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Australia S First Spies

Author : John Fahey
ISBN : 9781760636593
Genre : Political Science
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Australia was born with its eyes wide open. Although politicians spoke publicly of loyalty to Britain and the empire, in secret they immediately set about protecting Australia's interests from the Germans, the Japanese - and from Britain itself. As an experienced intelligence officer, John Fahey knows how the security services disguise their activities within government files. He has combed the archives to compile the first account of Australia's intelligence operations in the years from Federation to the end of World War II. He tells the stories of dedicated patriots who undertook dangerous operations to protect their new nation, despite a lack of training and support. He shows how the early adoption of advanced radio technology by Australia contributed to the war effort in Europe. He also exposes the bureaucratic mismanagement in World War II that cost many lives, and the leaks that compromised Australia's standing with its wartime allies so badly that Australia was nearly expelled from the Anglo-Saxon intelligence network. Australia's First Spies shows Australia always has been a far savvier operator in international affairs than much of the historical record suggests, and it offers a glimpse into the secret history of the nation. 'Fills a major gap in the history of Australian intelligence organisations.' - Professor David Horner, author of The Spy Catchers: The Official History of ASIO 1949-1963 'Great intelligence is often shared by great story telling, and John Fahey shares a great story in Australia's First Spies.' - Rear Admiral Paul Becker, USN (Retired), Former Director for Intelligence of the U.S. Pacific Command and Joint Chiefs of Staff
Category: Political Science

Immigrants And Spies

Author : Barbara Mackay-Cruise
ISBN : 9781925589207
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Australia First Movement

Author : Barbara Winter
ISBN : 9781876819910
Genre : History
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'Australia First' is a good slogan that has been adopted by several quite different political ideologies. This book deals with the movement that developed slowly from about 1936 and came to an inglorious end in 1942. It grew out of the Victorian Socialist Party and the Rationalist Association. At first it attracted literary figures such as Xavier Herbert, Eleanor Dark, Miles Franklin. When it became heavily political, among its members were former communists and a Nazi Party member; some worked for the Labor Party, some for the United Australia Party (later the Liberal Party). One was a paid agent of the Japanese. Some were connected with Theosophy, some with Odinism, and in Victoria most were Irish Catholics with links to Archbishop Mannix and Sein Fein. Among their close friends were John Curtin, Dr Evatt, Arthur Calwell, Jack Beasley, Robert Menzies, Percy Spender, Archie Cameron. Several had contacts with Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists, and with the Imperial League of Fascists and National Socialists. One had met Hitler and corresponded with General Ludendorff. Two composed and circulated anonymous subversive pamphlets. Others imported Nazi propaganda, one even during the war through the German Consulate-General in New York. At its core was a coterie of elderly men with too much time, too much money, and little common sense. 'Inky' Stephensen was the public face of the AFM and was responsible for the crude and vulgar style of its monthly magazine, the Publicist. But behind it all was Billy Miles, a cynical, arrogant manipulator, who turned it into a vehicle for anti-Semitic propaganda. He who wrote: "What is the solution to the Jewish question? There can be none while a Jew lives." Its downfall was precipitated less by its fascist and Nazi tendencies than by its close association with the Japanese. In the end, the internment of AFM adherents was used by both Labor and Liberal politicians as a stick with which to beat each other, until the wrongs and rights of the affair became buried under political abuse.
Category: History

Magnificent Life Of Miss May Holman Australia S First Female Labor Parliamentarian

Author : Lekkie Hopkins
ISBN : 9781925163377
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Throughout the 1930s May Holman was a household name and aninspiration to the women of her generation. She made history in 1925when, at age thirty-one, she became Australia’s first female Laborparliamentarian, holding the seat of Forrest until her untimely death onthe eve of the 1939 elections.A woman who fought tirelessly for the rights of those in her electorate, heraccidental death received national coverage with thousands of WesternAustralian mourners lining the streets to pay tribute.May Holman charted new territory for women, but the barriers sheencountered and her methods of overcoming them still resonate today.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Chinese Spies

Author : Roger Faligot
ISBN : 9781787382923
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63.2 MB
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In 1920s Shanghai, Zhou Enlai founded the first Chinese communist spy network, operating in the shadows against nationalists, Western powers and the Japanese. The story of Chinese spies has been a global one from the start. Unearthing previously unseen papers and interviewing countless insiders, Roger Faligot's astonishing account reveals nothing less than a century of world events shaped by Chinese spies. Working as scientists, journalists, diplomats, foreign students and businessmen, they've been everywhere, from Stalin's purges to 9/11. This murky world has swept up Ho Chi Minh, the Clintons and everyone in between, with the action moving from Cambodia to Cambridge, and from the Australian outback to the centres of Western power. This fascinating narrative exposes the sprawling tentacles of the world's largest intelligence service, from the very birth of communist China to Xi Jinping's absolute rule today.
Category: Political Science

