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Behold The Pierced One

Author : Pope Benedict XVI
ISBN : 9781681490533
Genre : Religion
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In this profound and illuminating work, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger turns the gaze of an accomplished theologian upon the crucified Savior. This synthetic and meditative work is theological without being abstract or dry, and spiritual without being sentimental. The pierced heart of Christ must be the heart of theology and Christian life as well. Proceeding from the prayerful dialogue between the Incarnate Son and his Eternal Father, Joseph Ratzinger shows how one can approach the mystery of the Heart of Christ only through the imitation of this prayer. To know and understand Jesus we must participate in his prayer. The prayer of Christ must be the interior life of all who are joined to him in his Body, the Church. Using the Old and New Testaments and the Church Fathers, Ratzinger shows that the ecclesial community (the Church) was born from the pierced Heart of Christ on the Cross.
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The Benedict Proposal

Author : Joshua Brumfield
ISBN : 9781532673153
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.23 MB
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How ought the church respond to the rise of a post-Christian secular age? Should it retreat? What is the mission of the church in this context? Joseph Ratzinger’s eucharistic ecclesiology provides a model for living the relation between communion and mission, a model that provides a sound image for conceiving of and imagining the church’s engagement with modernity and the embodiment of missionary communion. Ratzinger’s vision, deeply influenced by St. Benedict’s and St. Augustine’s responses to the problems of their day, offers a theologically and liturgically grounded vision of missionary communion that transcends politics. In light of our creation by, from, and for the triune God, authentic responses to the present dis-integration of reason and community require the witness and invitation of the church as a community for the world. Ratzinger argues that right worship can and does habituate Christians and equip churches to respond to the existential questions confronting modern persons, many of whom seem partially paralyzed by the anxieties of life without truth and communion. Might the witness of communion for mission lived by the new ecclesial movements, especially the Focolare, offer an example of how Ratzinger’s creative minorities can successfully evangelize this secular age?
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Joseph Ratzinger And The Healing Of Reformation Era Divisions

Author : Emery de Gaál
ISBN : 9781949013283
Genre : Religion
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Edited by Emery de Gaál and Matthew Levering, Joseph Ratzinger and the Healing of Reformation-Era Divisions examines Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI’s manifold contributions to Catholic-Protestant theological reflection. The collection opens with an introduction comparing Ratzinger’s approach to ecumenism to that of Karl Rahner. Rahner argues that the structural uniting of Protestants and Catholics should take place now without worrying about doctrinal differences. In contrast, Ratzinger argues that unity in Christ requires probing the doctrinal differences and seeking a deeper understanding of the reasoning of each side—on the grounds that the truth of the Gospel that each side desires to preserve will ultimately be the basis for the only kind of Christian ecclesial unity worth having, namely, a unity of the basis of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Detailed essays follow, treating a number of loci including papal primacy, ecumenical principles, liturgy, evangelization, Mariology, Christ’s birth and the celebration of Christmas, public theology, Christocentrism, Martin Luther, charity, conscience, missiology, justification, the reception of Ratzinger/Benedict in Radical Orthodoxy, and Scripture and Tradition. These essays run the full gamut of Ratzinger/Benedict’s major themes and preoccupations. Ten of the essays are by Catholic scholars, and seven by Protestant scholars. Contributors include many of the world’s leading Ratzinger experts, and the volume opens with an essay by Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer, Director of the Pope Benedict XVI Institute in Regensburg, Germany.
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Like The First Morning

Author : Michael J. Ortiz
ISBN : 9781594715921
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.42 MB
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In Like the First Morning, acclaimed author and teacher Michael J. Ortiz presents both a literary and a deeply personal approach to the Morning Offering, a popular form of daily prayer practiced by millions of Catholics worldwide. The book reveals the depth of this simple devotion, showing how a daily offering up of prayers, works, joys, and sufferings renews every aspect of life, and inspires the reader to live each day with greater intentionality and joy. Like the First Morning reflects upon the Morning Offering, a popular and beloved Catholic devotion prayed at the start of each day to consecrate the day to Christ. Michael Ortiz, a religion and English teacher and author of Swan Town, draws from theologians, popes, poets, novelists, philosophers, mystics, and saints to help readers to become more fully aware of the beauty of God’s creation and be more open to his grace. This unique book of Catholic spirituality consists of fourteen short, lyrical chapters, each centered on a key phrase of the prayer. The fresh approach to this ancient practice will appeal to those who seek inspiration to continue this form of daily prayer, as well as those who are unfamiliar with the devotion who want to deepen their prayer life.
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Sacrifice And Community

