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Beyond The Dyad

Author : Michael Lewis
ISBN : 9783805578974
Genre : Psychology
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There is consensus among social scientists that human beings from infants to elderly people develop social relationships with multiple significant others. In fact, everyday observations of individuals reveal that even infants interact not only with their mother, but also with a variety of significant others. However, the attachment theory, which has dominated theories and empirical studies of social relationships, has argued for a narrower framework. In this special issue, four theoretical papers, each of which provides models of social interaction that go beyond the mother-child dyad, are presented. They theoretically contrast the attachment with the mother to relationships with multiple significant others, and show that models assessing multiple relationships to others are more predicative of subsequent social and emotional adjustment. Commentaries, including attachment theorists and anthropologists to deepen the discussion, are also presented. Researchers and students in developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and psychiatry as well as teachers, nurses and parents interested in these discussions will find in this issue essential theories that go beyond the mother-child dyad.
Category: Psychology

Beyond The Dyad

Author : Richard Philpot
ISBN : OCLC:1064046752
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Social Influences On Romantic Relationships

Author : Christopher R. Agnew
ISBN : 9781107029361
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 77.65 MB
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Examines the effects of external factors on the social influences of those involved in close, interpersonal relationships.
Category: Family & Relationships

Beyond The Dyad

Author : Terri A. Scandura
ISBN : OCLC:1085154637
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Beyond The Psychoanalytic Dyad

Author : John P. Muller
ISBN : 9781317795940
Genre : Psychology
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In this original work of psychoanalytic theory, John Muller explores the formative power of signs and their impact on the mind, the body and subjectivity, giving special attention to work of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce. Muller explores how Lacan's way of understanding experience through three dimensions--the real, the imaginary and the symbolic--can be useful both for thinking about cultural phenomena and for understanding the complexities involved in treating psychotic patients, and develops Lacan's perspective gradually, presenting it as distinctive approaches to data from a variety of sources.
Category: Psychology

Social Referencing And The Social Construction Of Reality In Infancy

Author : S. Feinman
ISBN : 9781489924629
Genre : Psychology
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Integrating the perspectives of a number of disciplines, this work examines social referencing in infants within the broader contexts of cognition, social relations, and human society as a whole.
Category: Psychology

Social Influence On Close Relationships

Author : Christopher R. Agnew
ISBN : 9781316060933
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 30.20 MB
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How do we choose a partner to initiate a relationship with, and what makes us stay in a given relationship over time? These questions are most often pursued by scholars with an emphasis on the internal thoughts, feelings, and motivations of individual decision-makers. Conversely, this volume highlights the importance of considering external influences on individual decision-making in close relationships. Featuring contributions from internationally renowned scholars, the volume is divided into two interrelated sections. The first section considers global and societal influences on romantic relationships and the second focuses on social network and communicative influences on romantic relationships. Taken together, this collection helps us to better understand how external factors influence the internal machinations of those involved in intimate relationships.
Category: Psychology


Author : Mystic Life
ISBN : 9781469730486
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 34.80 MB
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Unification: Sexual Wake-Up Call, You & Your Tribe, The Words of Mystic Life and Reflections on Physical Immortality is for spiritual seekers in the new millennium and beyond. Mystic Life offers provoking perspectives on sexuality, community and our immortal essence.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Psychology Poverty And The End Of Social Exclusion

Author : Laura Smith
ISBN : 9780807771815
Genre : Education
File Size : 55.24 MB
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Laura Smith argues that if there is any segment of society that should be concerned with the impact of classism and poverty, it is those within the “helping professions”—people who have built their careers around understanding and facilitating human emotional well-being. In this groundbreaking book, Smith charts the ebbs and flows of psychology’s consideration of poor clients, and then points to promising new approaches to serving poor communities that go beyond remediation, sympathy, and charity. Including the author’s own experiences as a psychologist in a poor community, this inspiring book: Shows practitioners and educators how to implement considerations of social class and poverty within mental health theory and practice.Addresses poverty from a true social class perspective, beginning with questions of power and oppression in health settings.Presents a view of poverty that emerges from the words of the poor through their participation in interviews and qualitative research.Offers a message of hope that poor clients and psychologists can reinvent their relationship through working together in ways that are liberating for all parties. Laura Smith is an assistant professor in the department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. “Gripping, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopeful, [this]is an impassioned charge to mental health professionals to advocate in truly helpful ways for America’s poor and working-class citizens . . . beautifully written and structured in a way that provides solid information with digestible doses of in-your-face depictions of poverty . . . Smith’s appeal to the healing profession is a gift. She envisions a class-inclusive society that shares common resources, opportunities, institutions, and hope. Smith’s book is a beautiful, chilling treatise calling for social change, mapping the road that will ultimately lead to that change. . . . This inspired book . . . is not meant to be purchased, perused, and placed on a shelf. It is meant to be lived. Are you in?” —PsycCRITIQUES magazine “Smith does not invite you to examine the life of the poor; she forces you to do it. And after you do it, you cannot help but question your practice. Whether you are a psychologist, a social worker, a counselor, a nurse, a psychiatrist, a teacher, or a community organizer, you will gain insights about the lives of the people you work with.” —From the Foreword by Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean, School of Education, University of Miami, Florida “This groundbreaking book challenges practitioners and educators to rethink dominant understandings of social class and poverty, and it offers concrete strategies for addressing class-based inequities. Psychology, Poverty, and the End of Social Exclusion should be required reading for anyone interested in economic and social justice.” —Heather Bullock, University of California, Santa Cruz
Category: Education

Please Select Your Gender

Author : Patricia Gherovici
ISBN : 9781135276935
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 45.31 MB
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"I have the worst birth defect a woman can have: I was born with a penis and a pair of testicles." Thus we meet Hera, who shares her reason for starting psychoanalysis and whose statement embodies the debate over transgenderism, rigorously dissected in Please Select Your Gender. Is it a mental disorder, as some would claim, or a matter of sexual identity? An orientation or a life choice? Despite differing opinions, transgenderism has lost much of its stigma over the past decade or so – though perhaps none of its shock value. Nevertheless, the door is open for a reformulation of the hysterical question, "Am I a man or a woman?" Utilizing rich clinical vignettes and elements of Lacanian theory, Patricia Gherovici demonstrates how the transgender discourse has both reoriented psychoanalytic practice and reframed debates about gender in American society at large. She traverses historical, theoretical, and clinical grounds to explore what has been termed the "democratizing of gender" – for what could be more democratic than the choice of one’s own gender, now able to be changed on demand? Arguing for the depathologization of transgenderism, Please Select Your Gender aims to revise current notions of human sexuality in general. In doing so, it challenges the theory and practice of psychoanalysis with questions typically addressed only indirectly, but which are themselves transforming how analysis is done, advancing new ideas for the clinic that can be extrapolated to social and intellectual contexts in an effort to engage the broader dialogues of gender and sexuality.
Category: Psychology