Astronomy And Spiritual Science

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Astronomy And Spiritual Science

Author : Elizabeth Vreede
ISBN : 9780880109604
Genre : Religion
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ASTRONOMY AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE collects writings on astronomy by Dr. Elizabeth Vreede and is a fascinating compendium of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Between September 1927 and August 1930, Dr. Vreede wrote a monthly "letter," available by subscription, about both modern astronomy and classical astrology in the light of spiritual science. These letters include clear explanations of the fundamentals of astronomy and discussions of the role of astrology in the modern world. They also include inspiring presentations of a worldview that sees the stars, planets, and in fact all physical phenomena as manifestations of spiritual beings and spiritual activities. Among the many topics Dr. Vreede considers are the role of nutation, precession, and other movements of the Earth in human evolution and life; the comets; the relations of the heavenly bodies to spiritual beings; horoscopes; solar and lunar eclipses; and the deeper meaning of the Christian holidays such as Easter and Whitsun.
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Astronomy And Astrology

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 9781855842236
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In the Middle Ages, Astronomia - one of the Seven Liberal Arts - was as much about astrology as astronomy. In fact the two disciplines only parted company in the seventeenth century, as the materialistic world-view gained greater prominence. Where once human destiny was connected to stars and planets, and spiritual or soul qualities were associated with the natural world, now the cosmos was seen as consisting of gases, fire and dead rock. Rudolf Steiner brings a new spiritual perspective to our study of the heavens. Humanity, he says, is intimately connected to cosmic beings, who in turn are related to planets and stars. There is meaning in the cosmos. Although Steiner rejects the simplistic notion of the planets determining our lives and behaviour, he makes a clear connection between the heavenly bodies and human beings. Whilst criticizing the superficial nature of much astrology, Steiner shows that as individuals, and with the guidance of spiritual beings, we choose an appropriate time of birth to match the destiny we are to live.This enlightening anthology, expertly collated by Margaret Jonas, features excerpts of Steiner's work on the spiritual individualities of the planets, the determination of human characteristics by the constellation at birth, the cultural epochs and the passage of the equinox, cosmic influences on the individual and humanity, life in the planetary spheres between death and rebirth, solar and lunar eclipses, comets, and much more.
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The Spiritual Science Of The Stars

Author : Pete Stewart
ISBN : 9781594777387
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The profound influence of ancient cosmologies on our ideas about the human spirit • Shows how ancient myths contain a sophisticated understanding of our relationship to the cosmos, derived from thousands of years of observation of the night sky • Explains how ideas of the mind and spirit are still entwined with these ancient cosmologies despite the disruptive effects of modern astronomy • Reveals how ancient ideas and contemporary cosmology might be combined into a new model for spiritual meaning Thousands of years before the first written records, humans were turning to the night sky as a source of meaning for existence and their place within it. The conclusions drawn from these observations are embodied in stories from across the world known as Creation Myths. Contrary to the popular belief that these myths were meant to explain the origins of the universe, Pete Stewart shows that they were actually designed to create a harmony and order in the lives of humans that reflected, in their society and architecture, the ordered patterns they saw evidenced in the sky. These ancient myths also record, in the story of “the separation of Heaven and Earth,” the discovery of a disastrous discord in this ancient harmony, which the mythmakers overcame by imagining a vastly expanded architecture, one in which the individual soul had a role to play in the evolution of the cosmos. Today science presents a similar challenge to our sense of meaning. Stewart explores how, by reexamining the myths of creation in this light, we can learn how contemporary cosmology might yield a new architecture for the spirit and how the ancient sense of being in the cosmos might be reconstructed for our age.
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The School Of Spiritual Science

Author : Johannes Kuhl
ISBN : 9781906999162
Genre : Anthroposophy
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In 1924 Rudolf Steiner established the School of Spiritual Science within the framework of the newly refounded Anthroposophical Society. This volume represents a first attempt at describing the character, intentions and working methods of this pioneering School, and its place within modern cultural life.
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Deep Spiritual Science

Author : Richard L. Price
ISBN : 9781984533340
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.83 MB
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This book speals on God's Science. It has nothing to do with C.S.
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The Constant Fire

Author : Adam Frank
ISBN : 9780520265868
Genre : Science
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Looks at the shared connections between science and religion, citing the great scholars of philosophy, mythology, and religion.
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Elisabeth Vreede

Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 1621482006
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Rudolf Steiner entrusted the Esoteric Section and the Mathematics and Astronomy Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, to Elisabeth Vreede (1879-1943) because of her special abilities. He commented, "Miss. Vreede is one of the people who best understands my lectures." Elisabeth Vreede was recognized as the "esoterically educated" member of Steiner's governing body. Nevertheless, in 1935 she was stripped of all her positions at the Goetheanum in Dornach and prevented from resuming them. Lili Kolisko wrote of her, "Dr. Elisabeth Vreede was a member of the Executive Council whose opinion was considered of very little or--one could almost say--no importance." Herbert Hahn wrote to Elisabeth Vreede, "I feel we must thank your loyal custodial task and your unfailing enthusiasm for all of Anthroposophy for much, much more than we can grasp at this time." This book--employing numerous, previously unpublished documents dealing with tragic misunderstandings in the anthroposophical movement--offers testimony to the greatness of this singular individual.

Spiritual Science Vol 1

Author : Michael Hur
ISBN : 9781329589360
Genre : Education
File Size : 84.43 MB
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This book speaks about the sound accurate education regarding Adam and eve, the world before the Flood and the conditions of the fall of mankind. This book gives a series of subject studies from a combine source of theological, and ecclesiastic principles. These studies were broken down in this book in order that a clear exact sound knowledge can be told of the incorporeal, and supernatural facts of the universe.
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Sexuality Love And Partnership

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 9781855842601
Genre : Religion
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Despite the sensibilities of his time, Rudolf Steiner made a huge contribution to our understanding of the complex theme of sexuality. In this anthology, Steiner describes the point in evolution at which human beings split from being androgynous and single-sexed to becoming male or female.
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Brittan S Journal

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433068179930
Genre : Spiritualism
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Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951000755049F
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Science And Spiritual Quest

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114497535
Genre : Philosophy and science
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Science And Asian Spiritual Traditions

Author : Geoffrey P. Redmond
ISBN : STANFORD:36105124051512
Genre : History
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Provides an introduction to the connection between science and Asian spirituality.
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Mystery Of The Universe

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 1855840693
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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16 Lectures, Dornach, April 9 - May 16, 1920 (CW 201) What is the ultimate secret of the universe? In these eloquent lectures, Steiner describes the human being as the model of creation and the primary focus of the cosmos. He talks extensively of our intimate connection with the constellation of cosmic forces, the zodiac, and the planets. The ancient Mystery traditions called individuals to "know thyself!" Rudolf Steiner tells us that this maxim does not ask us to subjectively study our own personal character but to understand our true, archetypal human nature and our decisive place in the universe. As human beings, we will progress and evolve in a real sense only by understanding our human nature and the surrounding spiritual forces - as microcosms within the greater macrocosm. This book contributes significantly to the development of the contemporary spiritual science of the human being. Previously published as Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe. This volume is a translation from German of Der Mensch in Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos 1: Entsprechung zwischen Mikrokosmos und Makrokosmos Der Mensch - Eine Heiroglype des Weltenalls (GA 201). A previous edition was published as Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe.
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