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Before After And Enduring Love

Author : Jai Saemoore
ISBN : 1467876097
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“The act of forgiveness is an illusion brought on by temporary insanity. It never fails, the illusion melts away in the heat of any decent argument.” I looked pass Terrance and saw that we were being watched... Kennedy Elyce Thomas is a fifth grade educator at an inner city school in Atlanta, whose passion for providing life and academic lessons to her students is hitting closer to home this school year. Living her life as an endangered species, one of the world’s few self-proclaimed commitment phobic females, has proven to be a reliable and successful method for avoiding love’s corruption. Nevertheless, her beliefs are tested and her world is shattered after a new teacher, Terrance Amire, is hired for the upcoming school year. Through a school year wrought with relentless ex’s, dramatic yet loving friends, family and all that entails, romance, anger, and love, what will be created? Will the year establish a genuine relationship or merely an attachment that will fizzle out at the first sign of emotional rain? Is Terrance determined enough and is Kennedy strong enough to overcome their largest romantic obstacle: Kennedy herself? Only the pages will tell. In this contemporary, African-American romance, Kennedy learns that enlightenment is not solely for the students in her class, but at times, for the teachers as well. Overall, with the help of her friends, Kennedy soon discovers that while there is life Before and After love, Enduring Love is a completely different adventure.
Category: Fiction

Stolen Love Before After

Author : Loyd Hill
ISBN : 9781503576308
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a fictional story of a young US Navy sailor who is stationed in Hawaii at the submarine base in Pearl Harbor, during the late activities of the Korean War. The main character's name is Alvin Knight, who is only eighteen—tall, good-looking, and has black hair. While on watch duty at the base theater, Alvin meets the beautiful but much older wife of a commander of a destroyer serving off Korea. Her name is Loraine, a beautiful redhead with emerald-green eyes. As Loraine enters the theater with her very young son, she passes very close to Alvin and looks directly into his eyes and smiles a provocative smile that says “I would like to know you better” and enters the theater. Poor Alvin falls immediately in love with this ravishing woman, and within weeks, Loraine lures him into an affair and offers Alvin what he could not refuse—her ravishing body on many occasions. Alvin realizes this affair could send him to Leavenworth, Kansas, prison for enlisted men who defile the wives of officers when and if they are found out and charges are made by the officer. Luckily, Alvin calls the affair off but does not end his sordid ways. This period in his life is the “before” that you see in his life. His life changes to a beautiful love story after he meets Marilyn. Marilyn is a beautiful Marilyn Monroe lookalike who comes into Alvin's life and creates a heaven-on-earth love story that is beautiful to read as you experience the changes that Marilyn's love brings into his life after he completes his service and returns home to begin a business career, which reaches the height of success as he eventually becomes president of a large insurance company and takes it to a multibillion-dollar corporation through his leadership. The story of him, Marilyn, and their family is the “after” in their wonderful life. Alvin is a builder whose tactics in creating value in business relations and morale building in the companies associates and clients and his family are a must-read that will be inspiring to anyone who reads this book. I know that you will not be disappointed. The reader may like to read the author's first romantic and action novel, cowritten with Marvin R. Query, titled “Reap the Wild Seeds.”
Category: Fiction

Before And After Photography

Author : Jordan Bear
ISBN : 9781474253130
Genre : Photography
File Size : 42.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The before-and-after trope in photography has long paired images to represent change: whether affirmatively, as in the results of makeovers, social reforms or medical interventions, or negatively, in the destruction of the environment by the impacts of war or natural disasters. This interdisciplinary, multi-authored volume examines the central but almost unspoken position of before-and-after photography found in a wide range of contexts from the 19th century through to the present. Packed with case studies that explore the conceptual implications of these images, the book's rich language of evidence, documentation and persuasion present both historical material and the work of practicing photographers who have deployed – and challenged – the conventions of the before-and-after pairing. Touching on issues including sexuality, race, environmental change and criminality, Before-and-After Photography examines major topics of current debate in the critique of photography in an accessible way to allow students and scholars to explore the rich conceptual issues around photography's relationship with time and imagination.
Category: Photography

Before After And Somebody In Between

Author : Jeannine Garsee
ISBN : 1599902923
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 61.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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One hour into her first day of tenth grade, Martha Kowalski knows she’s really in trouble. The school bully, Chardonnay, has already threatened her life—and at home, things are even worse. Martha’s mom, fresh out of rehab, is shacking up with a total jerk in a run-down two-family in the ghetto. More than anything she’s ever wanted, Martha wants to play the cello. But even music becomes a danger—because nothing is what it seems in this place. With her mother’s willpower dissolving, Martha watches helplessly as her own dreams slip farther away. But in an exhilarating twist that would stun even Cinderella, everything changes. A wealthy lawyer invites her into his family’s home, and Martha is given a chance to start over. The warm, caring Brinkmans treat Martha like one of the family, and even though it feels so right, she knows they can’t be as perfect as they seem. And she knows this fairy tale can’t last forever . . .
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Research Design In Social Research

