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Back From The Brink

Author : Peter DeShazo
ISBN : 0892065168
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Colombia is important to the United States. It is one of our best friends in Latin America, a longstanding democracy with which we have close economic and strategically important bilateral ties. We are also linked to Colombia through the unfortunate relationship of major consumer to leading supplier of cocaine, but that factor also highlights the importance of cooperation between our countries.It is no secret that Colombia is beset by difficult problems. Illegal armed groups and powerful drug gangs continue to challenge the rule of law in parts of the country. The presence of these violent elements fuels other problems: crime, human rights abuses, poverty, and a weakening of governance. Indeed, during the 1990s, a confluence of highly negative factors threatened to drag the country down. Taken out of context, these challenges might be seen as nearly insurmountable. In fact, however, Colombia's situation in 2007 represents a major improvement over that earlier period.Colombia's emergence from crisis constitutes a success story. It is, however, a story that is not well known, despite the fact that billions of dollars in military and economic assistance from the United States helped bring Colombia “back from the brink.” This report provides a timely and balanced examination of the difficult issues at stake in Colombia and the U.S.-Colombia relationship. It analyzes the factors that took Colombia to the verge of unraveling in the late 1990s and how the country began to make its way back from instability. Then the report evaluates the impressive progress made between 1999 and 2007 across a broad spectrum of difficult issues, as well as the thorny problems that persist.
Category: Political Science

Back From The Brink

Author : Graeme Cowan
ISBN : 9780980339307
Genre : Depressed persons
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This title discusses with well-known and everyday Australians about their personal journey of enduring and overcoming depression. Written in a question and answer format, the book offers a raw and immediate format that strikes straight to the heart. The stories show just how real and prevalent depression is!
Category: Depressed persons

Back From The Brink

Author : Ijaz Nabi
ISBN : 082134949X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25.82 MB
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Although the financial sector was the epicentre of Thailand's economic crisis in 1997, the corporate sector, small-scale manufacturers, wage earners, and other vulnerable groups also felt the effects. There was a widespread loss of confidence that threatened to undo the prosperity of several decades of hard work. This book provides and analysis of the crisis and the struggle to find a solution, examining the key events and the resulting policy measures.
Category: Political Science

Back From The Brink

Author : Kevin Clements
ISBN : 9781877242724
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20.42 MB
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Back from the Brink is a history of New Zealand policy on nuclear power and the growth of the anti-nuclear movement, culminating in the 1984 Labour Government's 'No Nukes' policy. Kevin Clements, a sociology lecturer and peace activist, provides a thorough, meticulously researched examination of the implications of New Zealand's stance. Tracing the history of the country's involvement in the nuclear arms race, he thoughtfully analyses the questions facing New Zealand in an age dominated by nuclear power.
Category: Political Science

Back From The Brink

Author : Paul McGrath
ISBN : 9781446409602
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45.89 MB
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Paul McGrath is Ireland's best loved sportsman and also its least understood. An iconic football presence during a professional career stretching over 14 years, he played for his country in the European Championship finals of 1988 and the World Cup finals of 1990 and 1994. But, behind the implied glamour of life in the employ of great English clubs like Manchester United and Aston Villa, McGrath wrestled with a range of destructive emotions that made his success in the game little short of miraculous. That story has until now never been told. It is a story that runs from a hard, hidden childhood spent in Dublin's orphanages all the way to the pain of two marriage break-ups and the struggle to cope with life after football. Quite apart from his all too public struggle with alcoholism, the story runs through the surreal highs and calamitous lows of a life lived habitually on the edge of chaos. It is not just a football story. It is an extraordinary human story that is certain to surprise with its candour. Here, for the first time, read about the father he never met; the mother whose love never died; the routine loneliness and ritual bullying endured by a black kid growing up behind closed doors in 1960s Dublin; the emotional breakdown suffered on leaving that institution; the recovery that - remarkably - brought him all the way to Old Trafford; the rollercoaster ride that followed. Here, the guilt, fear, self-loathing are all laid bare in a story fired with hope and determination for the future. It may well be the most candid sports book ever written.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Back From The Brink

