Bank Lending

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World Bank Lending For Small Enterprises 1989 1993

Author : Leila Webster
ISBN : 0821335189
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.56 MB
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Addresses the issue of international competitiveness from the perspective of developing countries, which must exploit the opportunities offered by international trade and the extraordinarily rapid technological progress of recent years. The book's central message is that while sound macroeconomic management is crucial for achieving a sustained rise in living standards, it is an economy's ability to generate and manage technological change that ultimately determines its success in the world market and the pace at which it grows.
Category: Business & Economics

World Bank Lending For Lines Of Credit

Author : Laurie Effron
ISBN : 9780821366554
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This review of World Bank support for lines of credit, channeled through local financial institutions in client countries, finds that the Bank's own guidelines have not been followed and outcomes are poor.
Category: Social Science

Monitoring And Commitment In Bank Lending Behavior

Author : Rodolphe Blavy
Genre : Bank loans
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The paper proposes a theoretical argument on the nature of bank lending, based on the idea that, through commitment and monitoring, banks overcome basic informational asymmetries with borrowers. By bringing together loan commitment theories and credit rationing theories, the paper shows that, within a framework of asymmetric information between lenders and borrowers and under costly termination of lending arrangements, commitment may explain the accumulation of nonperforming loans by banks. Two additional results follow: (i) that banks favor borrowers with well-known production functions and long-term credit history; and (ii) that interest rate spreads may be large if significant market imperfections prevail.
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Bank Lending

Author : Nirmala Lee
ISBN : 1912184052
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.82 MB
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This book is for students and professionals working, or intending to work, in a lending-related role.The text provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of bank lending, its principles and practices. Bank lending performs a key role within global and national economies. Individuals and enterprises look primarily to banks and other financial institutions to finance their personal and business requirements. Good lending practice is therefore a core skill required within the financial services industry. This book will give lending staff the detailed knowledge and understanding of the financial and legal aspects of their roles they need to be able to fulfil employer as well as customer expectations.Topics include:lending principlesthe legal and regulatory frameworktypes of borrowerpurposes of financingsecuritythe lending cycleIslamic financeimpact of lending and social responsibilityThe book provides students and practitioners of bank lending with an excellent understanding of lending practices as well as the principles that underpin these practices.
Category: Business & Economics

Drivers Of Bank Lending

Author : Hartmut Brinkmeyer
ISBN : 9783658071752
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71.29 MB
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​After the recent financial crisis has hooked the banking system to its very foundations, Hartmut Brinkmeyer contributes to the question of how bank characteristics influence bank loan supply during crisis periods by developing a well-founded theoretical framework. The econometrical design deploys a number of remarkably innovative ideas such as the implementation of a bank-specific, self-chosen target capital ratio or a very convincing approach to the disentanglement of loan supply and demand. The results of this study deliver a profound insight into the lending behavior of European banks and explicitly urge academic and practical discussion.
Category: Political Science

Bank Lending

Author : Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
ISBN : 9780470827451
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.74 MB
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The HKIB Certification Series offers readers a comprehensive overview of the modern banking industry. Drawing on material from some of Wiley?s top international authors and supplemented with data and cased from local experts, the series offers the Hong Kong banking professional complete coverage of the AHKIB exam. The series also serves as a useful reference for anyone involved in the Hong Kong finance industry.
Category: Business & Economics

Heterogeneous Bank Lending Responses To Monetary Policy

Author : Mr. John C Bluedorn
ISBN : 9781484397152
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.58 MB
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We present new evidence on how heterogeneity in banks interacts with monetary policy changes to impact bank lending. Using an exogenous policy measure identified from narratives on FOMC intentions and real-time economic forecasts, we find much greater heterogeneity in U.S. bank lending responses than that found in previous research based on realized federal funds rate changes. Our findings suggest that studies using realized monetary policy changes confound the monetary policy’s effects with those of changes in expected macrofundamentals. We also extend Romer and Romer (2004)’s identification scheme, and expand the time and balance sheet coverage of the U.S. banking sample.
Category: Business & Economics

