Artauds Metamorphosis

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Artaud S Metamorphosis

Author : Jay Murphy
ISBN : 0957147090
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Artaud's Metamorphosis is the first book on the transformation from his 'early' to 'late' work, and it shows how the 'final' Artaud leads straight into our digital present.


Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
ISBN : 9781402026430
Genre : Philosophy
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How do we perdure when we and everything around us are caught up in incessant change? But the course of this change does not seem to be haphazard and we may seek the modalities of its Logos in the transformations in which it occurs. The classic term 'Metamorphosis' focuses upon the proportions between the transformed and the retained, the principles of sameness and otherness. Applied to life and its becoming, metamorphosis pinpoints the proportions between the vital and the aesthetic significance of life. Where could this metaphysical in-between territory come better to light than in the Fine Arts? In this collection are investigated the various proportions between the vital significance of the constructivism of life and a specifically human contribution made by the creative imagination to the transformatory search for beauty and aesthetic values. Papers by: Lawrence Kimmel, Mark L. Brack, Sheryl Tucker de Vazquez, William Roberts, Jadwiga Smith, Victor Gerald Rivas, Max Statkiewicz, Matti Itkonen, George R. Tibbetts, Linda Stratford, Jorella Andrews, Ingeborg M. Rocker, Stephen J. Goldberg, Leah Durner, Donnalee Dox, Catherine Schear, Samantha Henriette Krukowski, Gary Maciag, Kelly Dennis, Wanda Strukus, Magda Romanska, Patricia Trutty-Coohill, Ellen Burns, Tessa Morrison, Sabine Coelsch-Foisner, Gary Backhaus, Daniel M. Unger, Howard Pearce.
Category: Philosophy

Drama And Religion Volume 5

Author : James Redmond
ISBN : 0521088690
Genre : Drama
File Size : 65.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Themes in Drama is a journal which brings together articles and review about the dramatic and theatrical activity of a wide range of cultures and periods. The articles offer original contributions to their own specialised fields, but are presented in such a way that their significance may be readily appreciated by non-specialists. The review section is especially important since reviewers have more than usual scope to give critical accounts of drama in performance and to discuss the most significant contributions to dramatic scholarship and criticism.
Category: Drama

Antonin Artaud

Author : Antonin Artaud
ISBN : 0520064437
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"Artaud remains one of the significant and influential theorists of modern theatre."—Gerald Rabkin, Rutgers University
Category: Literary Criticism

Theatres Of Immanence

Author : Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca
ISBN : 9781137291912
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 72.15 MB
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Theatres of Immanence: Deleuze and the Ethics of Performance is the first monograph to provide an in-depth study of the implications of Deleuze's philosophy for theatre and performance. Drawing from Goat Island, Butoh, Artaud and Kaprow, as well from Deleuze, Bergson and Laruelle, the book conceives performance as a way of thinking immanence.
Category: Performing Arts

Aesthetics Of Excess The

Author : Allen S. Weiss
ISBN : 9781438423654
Genre : Philosophy
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This book investigates the reciprocal and often transgressive relations between rhetorical figures and libidinal activity. The works of Nietzsche, Artaud, Bataille, Klossowski, and Sade are reconsidered in light of the modernist and postmodernist problematics of simulacra, fascination, sublimation and desublimation, perversion, deconstruction, and libidinal economies. Reading across the boundaries of philosophy, art history, comparative literature, film studies, and psychoanalytic theory, this work reveals the manner in which theoretical discourse is imbued with passional motivations, and, conversely, shows how the passions are structured according to logical and rhetorical figures. In offering specific rereadings of several key figures of our modernist tradition, this work helps identify the sources of the ‘postmodern condition.’ It thus provides a theoretical foundation for contemporary art and literary criticism—especially of those works to be found at the margins of our culture.
Category: Philosophy

Artaud And The Gnostic Drama

Author : Jane Goodall
ISBN : UOM:39015032479704
Genre : Drama
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* The first study of the intricate parallels between the heretical dramaturgy of Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) and the heresies of ancient Gnosticism.Artaud has been mythologized by influential post-structuralist critics as an icon of failure and madness, overlooking the self-mythologizing which permeates his vast oeuvre. This book uses `heresy' rather than `madness' to designate the impassioned thought processes which escape the terms oforthodox Western epistemology, and situates Artaud, as the most extravagant of heretics, in company with the Gnostics whose speculations served to define heresy in the beginnings of the Christian tradition. Assessing the implications for contemporary criticism, Jane Goodall argues that the neglectof these elements of Artaud's work by recent theorists signals post-structuralism's anxiety towards the powerful assault upon the founding tenets of Western thought presented in Gnostic drama.
Category: Drama