Author : Marc Coleman
ISBN : 9781409091097
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.79 MB
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We're in the midst of a global economic crisis and a domestic economic disaster. But enough of the hand-wringing. Where did this all come from, where are we now and, most importantly, what's going to happen next? In a compelling and jargon-free argument, economist Marc Coleman makes sense of this mess we're in with clear, accessible analysis of Ireland's economic situation and where it might be heading. Addressing first the global dimension - how early warnings were ignored, why American monetary policy failed the world and why an unfinished revolution in globalisation left us defenceless - Coleman makes a case for a new kind of capitalism. The unravelling threads that created the Irish financial crisis are also untangled. The death of competitiveness, the mismanagement of tax revenues, issues of demographics, bad urban planning, stupid banks and an unsuccessful regulator are all examined and, combined with dysfunctional politics, are shown to be the root causes of the predicament we now find ourselves in. But all is not lost. With a positive, can-do approach to the economic crisis, Coleman creates a fix-it manual for the future, explaining how Ireland can prosper again by adopting a smart economy, reforming social partnership and curing a warped fiscal cycle with budgetary and electoral reform. Ireland's economic nightmare will end. It is a dream not destroyed, merely delayed.
Category: Business & Economics

Back From The Brink

Author : Alistair Darling
ISBN : 9780857892829
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30.28 MB
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In the late summer of 2007, shares of Northern Rock went into free-fall, causing a run on the bank - the first in over 150 years. Northern Rock proved to be only the first. Twelve months later, as the world was engulfed in the worst banking crisis for more than a century, one of its largest banks, RBS, came within hours of collapse. Back from the Brink tells the gripping story of Alistair Darling's one thousand days in Number 11 Downing Street. As Chancellor, he had to avert the collapse of RBS hours before the cash machines would have ceased to function; at the eleventh hour, he stopped Barclays from acquiring Lehman Brothers in order to protect UK taxpayers; he used anti-terror legislation to stop Icelandic banks from withdrawing funds from Britain. From crisis talks in Washington, to dramatic meetings with the titans of international banking, to dealing with the massive political and economic fallout in the UK, Darling places the reader in the rooms where the destinies of millions weighed heavily on the shoulders of a few. His book is also a candid account of life in the Downing Street pressure cooker and his relationship with Gordon Brown during the last years of New Labour. Back from the Brink is a vivid and immediate depiction of the British government's handling of an unprecedented global financial catastrophe. Alistair Darling's knowledge and understanding provide a unique perspective on the events that rocked international capitalism. It is also a vital historical document.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Alcohol Awareness Back From The Brink

Author :
ISBN : 9781301773510
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 59.87 MB
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This book offers advice and guidance on reducing or giving up your (alcohol) drinking habit. It has information on how you can seek professional guidance or self help yourself to limit your intake. Give yourself a break and inform yourself about other routes that are available to you other than drinking. Discover how you can feel better about yourself and take control of your life again.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

On The Edge Stepping Back From The Brink Of Suicide

Author : James Gardner
ISBN : 145205102X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24.51 MB
Format : PDF
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James was only five years old and travelling home to Devon after holiday with his family in Scotland in 1986, when tragedy struck. The car was involved in a serious accident just outside Bristol, leaving him fighting for survival on life support. When he emerged from his coma, doctors discovered that he was seriously brain damaged, leaving the left side paralysed. Within the blink of an eye James had been transformed from a gregarious, fun-loving little boy into a rag doll. But with a lot of loving support, he began the long and difficult road to recovery. His attitude was inspirational, and for years he threw himself into rehabilitation. As James grew up he began to feel misunderstood and not able to reach the level of normality he so yearned for. He felt that there was no longer any point to his life. When James asked his doctor for help, the reality of his situation suddenly struck. Suicide would be the ultimate failure. This is the story of James' life and how he fought tooth and nail to stay alive. It is both his autobiography and a guide to personal development. Since making the conscious decision not to give up hope, James has gone on to travel the world and teach English abroad. James is open and honest about the things in which he has found great solace during his darkest hours, and he credits the teachings of Kabbalah, an increasingly popular form of Jewish mysticism, for helping him refocus his life. The singer Madonna, a long term exponent of the spiritual teaching, has been an inspirational figure for James. James is now a picture of good health; despite continued weakness in his left side and a limp, he walks confidently and with a purpose.
Category: Religion


Author :
Genre : Atrocities
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The Liberian government -- The LURD forces -- Prospects for sustainable peace in the Mano River Union -- The role of the international community -- Recommendations.
Category: Atrocities