Basic Guitar Workout

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10 Minute Guitar Workout

Author : David Mead
ISBN : 1849380775
Genre : Music
File Size : 57.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 287
Read : 326

Presents a guide to the guitar, and provides ten-minute exercises on how to play the instrument, covering such topics as chords and scales, reading music, and effects units.
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Guitar Workout

Author : John Heussenstamm
ISBN : 9781480356221
Genre : Music
File Size : 55.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 468
Read : 412

(Guitar Educational). Guitar Workout is an intensive, comprehensive program that will increase your speed, agility, and creativity. This is the ultimate workout for any guitarist who wants to accelerate and articulate their speed picking! Train like a professional while gaining a greater understanding of the diatonic major scale, scale harmony, and the picking technique needed to play super-fast licks and riffs with melodic intelligence and creativity. Internationally renowned guitarist John Heussenstamm leads you through rigorous single-note warm-up exercises, speed drills, fingering patterns, sweeps, arpeggios, and melody construction.
Category: Music

10 Minute Acoustic Guitar Workout

Author : David Mead
ISBN : 1849380767
Genre : Music
File Size : 44.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 136
Read : 320

This fully comprehensive guide covers basic topics such as string maintenance as well as more advanced areas such as modes, vibrato, and creating one's own songs, and includes a carefully graduated series of exercises designed to hone one's playing to professional standards.
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The Couch Potato Guitar Workout

Author : Greg Horne
ISBN : 9781457436833
Genre : Music
File Size : 71.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 672
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Let's face it---we all practice in front of the TV sometimes, so why not make the best of it? The Couch Potato Guitar Workout is a fun, straightforward, no-frills approach to building guitar technique while watching your favorite TV show or just vegging out on the couch. It's perfect for guitarists of all levels and styles looking to develop speed, strength, and accuracy. Learn the proper posture for sitting on a couch while playing guitar, how to practice without driving your couchmate crazy, basic finger mechanics, and even ways to work your flexors and extensors. With tons of exercises and licks to develop your technique in astonishing ways, The Couch Potato Guitar Workout is your ticket to advancing as a guitarist---all while sitting on your couch!
Category: Music

Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies

Author : Patrick Pfeiffer
ISBN : 0470934190
Genre : Music
File Size : 58.21 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 494
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Learn to play bass guitar quickly and easily with this guide and bonus interactive CD! The bass guitar is utilized in almost every single genre of music-rock, classical, jazz, metal, funk, and country just to name a few. Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies provides bassists an opportunity to dabble with all these styles and more. Regardless of your intended musical style, this hands-on guide provides the tips and drills designed to help perfect your playing ability. Features a wide variety of over 300 exercises and technique-building practice opportunities tailored to bass guitar From classic blues bass rhythms to funk, rock, and reggae bass patterns, players of all styles benefit from the exercises and chords presented Shows you proper hand and body posture and fingering and hand positions Each lesson concludes with a music piece for you to try The audio CD includes practice pieces that accompany the exercises and drills presented in each section Helps you build your strength, endurance, and dexterity when playing bass Whether you're a beginner bass player or you're looking to stretch your playing skills, Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies is the book for you! CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of the e-book file, but are available for download after purchase.
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30 Day Guitar Workout

Author : Jody Fisher
ISBN : 0739036335
Genre : Music
File Size : 84.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 491
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A hit with teachers and students alike, this great collection of exercises and technical studies breaks up the tedium of doing the same old routine every day. Includes daily warm-ups, lessons on right- and left-hand technique, and more.
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Rock Guitar Workout

ISBN : 9781609745387
Genre : Music
File Size : 68.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 982
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Written by technical wizard Stephen Delach, the Rock Guitar Workout is a collection of technique building etudes that will catapult your playing to new heights. All of the techniques used in modern rock guitar are covered starting from the most basic picking exercises to blistering arpeggio studies. When used as a daily practice routine, the Rock Guitar Workout will undoubtedly unleash the technical virtuoso lurking within you. Topics include alternate, legato and hybrid picking, string skipping, two-hand tapping, pentatonic, blues, harmonic and natural minor scales, melodic patterns, arpeggios and much, much more. A word of caution: not for the faint of heart. In standard notation and tablature.
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Jazz Guitar Workshop 12 Key Jazz Guitar Workout Major And Melodic Minor Edition

