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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Kieron O'Connor
ISBN : 9780470868782
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF
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Traditionally, obsessive-compulsive disorder has been classified as an anxiety disorder, but there is increasing evidence that it has schizotypal features ? in other words it is a belief disorder. This book describes the ways in which reasoning can be applied to OCD for effective treatment regimes. It moves comprehensively through theoretical, experimental, clinical and treatment aspects of reasoning research, and contains a detailed treatment manual of great value to practitioners, including assessment and treatment protocols and case studies
Category: Psychology

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Author : Shmuel Waldman
ISBN : 1583308067
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This edition is recommended for readers with a strong Torah background, seeking an informed, yet less secular, approach. It has been revised and expanded, containing 40 additional pages. A penetrating, engagingly written book with compelling evidence of the truths of Judaism. With wisdom, wit, and a wide range of sources, the author presents a ground-up approach to Judaism, bringing a fresh perspective that will challenge and educate readers from every background and skill level. From yeshivah students to university professors, this book is an easily readable, eminently eye-opening look at subjects like the divine origin of Torah, understanding the Holocaust and human suffering, G-d's foreknowledge vs. our free will, amongst others. Reading this well-researched book is a surefire way to eminently strengthen one's belief, and lay to rest many gnawing questions about G-d, Torah, and Judaism. This edition contains additional information and appendixes that were not included in previous editions.
Category: Religion

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Sandra Johnston
ISBN : 9783643904409
Genre : Social Science
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This book investigates and proposes that the diverse evidence of human rights violations is carried and conveyed through gestures: from the staging of terrorist spectacles, the performances of legal testimony, and acts of protests to responses of survivors existing on the cusp of invisibility and silence. Embodied evidence forms the core of the study, led through performance and installation artworks (the exhibition The Shadow of a Doubt is documented here). Performance art can enrich the interpretation of events through injecting doubt and risk. This does not replace traditional methods of gathering evidence, but can activate otherwise elusive empathic aspects. Art is one of the few evidences demonstrating the possible transformation of pain and fear into constructive forces. (Series: European Studies in Culture and Policy - Vol. 13)
Category: Social Science

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Gordon Smith
ISBN : 9781444790931
Genre : Religion
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Gordon Smith is the medium's medium who outstanding gifts are recognised by prominent sceptics and which have been tested in laboratory conditions at Glasgow University, with astonishing results. But usually when we try to assess the claims of psychics and mediums or evidence of supernatural phenomena we are examining events taking place outside the controlled conditions of the scientific laboratory. In this new book Gordon Smith argues that most suitable standards we can apply when trying to decide whether or not it is reasonable to believe such claims are the same standards we usually use to assess disputes in human affairs - the standards of the law court. As a leading medium Gordon Smith is part of an 'apostolic succession' of mediums that goes back through famous mediums like Albert Best, Helen Duncan and DD Hume to the start of Spiritualism modern times in American in the mid nineteenth century. In this book he examines the historical evidence, admitting fraud where he finds it, but showing that great weight of testimony proves the reality of these supernatural and spiritual phenomena 'beyond reasonable doubt'. As leading barrister Maria Ahern writes in her foreword: 'I have assessed the evidence in this book. Just as I would in a trial. There is credible evidence from various unconnected sources all giving evidence that points the same way. The evidence has been collated by a credible source; Gordon Smith is widely acknowledged as a gifted medium and has provided many with evidence of one of life's great unanswered questions'. She advises the reader: 'Look at the evidence, assess it fairly, allow for any sensible and appropriate doubt and reach your verdict'.
Category: Religion

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : David Yallop
ISBN : 9781472116574
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 42.55 MB
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On 17th June, 1970, in a small farming district, south of Auckland, New Zealand, Harvey and Jeanette Crewe were shot and killed in the lounge of their home. Five months later, a neighbour, Arthur Allan Thomas, was arrested, charged and found guilty of their murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. A retrial in 1972 ended with another guilty verdict. David Yallop, author of To Encourage the Others and The Day the Laughter Stopped, two already celebrated books which dealt with miscarriages of justice, spent over a year in New Zealand investigating the case and became convinced of Thomas' innocence. in an open letter to New Zealand's Prime Minister, he demanded Thomas' release on the grounds that he 'has not been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. He has in fact been found innocent beyond reasonable doubt.' In 1978, as a direct result of Yallop's intercession and the publication of this book, Thomas was granted a royal pardon and, in 1980, awarded nearly 1 million dollars in compensation for the nine years he had served behind bards. Beyond Reasonable Doubt? is both a riveting work of high drama and a compelling insight into the machinery of criminal justice. A Number One bestseller in hgardcover and the subject of a widely-acclaimed film, it is a lasting testimony to David Yallop's reputation as the world's greatest investigative author.
Category: True Crime

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Louis Jacobs
ISBN : 1904113117
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.74 MB
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More than forty years have passed since Louis Jacobs first put forward the argument that traditionally observant Jews have no reason to take issue with the findings of the historical critics in their investigations of the Bible. In his numerous works on Jewish theology, Jacobs has argued that the traditional doctrine which claims that â??the Torah is from Heavenâ?? can and should be maintainedâ??provided that the word â??fromâ?? is understood in a non-fundamentalist way to denote that there is a human as well as a divine element in the Torah: God revealing His will not only to but through the Jewish people in their historical experiences as they reached out to Him. As a result of these views, the Anglo-Jewish Orthodox hierarchy banned Jacobs from serving as an Orthodox rabbi. This was the cause of the notorious â??Jacobs affairâ??, which culminated in the creation of the New London Synagogue and, eventually, in the establishment of the Masorti movement in the UK with strong affinities with Conservative Judaism in the United States. In this book, Louis Jacobs examines afresh all the issues involved. He does so objectively but with passion, meeting the objections put forward by critics from the various trends within the Jewish world, both Orthodox and Reform, and inviting readers to follow the argument and make up their own minds. In a recent poll conducted by the (London) Jewish Chronicle, Louis Jacobs was chosen as the 'Greatest British Jew.'
Category: Religion

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Open University Course Team
ISBN : 9780749266240
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40.35 MB
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This book supports the investigative strand and aids understanding of the experimental method. It outlines the basics of how to do an experiment, from formulating a hypothesis, through to drawing appropriate conclusions on the basis of the results obtained.This book will ony be in stock in November 2005.
Category: Psychology