Beyond What Is Given

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Beyond What Is Given

Author : Rebecca Yarros
ISBN : 1682811948
Genre :
File Size : 87.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Be careful what you wish for... Lt. Grayson Masters is focused on graduating the Apache helicopter course, and the last thing he needs is his gorgeous new roommate Samantha Fitzgerald distracting him. While her smart mouth and free spirit are irresistibly irritating, he can't deny their off-the-charts chemistry, no matter how hard he tries. Having just been expelled from college, Sam has no business digging for Grayson's secrets while she's hiding her own, but that doesn't stop her from trying to tear down his walls. Each barrier she busts through drops one of her own, though, and she's not prepared for the truth: another woman laid claim to Grayson's heart long ago. Falling in love is something neither Grayson nor Sam can afford, and when that line is crossed and secrets are exposed, they'll learn that sometimes it's the answered prayers that will put you through hell.

Beyond Given Knowledge

Author : Harri Veivo
ISBN : 9783110567687
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 76.69 MB
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The effort to go beyond given knowledge in different domains – artistic, scientific, political, metaphysical – is a characteristic driving force in modernism and the avant-gardes. Since the late 19th century, artists and writers have frequently investigated their medium and its limits, pursued political and religious aims, and explored hitherto unknown physical, social and conceptual spaces, often in ways that combine these forms of critical inquiry into one and provoke further theoretical and methodological innovations. The fifth volume of the EAM series casts light on the history and actuality of investigations, quests and explorations in the European avant-garde and modernism from the late 19th century to the present day. The authors seek to answer questions such as: How have modernism and the avant-garde appropriated scientific knowledge, religious dogmas and social conventions, pursuing their investigation beyond the limits of given knowledge and conceptions? How have modernism and avant-garde created new conceptual models or representations where other discourses have allegedly failed? In what ways do practises of investigation, quest or exploration shape artistic work or the formal and thematic structures of artworks?
Category: Literary Criticism

Beyond The Information Given Routledge Revivals

Author : Jerome S. Bruner
ISBN : 0415573955
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 45.7 MB
Format : PDF
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In this book are gathered together Jerome Bruner's major papers on the "psychology of knowing". Spanning virtually the entire range of knowledge acquired from infancy onwards, they present the complete spectrum of his research, theories, and ideas concerning perception, thought, skills (of the eye, hand, ear, tongue and mind) developed in childhood, mental representation and cognition, the process of discovery and the nature and techniques of education. This will be invaluable not only for students of psychology, but also for a wider readership including teachers, doctors, biologists, sociologists and all who are interested in child development.
Category: Psychology

Intentionality And The Myths Of The Given

Author : Carl B Sachs
ISBN : 9781317317586
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Intentionality is one of the central problems of modern philosophy. How can a thought, action or belief be about something? Sachs draws on the work of Wilfrid Sellars, C I Lewis and Maurice Merleau-Ponty to build a new theory of intentionality that solves many of the problems faced by traditional conceptions.
Category: Philosophy

Beyond Positive Thinking

Author : Jim Collins
ISBN : 9781616382636
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Author and motivational speaker, Jim Collins, explains how God's Word can help you create the life you were designed to live by tapping into your God-given abilities. He emphasizes “life-application” of the truths in Scripture to help readers reach his or hers full potential. Beyond Positive Thinking expounds on the Scriptures, making them come alive so they are relatable to those living in the 21st Century. These principles will help readers achieve freedom from fear, anxiety and negative thinking.
Category: Religion

Beyond Beta

Author : Samuel Kotz
ISBN : 9812701281
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 75.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Statistical distributions are fundamental to Statistical Science and are a prime indispensable tool for its applications. This monograph is the first to examine an important but somewhat neglected field OCo univariate continuous distribution on a bounded domain, excluding the beta distribution. It provides an elementary but thorough discussion of ''''novel'''' contributions developed in recent years, such as the two-sided power, generalized trapezoidal and generalized Topp and Leone distributions, among others. It discusses a general framework for constructing two-sided distributions and some of its properties. It contains a comprehensive chapter on the triangular distribution as well as a chapter on earlier extensions not emphasized in existing literature. Special attention is given to estimation, in particular, non-standard maximum likelihood procedures. The applications are drawn mainly from the econometric and engineering domains."
Category: Mathematics

Beyond Cloning

Author : Ronald Cole-Turner
ISBN : 1563383179
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.33 MB
Format : PDF
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This book examines the ways that Christians from a variety of different confessions can respond to the issue of genetic engineering.
Category: Science

