Basketball Now

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Basketball Now

Author : Adam Segal
ISBN : 0228102022
Genre :
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The greatest players in the NBA... NOW! Like Hockey Now! and Football Now!, Basketball Now! has earned its place as an anticipated release, giving fans the inside stories about their favorite superstars. This third edition is packed with 130 action images and 50 profiles, including a fresh crop of young players whose swagger and skills launched them to league-wide stardom. Bona fide superstars, rim-rocking rookies and future Hall of Famers, plus the all stars of tomorrow, the best international imports and the underrated players that can change a game -- they're all here. Look out for elite names like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and many, many more! Author Adam Elliott Segal gives readers an inside tour of all things NBA, including essays on the Draft, the Dunk Contest and the best clutch and playoff performances in the history of the league, as well as a summary of MVPs (regular season, All-Star Game and Finals) up to the end of the 2018-19 season. Mind-boggling athleticism, career-changing plays and pure magic -- Basketball Now! has it all, straight from the hardwood.

Professional Basketball

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly
ISBN : UIUC:30112104107005
Genre : Basketball
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Basketball In America

Author : Frank Hoffmann
ISBN : 9781135419868
Genre : Social Science
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Examine the social and cultural impact of basketball on America at the amateur and professional levels! Basketball in America: From the Playgrounds to Jordan’s Game and Beyond is a pioneering analysis of the history of basketball and its effect on popular culture from the 1970s to today. The popularity of basketball is undeniable, and the subject allows for such a broad range of interpretations in popular culture. It cuts across economic, racial, and social boundaries, and its major stars cross over into other forms of popular entertainment more than any other professional sport. This book examines the entire scope of modern basketball history, from the playgrounds, where people first learn the fundamentals, to the college and professional levels. Basketball in America is a collection of essays that explores the intersection of basketball and popular culture in America. The contributors are an eclectic mix of writers, scholars, journalists, former players, coaches, and sports enthusiasts who all share an undying love for the game of basketball. The authors analyze the sport from a cross-cultural and historical perspective—digging deep into the profound popular cultural influences of basketball and exploring the scope and depth of its influence. This is the first book that examines the social and cultural impact of basketball on American society to reveal how tightly it is woven into America’s cultural fabric. Also included are photographs and tables to enhance your understanding of the material. Topics covered in Basketball in America include: Elgin Baylor—the first “modern” basketball player Chocolate Thunder and Short Shorts: The NBA in the 1970s Dr. J, Bird, Magic, Jordan, and the Bad Boys: The NBA in the 1980s The Jordan Era: The NBA in the 1990s LeBron James and the future of the NBA the Nike brand and popular culture lessons learned from legendary UNC coach Dean Smith professional women’s basketball and much more! Basketball in America is a comprehensive analysis that will appeal to anyone interested in understanding how the sport has become an integral part of our national culture. It is an insightful read for sports fans as well as for sports historians. In addition, this book can be used as a textbook in sports history or sociology of sports classes. It will entertain and inform those who treasure basketball and the role it plays in the American consciousness. Make it part of your collection today!
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Basketball Smartiepants Hoops For Everyone

Author : Ken Jaskulski
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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BASKETBALL Smartiepants is the most complete book on basketball ever written. Basketball Smartiepants was written for any reader that has any interest in basketball including the serious player, the pickup player, coaches, officials and every level of fan. Topics include NBA history, today's player, fundamentals for improving a player's game, Chemistry, The versatile and efficient player, limiting turnovers, practice and training, footwork, angles and spacing, individual and team offense and defense, passing, rebounding, coaching, Emotional Intelligence, pickup game etiquette, Characteristics of winning teams, common basketball injuries and rehabilitation, the senior player, and inspirational comments. Also covered are coaching "blind spots" and mistakes, why officials sometimes do not make calls, why games are at times inconsistently officiated, how to recognize a good official and how to properly work an official. For the basketball fan topics discussed include attending and watching games, Bacteriology and wagering on games and basketball on social media. Also discussed are personal interaction stories with famous basketball personnel including Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Mark Cuban and others. The single best informational source on basketball ever written. Author is a former coach, former official and has been playing since 1966.
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Author : Cathleen Small
ISBN : 9781538225431
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 35.90 MB
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The top basketball players know that it's more than their physical strength that helps them play a good game. If they aren't focused and aren't using their heads, all the muscle in the world won't help them in the game. This book explores how the mind works together with muscle strength and memory to create basketball players to be reckoned with. Readers are introduced to the basics of the game, learn their favorite players' strategies and tips, and discover the importance of mental toughness. This book is sure to inspire young readers, whether they're currently practicing on the court or not.
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Basketball Jones

