Being Miss America

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Being Miss America

Author : Kate Shindle
ISBN : 9780292767294
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57.71 MB
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For nearly a hundred years, young women have competed for the title of Miss America—although what it means to wear the crown and be our "ideal" has changed dramatically over time. The Miss America Pageant began as a bathing beauty contest in 1920s Atlantic City, New Jersey, sponsored by businessmen trying to extend the tourist season beyond Labor Day. In the post–World War II years, the pageant evolved into a national coronation of an idealized "girl next door," as pretty and decorous as she was rarely likely to speak her mind on issues of substance. Since the cultural upheavals of the 1960s, the pageant has struggled to find a balance between beauty and brains as it tries to remain relevant to women who aspire to become leaders in the community, not hot babes in swimsuits. In Being Miss America, Kate Shindle interweaves an engrossing, witty memoir of her year as Miss America 1998 with a fascinating and insightful history of the pageant. She explores what it means to take on the mantle of America's "ideal," especially considering the evolution of the American female identity since the pageant's inception. Shindle profiles winners and organization leaders and recounts important moments in the pageant's story, with a special focus on Miss America's iconoclasts, including Bess Myerson (1945), the only Jewish Miss America; Yolande Betbeze (1951), who crusaded against the pageant's pinup image; and Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (1987), a working-class woman from Michigan who wanted to merge her famous title with her work as an oncology nurse. Shindle's own account of her work as an AIDS activist—and finding ways to circumvent the "gown and crown" stereotypes of Miss America in order to talk honestly with high school students about safer sex—illuminates both the challenges and the opportunities that keep young women competing to become Miss America.
Category: Social Science

The Miss America Family

Author : Julianna Baggott
ISBN : 9780743426732
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.69 MB
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The Miss America Family In this stunning follow-up to the acclaimed Girl Talk, a fading beauty-pageant veteran and her sixteen-year-old son team up as the delightfully nimble co-chroniclers of one family's soulful, mordantly funny remembrance of things past. With her irreverent evocation of suburban dissolution, Julianna Baggott gives us a fictional world whose emotional complexity and comedic dysfunction closely resemble our own. It's 1987 in Greenville, Delaware. Ezra Stocker is the son of an insomniac ex-Miss New Jersey named Pixie and a gay, absentee father; the stepson of an ex-quarterback dentist with a taste for turtle-patterned golf pants; and the grandson of a superstitious, stroke-addled woman with a passion for birds and some truly odd notions about fish and the family ancestry. He has created for himself a specific goal this summer vacation: to make a list of "Rules to Live By," his own set of guidelines to take him through life. A boy whose chief distinguishing traits include webbed toes and a knack for standardized aptitude tests, Ezra has no reason to expect that by the end of this particular summer, due largely to a doomed romance with a wealthy podiatrist's daughter and a fateful episode with a gun, every one of those rules will be tossed out the window. It's 1987 in Greenville, Delaware, but Pixie Stocker is consumed by the past. When she was Ezra's age, she too sought the secret rules and how-to's for negotiating life and attaining her dream of the all-American family. Pixie had found her answers in the comfortingly black-and-white strictures of Emily Post -- and later in the rigid absolutes of the beauty pageant circuit. Such certainties have long since vanished, replaced by the relentless haunting of her memory, and the ceaseless reverberations of a long-ago act of brutal violation. When Ezra's grandmother, disoriented from her stroke, reveals to her daughter an explosive and longburied family secret, she spurs Pixie toward a series of bizarre and dangerous choices in an endeavor to reclaim her tragic past and, for better or worse, start anew. In the pages of The Miss America Family Julianna Baggott creates as unique a voice -- and as idiosyncratic a sensibility -- as any novelist has managed in years, extending her range and craft with dazzling, high-wire mixtures of absurdity and pathos, hilarity and darkness.
Category: Fiction

Here She Is

Author : Hilary Levey Friedman
ISBN : 9780807083284
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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""Here She Is" presents the story of American feminism through the lens of beauty pageants"--
Category: Social Science

Miss America Through The Looking Glass

Author : Nancie S. Martin
ISBN : 0671601598
Genre : Beauty contests
File Size : 45.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discusses the history of the Miss America Pageant, how it is judged, what contestants go through, and how their lives are affected.
Category: Beauty contests

