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Ask A Policeman

Author : Rolando Hinojosa
ISBN : 1611920655
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Ask A Policeman

Author : The Detection Club
ISBN : 9780007468652
Genre : Fiction
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This new edition, which is reproduced from a first printing of the book, is introduced by the author Martin Edwards, archivist of the Detection Club, and includes a never-before-published Preface by Agatha Christie, ‘Detective Writers in England’, in which she discusses her fellow writers in the Detection Club.
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Kepi In The Istan

Author : Jerry Lee Brumbelow
ISBN : 9781477118382
Genre : Fiction
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KEPI' in the 'ISTAN is the third novel in the BLUEMAN trilogy. It tells the story of an Army Special Forces deserter who by chance joins the French Foreign Legion. It follows his adventures in the South Pacific area and in French Guiana and later Afghanistan.
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Policeman Bluejay

Author : L. Frank Baum
ISBN : 9783849643638
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Two small children, Twinkle and Chubbins, are enchanted by a wicked "tuxix" so that their bodies become those of birds. While so transformed, they can speak to all the birds and animals, and they learn a great deal about the wild creatures of the forest. Of course, this is no ordinary forest; it is a nature fairyland, and the Royal Necromancer of the bird Kingdom of Paradise informs them that they must each eat a tingle-berry as antidote to undo the evil enchantment. So they set out to find a tingle-berry bush and lose no time in resuming their natural forms.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Policeman Bluejay

Author : Lyman Baum
ISBN : 9785040476046
Genre : Fiction
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The Leaves Are Falling

Author : Lucy Beckett
ISBN : 9781586178949
Genre : Fiction
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An octogenarian bookseller living alone in London has found a description of his father, as a young doctor in 1920s Breslau, in a story about Weimar Germany. Perhaps his own story might be worth telling? In 1945, as a sixteen-year-old boy rescued from the ruins of Europe, he arrives at a Yorkshire farmhouse. Working on the farm for two years in the strange atmosphere of rural England immediately after World War II, he learns to deal with his memories of what happened to him and to his family and to trust, up to a point, those around him in a foreign country. London in 1947 is stranger still. But the boy is lucky, as he has been since 1941, when marksmen tried to shoot him into a pit full of corpses in a Lithuanian forest. The year before, different executioners in a different forest further east had shot and killed his father. Those who faced the worst atrocities of World War II, which were inflicted on people in the "bloodlands" of eastern Poland and western Russia, knew that there was little to choose between the two mighty machines, Nazi and Soviet. How was it possible for the individual to survive the crushing wheels of ideology, terror, and mass murder with his integrity intact? The Leaves Are Falling, a sequel to A Postcard from the Volcano but a stand-alone story, explores this question.
Category: Fiction

Ask And You Will Succeed

Author : Ken D. Foster
ISBN : 0470483563
Genre : Business & Economics
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Ask and You Will Succeed is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace crowded with advice on what to believe and how to live. Filled with powerful questions that invite you to listen to your inner voice and tap into the strength you need to create your ideal life, this book makes you the final authority in your own life—not outside forces that you can't control. Packed with thought-provoking questions related to the creative laws of success, Ask and You Will Succeed shatters the myth that your success depends on the advice, hard work, or ambition of others. Instead, Kenneth Foster presents life-changing questions that—when answered by you—will help you define and attain success in every area of your life. By utilizing the questions in this book, you'll uncover the true nature of your own mind. If you ask the right questions and do the work, you'll find that prosperous thinking flows into every aspect of your life effortlessly, relieving you of the stressful, negative thoughts that block your creativity and halt your drive for success. Through the process of asking and answering these wise questions, you'll learn to live in harmony with yourself, succeed in business, improve your physical health, build strong relationships, and engender fulfillment, energy, and enthusiasm for life. No matter what you do in life, you'll find a renewed sense of purpose, extraordinary wealth, and an unending love for what you choose to do in life. All you have to do is ask. Ask and You Will Succeed is the result of Foster'slifetime of work helping people transfer their attention from failure to success, worry to calm, distraction to concentration, restlessness to peace, and negativity to positivity. When you ask yourself these questions, you'll grow from mastering tasks to mastering yourself—and begin a journey to unlimited wealth and unending success. To find out more about Kenneth???s programs, go to
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Hemingway On The China Front

Author : Peter Moreira
ISBN : 9781612343037
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn had no idea of what they would discover when they set out for Hong Kong, China, and Burma in 1941. The husband-and-wife team of celebrity literati intended to report on the China-Japan war while honeymooning in the romantic Far East. What they found was a maddening, intriguing, colorful world of dictators and drunks, scoundrels and socialites, heroes and halfwits. And their trip proved to be the beginning of the end of their marriage. When the U.S. Treasury Department hired Ernest Hemingway as a spy in China in 1941, it awakened a new obsession in America's most adventuresome author. The great literary man of action reveled in being a government operative, while his journalist wife championed the anti-Japanese resistance of Chiang Kai-shek. Hemingway on the China Front is the first book to track Hemingway's progress as a spy in Asia during the war, defining his duties as he saw fit. Author Peter Moreira follows Hemingway and Gellhorn as they seek stories to file--and try to adapt to each other's strong egos--in dangerous, uncomfortable, exotic places in the throes of war. Well-versed in Asian history and culture, Moreira also adeptly provides context of time and place. All fans of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn will want this book.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Morality And Universality

Author : N.T. Potter
ISBN : 9789400952850
Genre : Philosophy
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In the past 25 years or so, the issue of ethical universalizability has figured prominently in theoretical as well as practical ethics. The term, 'universaliz ability' used in connection with ethical considerations, was apparently first introduced in the mid-1950s by R. M. Hare to refer to what he characterized as a logical thesis about certain sorts of evaluative sentences (Hare, 1955). The term has since been used to cover a broad variety of ethical considerations including those associated with the ideas of impartiality, consistency, justice, equality, and reversibility as well as those raised in the familar questions: 'What if everyone did that?' and 'How would you like it if someone did that to you? But this recent effloresence of the use of the term 'universalizability' is something that has deep historical roots, and has been central in various forms to the thinking about morality of some of the greatest and most influential philosophers in the western tradition. While the term is relatively new, the ideas it is now used to express have a long history. Most of these ideas and questions have been or can be formulated into a principle to be discussed, criticized, or defended. As we discuss these ideas below this prin ciple will be stated on a separate numbered line. The concepts of justice and equality were closely linked in Greek thought. These connections between these two concepts are apparent even in two authors who were hostile to the connection, Plato and Aristotle.
Category: Philosophy

The Shadow Of Death

Author : Harry Gordon
ISBN : 9780813143606
Genre : History
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" Holocaust survivor Harry Gordon recalls in brutal detail the anguished years of his youth, a youth spent struggling to survive in a Lithuanian concentration camp. A memoir about hope and resilience, The Shadow of Death describes the invasion of Kovno by the Red Army and the impact of Soviet occupation from the perspective of the ghetto's weakest and poorest class. It also serves as a reminder that the Germans were not alone responsible for the persecution and extermination of Jews.
Category: History