage of key subjects like parrot biology, feeding, housing, and training. An invaluable chapter of frequently asked questions offers expert advice on this very popular species of parrot, while the full-color photos, sidebars, and tip boxes deliver the information in an easy-to-understand format. The author thoroughly discusses solutions to various behavior problems as well as advice on finding an escaped African grey.
Category: Pets

A Guide To Australian Long And Broad Tailed Parrots And New Zealand Kakarikis

Author : Kevin Wilson
ISBN : 0958745536
Genre : Nature
File Size : 29.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 867
Read : 727

This full colour title presents the general management, housing, diet and nutrition, breeding and hand rearing of the Crimson-winged, Princess, Regent, Superb, King, Red-capped, Mallee Ringnecked, Cloncurry, Port Lincoln and Twenty-eight Parrot and the Red-fronted and Yellow-fronted Kakarikis.
Category: Nature

Rosellas And Their Mutations

Author : Russell Pringle
ISBN : 0980492424
Genre : Cage-birds
File Size : 55.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 354
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This full colour title features the general management, care and breeding of the Platycercus genus. Breeding expectations including genetic tables and mutations are discussed for each species and their subspecies. Beautiful photography throughout.
Category: Cage-birds

The Complete Guide To Bird Care

Author : David Alderton
ISBN : 0876050380
Genre : Pets
File Size : 29.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 736
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Discusses how to care for caged birds, covering such topics as preparing for a bird, nutrition, breeding, training, and health and hygiene
Category: Pets

Neophema And Psephotus Grass Parrots

Author : Toby Martin
ISBN : 0958710244
Genre : Nature
File Size : 58.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 743
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This revised edition features over 160 full colour images of new mutations, examples of breeding expectations, housing, feeding and management. Contents include Management, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Hybridising, Ringing, Keeping Records and Surgical Sexing. Species include the Bourke's, Turquoise, Scarlet-chested, Elegant, Blue-winged, Rock, Orange-bellied, Red-rumped, Mulga, Blue-bonnet, Hooded, Golden-shouldered and Paradise Parrot.
Category: Nature

Vanished And Vanishing Parrots

Author : Joseph Forshaw
ISBN : 9780643106499
Genre : Nature
File Size : 39.46 MB
Format : PDF
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Joseph M. Forshaw, one of the world’s leading authorities on parrots, calls attention to the threats they face: they are one of the most endangered groups of birds, with a growing number of species nearing extinction. The main threats arise from habitat loss through deforestation and agricultural development and from the taking of birds for the international live-bird trade. Vanished and Vanishing Parrots brings together information on species that have become extinct in historical times with information on species that are in danger of becoming extinct to increase public awareness of the plight of these magnificent birds. Vivid colour plates by the wildlife artist Frank Knight draw attention to the spectacular species that we have lost or that could be lost. Forshaw’s work gives us fascinating insight into these endangered and extinct parrots. Vanished and Vanishing Parrots will be a valuable reference for scientific, ornithological and avicultural organisations, as well as individual lovers of birds and of illustrated natural history books.
Category: Nature

Bird World

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924090293139
Genre : Aviculture
File Size : 61.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Aviculture

The Cockatoos

Author : Edward John Mulawka
ISBN : 9781476614717
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Read : 1034

This reference book on the cockatoo family provides a comprehensive physical description of the various species of this exotic parrot, the habitat they favor, and their distribution and behaviors both in the wild and in captivity. Their reproductive history is examined, as is the possibility of breeding sufficient numbers in captivity to develop sustainable populations for re-introduction to their original habitat should they become extinct in the wild. The book explores the historical encounters of the various species with Europeans two centuries ago. That early history provides considerable insight to the cockatoo’s popularity and to efforts to breed them in captivity. Many cockatoo species face a perilous future. As their native forests are logged, the cockatoos lose not only suitable nesting and roosting sites, but native foods. Additionally, despite conservation laws governing the capture of wild cockatoos, their desirability as an avian pet has spawned a worldwide illicit trade critically endangering some species to the point that they face extinction in the wild.
Category: Political Science


Author : Julie Rach Mancini
ISBN : 0876055005
Genre : Pets
File Size : 78.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 220
Read : 903

Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of budgerigars, and provides information on selecting and caring for them
Category: Pets