Beyond The Influence

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Beyond The Influence

Author : Katherine Ketcham
ISBN : 9780307571991
Genre : Self-Help
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"This invaluable work will contribute much to the battle against our number one disease."—from the Foreword by George McGovern, former senator and author of Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism Alcoholism is a disease. It's time we started treating it like one. Science has offered undisputed proof that alcoholism is a disease rather than a weakness of character, yet millions of alcoholics continue to suffer due to inappropriate treatment. Now the co-author of the modern classic Under the Influence has teamed up with prominent alcoholism experts to provide new answers to this national epidemic. Based on the latest scientific research, Beyond the Influence clearly explains the neurological nature of the disease and reveals why some people drink addictively and others do not. It also spells out what needs to be done to treat alcoholism, including: Steps to take for an intervention How to find the right treatment program Which psychological approaches work best Why spirituality is essential to recovery New insights into relapse prevention What you should know about diet, exercise, and nontraditional treatments such as acupuncture Provocative and eye-opening, compelling and compassionate, Beyond the Influence is not only a message of hope for alcoholics--it is a blueprint for saving lives. Beyond the Influence explains that alcoholism is a disease of the body, not a weakness of character. Drawing on the latest scientific studies, the authors present new research on the central role of genetics and neurotransmitters in addiction. Continuing where the prior book left off, it also includes: Steps for diagnosis and intervention, plus ways to prevent relapses Various treatment models, including inpatient and out-patient programs and a review of new drug treatments The most effective types of psychological counseling The critical role of nutrition Non-traditional healing methods for recovery The importance of a spiritual component to recovery The authors also critique our nation's alcoholism policies, including education and prevention programs, efforts to curtail college bingeing and underage drinking, and the advertising and marketing strategies of the alcohol industry.
Category: Self-Help

Beyond The Map

Author : Gary R. Lock
ISBN : 1586030213
Genre : Archaeology
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Category: Archaeology

Beyond The Physical Life

Author : Ravi Shankar Kapoor
Genre :
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Even death is not to be feared by one who lives wisely. Death is inevitable, thing which is born today will perish from the physical world one day without any doubt. But the journey doesn’t end here because there is another dimension or realm unseen by the naked eyes. These dimensions I have thoroughly discussed in this book

Beyond The Marketplace

Author : Roger Owen Friedland
ISBN : 0202364259
Genre : Business & Economics
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Beyond the Marketplace is an interdisciplinary view of the relationship between markets and society. Do individuals behave in markets as neoclassical theory assumes they do? Can other social institutions and processes--e.g., family formation and voting behavior--be analyzed with the same analytic tools we use to study markets? How is economic behavior shaped by institutions beyond the marketplace? Do markets themselves have a social and cultural structure which is not adequately explained by the formal tools of neoclassical analysis? In Beyond the Marketplace, economists, sociologists, political scientists, historians, and anthropologists respond to these, and related, questions.
Category: Business & Economics

Beyond The Sound Barrier

Author : Kristin K Henson
ISBN : 9781136726804
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 63.86 MB
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Beyond the Sound Barrier examines twentieth-century fictional representations of popular music-particularly jazz-in the fiction of James Weldon Johnson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, and Toni Morrison. Kristin K. Henson argues that an analysis of musical tropes in the work of these four authors suggests that cultural "mixing" constitutes one of the central preoccupations of modernist literature. Valuable for any reader interested in the intersections between American literature and the history of American popular music, Henson situates the literary use of popular music as a culturally amalgamated, boundary-crossing form of expression that reflects and defines modern American identities.
Category: Literary Criticism

The European Union Beyond The Crisis

Author : Boyka M. Stefanova
ISBN : 9781498503488
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.88 MB
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This book provides a post-crisis perspective on European politics by studying interactions within and among related domestic and EU political spheres. The contributors focus on political dynamics associated with the policy decisions and outcomes of crisis response in all three domains: EU institutions, public policy, and democratic politics.
Category: Political Science

Beyond The Power Mystique

Author : Robert Prus
ISBN : 0791440702
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61.81 MB
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Locating power within the symbolic interactionist framework, this book permeates much of the mystique shrouding "power" and examines the ways in which notions of power, control, influence and the like are brought into human existence.
Category: Social Science

Beyond The Aspect Hypothesis

Author : Emmanuelle Labeau
ISBN : 3039102818
Genre : Philosophy
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The Aspect Hypothesis (AH) claims that the association of any verb category (lexical aspect) with any grammatical aspect (perfective or imperfective) constitutes the endpoint of acquisition. The present book evaluates the explanatory power of the Aspect Hypothesis for the acquisition of French past tenses, which constitutes a serious stumbling block for foreign learners, even at the highest levels of proficiency. The present research applies the Aspect Hypothesis to the production of 61 Anglophone 'advanced learners' in a tutored environment. In so doing, it tests concurrent explanations, including the influence of the input, the influence of chunking, and the hypothesis of cyclic development. It discusses the cotextual and contextual factors that still provoke «non-native glitches» at the final stage of the Aspect Hypothesis. The book shows that the AH fails to account for the complex phenomenon of past tense development, as it adopts a local and linear approach.
Category: Philosophy

