Assessment In The Language Classroom

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Assessment In The Language Classroom

Author : Liying Cheng
ISBN : 9781137464842
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 89.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book makes a unique contribution to classroom assessment literature, linking teacher-friendly examples to scholarly work and current research in the field, and providing comprehensive, hands-on information on core concepts in accessible terms. Examples of real activities and questions for reflection and discussion aim to enrich understanding
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Language Assessment For Classroom Teachers

Author : Lyle Bachman
ISBN : 9780194218368
Genre : Study Aids
File Size : 57.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book provides teachers with an entirely new approach to developing and using classroom-based language assessments. This approach is based on current theory and practice in the field of language assessment and on an understanding of the assessment needs of classroom teachers. The following key questions are addressed: • Why do I need to assess? What beneficial consequences do I want to help bring about? How can my assessments help my students learn better and help me improve my teaching? • When and how often do I need to assess? What decisions do I need to make to help bring about these beneficial consequences? • What do I need to assess? How can I define the abilities that I want to assess? • How can I assess my students? What kinds of assessment tasks should I create? How can I score my students’ responses to these tasks? The authors guide the reader step-by-step through the process of developing and using classroom-based assessments with clear explanations and definitions of key terms, illustrative examples, and activities for applying the approach in practice. Extra resources are available on the website: Lyle Bachman is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He serves as a consultant in language testing research projects and in developing language assessments for universities and government agencies around the world, and he conducts courses and training workshops in language assessment. Barbara Damböck was Director of Studies of the English Department at the Teacher Training Academy in Dillingen, Germany, from 2003 to 2011. From 2003 to 2017 she supervised the training of oral examiners for the certification examination for elementary school English teachers in Bavaria. She has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and teacher of teacher trainers. She conducts courses and workshops for teachers and teacher trainers around the world.
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Classroom Assessment For Language Teaching

Author : Eddy White
ISBN : 1527545709
Genre :
File Size : 41.53 MB
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This book focuses where assessment has greatest relevanceâ "the classroom. A great deal of research related to assessment is focused on â ~the testing industryâ (TM), high-stakes language proficiency testing, and related analytical and statistical reports that are far removed from teachers and student experiences at classroom level. Recently, more attention been paid to assessment in language classrooms and the many challenges that teachers face in effectively assessing students whilst measuring and promoting student learning. This book contributes to the body of knowledge related to teacher assessment competence, and how it manifests in the decisions they make about assessment procedures and instruments in their classes. Focused on particular challenges related to classroom assessment, each chapter reports on particular assessment issues facing teachers, their choices regarding such issues, and the consequences (actual or anticipated) of their decision-making. This book will interest the thousands of teachers globally dealing with the numerous challenges associated with effective classroom assessment in language learning. This collection of teacher voices, stories, and investigations provides possible solutions to such challenges, and will serve to promote assessment literacy in the language teaching profession.

Assessment In The Second Language Writing Classroom

Author : Deborah Crusan
ISBN : 9780472034192
Genre : Education
File Size : 71.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Assessment in the Second Language Writing Classroom is a teacher and prospective teacher-friendly book, uncomplicated by the language of statistics. The book is for those who teach and assess second language writing in several different contexts: the IEP, the developmental writing classroom, and the sheltered composition classroom. In addition, teachers who experience a mixed population or teach cross-cultural composition will find the book a valuable resource. Other books have thoroughly covered the theoretical aspects of writing assessment, but none have focused as heavily as this book does on pragmatic classroom aspects of writing assessment. Further, no book to date has included an in-depth examination of the machine scoring of writing and its effects on second language writers. Crusan not only makes a compelling case for becoming knowledgeable about L2 writing assessment but offers the means to do so. Her highly accessible, thought-provoking presentation of the conceptual and practical dimensions of writing assessment, both for the classroom and on a larger scale, promises to engage readers who have previously found the technical detail of other works on assessment off-putting, as well as those who have had no previous exposure to the study of assessment at all.
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Assessing Language Ability In The Classroom

Author : Andrew D. Cohen
ISBN : 0838442625
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 54.67 MB
Format : PDF
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This second edition presents various principles for guiding teachers through the assessment process (dictation, cloze summary, oral interview, role plays, portfolio assessment techniques).
Category: Foreign Language Study

Focus On Assessment Oxford Key Concepts For The Language Classroom

Author : Eunice Eunhee Jang
ISBN : 9780194002981
Genre : Study Aids
File Size : 46.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Helps teachers understand research evidence in language assessment for students aged 5-18, and to develop an ability to design, implement and critically evaluate language assessment, with reference to language frameworks and standards for assessment in school education.
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Instructional Assessment Of English Language Learners In The K 8 Classroom