Author : David de Vaus
ISBN : 0761953477
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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`With this book David de Vaus has written one of the best general research methods textbooks around. The use of different types of research design as the point of departure is a different and very helpful approach to take, especially since many textbooks confuse issues of method and design. The author outlines with great clarity a wide variety of issues, including testing theories, causation, data analysis, and the main considerations involved in using the different research designs covered. Both students and their instructors will find this an extremely valuable, well-written book' - Alan Bryman, University of Loughborough
Category: Social Science

Web Design Before And After Makeovers

Author : Richard Wagner
ISBN : 0470046988
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Through stunning four-color images that demonstrate how nondescript "before" situations gradually become astonishing "after" results, this book offers readers simple steps to achieve unique outcomes Readers learn how to incorporate the latest Web-building techniques on their sites, redesign a site for optimum usability, limit user bandwidth needs, keep user experience consistent with CSS, and manage content The medley of makeovers includes: full-site makeovers (user speed, color themes, improved accessibility), page makeovers (page sizing, working with tables), text makeovers (font selection, graphic alternatives), image makeovers (incorporating text with images, file sizing), navigation makeovers (improving navigation bars, menu additions), content makeovers (better Web writing, enhancing the home page message), and an extreme makeover (combining several smaller makeovers into a major site overhaul)
Category: Computers

Surviving Katrina Before And After

Author : Dubes 52
ISBN : 9781493101382
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Within myself I empathise with the main character who I share some similarities with, however in other factors we are worlds apart yet still I felt the plight of his anguish. This is a prolific story of an African American boy/man growing up in the Southern States, whom not only overcame a number of adversities in his life but survived to tell his tale. Some of his trials and tribulations were self-inflicted, but a large percentage as you will see was out of his definitive control. Yet throughout all his ordeals in one way or another he fought the fight to persevere, not always in the moral or ethical manner at times more frequently than most succumbing to human weaknesses. Forced into the onslaught of Katrina which he could have so easily avoided if not for sheer stubbiness, and escaping certain situations by a trifling margin of good fortune. Obviously if he could go back and change some of his indiscretions, in a heartbeat he would, but regrettably none of us get a second chance. At the end of it all he can only hope to emerge with a degree of dignity, able to face his accusers head held high without humiliation and indignity.
Category: Fiction

Before And After Hegel

Author : Tom Rockmore
ISBN : 0872206475
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 85.33 MB
Format : PDF
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In this engaging and accessible introduction to Hegel's theory of knowledge, Tom Rockmore brings together the philosopher's life, his thought, and his historical moment--without, however, reducing one to another. Laying out the philosophical tradition of German idealism, Rockmore concisely explicates the theories of Kant, Fichte, and Schelling, essential to an understanding of Hegel's thought. He then explores Hegel's formulation of his own position in relation to this tradition and follows Hegel's ideas through the competing interpretations of his successors. Even today, according to Rockmore, Hegel's system remains an essentially modern conception of knowledge, superior to Kant's critical philosophy and surprisingly relevant to our philosophical situation. Rockmore's remarkably lucid and succinct introduction to Hegel's thought, with its distinctively historical approach, will benefit students of philosophy, intellectual history, politics, culture, and society.
Category: Philosophy

Detecting Ecological Impacts

Author : Russell J. Schmitt
ISBN : 0126272557
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Detecting Ecological Impacts: Concepts and Applications in Coastal Habitats focuses on crucial aspects of detecting local and regional impacts that result from human activities. Detection and characterization of ecological impacts require scientific approaches that can reliably separate the effects of a specific anthropogenic activity from those of other processes. This fundamental goal is both technically and operationally challenging. Detecting Ecological Impacts is devoted to the conceptual and technical underpinnings that allow for reliable estimates of ecological effects caused by human activities. An international team of scientists focuses on the development and application of scientific tools appropriate for estimating the magnitude and spatial extent of ecological impacts. The contributors also evaluate our current ability to forecast impacts. Some of the scientific, legal, and administrative constraints that impede these critical tasks also are highlighted. Coastal marine habitats are emphasized, but the lessons and insights have general application to all ecological systems.
Category: Science

Before And After Avicenna

Author : Avicenna Study Group. Conference
ISBN : 9004129782
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This collection of papers addresses a variety of aspects of the life and thought of the medieval philosopher Avicenna including his reception of Classical philosophy, his views on topics such as metaphysics, psychology and medicine, and the recpeption of his thought by later authors.
Category: Social Science