Miss America Kissed Caleb

Author : Billy C. Clark
ISBN : 9780813158181
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.32 MB
Format : PDF
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The mountain is a lonely place. Welcome to Sourwood, a small Kentucky town inhabited by men and women unique and yet eerily familiar. Among its joyful and tragic citizens we meet the crafty, spirited Caleb and his curious younger brother; Pearl, a suspected witch, and her sheltered daughter, Thanie; superstitious Eli; and the doomed orphan Girty. In Sourwood, the mountain is both a keeper of secrets and an imposing, isolating presence, shaping the lives of all who live in its shadow. Strong in both the voice and sensibilities of Appalachia, the stories in Miss America Kissed Caleb are at turns heartbreaking and hilarious. In the title story, young Caleb turns over his hard-earned dime to the war effort when he receives a coaxing kiss from Miss America, who sweeps into Sourwood by train, "pretty as a night moth." Caleb and his brother share in the thrills and uncertainties of growing up, making an accidental visit to a brothel in "Fourth of July" and taming a "high society" pooch in "The Jimson Dog." These stories invoke a place and a time that have long passed -- a way of living nearly extinct -- yet the beauty of the language and the truth revealed in the characters' everyday lives continue to resonate with modern readers.
Category: Fiction

In The House

Author : Lynn K. Kilpatrick
ISBN : 9781573661546
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"In Lynn K. Kilpatrick's In the House, anything can happen. A collection of shorts-lists, character sketches, directions, scripts, and instructions In the House reveals the often conspicuous, yet frequently overlooked, dangers of relationships gone awry." "In a home suffused with fragility, or in a kitchen surrounded by knives, Kilpatrick's men and women navigate around one another's eccentricities with caution, highlighting the unspoken desires and veiled needs of domestic routine. In these stories those desires collide, illuminating the dangers that lurk in pantries, basements, the Miss America pageant, dioramas, or in the mind of the one you love." --Book Jacket.
Category: Fiction

Miss America By Day

Author : Marilyn Van Derbur
ISBN : 1935689517
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Won the prestigious Writer's Digest award. 1,900 books entered the national competition, Miss America by Day won first place in the "Most Inspirational Book" category. In this award winning book, former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur, describes, in detail, her healing process after 13 years of incest. "I wrote the book, not because I want someone to learn more about me but so readers can learn more about themselves. And so that loved ones can better understand the brutal recovery process and never again say, "just get over it." The pain ends, I promise . . . IF you do the 'work' of healing. A loving, long-term relationship and grounded well, adjusted children await you. A judge for the Writers Digest book competition wrote: "Seldom as a judge have I wanted to read the entire book but I devoured every word of this riveting story... Told with stark honesty and vivid details that were so important in ridding herself of the pain, torment and shame..." Anyone who knew Marilyn Van Derbur as a child and young adult believed she had it all -- a loving family, a beautiful home, an active social life. But beneath the surface, Van Derbur was a troubled young woman who lived through horrific panic attacks and excruciating physical pain every day of her adult life. Starting when she was just a child of five, she was sexually abused by her father until she turned 18. Van Derbur uses the term "incested," eschewing the more vanilla terms of "molestation" or "abuse." As a student and young adult, Van Derbur was an overachiever with an unconscious need to stay very busy. She realizes now this was a coping mechanism to keep her two worlds separated-the "night child" who suffered at the hands of her father and the "day child" who was happy and outgoing. After being named valedictorian of her high school class, she went on to college. Persuaded to enter a local beauty pageant, she ultimately was crowned Miss America. Ignoring the sheer terror she felt at the prospect of speaking in front of others, Van Derbur went on to become a highly successful motivational speaker. She writes of her endless need to be respected by others, all the while believing that if others really knew who she was, they would hate her and look at her with disdain and disgust. The perfectly poised mask she showed the outside world was a far cry from the tortured, panic-stricken, anxious woman within. The shame she felt within was a constant in her life, reminding her that she was "unworthy." When a newspaper reporter learned of her story, Van Derbur's private shame became front-page news. Then she landed on the cover of People magazine. Soon incest survivors from around the country were reaching out to her, desperate to tell someone what had happened to them. It became instantly clear that her new role in life was to help others who had suffered incest and to help teach everyone how to make sure their children are safe from predators.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

