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Befriend And Betray

Author : Alex Caine
ISBN : 9781845969073
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Hells Angels. The Bandidos. Asian triads. Russian mobsters and corrupt cops. Even the KKK. Just part of a day's work for Alex Caine, an undercover agent who has seen it all. After a tour in Vietnam and a stretch in prison on marijuana-possession charges, Caine fell into the cloak-and-dagger world of a contracted agent. Thanks to his quick-wittedness and tough but unthreatening demeanour, Caine could fit into whatever unsavoury situation he found himself. Over 25 years, his assignments ran the gamut from mean bikers to triad toughs. When a job was over, he'd slip away to a new part of the continent or world, where he would assume a new identity and then go back to work on another group of bad guys. Befriend and Betray offers an unflinching look at some familiar police operations and blows the lid off others that law enforcement would much prefer to keep hidden. It provides an unvarnished account of the toll such a life takes, one that often left Caine to wonder who he really was behind the myriad identities he had assumed and whether justice was ever truly served.
Category: Social Science

Befriend And Betray 2

Author : Alex Caine
ISBN : 1988002575
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 33.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Once again, Alex Caine risks it all. In his latest book, Alex Caine rubs shoulders with the members of a Hong Kong triad who are deeply involved in the drug trade and a group of Ottawa skinheads that plans to detonate a bomb in the heart of the nation’s capital. Caine is blindsided when he learns that his girlfriend Shannon has been doing the same undercover work as him. When her cover is blown by members of the Russian mafia, Shannon is murdered by the mysterious Henry, who ends up in Caine’s crosshairs. The author also delves into the abuses committed on Canada’s Native communities, as shown by recent police scandals in Saskatoon. With the same intensity, he shines a light on the harassment of female officers in the RCMP. As he writes the closing chapters of his book, Caine gets a call from his former employers, who appoint him to a team of organized crime experts. Just a few days before the murderous attacks at Charlie Hebdo, Alex and his colleagues are called upon to prevent terrorist cells from activating on Canadian soil. The seasoned group of law enforcement veterans is given a list of eighteen suspects who must be neutralized at all costs. Befriend and Betray II gives readers an insider’s view of an elusive figure who knows how to walk the thin line between the good guys and the bad guys—between the missions he must carry out and the characters he must become.
Category: True Crime

Memories A Crime Of The Heart

Author : Michael Wayne
ISBN : 1462819540
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 22.81 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a poetic diary of a man who at a young age experienced several life changing events that altered his future traumatically. These events set the stage for what would be an enduring life for this man, full of sadness with moments of great joy and inner clarity. It is a story revealing his heart and sole with each word written; opening up his life to his children and others so they might better understand him and how he thinks and feels; before, during and after challenging moments in his life odyssey, in hopes that they may learn from his mistakes and make better choices in their lives.
Category: Poetry

The One Percenter Encyclopedia

Author : Bill Hayes
ISBN : 9781610598019
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 80.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ever wonder how the Hells Angels got their name? Ever wonder about that little demonic critter on the Pagan’s patch? Ever wonder about the local one-percenter motorcycle club that hangs out at the corner bar? The One-Percenter Encyclopedia answers these questions and many more. Featuring concise entries that include information on founding chapters, founding dates, number of chapters, number of members, and club biography, this book covers all the major clubs—Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Mongols, Vagos—as well as lesser-known clubs from around the world.
Category: Transportation