Deleuze Beyond Badiou

Author : Clayton Crockett
ISBN : 9780231530910
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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First published in 1997, Alain Badiou's Deleuze: The Clamor of Being cast Gilles Deleuze as a secret philosopher of the One. In this work, Clayton Crockett rehabilitates Deleuze's position within contemporary political and philosophical thought, advancing an original reading of the thinker's major works and a constructive conception of his philosophical ontology. Through close readings of Deleuze's Difference and Repetition, Capitalism and Schizophrenia (with Felix Guattari), and Cinema 2, Crockett argues that Deleuze is anything but the austere, quietistic, and aristocratic intellectual Badiou had portrayed. Instead, Crockett underscores Deleuze's radical aesthetics and innovative scientific, political, and mathematical forms of thought. He also refutes the notion Deleuze retreated from politics toward the end of his life. Using Badiou's critique as a foil, Crockett maintains the profound continuity of Deleuze's work and builds a general interpretation of his more obscure formulations.
Category: Philosophy

Beyond Presence

Author : Tyler Tritten
ISBN : 9781614511557
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 53.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Schelling’s late positive philosophy of mythology and revelation tackles the question of nihilism in a way that easily adapts itself to its contemporary form—concern over the surpassing of onto-theology or metaphysics of presence. Tyler Tritten argues that Schelling’s philosophy easily lends itself to the question of presence, because it is in fact Schelling who first surpasses this tradition within philosophy and not just by means of mysticism or theosophism. The author posits Schelling as the precursor to both materialistic and existentialistic criticisms of idealism, and—via Schopenhauer—even Nietzsche’s and others’ philosophies of the will. This book shows how Schelling’s late positive philosophy surpassed, rather than fulfilled (which is the Schulzian thesis) German Idealism and helped to institute its successors.
Category: Philosophy

Beyond Perturbation

Author : Shijun Liao
ISBN : 9781135438296
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 58.93 MB
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Solving nonlinear problems is inherently difficult, and the stronger the nonlinearity, the more intractable solutions become. Analytic approximations often break down as nonlinearity becomes strong, and even perturbation approximations are valid only for problems with weak nonlinearity. This book introduces a powerful new analytic method for nonlinear problems-homotopy analysis-that remains valid even with strong nonlinearity. In Part I, the author starts with a very simple example, then presents the basic ideas, detailed procedures, and the advantages (and limitations) of homotopy analysis. Part II illustrates the application of homotopy analysis to many interesting nonlinear problems. These range from simple bifurcations of a nonlinear boundary-value problem to the Thomas-Fermi atom model, Volterra's population model, Von Karman swirling viscous flow, and nonlinear progressive waves in deep water. Although the homotopy analysis method has been verified in a number of prestigious journals, it has yet to be fully detailed in book form. Written by a pioneer in its development, Beyond Pertubation: Introduction to the Homotopy Analysis Method is your first opportunity to explore the details of this valuable new approach, add it to your analytic toolbox, and perhaps make contributions to some of the questions that remain open.
Category: Mathematics

Given World And Time

Author : Tyrus MIller
ISBN : 9786155211591
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 26.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The interconnections of time with historical thought and knowledge have come powerfully to the fore since the 1970s. An international group of scholars, from a range of fields including literary theory, history of ideas, cultural anthropology, philosophy, intellectual history and theology, philology, and musicology, address the matter of time and temporalities.The volume's essays, divided into four main topical groups question critically the key problem of context, connecting it to the problem of time. Contexts, the essays suggest, are not timeless. Time and its contexts are only partly "given" to us: to the primordial donations of time and world correspond our epistemic, moral, and practical modes of receiving what has been granted. The notion of context may have radically different parameters in different historical, cultural, and disciplinary situations. Topics include the deep antiquity, and the timeless time of eternity, as well as formal philosophies of history and the forms of histories implicit in individual and community experience. The medium specific use of time and history are examined with regard to song, image, film, oral narration, and legal discourse.
Category: Philosophy

Beyond The Meadow

Author : Ann Thompson
ISBN : 9781469124445
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.87 MB
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Elizabeth Scott had never wanted to write a book. She had never even considered such a thing, but suddenly one day she found her head full of ideas about a love so deep and profound that it could span time and unite lovers. She felt compelled to write it down. The more she wrote the more ideas just came to her. She would wake in the night with thoughts and conversations that she had to write in the book. Finally it was fi nished and published. Just a short, time-travel love story, but it had sold beyond her expectations and now she was a famous author. Flying home from a book signing one autumn day, Elizabeth found herself sitting next to a man, who not only looked almost like the picture she had drawn of the main character in her book, but he also had the same name. From that moment on, her future appeared to depend on her past. The problem was, Elizabeth had been adopted and her past was not something she knew. The search for her past and the discoveries she made took her and Dan down a road that brought them closer and closer together. For every adopted person who has wondered about their past, I hope you will enjoy her search. For every one who ever hoped for that special love, but never seem to fi nd, this story may give you hope. Any questions or comments may be directed to the author at [email protected]
Category: Fiction