Author : Todd Boyd
ISBN : 9780814713167
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51.21 MB
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It began with Magic, Bird, and Dr. J. Then came Michael. The Dream Team. The WNBA. And, most recently, "Spree" Latrell Sprewell—American Dream or American Nightmare?—the embodiment of everything many believe is wrong—and others believe is exciting—about the game. Today, despite the NBA strike, despite home run derbies, despite football's headlock on network television ratings, despite the much-heralded return of baseball, basketball has assumed a role in American culture and consciousness impossible to imagine 20 years ago, when arenas were empty and the NBA finals were broadcast via tape delay in the wee hours. So what happened? How did a "black sport," plagued by drug scandal and decimated by white flight, come to achieve such prominence? What are the subtle and not-so-subtle racial codes that define how the game is played and perceived, and the reception of its high-profile stars? What does the shift in popularity from the predominantly white, working-class ethos of baseball to the black, urban ethos of basketball suggest about contemporary life in America? What linkages exist between basketball and hip-hop culture and how did these develop? How has the arrival of women on the scene changed the equation? Bringing together journalists, cultural critics, and academics, this wide-ranging anthology has something for everyone, from hard-core fan to casual observer. Contributors: Todd Boyd, Kenneth L. Shropshire, Gerald Early, James Peterson, Susan J. Rayl, Davis W. Houck, Mark Conrad, Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Earl Smith, Sohail Daulatzi, Larry Platt, Tina Sloan Green, Alpha Alexander, Tara McPherson, Aaron Baker.
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The Complete Idiot S Guide To Coaching Youth Basketball

Author : Bill Gutman
ISBN : 9781440696084
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 39.94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Here's the guide for current and prospective coaches that covers every aspect of effectively coaching youth basketball: teaching good sportsmanship, running an effective practice, coaching to a player's age and skill level, teaching offensive and defensive skills and drills, rules of the game, executing winning plays and strategies, dealing with parents.
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Chip Hilton Basketball Bundle

Author : Clair Bee
ISBN : 9781433676840
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.66 MB
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Hoop Crazy - A smooth-talking man who claims to have played basketball with Chip's father creates dissension on the Valley Falls high school team and plans to use Big Chip's pottery formula in his latest scam. Backboard Fever - When an injury prevents him from joining the college basketball team, Chip keeps busy serving as an emergency replacement coach for the high school and participating in an important basket shooting tournament. Tournament Crisis - Rivals for a starting assignment on State University's varsity basketball team, Chip Hilton and Jimmy Chung wage a fierce contest for the honor. When Jimmy's father becomes ill, Jimmy must leave State to run the family's restaurant. Chip masterminds a solution that benefits the Chung family, Jimmy, and the State U basketball team.
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Here And Now

Author : J.M. Coetzee
ISBN : 9780571299294
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 74.24 MB
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Paul Auster and J. M. Coetzee are respectively responsible for some of the great contemporary works of fiction: Auster's The New York Trilogy or Coetzee's Disgrace are only two of these authors' legendary works. In Here and Now, these remarkable thinkers are brought together in print for the first time. Although Auster and Coetzee had been reading each other's books for years, the two writers did not meet until February 2008. Not long after, Auster received a letter from Coetzee, suggesting they begin exchanging letters on a regular basis and, 'God willing, strike sparks off each other.' Here and Now is the result of that proposal: an epistolary dialogue between two great writers who became great friends. Over three years their letters touched on nearly every subject, from sports to fatherhood, film festivals to Israel and Palestine, philosophy to politics, from the financial crisis to art, family, marriage, friendship, and love. Their correspondence offers an intimate and often amusing portrait of these two men as they explore the complexities of the here and now, and reflects two sharp intellects whose pleasure in each other's friendship is apparent on every page.
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Social Capital

Author : Kenneth William Koput
ISBN : 9781849806916
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31.97 MB
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This will be a tremendous addition to the social capital literature and especially teaching some of the concepts of social capital at the graduate level. Such a text is badly needed and quite remarkable that no one has published it before. Viva Ona Bartkus, University of Notre Dame, US Social network analysis was, until recently, a relatively unknown branch of sociology and anthropology. The development of menu-driven computer software packages has opened up access for a wide range of audiences, including business and human resource managers. Yet, the tools themselves are of little value without an understanding of the concepts that can relate the computed measures to relevant applications. Social capital provides a framework for relating the abstract world of graph theory, which underlies network analysis, to the concrete world of human behavior. This book teaches how to understand and manage social capital to facilitate individual and organizational learning and goal attainment. Coverage includes both orchestrating relationships of others and navigating one s own social interactions. Written at an introductory level and accessible to those without background in network analysis or graph theory, this text combines both comprehensive analysis and concrete concepts to emphasize how critical a role social capital s applications play on the foundations of business as we know it today. A reference book for practice and academia, this book will appeal to graduate and undergraduate students of business, business executives and all those concerned with cultivating and refining an understanding of social capital.
Category: Social Science

Epidemiology Of Pediatric Sports Injuries

Author : Dennis John Caine
ISBN : 9783805578691
Genre : Medical
File Size : 75.27 MB
Format : PDF
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Focused on team sports like Baseball, Basketball, Gridiron Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer, this publication integratively reviews the existing data on the distribution and determinants of injury in children and youth athletes. Further, the book includes a chapter on the identification of the epidemiological approach and concludes with suggestions of injury prevention measures and guidelines for further research.
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Author : Vanesa Duong
ISBN : 9781105348365
Genre :
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Great You Lost Your Job Now Find Your Life