The Embrace Of Unreason

Author : Frederick Brown
ISBN : 9780385351638
Genre : History
File Size : 69.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From acclaimed biographer and cultural historian, author of For the Soul of France (“Masterful history” —Henry Kissinger), Zola (“Magnificent” —The New Yorker), and Flaubert (“Impeccable” —James Wood, cover, The New York Times Book Review)—a brilliant reconsideration of the events and the political, social, and religious movements that led to France’s embrace of Fascism and anti-Semitism. Frederick Brown explores the tumultuous forces unleashed in the country by the Dreyfus Affair and its aftermath and examines how the clashing ideologies—the swarm of ’isms—and their blood-soaked political scandals and artistic movements following the horrors of World War I resulted in the country’s era of militant authoritarianism, rioting, violent racism, and nationalistic fervor. We see how these forces overtook the country’s sense of reason, sealing the fate of an entire nation, and led to the fall of France and the rise of the Vichy government. The Embrace of Unreason picks up where Brown’s previous book, For the Soul of France, left off to tell the story of France in the decades leading up to World War II. We see through the lives of three writers (Maurice Barrès, Charles Maurras, and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle) how the French intelligentsia turned away from the humanistic traditions and rationalistic ideals born out of the Enlightenment in favor of submission to authority that stressed patriotism, militarism, and xenophobia; how French extremists, traumatized by the horrors of the battlefront and exalted by the glories of wartime martyrdom, tried to redeem France’s collective identity, as Hitler’s shadow lengthened over Europe. The author writes of the Stavisky Affair, named for the notorious swindler whose grandiose Ponzi scheme tarred numerous political figures and fueled the bloody riots of February 1934, with right-wing paramilitary leagues, already suffering from the worldwide effects of the 1929 stock market crash, decrying Stavisky the Jew as the direct descendant of Alfred Dreyfus and an exemplar of the decaying social order . . . We see the Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture that, in June 1935, assembled Europe’s most illustrious literati under the sponsorship of the Soviet Union, whose internal feuds anticipated those recounted by George Orwell in his Spanish Civil War memoir Homage to Catalonia . . . Here too, pictured as the perfect representation of Europe’s cultural doomsday, is the Paris World’s Fair of 1937, featuring two enormous pavilions, the first built by Nazi Germany, the second by Soviet Russia, each facing the other like duelists on the avenue leading to the Eiffel Tower, symbol of the French Republic. And near them both, a pavilion devoted to “the art of the festival,” in which speakers and displays insisted that Nazi torchlight parades at Nuremberg should serve as a model for France. Written with historical insight and grasp and made immediate through the use of newspaper articles, journals, and literary works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, The Embrace of Unreason brings to life Europe’s darkest modern years.
Category: History

Taiwan S Struggle

Author : Shyu-tu Lee
ISBN : 9781442221437
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28.38 MB
Format : PDF
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This comprehensive book explores contemporary Taiwan from the perspective of the Taiwanese themselves. In a unique set of original essays, leading Taiwanese figures consider the country’s history, politics, society, economy, identity, and future prospects. The volume provides a forum for a diversity of local voices, who are rarely heard in the power struggle between China and the United States over Taiwan’s future. Reflecting the deep ethnic and political differences that are essential to understanding Taiwan today, this work provides a nuanced introduction to its role in international politics.
Category: Political Science

Mirrored Affections

Author : D. L. Valentine
ISBN : 9781512737868
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 73.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mirrored Affections is deeply insightful and thought provoking. Yet the author gives points of humorous twist, on Gods lessons on life. Its as if someone handed you a front row seat to Gods wisdom and knowledge. You will walk away with a new enlightenment to Gods compassion, on helping us to solve our deepest inner emotions.
Category: Poetry

Beyond Oss

Author : Captain James Hudson
ISBN : 141375340X
Genre : History
File Size : 55.2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a true account of an OSS spy, code name BILL, behind the German lines in Albania for most of 1944 during World War II. He lived in the mountains, trusting local peasants to supply most of the food and medicine. Those peasants helped him while knowing that, if caught, they and their families would be tortured and killed. They ran this risk even though turning Bill into the Gestapo would mean a handsome reward. How many would be willing to take that risk for a stranger? Bill was able to complete many missions safely. Finally, the Germans pulled out of Albania, and the Albanian partisans rushed down to take the capital of Tirana. The Communists quickly rounded up all they could find who had helped the Americans and killed them and their families. It was slaughter that took place while the Americans stood by without sending any troops to protect those who had helped them. Oh, there were legal reasons for the reluctance of the Americans to intervene, but when hundreds of lives were at stake, that was not a good enough reason to stand by and watch friends tortured and killed by their own so-called Alliesathe partisans of Enver Hoxha, the pawns of the USSR. What went wrong? Will it happen again? How can we prevent it? How can we restore the honor of America after a war? These answers may have a direct bearing on what is happening in Iraq and the world of terrorism today. Did OSS do a good job during WWII? Have they anything to offer before the veterans and their experience are all dead? Should their spirit be reconstituted as a voluntary force of civilians to bolster our Homeland Defense? In addition, is DEFENSE against terrorism enough? Should we go on the OFFENSIVE at home? How? Thisalarming book offers bold new answers in this war against terrorists at home and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and everywhere that we have troops. Will the American paradigm of pluralism and political correctness prevent us from acknowledging a religious war and prevent us from defending ourselves? Is there an answer that is politically acceptable? This book says BEYOND OSS or BOSS, is the answer.
Category: History