Author : Stephen Barber
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111902800
Genre : Art
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Category: Art

Metamorphosis And Place

Author : Joshua Parker
ISBN : NWU:35556039685433
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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If personal and national identity is often constructed in terms of place, how do our identities and values change as places themselves are transformed? What happens to the spaces in which we live as societal values and identities change? These questions can be asked of almost any discipline, whether one is taking a photograph or mapping a literary topography, tracing linguistic change in a geographic region or languages importance to our conception of a political territory, building a house or place of worship on a physical plot of land, or constructing them from words on a page or computer software. Few places are ever uniquely our own. We share them, knowing that the geographic points stabilizing our own identities serve, on their reverse side, to support an entirely different set of meanings. We project our cultural (or disciplinary) markers onto landscapes which are already hardly blank, but full of others meanings. This collection brings together scholars from a range of disciplines including literary and cultural studies, history, political science, architecture, anthropology, photography and art history, communications, sociology, lexicography, linguistics, tourism management and theoretical psychoanalysis, each shedding light on how place is both a transforming subject and a transformed object.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Performance And Performativity

Author : Mehmet Şiray
ISBN : UOM:39015079348069
Genre : Philosophy
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Within the wide range of writings on performance studies, theoreticians and practitioners have been using the concepts of performance and performativity as key terms for explaining different social, philosophical and artistic phenomena. The question «what are performance and performativity» is always already shaped according to what sort of 'performance' is being carried out, which performance is taken into consideration, which contexts and power-knowledge «stratum» operate in the formation of these concepts. Performance and Performativity primarily aims to find a way of grasping the maze of different positions that have become incorporated within the general and often overlapping terms of performance studies and performative theory. The book focuses on how «the power of discourse to produce what it names» is linked with the question of performance and performativity, rather than providing a general intellectual background and context for the modern idea of performance and performativity.
Category: Philosophy

Antonin Artaud And The Modern Theater

Author : Gene A. Plunka
ISBN : UOM:39015032100656
Genre : Performing Arts
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The aim of this collection of original essays is twofold: first, to cement Antonin Artaud's position as a significant theorist and innovator of the modern theater whose ideas not only have become far reaching but also have had practical stage applications, and second, to explicate several of the subtle nuances of Artaud's theories so as to make his ideas more accessible. Artaud exerted a profound impact on the theater. As a theatrical innovator and theorist of modern dramaturgy, he has had considerable influence among playwrights and actors. Some of the twentieth century's most creative theater directors have been Artaud's disciples, and his theoretical writings have inspired such diverse theatrical groups as Jerzy Grotowski's Laboratory Theatre, John Cage's "happenings" of the 1950s and 1960s, Joseph Chaikin's Open Theatre, Julian Beck and Judith Malina's Living Theatre, Richard Schechner's Performance Group, and Ariane Mnouchknie's Theatre de Soleil. The first section of this anthology clarifies Artaud's theories and provides insight about his life and ideology. The role that comedy plays in Artaud's conception of theater is examined as well as the concepts of cruelty and cure, explicating how Artaud used these terms in relationship to the metaphor of the theater as plague. Various influences on Artaud's theories of drama are discussed as is the influence of Mayan culture and Balinese rituals. The second group of essays establishes Artaud's influence on, and relationship to, several significant twentieth-century dramatists, innovative performance artists, and seminal theater movements. Artaud's theories on Oriental theater are applied to modern cultural anthropology and to absurdist drama. Also examined are the similarities between Artaud and Polish playwright Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz as are Artaudian elements in a quintessential example of Theatre of Cruelty. Artaud's vision of community is analyzed by its application to the environmental theater of the 1960s and 1970s. Last to be discussed is Artaud's influence on Spain's most significant post-Lorcan dramatist, Antonio Buero-Vallejo.
Category: Performing Arts

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132684346
Genre : Philology, Modern
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Category: Philology, Modern

Steven Berkoff And The Theatre Of Self Performance

Author : Robert Cross
ISBN : 0719062543
Genre : Performing Arts
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Steven Berkoff is a playwright, director and actor largely disregarded by theater scholars. Since the 1960s, however, this notorious Cockney enfant terrible and "scourge of the Shakespeare industry" has left an imprint on modern British theatre that has been as impossible to ignore as his in-your-face stage presence. Steven Berkoff and the Theatre of Self-Performance, the first thorough and in-depth study of this contentious artist, examines the wide-ranging strategies adopted by Berkoff in the construction and projection of his larger-than-life public persona.
Category: Performing Arts

Dada Surrealism

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015016618350
Genre : Arts, Modern
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Category: Arts, Modern