Author : Diane K. Brantley
ISBN : UOM:39015066889141
Genre : Education
File Size : 86.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This classroom-ready resource provides teachers in grades K-8 with specific assessments that can be administered to English language learners within the regular classroom. Long overdue and with a focus on the needs of English language learners (ELLs) within the classroom, Instructional Assessment of English Language Learners is a unique book designed to teach readers the basic concepts of assessing English. Today's education courses place an increasing emphasis on the regular classroom teacher to instruct and assess English language learners. Yet, classroom teachers have few resources available to them in regard to assessing ELLs within their classrooms. This book helps readers master the assessments to be administered to English learners and cover a range of literacy skills deemed necessary for English language acquisition and reproduction, while also assessing the student's literacy skills in their primary language. The overarching goal of this book is to enable teachers to acquire a deep understanding of the value of instructional assessment for ELLs and the importance of evaluating the results to provide the students with immediate, appropriate and meaningful instruction. The book addresses the specific areas of language arts related to the development, acquisition, and reproduction of the English language: oral language development and vocabulary; concepts of print and the alphabetic strategies; word recognition and word identification strategies; reading fluency; reading comprehension; written language development and spelling; content area literacy; procedural knowledge; and problem-solving strategies. The strategies presented in this text are research-based and are known to increase reading comprehension for ELLs.
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Continuous Assessment In The Language Classroom

Author : Hilda Israel
ISBN : 3838340965
Genre :
File Size : 87.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The search for improved evaluation methods at South African schools necessitates study of teacher assessment versus examination assessment. Student performance proved worst under an examination only, yet improved when combined with other forms of evaluation enabling integration of holistic continuous assessment (CA) - introduced in 1996. This study investigated its implementation and effects in the English classroom. CA allowed students to be assessed through the year for 50% of their grade. With 50% from examinations, this final score determined promotion. The study reviewed language performance of 612 students over 4 years. Scores for 1992/3 (exams only; before CA) and 1997/8 (exams and CA) were compared, as well as the impact of gender, ethnicity and language proficiency against the backdrop of the changing milieu - a developing democracy, new education laws, a multicultural society, violence on the school campus, demoralised teachers and inadequate resources to implement change. Keywords: Continuous Assessment / Language/ Education

Assessing Language Teachers Professional Skills And Knowledge

Author : Rosemary Wilson
ISBN : 9781107499782
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 85.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"The growth in English language teaching worldwide and the related increase in teacher training programmes of all kinds highlight the need for greater accountability in the assessment of teachers. The need for formal summative assessment has taken on greater importance in training programmes and requires procedures which do not always sit easily with the development process, while transparency of assessment procedures is also increasingly demanded by the candidates themselves. This edited volume discusses key issues in assessing language teachers' professional skills and knowledge and provides case study illustrations of how teacher knowledge and teaching skills are assessed at pre-service and in-service levels within the framework of the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications. The volume provides: - discussion of ways in which the changing nature of English language teaching has impacted on teacher education and assessment - examples of specific assessment procedures for both teaching knowledge and practical classroom skills - accounts of the ways in which the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications have been integrated into and adapted for local contexts. This is the first volume of its kind wholly dedicated to language teacher assessment and as such will be of interest to language teachers and teacher educators as well as to researchers and postgraduate students"--
Category: Foreign Language Study

Classroom Based Language Assessment

Author : Dina Tsagari
ISBN : 3631606435
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 87.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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While research into aspects of standardised language tests is growing, the area of classroom-based language assessment (CBLA) is still not well-defined and relatively under-researched. Studies investigating CBLA practices within the ESL/EFL school contexts as well as the tertiary level have stressed the need for further research as the picture is not yet complete. The volume aims to address this challenge by presenting a wide scope of research interests that discuss theoretical and practical underpinnings of CBLA. It is also meant to promote the notion of CBLA for a wide membership of the language teaching and testing community covering topics that consider both realities and prospects of CBLA in the assessment world.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

New Trends In Foreign Language Teaching

Author : António Lopes
ISBN : 9781527525474
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 66.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Language teaching approaches, methods and procedures are constantly undergoing reassessment. New ideas keep emerging as the growing complexity of the means of communication and the opportunities created by technology put language skills to new uses. In addition, the political, social and economic impact of globalisation, the new demands of the labour market that result from it, the pursuit of competitiveness, the challenges of intercultural communication and the diversification of culture have opened new perspectives on the central role that foreign languages have come to play in the development of contemporary societies. This book provides an insight into the latest developments in the field and discusses the new trends in foreign language teaching in four major areas, namely methods and approaches, teacher training, innovation in the classroom, and evaluation and assessment.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Language Assessment Literacy

Author : Dina Tsagari
ISBN : 9781527549784
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 53.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The field of language testing and assessment has recognized the importance and underlying theoretical and practical underpinnings of language assessment literacy (LAL), an area that is gradually coming to prominence. This book addresses issues that promote the concept of LAL for language research, teaching, and learning, covering a range of topics. It brings together 14 chapters based on high-stakes and classroom-based studies authored by academics, professionals and researchers in the field. The text examines diverse issues through a multifaceted approach, presenting high-quality contributions that fill a gap in a research area that has long been in need of theoretical and empirical attention.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Language Assessment