Author : Robert Green
ISBN : 1937187071
Genre : Music
File Size : 67.50 MB
Format : PDF
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Jazz Guitar Workshop - 12 Key Jazz Guitar Workout Major and Melodic Minor Edition Jazz Guitar wood shedding exercises in 12 keys - The Major scales modes and arpeggios over 2 octaves in 12 keys. Diatonic triads, diatonic 7th chords, broken thirds, sequences, triadic and 7th chord permutations. Melodic Minor scales, modes and arpeggios over 2 octaves in 12 keys. including Lydian Dominant, Augmented ( maj #5 ), Diminished Whole tone (alt Dom ) Locrian #2 (min7b5) Diatonic triads, diatonic 7th chords, broken thirds, sequences, triadic and 7th chords permutations. These technique building exercises can be incorporated into a daily practice routine focusing on instrumental facility and ear training while internalising the harmonic function of the scales, modes and their related arpeggios. One of the most important aspects of learning any instrument is being able to set aside time to practice. As a wise instructor once said, " there's no magic powder ." Great players worked hard to get there, if it is your wish and your intention, you can get there too. For the advanced student, practice the book in 12 keys, for the beginning to intermediate student practice the exercises in one key to gain familiarity with the instrument. When the exercises become comfortable move to another key until all keys are comfortable. Scale studies are designed to help the guitarist to learn the fingerboard while building dexterity, flexibilty, stamina as well as building muscle memory and training the ear.
Category: Music

Modern Guitar Technique And Articulation

Author : George Karagioules
ISBN : 9781483532066
Genre : Music
File Size : 67.7 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 495
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Through a series of exercises of various difficulties, the player develops his technique on the instrument by playing along with a real band rather than just practicing on a metronome. The first chapter of the book contains valuable information and advice which is necessary for the young musician. The rest of the book is covered with tons of exercises written both in standard notation and tablature. Areas Covered: Standard Picking Sweep Picking String Skipping Timing Variations Minor-Major-Melodic-Harmonic-WH/HW Scales Phrasing development .and more The package of the book includes the following: 1)The book 2)The full tracks* 3)The tracks minus the solo guitar so that the student can practice the exercises along* * Permanent downloadable links to the audio files are included in the book.
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Electric Blues Guitar Workout

ISBN : 9781609745561
Genre : Music
File Size : 50.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 413
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Electric Blues Guitar Workout contains comprehensive information and workouts that will benefit beginning to advanced blues players. Students will develop the knowledge and techniques to solo on blues including: string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, double-stops and more. Sequence-pattern workouts not only get the fingers moving but will help in the development of the ear and to infuse solos with new ideas. Comprehensive scale fingerings are provided with exercises for learning to solo using the entire fretboard. In notation and tablature.
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Flatpicking Guitar Workout

ISBN : 9781610651554
Genre : Music
File Size : 32.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 727
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A collection of reels written in the keys of C, Am, G, Em, D, A, E, F and Dm. Each reel is written in a different position. Thus, the guitarist learns to play great sounding flatipicking solos while learning keys and positions. Play along CD allows the guitarist to hear each piece and to play with a rhythm backup.
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Guitar World Presents Steve Vai S Guitar Workout

Author : Steve Vai
ISBN : 9781480359468
Genre : Music
File Size : 43.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 968
Read : 350

(Guitar Educational). Steve Vai reveals his path to virtuoso enlightenment with two challenging guitar workouts, which include scale and chord exercises, ear training, sight-reading, music theory and much more. These comprehensive workouts are reprinted by permission from Guitar World magazine.
Category: Music

Total Guitar Workout

Author : Luke Zecchin
ISBN : 9780995380585
Genre : Music
File Size : 57.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 473
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YOUR STEP-BY-STEP, NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO RESULTS Would you play an entire baseball game just to practice batting? Of course not! Practice is about isolating specific skills that need work. Yet on guitar we get stuck doing the same old stuff, with no real plan, and wonder why we're not improving. The issue isn't finding things to try—there are thousands of exercises out there! The problem is making sense of it all. Where to start? What to focus on? And how to know what works? Total Guitar Workout is the complete, start-to-finish workout system for guitar! This book demystifies the key mechanics in building stamina, coordination, dexterity, and speed. These exercises are bite-sized, easy to understand, and perfect for all skill levels. Beyond building good habits long-term, you'll achieve results in just a few pages. Want an exercise book that works? Discover the skill-builders you'll wish you'd found years ago! ONLINE BONUS: This book is complete with free online bonus material. It comes bundled with a companion website to enhance your learning experience. Extras include audio examples, backing tracks, bonus downloads, and more. Join thousands of students worldwide! Like easy-to-follow lessons, pro playing tips, and jam-packed value? You'll love learning from this international bestselling instructor. SCROLL UP AND BUY NOW TO GET STARTED
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Jazz Guitar Chord Workout

ISBN : 9781609745493
Genre : Music
File Size : 84.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 337
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This book has been designed to give beginning jazz guitar students a jazz chord "workout." Most of the exercises in this book have been developed around chord progressions found in most jazz standards. Some of the exercises will be short and others long, but each exercise should be played fluidly and by doing so, proper technique will be acquired.
Category: Music

