Autism Reading Comprehension

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Autism Reading Comprehension

Author : Joseph Porter
ISBN : 9781935274155
Genre : Education
File Size : 78.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Provides ready-to-reproduce pages of lessons, worksheets, and exercises that help teach reading comprehension skills to children with autism spectrum disorders.
Category: Education

Drawing A Blank

Author : Emily Doyle Iland
ISBN : 1934575771
Genre : Education
File Size : 28.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Although they may be fluent readers - indeed, many have very precocious reading skills - individuals with autism spectrum disorders often need support for comprehension. Comprehension difficulties in readers with ASD can be subtle, qualitative, and difficult to tease out. As a result, their substantial level of risk for reading comprehension problems is often overlooked or unaddressed, and many students struggle in silence. Further aggravating the situation is the fact that otherwise competent educational professionals is both general education and special education settings have limited training and experience helping readers with ASD. This is where Drawing a Blank comes in. Using a clearly stated and well-organized approach, this practical resource provides educational professionals and parents with the tools to improve comprehension for good decoders who have reading comprehension difficulties, as well as readers who struggle with both decoding and comprehension. In keeping with current standards, the book emphasizes the importance of using evidence-based and promising practices based on thorough assessment of student's needs.
Category: Education

Basic Reading Comprehension Kit For Hyperlexia And Autism Story Book

Author : Pam Britton Reese
ISBN : 0760606102
Genre : Autistic children
File Size : 59.43 MB
Format : PDF
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For children with autism, the most important comprehension skill to develop is creating visual images. This kit not only aids them in creating visual images but also provides strategies for teaching more difficult comprehension skills. This kit consists of a storybook with CD-ROM (containing reproducible pages from the book in PDF format) for teaching reading skills and a special dictionary accompanied by a set of 578 sight word comprehension cards issued in a blue plastic container.
Category: Autistic children

Understanding Autism

Author : Susan Dodd
ISBN : 1875897801
Genre : Medical
File Size : 22.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gives parents and carers detailed up-to-date information about autistic disorders by providing practical suggestions and strategies, incorporating the latest teaching methods, to assist in the understanding and management of people with autism at home, in educational programs and in the community. It discusses the unique learning styles, sensory sensitivities, different motivations and relative strengths in visual processing and rote memory skills of children and adults with autism.
Category: Medical

Handbook Of Autism And Pervasive Developmental Disorders Diagnosis Development Neurobiology And Behavior

Author : Fred R. Volkmar
ISBN : 9780471721109
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 50.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 633
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Now expanded to two volumes, this invaluable reference work provides a comprehensive review of all information presently available about these disorders, drawing on findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, neurobiology, pediatrics, etc. The Handbook covers descriptive and diagnostic characteristics, biological contributions, intervention techniques, legal and social issues. The Third Edition is updated to include the newest work in animal models, genetics, neuropsychological processes, screening and assessment methods.
Category: Psychology

Communication In Autism

Author : Joanne Arciuli
ISBN : 9789027270320
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 66.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Communication in Autism adopts a multidisciplinary approach to explore one of the most common developmental disorders associated with communication impairment. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about communication in autism is that variation is as extreme as it could possibly be. While some individuals with autism have age-appropriate language, a number have exceptional language skills; others have little or no spoken language. In between these extremes are individuals who experience significant linguistic impairments. These impairments can affect peer relations and literacy skills. The chapters in this volume provide comprehensive coverage of both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical aspects of autistic communication. The result is a volume that showcases the wide range of methodologies being used in this field of research. It is invaluable for scientists, service providers, parents, individuals with autism, and students learning about communication and autism (e.g., in psychology, speech pathology, and education).
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Comprehensive Book On Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Mohammad-Reza Mohammadi
ISBN : 9789533074948
Genre : Medical
File Size : 45.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The aim of the book is to serve for clinical, practical, basic and scholarly practices. In twentyfive chapters it covers the most important topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders in the efficient way and aims to be useful for health professionals in training or clinicians seeking an update. Different people with autism can have very different symptoms. Autism is considered to be a "spectrum" disorder, a group of disorders with similar features. Some people may experience merely mild disturbances, while the others have very serious symptoms. This book is aimed to be used as a textbook for child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training and will serve as a reference for practicing psychologists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, general psychiatrists, pediatricians, child neurologists, nurses, social workers and family physicians. A free access to the full-text electronic version of the book via Intech reading platform at is a great bonus.
Category: Medical

Reading Comprehension

Author : Gary Woolley
ISBN : 9400711743
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reading Comprehension: Assisting Children with Learning Difficulties examines the complex nature of reading comprehension. It introduces a model for classifying reading comprehension based on an expanded Simple View of Reading. Issues related to assessment, diagnosis, and remediation of reading comprehension difficulties are discussed and translated into clear recommendations to inform reading intervention design and practice. It gives an informed understanding as to why reading comprehension is difficult for some children with learning disabilities such as ADHD, autism, language difficulties and dyslexia. From leading literacy research, the book develops a deeper understanding of thinking processes that facilitate comprehension at the word, discourse, and metacognitive levels. Children will benefit from the introduction of evidence-based methods for teaching reading comprehension using structured multiple-strategy frameworks.
Category: Education

