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A Collection Of Fine Baking

Author : Young Mo Kim
ISBN : 9780976554301
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 44.37 MB
Format : PDF
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A full-color cookbook containing more than 1,000 photographs and illustrations for a complete, step-by-step demonstration of each recipe. It includes more than 100 recipes - a fusion of the finest European and Asian pastries. This selection of cookies, pastries, breads, and much more is sure to capture the American audience with fresh and never before seen looks and tastes.
Category: Cooking

365 Days Of Paleo Recipes A Complete Collection Of Paleo Diet Recipes

Author : Maria Moore
ISBN : 9781508062974
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 60.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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365 Best Paleo Diet Recipes In One Book! Includes 365 Paleo recipes for each day of the year. It is time to build the perfect Paleo diet plan and start seeing results. Want a healthier diet? Don't want to gorge on junk food and processed sugars? Well, this is the perfect Paleo cookbook for you. Maria Moore has crafted a power-packed solution for all of your Paleo needs and wants. Whether you are on the 30 day Paleo diet or looking for simple Paleo slow cooker recipes, this is the all-in-one solution for your requirements. Diets can be nerve-wracking without a plan, but this read provides everything you need to know before starting. Paleo diet for beginners can be challenging, but it does not have to be. This Paleo cookbook is a one-stop solution to ensure healthy eating is straightforward for you and the family. All of your nutritional needs will be met in this read and you will adore the recipes being created. Stop restricting yourself with the foods being consumed. The Paleo diet is a powerful option that provides quality now and in the future. Getting on that Paleo diet meal plan is not going to be as difficult as one may assume. Go through these recipes and notice how simple it can be. Teaser Of What's Inside: • Lobster Salad • Cauliflower Popcorn • Taco Bites • Turkish Lamb & Eggplant Kebabs • Grilled Pork Lettuce Wraps • Salmon Wasabi Burgers • Bell peppers stuffed with Steak and Pastrami • Pulled Beef Shepherd’s Pie • Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry This an all-encompassing read for those who wish to consider this lifestyle change. Once you understand the Paleo secret, you will never look back. Join Maria Moore on this journey and start eating right! Buy today and enjoy over 365 Paleo recipes!
Category: Cooking

The Complete Home Baking Collection

Author : Alison Holst
ISBN : 0992247195
Genre : Baking
File Size : 76.16 MB
Format : PDF
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"A comprehensive and stunning new cookbook that contains the very best baking recipes from Dame Alison Holst and son Simon. Drawing on an amazing library of baking recipes that span many years, Simon Holst, with inspiration and assistance from Dame Alison, has compiled their all-time favourites. Now you can unleash your inner baker, with over 250 tried and true baking recipes at your fingertips"--Back cover.
Category: Baking

Delicious Christmas Treats A Complete Collection Of Christmas Dessert Recipes

Author : Julia Smith
ISBN : 9781508064848
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 84.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but that does not mean you can survive without quality treats right?! This recipe book with some of the best Christmas treat recipes is going to ensure you spend the winter holidays having a great time. Julia Smith has put together one of the best Chrismas treat cookbooks you are ever going to see.
Category: Cooking

The Empty World Saga Complete Collection

Author : David K. Anderson
ISBN : 9781643550442
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 47.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Plunge into the pond and land in an alien world. When her grandmother dies, 13-year-old Christy inherits an old family secret: the pond behind her house is in fact a portal to another world. What's more, she learns that her grandfather went through the portal when he mysteriously disappeared nine years ago. As Christy undertakes an adventure into a wondrous and dangerous new world full of strange aliens and advanced technology, she’ll need to trust her instincts and rely on the unique abilities of her friends if she wants to lead everyone safely home. Book 1: Portal Through the Pond When Christy first learns of the portal in her backyard pond, she tries to honor her grandmother’s wishes to stay away. But when the local bully pushes her classmate in, she knows only she can rescue him. And maybe she can finally bring her grandfather home, since she’s there anyway… Book 2: Beyond the Portal Despite her parents forbidding Christy from returning to the Empty World, she knows it’s her fault her grandfather got captured by the hostile aliens called Ancients. So when 2 of her friends sneak off to see the world, Christy finds the excuse she needs to go back. Book 3: At the Portal’s End It seems like each time Christy goes to the Empty World, more goes wrong. But she still can’t stay away. This time, with the excuse of finding her dad and the detective, she ventures on a more dangerous journey and learns that there’s something more sinister about the Ancients’ plans for the other Empty World inhabitants than any of them suspected. Book 4: The Lost Portal As both Christy and the grown-ups scramble to help the other inhabitants of the Empty World stay clear of the Ancients’ genocide, they encounter an overgrown pyramid hidden in the jungle. As the last of his race, the pyramid’s guardian enlists their help to protect it. Because if the Ancients gain access to its secrets, no one on the Empty World will be able to hide from them… BONUS SHORT STORY: Christy’s Risky Recipe Back at home, Christy finds a piece of Empty World technology that just might be the key to saving her family’s struggling business—and their Christmas. Book 5: Portals in Peril The pyramid guardian never told Christy and her friends that the Empty World safeguards a piece of critical technology protecting the entire universe. Now they’re racing against a ticking clock of impending catastrophe. But the lead Ancient believes he’s found the key to conquering the Empty World once and for all. Since he won’t listen to reason, their only option is to steal the power source back…before it’s too late for the whole universe. The complete Empty World Saga collection is a science fiction adventure series for kids aged 8-12. If your kids have blown through the Land of Stories, devoured the Keeper of the Lost Cities, or can't wait for the next Wings of Fire, make the complete Empty World Saga their next read. Grab the complete Empty World Saga Collection and help save the Empty World now!
Category: Juvenile Fiction