God Girls And Getting Connected

Author : Robin Marsh
ISBN : 9780736945226
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 56.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Miss America 2007, Lauren Nelson, and award-winning TV news anchor Robin Marsh share a passion to encourage teen girls. In this relevant, engaging devotional they show the cell phone generation of girls why accepting God’s call is the best decision they’ll ever make. Each devotion includes a question in teen lingo, God’s “text response” from Scripture, insightful reflections, and a daily spiritual app to help girls relate biblical wisdom to everyday needs as they explore: how to deal with the drama of other girls decisions about boys and sexual purity do’s and don’ts of social media the fun of living out a bold faith their identity and uniqueness in Christ A cleverly presented, timely look at God’s help for the needs young women face today. Perfect for individual faith growth and as group discussion and study material.
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

More Grace Than Glamour

Author : Jane Jayroe
ISBN : 1885596529
Genre : Beauty contestants
File Size : 60.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Beauty contestants

Diary Of A Fat Housewife

Author : Rosemary Green
ISBN : 9780446570183
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The personal story of a woman who has suffered the frustration, self-doubt, and loneliness associated with weight gain offers humorous insight into the diet industry and the power of the human will to overcome addiction to food.
Category: Fiction

Coal Run

Author : Tawni O'Dell
ISBN : 9781101190555
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With her eagerly awaited second novel, Tawni O'Dell takes readers back to the coal-mining country of western Pennsylvania. Set in a town ravaged and haunted by a mine explosion that took the lives of 96 men, Coal Run explores the life of local deputy and erstwhile football legend, "The Great Ivan Z.," as he prepares for a former teammate's imminent release from prison. As the week unfolds and Ivan struggles to confront his demons, he reveals himself to be a man whose conscience is burdened by a long-held and shocking secret.
Category: Fiction

From Mammy To Miss America And Beyond

Author : K. Sue Jewell
ISBN : 9781134951895
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.83 MB
Format : PDF
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How do the mass media contribute to the social and economic advantages of the privileged and the subjection of African American women? Does America really care about providing equal opportunities for African American women? Passionately written and supported with detailed evidence this book shows the deeply rooted abiding cancer of oppresion in American society. It reveals the formal and informal ways in which African American women have been exluded from equal participation before and after the time of slavery. It will shock many who complacently believe that America is already a land on equality and it will give new heart to the many others who experience racism and sexism as daily facts of life.
Category: Social Science

Live From Atlantic City

Author : Armando Riverol
ISBN : 0879725583
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 66.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A great American institution; the bane of feminist ideology; a cornucopia of corn—few are neutral about the Miss America Pageant. Live from Atlantic City traces the pageant’s history from its birth as pseudo-event in 1920 through its emergence as American popular culture icon. A. R. Riverol takes the reader to times and places where no television camera has focused. Drawing upon (and sometimes debating with) primary and secondary sources, the author paints a vivid picture of life in Atlantic City during pageant week—whether that week be in 1944 or 1984. More than just chronicling events, the author also presents two opposing perspectives on the pageant: the pageant as celebration and idealization of American womanhood and the pageant as sexist, exploitative anachronism.
Category: Performing Arts

Believable Hope

Author : Ken Abraham
ISBN : 9780757317316
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 69.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Millions of people appear to be living normal lives, yet they are secretly numbing their emotional pain with alcohol, drugs, food, and many other lifestyle addictions. The good news is that there is hope, and author Michael Cartwright know this firsthand, both personally and professionally. Addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager, he landed in a mental institution in a catatonic state. Using many of the methods he shares in this book, he transformed his life: becoming sober and successful and a respected pioneer in the recovery field. This book offers a real source of hope that will save your life or the life of your loved one. Believable Hope is a proven methodology with a five-pronged approach that has helped tens of thousands of people over the years. With personal accounts and application principles that will help anyone put an end to addictive behavior, Michael Cartwright reveals why lasting change is usually more about mindset and emotions than clinical factors. This book is a lifeline for people battling addiction and provides a fresh sense of hope for those who love them. Michael Cartwright is considered a pillar in the dual diagnosis addiction treatment industry His 5-step approach has been in use for over 17 years More than 20,000 Americans are successfully in recovery by applying Michael's approach Hundreds of thousands of people reach out to American Addiction Centers each year to learn how they too can benefit from Michael's philosophy Michael has created a practical program that works, and now his philosophy available to you in this book!
Category: Self-Help