Author : Matthew Levering
ISBN : 9781405152174
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.7 MB
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This book explores the character of the Eucharist as communion inand through sacrifice. It will stimulate discussion because of itscontroversial critique of the dominant paradigm for Eucharistictheology, its reclamation of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology ofthe Eucharist, and its response to Pope John Paul II’sEcclesia de Eucharistia. Argues that the Eucharist cannot be separated from sacrifice,and rediscovers the biblical connections between sacrifice andcommunion. Timed to coincide with the Year of the Eucharist, proclaimed byPope John Paul II. Reclaims the riches of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology ofthe Eucharist, which had recently been reduced to a metaphysicaldefence of transubstantiation.
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Praying In God S Theater

Author : Joel L. Watts
ISBN : 9781630871598
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.60 MB
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Much like the book of Revelation, Joel L. Watts' Praying in God's Theater aims to pull readers into a deeper spirituality to confront the daily struggles of Christian life. Drawing from the rich well of Christian mystics and theologians from across the ecumenical experience, Watts uses the Apocalypse to build a series of prayers and devotions aimed at increasing what he identifies as the contemplative unity and the certain unity between the individual and Christ. He urges a radical vision of the prayer and the sacrament of the Eucharist. Each chapter of Revelation is considered, explored, and finally used as a basis to draft prayers. Added to this is an application commentary that explores ancient liturgical practices similar to the scenes in Revelation while looking at Revelation in a mystical manner. Watts offers Revelation as an early liturgy, using this proposition as a catalyst for building prayers and a vision of life based on the Eucharist as the emblem of how we are to approach God. What emerges is a profound view on how we envision Scripture, prayer, and the book of Revelation.
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Spirit Life

Author : Scott Hahn
ISBN : 1931018537
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Spirit and Life: Interpreting the Bible in Ordinary Time is the newest book by well-known and respected scholar and author Scott Hahn. Published by Emmaus Road, these nine essays provide fresh insights into important biblical themes. Topics in this volume include: Scripture as God's symphony Pope Benedict's Scripture-based teaching on the person and prayer of Jesus The connection of Scripture, liturgy, and the Church The liturgical sense of God's Word The theme of fulfillment in Matthew's Gospel Church authority within a scriptural context A biblical approach to the Pentecostal phenomena A paradox? Christ as Majestic Judge vs. Christ as the Lamb Hahn shows that Scripture is not a dead letter but rather a great, living gift from God. Indeed, it is spirit and life to those who will unwrap and embrace it. Spirit and Life: Interpreting the Bible in Ordinary Time provides the reader with a greater appreciation of the Living Word.
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Dynamic Contemplation

Author : Paul Hinnebusch
ISBN : 083620378X
Genre : Contemplation
File Size : 24.47 MB
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Behold The Man

Author : Martin Deporres
ISBN : 0964844834
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Inspired writing by a gifted new Author. This story shows us the gifts given to Simon through the carrying of the Cross with Jesus, and the gifts we can expect by carrying our daily crosses. The nail -- Mother Mary's first gift to Simon of Cyrene. had held the weight of her Son on the wooden cross. Simon had come to Jerusalem to visit friends, instead he began a life's journey to know and speak to all whoever had met this man, Jesus. Simon's repugnance for executions became a climb of compassion and deep reverence as he carried the prisoner's cross. He even seemed to be drawn to Jesus so much that heart spoke to heart. Throughout the journal we observe Simon of Cyrene's transformation into the very heart of Jesus. No where is this so evident than when Fabian, the jailer, beholds Simon of Cyrene the martyr, illumined in a pillar of blazing light. Book jacket.
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