To All The Boys I Ve Loved Before Complete Collection

Author : Jenny Han
ISBN : 9781407195582
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 50.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. One for every boy she's ever loved. When she writes, she can pour out her heart and soul and say all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only.

Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly Lara Jean's love life goes from imaginary to out of control.


All three books in one box!

Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Reckless Series Complete Collection

Author : Gina Robinson
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.95 MB
Format : PDF
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Great value! Save up to 44% compared to buying each book separately! This series is contemporary romance with mature themes, language, and situations. Readers should be over 17! Reckless Longing Book One A Contemporary New Adult College Romance Ellie and Logan's love story begins one hot August night… Ellie My mom betrayed me in the worst way possible. I can't forgive her, but I can outwit her. I'm going to unravel the family secret she's been keeping from me my whole life. So I'm going to college across the state from her, to the place that has the answers. I hope. But I have to be careful or I'll blow everything. I can't tell anyone what I'm doing. I didn't mean to fall in love. I can't afford to give my heart away or open up to anyone, least of all charming, rich, former bad boy baseball star Logan Walker. But he looked so adorable sitting there nursing a black eye the night I met him at my very first campus event. The way he held my hand made me flush in the suffocating heat of August and feel really beautiful for the first time in so long I can't remember. My scar didn't even hurt. But Logan's moods are mercurial. He's keeping secrets of his own that are too dark to share, even with me. We agree to be just friends. But our hearts and bodies have minds of their own. Before I know it, I'm in too deep with him and the answer to the family secret I came to campus to find may be the thing that tears us apart. Reckless Secrets Book Two A Contemporary New Adult College Romance The engaging continuation of Ellie and Logan's love story that began on a hot August night in Reckless Longing... Ellie My bitch of a mother kept a family secret from me for nineteen years. I outsmarted her and found out what it is. Now I should be deliriously happy. I am happy. Except…I have to keep it from Logan. At the same time, I know I should tell him. If he finds out by accident, he'll hate me and feel betrayed. But it's complicated and I have to wait until things fall into place or it will cause problems for my newly found dad. And Logan is wrestling with his own demons. Because of me. Dex and I just meant to prank our hideous chem prof. We didn't mean to hurt anyone, least of all Logan. If I'd known it would expose his secret, I never would have done it. I love him so much. I can't lose him. I won't. I just hope he can forgive me. Reckless Together Book Three A Contemporary New Adult College Romance The stunning conclusion of Ellie and Logan's love story that began on a hot August night in Reckless Longing and continued through the depths of winter in Reckless Secrets... Ellie My mother is a liar, a seductress, a keeper of family secrets, and a master manipulator. She took Austin from me. Now she claims she wants forgiveness. But she's after Logan. I know she is. He thinks he can protect me from her. I love him for trying, for playing hero, but he doesn't know her like I do. She'll charm him until he lets his guard down and then she'll strike so quickly he'll never see the attack coming. I may already be too late to stop it. Logan's love is essential to me, like sunshine and deep nurturing breaths. He's my all. I can't live without him. But there's so much standing in the way of our happiness. As dangerous as she is, Mom is the least of my worries. I'm fighting the darkness Logan is struggling with, the upcoming trial, his family, and sometimes I even think I'm fighting a phantom of myself. But I won't give up. Ever. Logan I wish I could make El understand how much I love her, but I'm losing control. She makes me lose control. Since the abuse, that scares me shitless and brings back the guilt and the memories I want to erase. Things that have nothing to do with El, and everything because they affect the man I want to be for her.
Category: Fiction