Miss America

Author : Daniel Stern
ISBN : 9781480444157
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A former pageant queen struggles with the realities of life off the runway in a novel “reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned” (The State News, Lansing). After being crowned Miss America a decade ago, Cathy Forester has been in some glamorous settings—but she has little to show for it. She’s endured a string of failed loves, a divorce, and the death of her parents. Restless by temperament, Cathy thinks she may have found a new life with a younger man, Peter Shaw. Peter is the son of a famous musician and is still battling to come into his own. Smitten by Cathy’s beauty, he jumps at the chance to step out of his father’s shadow. Together, the pair finds solace from the outside world, but have their frailties really disappeared? Ringing with authentic intimacy, Miss America is a powerful study of disenchanted love.
Category: Fiction

Amazing Win Amazing Loss

Author : Angela Perez Baraquio
ISBN : 0990359409
Genre : Beauty contestants
File Size : 79.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through personal anecdotes, Angie's unique story is intertwined in these lessons that will inspire young adults, especially women living with unfulfilled dreams. Yet her story is universal. She teaches readers how to find their unique path and to see themselves as strong, beautiful beings, deserving of joy and a satisfying life, amidst any obstacles they may encounter. Angela will encourage and help readers evaluate where they are today and learn ways to write their own success story and live happily, EVEN AFTER tremendous success and tragedy.
Category: Beauty contestants


Author : McKeesport Heritage Center Volunteers
ISBN : 9781439634660
Genre : Photography
File Size : 89.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 576
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Located at the confluence of the Youghiogheny and Monongahela Rivers, McKeesport was settled by David McKee in 1755. In 1769, McKee acquired land from the Colonial government and one of his sons, John, laid out a village that became known as McKee’s Port because a ferry was operating there. Early industries included coal mining and the building of flatboats, and in 1851, an ironrolling mill was started. Industry continued to boom as steamboats and railroads soon appeared, and in 1872, National Tube was founded and joined by other steel industries and foundries. The growing industries created an abundance of jobs, and immigrants from throughout Europe flocked to the area. McKeesport still maintains a strong ethnic heritage. Through vintage photographs, McKeesport documents the history of this once booming steel town from the development and subsequent loss of its major industry to its recent revitalization.
Category: Photography

Ain T I A Beauty Queen

Author : Maxine Leeds Craig
ISBN : 9780199881673
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Black is Beautiful!" The words were the exuberant rallying cry of a generation of black women who threw away their straightening combs and adopted a proud new style they called the Afro. The Afro, as worn most famously by Angela Davis, became a veritable icon of the Sixties. Although the new beauty standards seemed to arise overnight, they actually had deep roots within black communities. Tracing her story to 1891, when a black newspaper launched a contest to find the most beautiful woman of the race, Maxine Leeds Craig documents how black women have negotiated the intersection of race, class, politics, and personal appearance in their lives. Craig takes the reader from beauty parlors in the 1940s to late night political meetings in the 1960s to demonstrate the powerful influence of social movements on the experience of daily life. With sources ranging from oral histories of Civil Rights and Black Power Movement activists and men and women who stood on the sidelines to black popular magazines and the black movement press, Ain't I a Beauty Queen? will fascinate those interested in beauty culture, gender, class, and the dynamics of race and social movements.
Category: Social Science

Pretty Smart

Author : Penny Pearlman
ISBN : 9781438937618
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 75.26 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 637
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If being smart isn't enough to guarantee success, then what is? Being pretty smart is the key - that is, having passion, commitment, resilience and a firm belief that you can achieve your dreams. So who has been smart and "pretty"? In the pages of Pretty Smart you will find the insights, wisdom and stories from twenty-two former Miss Americas, who are not just pretty but pretty smart, and how they pursued their passions all the way to professional and personal success. With their thoughtful intelligence and insightful eloquence these women shatter the myth that the Pageant is "just a beauty contest." Their stories, woven into a tapestry of inspiration and wisdom, prove that it takes vision, discipline, drive and, yes, brains to win the crown.
Category: Psychology