Creating An Educational Board Game For Students With Autism Using Reading Comprehension Strategies

Author : Rosemary L. Dubay
ISBN : OCLC:840823720
Genre :
File Size : 46.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"The research question addressed in this project was, when making a board game for students with autism, what reading comprehension strategies and autism need areas should be integrated in the creation and development of a game? The project documents the creation of an autism board game. The research reviews autism, reading skills, reading comprehension strategies, and educational board games. Key autism researcher Tony Atwood influenced the research in the explanation of how theory of mind, weak central coherences, and executive function theories affect individuals with autism and how they process information. Autism researchers Paula Kluth and Kelly Chandler-Olcott reveal reading comprehension strategies that benefit individuals with autism in the learning of reading skills. The author develops a game that combines autism need areas, reading comprehension strategies, and educational board game components. The board game includes real-life scenarios that are challenging for individuals with autism."--

Developmental Disorders Of Language Learning And Cognition

Author : Charles Hulme
ISBN : 9781118697306
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 48.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 485
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This important new text is a comprehensive survey of currentthinking and research on a wide range of developmental disorders. Highlights key research on normal and typical development Includes clinical case studies and diagrams to illustrate keyconcepts A reader-friendly writing style
Category: Psychology

Autism And Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Author : Fred R. Volkmar
ISBN : 0521553865
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume reflects recent progress in the understanding of autism and related conditions, with contributions from leading authorities in the clinical and social sciences, and offers an international perspective on current thinking. Chapters cover current approaches to definition and diagnosis, prevalence and planning for service delivery, cognitive, genetic and neurobiological features, and pathophysiological mechanisms. Interventions reviewed include the pharmacological, behavioral and educational, and a thoughtful final chapter addresses the nature of the fundamental social disturbance that characterizes autism. As a summary of what is now known about autism and related disorders, and an indicator of what is still poorly understood, this book will be an essential resource for clinicians, researchers, and carers.
Category: Medical

The Teacch Approach To Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Gary B. Mesibov
ISBN : 9780306486470
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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- Professionals can be trained in the program and its methods - Translates scientific knowledge so that practitioners and parents can easily understand the current state of knowledge - Offers strategies that can be tailored to an individual's unique developmental and functional level - Advises parents on how to become involved in all phases of intervention as collaborators, co-therapists, and advocates. - Details how the program can be introduced and adapted for individuals of all ages, from preschooler to adult
Category: Medical

Visual Support For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Vera Bernard-Opitz
ISBN : 1934575828
Genre : Education
File Size : 27.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 743
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Combining their years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum, both here and around the world, authors Vera Bernard-Opitz and Anne Häußler bring teachers and other professionals practical ideas and teaching methods for offering visual supports to students with autism spectrum disorders and other visual learners. With hundreds of colorful illustrations and step-by-step directions, this book lays the foundation for how to structure teaching environments, as well as offers countless examples of activities for students, ranging from basic skills, to reading and math, to social behavior.
Category: Education

Asperger Syndrome Or High Functioning Autism

Author : Eric Schopler
ISBN : 0306457466
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 562
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The precise relationship between high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome is still a subject of debate. This volume provides a general overview of the disorder and present diverse opinions on diagnosis and assessment, neuropsychological issues, treatment, and related conditions. A special section features personal essays by individuals diagnosed with autism or Asperger Syndrome. The result is a comprehensive and useful survey of the current state of the field that will be of great interest to clinicians, teachers, researchers, and parents.
Category: Psychology

Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Roger Pierangelo
ISBN : 9781452296753
Genre : Education
File Size : 73.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 379
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Create an appropriate learning environment to help children with ASD develop lifelong independence! This user-friendly resource summarizes current research and presents a comprehensive overview of how to teach students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In a step-by-step format, the book covers intervention strategies for implementing effective programs that give youngsters with ASD the opportunity to learn and interact with their peers. The authors cover specific disorders and discuss: Specific instructional approaches Behavioral, skill-based, and physiologically-based intervention models A comprehensive team approach that includes parents Assistive technology options Support services for transition to adult life
Category: Education

Autism And Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Author : Robin L. Hansen
ISBN : 9781585624256
Genre : Medical
File Size : 47.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 833
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Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders gathers and organizes the most recent information in this important and rapidly expanding field into a clinically useful volume that will enable clinicians, patients, and families to understand these disorders and make sound treatment decisions in light of recent research. The editors, as well as most of the chapter authors, are faculty or former trainees at the prestigious Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (MIND) Institute at UC-Davis, a collaborative international research center committed to the awareness, understanding, prevention, care, and cure of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disorders, and more. Each chapter presents signs and symptoms; epidemiology and etiology; diagnostic approaches; evidence based interventions; and reviews of promising research. By focusing on the range of neurodevelopmental disorders commonly seen and managed by both primary and subspecialist health care professionals. Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders explains cutting-edge research and advances in clinical care, and assembles them into a single, indispensable volume.
Category: Medical