Author : H. Douglas Brown
ISBN : 0134860225
Genre : Language acquisition
File Size : 50.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices is designed to offer a comprehensive survey of essential principles and tools for second language assessment. Its first and second editions have been successfully used in teacher-training courses, teacher certification curricula, and TESOL master of arts programs. As the third in a trilogy of teacher education textbooks, it is designed to follow H. Douglas Brown's other two books, Principles of Language Learning and Teaching (sixth edition, Pearson Education, 2014) and Teaching by Principles(fourth edition, Pearson Education, 2015). References to those two books are made throughout the current book. Language Assessment features uncomplicated prose and a systematic, spiraling organization. Concepts are introduced with practical examples, understandable explanations, and succinct references to supportive research. The research literature on language assessment can be quite complex and assume that readers have technical knowledge and experience in testing. By the end of Language Assessment, however, readers will have gained access to this not-so-frightening field. They will have a working knowledge of a number of useful, fundamental principles of assessment and will have applied those principles to practical classroom contexts. They will also have acquired a storehouse of useful tools for evaluating and designing practical, effective assessment techniques for their classrooms.
Category: Language acquisition

Classroom Assessment In Multiple Languages

Author : Margo Gottlieb
ISBN : 9781544394503
Genre : Education
File Size : 25.24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What if multilingual learners had the freedom to interact in more than one language with their peers during classroom assessment? What if multilingual learners and their teachers in dual language settings had opportunities to use assessment data in multiple languages to make decisions? Just imagine the rich linguistic, academic, and cultural reservoirs we could tap as we determine what our multilingual learners know and can do. Thankfully, Margo Gottlieb is here to provide concrete and actionable guidance on how to create assessment systems that enable understanding of the whole student, not just that fraction of the student who is only visible as an English learner. With Classroom Assessment in Multiple Languages as your guide, you’ll: Better understand the rationale for and evidence on the value and advantages of classroom assessment in multiple languages Add to your toolkit of classroom assessment practices in one or multiple languages Be more precise and effective in your assessment of multilingual learners by embedding assessment as, for, and of learning into your instructional repertoire Recognize how social-emotional, content, and language learning are all tied to classroom assessment Guide multilingual learners in having voice and choice in the assessment process Despite the urgent need, assessment for multilingual learners is generally tucked into a remote chapter, if touched upon at all in a book; the number of resources narrows even more when multiple languages are brought into play. Here at last is that single resource on how educators and multilingual learners can mutually value languages and cultures in instruction and assessment throughout the school day and over time. We encourage you to get started right away. “Margo Gottlieb has demonstrated why the field, particularly the field as it involves the teaching of multilingual learners, needs another assessment book, particularly a book like this. . . . Classroom Assessment in Multiple Languages quite likely could serve as a catalyst toward the beginning of an enlightened discourse around assessment that will benefit multilingual learners.” ~Kathy Escamilla
Category: Education

Bridging Teaching Learning And Assessment In The English Language Classroom

Author : Robin Turner
ISBN : 9781527521438
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learning English as a foreign language in any formal education context requires opportunities for learners and teachers to give and receive feedback on the teaching learning process as it is happening. These opportunities could be created via various in-class activities specifically designed for this purpose. Teachers who create and use these diagnostic opportunities effectively detect what learners need in a timely fashion, and provide remedial teaching in the right time and mode, so that chances can be created for learners to improve their learning. There is no one universally accepted way of how to do this, however, with various approaches for collecting, analyzing and reviewing data for this purpose. This book encapsulates the unbreakable relationship between teaching, learning and assessment through a range of articles which scrutinize assessment from a wide spectrum, ranging from the role of assessment in language learning to ELT teacher assessment literacy, from the use of technology in classroom-based assessment to practicing teachers’ reflections on their teacher classroom action research, and from the role of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to empirical data analysis.
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Innovations In Flipping The Language Classroom

Author : Jeffrey Mehring
ISBN : 9789811069680
Genre : Education
File Size : 54.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book provides advice on flipping from a vast range of topics related to second and foreign language teaching, such as assessment, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and content-based language teaching. Based on insights from other professionals in the field, it helps teachers of English as a foreign language better understand the idea of a flipped classroom. The book provides examples for teachers who wish to start flipping their own classes and additional ideas for those who are already flipping.
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Classroom Based Evaluation In Second Language Education

Author : Fred Genesee
ISBN : 9780521566810
Genre : Education
File Size : 80.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Classroom-based Evaluation in Second Language Education has been written to help foreign and second language educators in planning and carrying out effective and comprehensive evaluations in their classrooms. The book emphasizes the value of classroom-based assessment as a tool for improving both teaching and learning. The presentation is non-technical and does not require a specialized background in psychometrics, statistics, or research. The suggested assessment procedures are useful for a broad range of proficiency levels, teaching situations, and instructional approaches. Preview questions and follow-up activities assist the reader in applying the material discussed in each chapter.
Category: Education

Focus On Assessment

Author : Eunice Jang
ISBN : 0194000834
Genre : English language
File Size : 45.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Referencing classroom-based research and classroom vignettes, Focus on Assessment helps you to understand research evidence in language assessment for students aged 6-16. It develops your ability to design, implement, and critically evaluate language assessment.
Category: English language