Six Sigma And Beyond

Author : D.H. Stamatis
ISBN : 1420000241
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In all walks of life, at some point in time, we all use the process of problem solving. We all talk about it, we all use it, but chances are we all mean different things by it. Six Sigma and Beyond: Problem Solving and Basic Mathematics organizes the topic and provides a structured approach based on the scientific method. Specifically designed to a
Category: Business & Economics

Beyond Open Skies

Author : Brian F. Havel
ISBN : 9789041123893
Genre : Law
File Size : 59.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'Beyond Open Skies' offers a systematic comparative analysis of the legal and policy dimensions of airline deregulation by federal fiat in the United States and by supranational collaboration in the European Union. The book draws upon a variety of sources, including very recent developments in U.S. and EC international aviation law, policy, and diplomacy, to propose a genuine multilateral air transport system. It examines the potential of the 'open skies' initiative, in the aftermath of the new U.S./EC air transport agreement, to inspire a genuine globalization of the world's air transport industry in such crucial aspects as the following: cabotage; ownership and citizenship requirements; route selection; airline identity; capacity; pricing regimes; competition and public aid; regulatory harmonization; labor laws; provisions for charter and/or cargo transportation; fair operation of and access to computer reservations systems; authorization of code-sharing arrangements; alliances and antitrust immunity; and dispute resolution.
Category: Law

Beyond The Mirror

Author : Jennifer Johnson
ISBN : 9781469170855
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.28 MB
Format : PDF
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At an early age, Joshua Granger realizes the dangers and cruelty of lies and hidden secrets. Having no knowledge of the circumstances of his birth, he is confused by the fact that the color of his skin is different from that of his older brother Timmy, his parents Susan and Timothy Granger and his grandparents. Finally learning the truth of his parentage, can he become a true man of love and compassion or will he continue to be trapped by the hatred of his mixed heritage?
Category: Fiction

Geometry Euclid And Beyond

Author : Robin Hartshorne
ISBN : 0387986502
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 44.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book offers a unique opportunity to understand the essence of one of the great thinkers of western civilization. A guided reading of Euclid's Elements leads to a critical discussion and rigorous modern treatment of Euclid's geometry and its more recent descendants, with complete proofs. Topics include the introduction of coordinates, the theory of area, history of the parallel postulate, the various non-Euclidean geometries, and the regular and semi-regular polyhedra.
Category: Mathematics

Beyond Iq

Author : Robert J. Sternberg
ISBN : 0521278910
Genre : Medical
File Size : 75.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Beyond I.Q.: A Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence contends that the influence of certain psychological factors upon intelligence is strong enough to be considered highly significant in the evaluation of I.Q. The triarchic theory of human intelligence, accordingly, reaches "beyond I.Q".
Category: Medical

Hollywood From Vietnam To Reagan And Beyond

Author : Robin Wood
ISBN : 9780231507578
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 47.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This classic of film criticism, long considered invaluable for its eloquent study of a problematic period in film history, is now substantially updated and revised by the author to include chapters beyond the Reagan era and into the twenty-first century. For the new edition, Robin Wood has written a substantial new preface that explores the interesting double context within which the book can be read-that in which it was written and that in which we find ourselves today. Among the other additions to this new edition are a celebration of modern "screwball" comedies like My Best Friend's Wedding, and an analysis of '90s American and Canadian teen movies in the vein of American Pie, Can't Hardly Wait, and Rollercoaster. Also included are a chapter on Hollywood today that looks at David Fincher and Jim Jarmusch (among others) and an illuminating essay on Day of the Dead.
Category: Performing Arts

Sleep Disordered Breathing Beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea An Issue Of Clinics In Chest Medicine An Issue Of Clinics In Chest Medicine

Author : Carolyn D'Ambrosio
ISBN : 9780323323185
Genre : Medical
File Size : 69.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dr. Carolyn D'Ambrosio has put together an expert panel of authors covering topics such as: Sleep and Respiratory Physiology in Adults, Sleep and Respiratory Physiology in Children, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Restrictive Lung Disease, Lung Transplantation, Pulmonary Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure, Neurologic Conditions, Central Congential Hypoventilation Syndrome, and more!
Category: Medical

Beyond Shadow

Author : M. Mwayera
ISBN : 9781899820375
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Do you want your life to count? This book will help you see past the physical world that contains you to the glorious liberty and endless possibilities in the spiritual realm that lies beyond. It is not a spooky place or merely the offspring of wild imaginations. It is, in fact, more real than the book you are now holding in your hands. You will be intrigued and once this revelation is firmly established in your heart you will be better equipped to navigate this physical world you see and to fulfill the divine mandate upon your life. As you begin to appreciate the transient nature of all that is of this world you will begin to recognize the preeminence of the souls of mankind and to be motivated to seek their salvation above all. About the author Michelle Mwayera is an author groomed under the ministry of Bishop Tudor Bismark who has a passion for revealing the truths of God's Word. She is also an anointed singer and song writer with an upcoming solo album. She can be contacted at [email protected] You are spirit and you can!
Category: Religion