Beyond The Half Way Covenant

Author : David Paul McDowell
ISBN : 9781610979764
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.38 MB
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Almost everyone has heard of Jonathan Edwards, but very few are familiar with Solomon Stoddard, Edwards's grandfather. Stoddard was an influential force in New England Puritanism, often referred to as the "Pope" of the Connecticut Valley of western Massachusetts. He was a powerful preacher who saw five (possibly six) revivals during his fifty-eight-year pastorate in Northampton. Yet, he has often been marginalized because of his very unique view of the Lord's Supper as a "converting ordinance." This book explores Stoddard's view of Communion as compared to the changing face of Puritanism reflected in the Half-Way Covenant, and in the context of his passionate desire to convert the sinner by any means at his disposal. He believed that God was so gracious and sovereign that no one could judge whether a person was elect or not. Consequently, he crafted an evangelical theology based upon the preaching of the gospel and viewed the Lord's Supper as another form of preaching for the conversion of sinners.
Category: Religion

Beyond A Love Supreme

Author : Tony Whyton
ISBN : 9780199993116
Genre : Music
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Recorded by his quartet in a single session in 1964, A Love Supreme is widely considered John Coltrane's magnum opus and one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. In Beyond A Love Supreme, Tony Whyton explores both the musical complexities of A Love Supreme and the album's seminal importance in jazz history. Marking Coltrane's transition from the bebop and hard bop of his earlier recordings to the free jazz style perfected throughout the rest of his career, the album also embodies the deep spirituality that characterized the final years of his life. The titles of the four part suite--"Acknowledgment," "Resolution," "Pursuance," and "Psalm"--along with the poem Coltrane composed for inclusion in the liner notes, which he "recites" instrumentally in "Psalm," reflect the religious aspect of the album, a quality that contributes to its mystique and symbolic importance within the canon of major jazz recordings. But Whyton also shows how A Love Supreme challenges many of the traditional, unreflective assumptions that permeate jazz culture--the binary oppositions between improvisation and composition, black music and white music, live performance and studio recording. He critically examines many of the mythologizing narratives about how the album was conceived and recorded and about what it signifies in terms of the trajectory of Coltrane's personal life. Sifting through the criticism of late Coltrane, Whyton suggests ways of listening to these recordings that go beyond the conventional ideologies of mainstream jazz practice and open the music to a wider range of responses. Filled with fresh insights into one of the most influential recordings in jazz history, Beyond A Love Supreme is an indispensable resource for jazz scholars, jazz musicians, and fans and aficionados at all levels.
Category: Music

Wild Brews

Author : Jeff Sparrow
ISBN : 9780984075683
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 49.53 MB
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Explores the world of Lambics, Flanders red and Flanders brown beers as well as the many new American beers produced in the similar style.
Category: Cooking

International Influence Beyond Conditionality

Author : Rachel A. Epstein
ISBN : 9781317989882
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67.47 MB
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The European Union’s (EU) membership conditionality has been perceived as a highly effective means of influence on non-member states in the run-up to the 2004 and 2007 enlargements. According to the incentive-based explanation that dominates the literature, conditionality has been particularly effective when the EU offered a credible membership incentive and when governments did not consider the domestic costs of compliance threatening to their hold on power. This volume challenges much of the existing work on EU enlargement and postcommunist transition, however, by testing the conditionality thesis in the post-accession setting. Whereas a conditionality hypothesis would predict deteriorating compliance among the newest member states, several contributions here actually find the opposite. Enduring compliance among postcommunist states with the acquis, as well as with less formally institutionalized EU preferences for economic liberalization and minority protection, calls into question the role that conditionality plays in eliciting conformity. Simultaneously, support for the conditionality hypothesis in areas such as political party development and EU relations with Turkey and the western Balkans suggests conditionality’s effects vary across countries and issues. As the first study to systematically examine the relationship between international institutions and postcommunist states after enlargement, this volume provides new insights into how external actors exercise their power in domestic politics. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy.
Category: Political Science

The Business Of Influence

Author : Philip Sheldrake
ISBN : 1119978300
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.3 MB
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Media has most definitely evolved, as have the ways in which we contemplate, design, communicate and execute strategy. And rather than technological evolution, we’re plainly in the midst of a technological revolution. We have no choice then but to reframe marketing and PR in the context of 21st Century technology, 21st Century media and disintermediation, and 21st Century articulation of and appreciation for business strategy. “Today, every organization is in the influence business. We influence customers to buy from us, employees to work for us, and the media to write about us. Gone are the days when you could be your own island. Now, to be successful, you need to live within the influence ecosystem and that requires a change of mindset. Fortunately, Philip Sheldrake will show you how.” David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and the new hit Real-Time Marketing & PR
Category: Business & Economics