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Avid Reader

Author : Robert Gottlieb
ISBN : 9780374713904
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A spirited and revealing memoir by the most celebrated editor of his time After editing The Columbia Review, staging plays at Cambridge, and a stint in the greeting-card department of Macy's, Robert Gottlieb stumbled into a job at Simon and Schuster. By the time he left to run Alfred A. Knopf a dozen years later, he was the editor in chief, having discovered and edited Catch-22 and The American Way of Death, among other bestsellers. At Knopf, Gottlieb edited an astonishing list of authors, including Toni Morrison, John Cheever, Doris Lessing, John le Carré, Michael Crichton, Lauren Bacall, Katharine Graham, Robert Caro, Nora Ephron, and Bill Clinton--not to mention Bruno Bettelheim and Miss Piggy. In Avid Reader, Gottlieb writes with wit and candor about succeeding William Shawn as the editor of The New Yorker, and the challenges and satisfactions of running America's preeminent magazine. Sixty years after joining Simon and Schuster, Gottlieb is still at it--editing, anthologizing, and, to his surprise, writing. But this account of a life founded upon reading is about more than the arc of a singular career--one that also includes a lifelong involvement with the world of dance. It's about transcendent friendships and collaborations, "elective affinities" and family, psychoanalysis and Bakelite purses, the alchemical relationship between writer and editor, the glory days of publishing, and--always--the sheer exhilaration of work. Photograph of Bob Gottlieb © by Jill Krementz
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Near Death Experiences And Others

Author : Robert Gottlieb
ISBN : 9780374717919
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 65.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A new collection of immersive essays from the most acclaimed editor of the second half of the twentieth century This new collection from the legendary editor Robert Gottlieb features twenty or so pieces he’s written mostly for The New York Review of Books, ranging from reconsiderations of American writers such as Dorothy Parker, Thornton Wilder, Thomas Wolfe (“genius”), and James Jones, to Leonard Bernstein, Lorenz Hart, Lady Diana Cooper (“the most beautiful girl in the world”), the actor-assassin John Wilkes Booth, the scandalous movie star Mary Astor, and not-yet president Donald Trump. The writings compiled here are as various as they are provocative: an extended probe into the world of post-death experiences; a sharp look at the biopics of transcendent figures such as Shakespeare, Molière, and Austen; a soap opera-ish movie account of an alleged affair between Chanel and Stravinsky; and a copious sampling of the dance reviews he’s been writing for The New York Observer for close to twenty years. A worthy successor to his expansive 2011 collection, Lives and Letters, and his admired 2016 memoir, Avid Reader, Near-Death Experiences displays the same insight and intellectual curiosity that have made Gottlieb, in the words of The New York Times’s Dwight Garner, “the most acclaimed editor of the second half of the twentieth century.”
Category: Literary Collections

The Book About Life

Author : Kayla Fokuo
ISBN : 9781524599799
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 38.76 MB
Format : PDF
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This book explores life as seen through the eyes of a precocious seven-year-old. It provides insight into the age-old question of life that philosophers have attempted to answer through the ages.
Category: Self-Help

The Life And Afterlife Of Harry Houdini

Author : Joe Posnanski
ISBN : 9781501137259
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Joe Posnanski enters the world of Harry Houdini and his legions of devoted fans in an immersive, entertaining, and magical work on the illusionist’s impact on American culture—and why his legacy endures to this day. Harry Houdini. Say his name and a number of things come to mind. Escapes. Illusions. Magic. Chains. Safes. Live burials. Close to a century after his death, nearly every person in America knows his name from a young age, capturing their imaginations with his death-defying stunts and daring acts. He inspired countless people, from all walks of life, to find something magical within themselves. This is a book about a man and his extraordinary life, but it is also about the people who he has inspired in death. As Joe Posnanski delves into the deepest corners of Houdini-land, visiting museums (one owned by David Copperfield), attractions, and private archives, he encounters a cast of unforgettable and fascinating characters: a woman who runs away from home to chase her dream of becoming a magician; an Italian who revives Houdini’s most famous illusion every night; a performer at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles who calls himself Houdini’s Ghost; a young boy in Australia who, one day, sees an old poster and feels his life change; and a man in Los Angeles whose sole mission is life has been to keep the legend’s name alive. Both a personal obsession and an odyssey of discovery, Posnanski draws inspiration from his lifelong passion for and obsession with magic, blending biography, memoir, and first-person reporting to examine Harry Houdini’s life and legacy. This is the ultimate journey to uncover why this magic man endures, and what he still has to teach the world about wonder.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Death Of An Avid Reader

Author : Frances Brody
ISBN : 9781405526746
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A lady with a secret Kate Shackleton's sterling reputation for courageous sleuthing attracts the attention of the venerable Lady Coulton. Hidden in her past is a daughter, born out of wedlock and given up to a different family. Now, Lady Coulton is determined to find her and puts Kate on the case. A mysterious killing in the library's basement But as Kate delves deeper into Lady Coulton's past, she soon finds herself thrust into a scandal much closer to home. When the body of the respected Horatio Potter is found in the Leeds Library basement, the quiet literary community is suddenly turned upside down with suspicions, accusations and - much to Kate's surprise - the appearance of a particularly intelligent Capuchin monkey! The most puzzling case in Kate's sleuthing history yet Convinced an innocent man has been blamed, Kate sets out to discover the truth. Who would want Dr Potter dead? Does Lady Coulton's missing daughter hold a vital clue? As the stories start to emerge in the seemingly quiet Leeds Library, Kate is learning fast that in this case, she can't judge a book by its cover . . .
Category: Fiction