Author : Lloyd Edward Hopkins II
ISBN : 9781493130092
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 26.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If you are not waking up every day in love with your life, it is time to make a change. If you are not in love with the person you are with, if you are not in love with your job, if you are not in love with the station you inhabit, you must realize that you are staying out of fear. A fear of the unknown. You probably think these things are your safety net, but they are not. They are your leash. The leash that is holding you back from your happiness and truly experiencing life. It would be the words that my younger brother shared with me, “Great! You lost your job, now find your life,” on the day I was terminated from my job that would inspire me to write this book. I wanted to keep a journal of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas every day until I was employed again. One day turned into a week, a week turned into a month, and a month would eventually turn into a year. It would be that year that would change my life forever. I was forced to face the reality of who I had become. I was able to manage to become a somewhat-successful person in life without becoming a complete person. Without truly knowing myself. My hope is that this book lands in your hands when you need it most. I think our priorities are all wrong. We are chasing wealth and material things, thinking those are what will give us a fulfilling existence. We are wrong, and it is time for each of us to find our life. —Lloyd Hopkins
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A Season Inside

Author : John Feinstein
ISBN : 9780307800916
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 35.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Feinstein takes readers inside the locker rooms, the grueling practices, the late-night strategy sessions. They get a close-up look at recruiting, referees, injuries, winning, losing, and the private lives of the game's biggest stars.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Basketball To Success

Author : Cordell Davenport
ISBN : 9781456560386
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 65.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Basketball Student Athlete Having Athletic Ability With Out Focus Is Like Having An Octopus On Roller Skates, Having Lots Of Action But No Direction. Basketball Student Athletes can have a great future in store for them if they make the right decisions with their athletic gifts. Those that “get it,” will recognize and take advantage of the resources they have. Unfortunately, some will squander these assets away and become a victim of themselves. Years later, they will wish they could go back and do things differently… but it will be too late! The author, Cordell Davenport is a former NCAA Basketball Student Athlete. After high school, he encountered some misdirection that caused him to give up on Basketball and its rewards. During that time period in his life, he didn't have a positive vision for himself. He definitely was not going down the correct course to bring success in his life. Fortunately, positive events occurred in which he was able to get a basketball scholarship. Five years after graduating from college, a friend gave him over 40 audio books on self improvement. Not only did he become focused on learning and growing, the results he wanted became achievable. With his new appreciation for Self Improvement, he wanted to share his positive direction with other Basketball Players. To accomplish this, he wrote the book:. Basketball to Success. How to Be the Prepared Student Athlete & Not Foul Out In the Game of Life! This book teaches that success, doesn't come to players, they must go to it. This is done through implementing and maintaining self improvement as a lifestyle. The material in the book is a must have. Like deodorant, it only works if one uses it. If players apply the factors in this book, They will be motivated to develop the correct thoughts, beliefs, habits and goals to prevent them from “fouling out in the game of life!”
Category: Self-Help

Seconds Away Book Two

Author : Harlan Coben
ISBN : 9781101581568
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 38.86 MB
Format : PDF
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This action-packed second book in international bestseller Harlan Coben’s Mickey Bolitar young adult series follows Mickey as he continues to hunt for clues about the Abeona Shelter and the mysterious death of his father—all while trying to navigate the challenges of a new high school. When tragedy strikes close to home, Mickey and his loyal new friends—sharp-witted Ema and the adorkably charming Spoon—find themselves at the center of a terrifying mystery involving the shooting of their classmate Rachel. Now, not only does Mickey need to keep himself and his friends safe from the Butcher of Lodz, but he needs to figure out who shot Rachel—no matter what it takes. Mickey Bolitar is as quick-witted and clever as his uncle Myron, but with danger just seconds away, it is going to take all of his determination and help from his friends to protect the people he loves, even if he does not know who—or what—he is protecting them from. From Kirkus Reviews: “Coben deftly weaves…multiple plot threads into a compelling whole. An involving thriller that moves like lightning.”
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Author : Gary K. Johnson
ISBN : 9781465378576
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a peer of one of your ancestors? Artie doesnt realize that a prayer is being answered when he is mysteriously transported back in time and becomes a college basketball teammate of his great grandfather. A star player in is own time, Artie has to relearn the game and the ways of the world in order to survive in his new surroundings. Along the way he finds love and learns that one person can make a world of difference.
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The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told

Author : Greg Guffey
ISBN : 0253216311
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 34.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Recounts how the basketball team from tiny, rural Milan, Indiana, won the state championship in 1954 on the last shot of the last game, and describes what happened to those involved.
Category: Sports & Recreation

How Now Shall We Live

Author : Charles Colson
ISBN : 1414322429
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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2000 Gold Medallion Award winner! Christianity is more than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is also a worldview that not only answers life's basic questions—Where did we come from, and who are we? What has gone wrong with the world? What can we do to fix it?—but also shows us how we should live as a result of those answers. How Now Shall We Live? gives Christians the understanding, the confidence, and the tools to confront the world's bankrupt worldviews and to restore and redeem every aspect of contemporary culture: family, education, ethics, work, law, politics, science, art, music. This book will change every Christian who reads it. It will change the church in the new millennium.
Category: Religion