Guitar Springboard Harmonic Workout

Author : Michael Morenga
ISBN : 9780857123954
Genre : Music
File Size : 38.7 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 881
Read : 671

Guitar Springboard is an innovative series of tutors, allowing you to boost your playing skills and knowledge by concentrating upon key musical areas. In this edition, discover an entire compendium of melodic ideas through an introductory exploration of harmony. By learning how to assemble and combine chords, you will not only improve you knowledge of the guitar, but also your ability to listen and your level of general musicianship. Topics include: Principles of harmonisation How to harmonise melodies Common progressions and cadences The circle of fifths All of the lessons are supported by musical examples, so you can master a more innovative and exciting use of harmony within a real musical context.
Category: Music

Complete Guitar Workout

Author : Ashley J. Saunders
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 57.76 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 588
Read : 1069

This is the ultimate guide for every Guitarist! Inside you'll discover the 10 eBooks which make up the Basic Guitar Series as well as the 10 eBooks which form the Advanced Guitar Series. Simply put this one manual contains a lifetime of learning. Using this ebook, you will learn: - Over 600 chords - Music theory basics - The CAGED system - Scales - Rhythms in common and odd time signatures - Big band rhythm styles - Latin guitar styles - Finger-style guitar - The blues - Triads - How to advance your own playing - How to get great tone - R ‘n’ B and Soul guitar
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Guitar Practice Made Easy

Author : Robert Joseph Stofle
ISBN : 9781434363121
Genre :
File Size : 66.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 920
Read : 698

Once upon a life is a book of life experiences. The book dates back to early memories of the author's family, and events that happen during different periods of time. Some of these events are brought back to life when the author, Gary Prestipino, travels back in time and experiences them firsthand. In some of these journeys, he actually interacts with his family members; for instance, when he meets his parents and grandparents when they were younger. You will learn a lot about the author's life growing up in Brooklyn, New York and about his family, especially his father and grandfather. The stories are lighthearted and filled with love, joy, and respect. The book was inspired by the death of the author's father, a great man respected and loved among family and friends, and the significant role he played in his life.


Author : Frank (COP) Gambale
ISBN : 0769220339
Genre : Music
File Size : 47.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 161
Read : 664

Keep those chops in shape! This intense routine three times a week will increase guitar fitness, strengthen hands, and increase speed and dexterity while improving music theory and fretboard knowledge. The emphasis is on endurance. A challenging and motivational video. With booklet. (75 min.)
Category: Music

Shredding Guitar Workout

Author : German Schauss
ISBN : 1470615185
Genre : Guitar
File Size : 46.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 553
Read : 759

Technical prowess is at the core of being a true shredder, and this book will help you build and maintain the monster chops you need to shred with the best of them. Develop your speed and fluency with picking, arpeggios, intervals, tapping, sweeping, and a variety of legato techniques. Choose one workout from each section every day, and your technical development will accelerate beyond your wildest dreams. On the video, German "Lightspeeder" Schauss demonstrates each example with accuracy and speed while clearly explaining his approach in a friendly, accessible style. Through the mastery of extreme metal technique, you'll be able to bring the music that's in your head to life on the guitar---without limitation! About the Author Classically influenced shredder German Schauss has taught at Berklee College of Music and LA Music Academy. He endorses Parker Guitars, Bogner Amplification, DiMarzio, DR Handmade Strings, Dunlop, PreSonus, Native Instruments, and Morley. A composer, performer, and educator, Schauss is a five-time recipient of the ASCAPLUS award. The July 2008 issue of Guitar World magazine listed Schauss as one of the fastest guitarists of all time.
Category: Guitar

Killer Technique Classical Guitar

ISBN : 9781619114708
Genre : Music
File Size : 20.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 998
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All the exercises in Killer Technique: Classical Guitar are either based on orinspired by challenging passages and patterns that appear in compositions. Technical elements and passages have been stripped down and transformed into exercises to help the reader concentrate on specific targets through repetition.The exercises cover various techniques, such as finger independence in bothhands, different types of shifts, in-context slurs, in-context arpeggios, scales, tremolo and switches between different technical elements. The exercises are presented in standard notation and tablature. Explanations andinstructions are also provided. By using standard notation, the exercises include detailed information regarding fingerings and strings. Tablature versions of theexercises are also included, however, the rhythm and finger information is written in standard notation. The exercises are divided into two main sections: right-hand and left-hand. Eachsection consists of different categories specific to that hand. The exercises are not written in any particular order within each category - by practicing these exercises, the reader will master difficult technical transitions when they are encountered in compositional contexts
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