The Prince And The Assassin

Author : Steve Harris
ISBN : 9781925556155
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 52.7 MB
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The engrossing real life story of how Queen Victoria's favourite son, Prince Alfred, undertook the most ambitious Royal tour, only for Australia's overwhelming joy of having the first Royal on its shores jolted by his decadent behaviour, then shocked by an attempted assassination by a man trained as a priest. The British Empire's youngest and most distant outpost found itself at the epicentre of a new crime and empirical fears about the first inter-continental terrorist group, a conspiracy and a 'lone wolf '. In a resulting 'reign of terror' extraordinary steps were taken to safeguard security with laws on treason and sedition which even the Queen felt went too far, and the would-be assassin was hastily executed in a miscarriage of justice led by opportunistic politicians. This is an extraordinary and atmospheric weaving of the stories - some detailed for the first time - of royal intrigue, sexual appetite, religious bigotry, patriotic vengeance, naked ambition, national security and moral panic. They are stories of royals, immigrants, archbishops, republicans and the founding fathers of Australia and issues that remain with us today. Drawing on Royal, British and Australian archives, the compelling narrative embraces a pivotal time in the evolution of Australia, and on the 150th anniversary reveals how a minute of madness rocked the country to its foundations, with a legacy which helped shape Australia's history and continues to influence and challenge us today. Revelations & insights in The Prince and the Assassin:- Prince Alfred's spare heir upbringing as 'the chosen one' and prospective King of Australia- Sexually decadent royal behaviour- An historic tour which became the model for 50 subsequent royal tours to Australia- Religious bigotry, violence and death in early Australia- How a young migrant trained and destined to be a priest became an assassin- How the biggest crime in Australia shocked, shamed, terrorised and divided the country- How Henry Parkes, 'founder of federation', suppressed and doctored evidence, hired private spies and criminals for political advantage- Australia suppressing civil liberties, even making it a crime of treason to discuss republicanism and to not drink a toast to the Queen- Australian Catholics accused of disloyalty and an Archbishop conspiring against the Government- Australia's most sensational trial, one of injustice and vengeance for a crime not on the Empire's capital list- Alfred appealing for his would-be killer to not be executed- An Australian Government accused of promoting fear for political advantage and committing treason and fraud
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Collins Class Submarine Story

Author : Peter Yule
ISBN : 9780521868945
Genre : History
File Size : 58.9 MB
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This book examines the most expensive and controversial project ever undertaken by the Australian Defence Force.
Category: History

Project Rainfall

Author : Tom Gilling
ISBN : 9781760872151
Genre : History
File Size : 57.31 MB
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At the height of the Cold War the chief of one of Australia's spy agencies joined three CIA men at a remote site in Central Australia to toast the success of a top secret project known in US intelligence circles as RAINFALL. The CIA listening station at Pine Gap was officially called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility, but it had nothing to do with research and was joint in name only: Australians were hired as cooks and janitors but the first spies were all American. The job of the satellites controlled from Pine Gap was to eavesdrop on Soviet missile tests. While government ministers denied that Australia was a nuclear target, bureaucrats in Canberra secretly planned for Armageddon in the suburbs of Alice Springs. No longer just a listening station, Pine Gap has metamorphosed into a key weapon in the Pentagon's war on terror, with Australians in frontline roles. Drawing on declassified documents in Australian and US archives, Tom Gilling's explosive new book tells, for the first time, the uncensored story of Australia's most secret place.
Category: History

The Spy Catchers

Author : David Horner
ISBN : 9781743439074
Genre : History
File Size : 56.84 MB
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Winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History For the first time, ASIO has opened its archives to an independent historian. With unfettered access to the records, David Horner tells the real story of Australia's domestic intelligence organisation, from shaky beginnings to the expulsion of Ivan Skripov in 1963. From the start, ASIO's mission was to catch spies. In the late 1940s, the top secret Venona program revealed details of a Soviet spy ring in Australia, supported by leading Australian communists. David Horner outlines the tactics ASIO used in counterespionage, from embassy bugging to surveillance of local suspects. His research sheds new light on the Petrov Affair, and details incidents and activities that have never been revealed before. This authoritative and ground-breaking account overturns many myths about ASIO, and offers new insights into broader Australian politics and society in the fraught years of the Cold War. The Spy Catchers is the first of three volumes of The Official History of ASIO. 'The Spy Catchers is a fascinating account of ASIO's early years when the main threat Australia faced was from the Soviet regime.' - The Hon. John Howard, OM, AC, former Prime Minister of Australia 'This is one of our most important official histories.' - The Hon. Kim Beazley, AC, Australian Ambassador to the United States of America
Category: History

Australia As Us Client State

Author : E. Paul
ISBN : 9781137469359
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37.90 MB
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This book explores Australia's role as a US client state and the subsequent consequences for Australian democracy. Examining whether neoliberal and neoconservative interests have hijacked democracy in Australia, Paul questions whether further de-democratisation will advance US economic and military interests.
Category: Political Science