Bank Lending In Turkey

Author : Burcu Aydin
ISBN : 9781455209910
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.28 MB
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The period following the 2000-01 crisis was marked by a successful disinflation program sustained through inflation targeting and fiscal discipline in Turkey. This paper studies the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on credit growth during this period. Using quarterly bank-level data covering 2002-08, we find evidence that liquidity-constrained banks have sharper decline in lending during contractionary monetary policies and that crowding-out effect disappears more for banks with a retail-banking focus when fiscal policies are prudent.The results are statistically weak, suggesting that bank lending channel is not strong in Turkey and government finances has limited direct impact on credit.
Category: Business & Economics

Financial Crisis And Bank Lending

Author : Simon H. Kwan
ISBN : 9781437933802
Genre :
File Size : 29.94 MB
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Estimates the amount of tightening in bank commercial and industrial (C&I) loan rates during the financial crisis. After controlling for loan characteristics and bank fixed effects, as of 2010:Q1, the average C&I loan spread was 66 basis points or 23 percent above normal. From about 2005 to 2008, the loan spread averaged 23 basis points below normal. Thus, from the unusually loose lending conditions in 2007 to the much tighter conditions in 2010:Q1, the average loan spread increased by about 1 percentage point. The author finds that large and medium-sized banks tightened their loan rates more than small banks; while small banks tended to tighten less, they always charged more. Charts and tables.

Bank Lending And Interest Rate Changes In A Dynamic Matching Model

Author : Mr. Giovanni Dell'Ariccia
ISBN : 9781451897470
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62.7 MB
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This paper presents theory and evidence on the dynamic relationship between aggregate bank lending and interest rate changes. Theoretically, it proposes and solves a stochastic matching model where credit expansion and contraction are time consuming. It shows that the response of bank lending to changes in money market rates is likely to be asymmetric and depends crucially on two structural parameters: the speed at which new loans become available, and the speed at which banks recall existing loans. Empirically, it provides evidence that bank lending in Mexico and the United States responds asymmetrically to positive and negative shocks in money market rates.
Category: Business & Economics

The Bank Lending Channel Of Monetary Transmission

Author : Petya Koeva Brooks
ISBN : 9781451912883
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.6 MB
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Does the bank lending channel of monetary transmission work in Turkey? Using the May- June 2006 financial turbulence as an exogenous shock that prompted a significant tightening of monetary policy, this paper examines the loan supply response of Turkey''s banks, depending on their balance sheet characteristics. The empirical results indicate that banks can play a role in Turkey''s monetary transmission mechanism. Specifically, bank liquidity is found to have a significant effect on loan supply in Turkey. This suggests that the effect of monetary policy in Turkey can be propagated by the banking sector, depending on its liquidity position.
Category: Business & Economics

Bank Lending To Small Businesses In Latin America

Author :
Genre : Bancos - America Latina
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Do foreign banks lend less to small and medium enterprises than domestic banks in Developing countries? Analysis of data from four countries in Latin America suggests that although small foreign banks lend less than small domestic banks, the difference for large banks is considerably less.
Category: Bancos - America Latina

Balance Sheet Strength And Bank Lending During The Global Financial Crisis

Author : Mr. Tümer Kapan
ISBN : 9781484387658
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86.10 MB
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We examine the role of bank balance sheet strength in the transmission of financial sector shocks to the real economy. Using data from the syndicated loan market, we exploit variation in banks’ reliance on wholesale funding and their structural liquidity positions in 2007Q2 to estimate the impact of exposure to market freezes during 2007–08 on the supply of bank credit. We find that banks with strong balance sheets were better able to maintain lending during the crisis. In particular, banks that were ex-ante more dependent on market funding and had lower structural liquidity reduced the supply of credit more than other banks. However, higher and better-quality capital mitigated this effect. Our results suggest that strong bank balance sheets are key for the recovery of credit following crises, and provide support for regulatory proposals under the Basel III framework.
Category: Business & Economics