The American Cockerell

Author : Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell
ISBN : UOM:39015048562287
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In The American Cockerell: A Naturalist's Life, 1866-1948, botanist William A. Weber pulls together pieces of the life of T.D.A. "Theo" Cockerell, a man who was an internationally known scientist, a prolific writer, and a highly regarded teacher at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The elder brother of the noted scholar Sir Sydney Cockerell, Theo labored in relative obscurity in America while his brothers and their families were basking in the limelight of smart British society. Despite his alienation from his elite background, he nevertheless became a great teacher, a mentor, a kindly artist and writer of rhymes for children, and the greatest specialist on bees in the world. His contribution to the understanding of wild bees is monumental-he catalogued over 900 species in Colorado alone, and he assiduously collected them wherever he traveled. By 1938 he had published the names and descriptions of 5,480 new species and subspecies. Despite his accomplishments in entomology, however, T.D.A. Cockerell resisted specialization. He was also an early supporter of women's rights, a Morrisian socialist, an avid reader, and author of almost 4,000 published scientific papers, book reviews, and discussions of social issues. Pieced together from T.D.A.'s little-known autobiographical writings, The American Cockerell demonstrates this extraordinary individual's tremendous breadth of interest, competence, and talent. It will be of interest to scientists and lay readers alike.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Story Of Your Life

Author : James Lambie
ISBN : 9781848762916
Genre : Sporting life (London, England)
File Size : 85.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The intriguing story and turbulent history of a paper Charles Dickens praised for its ‘range of information and profundity of knowledge’, and which Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, simply endorsed with the remark: ‘Of course I read The Sporting Life’. It was the Queen Mother’s love of horseracing that made her such an avid reader of the Life and coverage of that sport forms the core of this book, but there is so much more to fascinate the reader including eyewitness accounts of the first fight for the heavyweight championship of the world and Captain Webb’s heroic Channel swim of 1875. Highlights in the history of cricket, football and rugby are also featured, while chapters on coursing and greyhound racing rank alongside surreal reports on ratting contests and songbird singing competitions. And for 30 years Tommy Wisdom made his motoring reports unique by competing against the best at Brooklands, Le Mans and in many Monte Carlo rallies, while Henry Longhurst’s golfing column was simply the best. The paper’s strident campaigns for racing reforms are also chronicled along with its coverage of major news stories, from Fred Archer’s shocking suicide to its own untimely demise. Its travails in the law courts are documented from its first year, when it was forced to change its title, to its last, when it had to pay libel damages to the training team of Lynda and Jack Ramsden and their jockey, Kieren Fallon. A higher price was paid by its French correspondent who was killed in a duel over an article he had written, while the terrible toll the First World War took on the nation’s sporting heroes is catalogued by the Life’s embedded army correspondent, against a background of political bungling that is being repeated today.
Category: Sporting life (London, England)

The Corridor Of Life

Author : Pius Yao Ashiara
ISBN : 9781480807013
Genre :
File Size : 63.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Comparing life to a highway journey--including divided lanes with entrances and exits culminating at man, woman, marriage, father, mother, children, mind, reverence for the dollar, and putting life and America in perspective--The Corridor of Life offers a roadmap to plan your life from birth to death. In this guide, author Pius Yao Ashiara presents a series of reflections and lessons to help you make the best decisions for where you want your life to lead and make your existence more meaningful. He shows that you must be open to changing your mind and your heart if you expect to make improvements in your life. He also considers the differences between men and women, the beginning of mankind, and what will be inside today's Garden of Eden. The Corridor of Life explores the different stages of life from several and varied perspectives to ensure you make the best of what's offered in this world--a mission far beyond waking and sleeping.

Life Love And Unity

Author : Deanna James
ISBN : 9781458213778
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ann and Michael have both been married before. Their past relationships ended in nothing but heartbreak, and they both carry the battle scars to prove it. Love is frankly the last thing on Ann’s mind. She has a severely ill daughter to care for; plus, she worries that her ex might show up and tear her life apart—again. Michael lives far, far away from his children, and emotionally, he’s far away from everyone. He thinks he’s too battered and bruised to be in a relationship. He feels he doesn’t deserve love, and he barely remembers how to give it. Then, a chance meeting brings Ann and Michael together, and new feelings threaten their equilibrium. Ann has trust issues. She refuses to trust another man with her heart, but she also has trouble trusting men with her children. Michael is afraid of ruining Ann’s life as he has ruined his own. Yet, their connection is undeniable, and it will take a leap of faith from both of them to make this unexpected love last.
Category: Fiction

Book Smart

Author : Anne E. Cunningham, PhD
ISBN : 9780199843930
Genre : Education
File Size : 65.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Book Smart: How to Support Successful, Motivated Readers, the experience of reading together is used as a vehicle for discussing the varied yet interconnected language and literacy skills that jumpstart the career of a successful reader.
Category: Education