Art And Archaeology Of Ancient India

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Art And Archaeology Of Ancient India

Author : Naman P. Ahujua
ISBN : 1910807176
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The Ashmolean Museum wide ranging collection of the art of the Indian subcontinent includes important holdings of archaeological artefacts and a strong representation of early Indian sculpture in terracotta, stone and other materials dating from before AD 600. These works are fully discussed and illustrated in the present catalogue, with the exception of Buddhist sculpture of the Gandhara region.

Archaeology Art Of India

Author : Bindeshwari Prasad Sinha
ISBN : UOM:39015049021648
Genre : Art, Indic
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Revealing India S Past

Author : Ajay Mitra Shastri
ISBN : UOM:39015060860148
Genre : Art, Ancient
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Contributed articles.
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Elements Of Indian Art

Author : Swarajya Prakash Gupta
ISBN : UOM:39015070141828
Genre : Architecture
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The Work Studies Basic Principles Of Ancient Indian Art And Architecture. It Deals With Hindu Thinking And Practice Of Art Including The Hindu View Of Godhead, Iconography And Iconometry And Symbols And Symbolism In Hindu Art. It Surveys Indian Art And Temple Architecture From The Ancient Times And Makes Comparative Studies Of Religious Art In India.
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Art Archaeology Of India

Author : B. S. Harishankar
ISBN : UOM:39015057898291
Genre : Art
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The Book Begins With An Introduction On The Prehistoric And Proto-Historic Cultures Of India And Discusses Human Evolution As Gathered From Hominid Fossil Remains. It Also Examines The Nature Of Cultural Relics Belonging To Each Period And Dynastic Rule; Agriculture, Trade, Settlement And Migration Patterns Related To Making, Use And Spread Of Art Materials; And Social And Religious Aspects Of Society That Are Revealed By The Art And Architecture Of The Periods.
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Art Shrines Of Ancient India

Author : V. K. Subramanian
ISBN : 8170174317
Genre : Art
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Art Shrines Of Ancient India Deals With The Art Treasures Of Selected Archaeological Sites In The Various State.5 Of India. The Sites Dealt With Are: Sarnath, Sanchi, Kanchipuram, Mamallapuram Cmahabalipuram) , Temples Of Chamba, Aihole, Badami, Pattadakkal, Elephanta, Euora, Ajanta,Nalanda, Konarak, Halebid, Belur, Khajuraho, Suchindram, Mandu, Madurai, Chittor And Mount Abu. Profusely Illustrated, The Book Peeps In~O The Historical And Mythological Past Of Each Site And Evaluates The Artistic Contri- Butions Of The Various Ruling Dynasties: The Mauryas, The Sungas, The Guptas, The Pallavas, The Chalukyas, The Rashtrakutas, Thepalas, The Senas,. The Gangas, The Cholas, The Hoysalas, The Chandellas, The Pandyas And The Nayaks. The Book Also Deals With The Siva-Sakti Theme And Homage To The Sun In The Art Of Ancient India And Indicates How These Are Depicted In The Various Temples Of I!Ldia. This Book Will Be An Invaluable Guide To All Tourists, Especially Foreigners And Non- Resident Indians, Who Want To Savour, In A Short Time, The Rich Artistic Heritage Displayed In The Famous Temples And Archaeological Sites In India.
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Eastern Approaches

Author : T. S. Maxwell
ISBN : UOM:39015029573543
Genre : Law
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This Book Is A Collection Of Twenty-Two Essays By Leading Indian And Western Scholars Directly Involved In The Continuing Work Of Understanding The Art And Architecture Of The Indian Past And Revealing The Patterns Of Thought Behind Them.
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Art Archaeology And Culture Of Eastern India

Author : Bhagwati Sharan Verma
ISBN : UOM:39015046411727
Genre : India
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Contributed articles presented at the National Seminar on "Art and Culture of Eastern India" held on 15-17 Feb., 1990 organised by the Bihar Puravid Parishad and also at another seminar.
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Kr A Smr Ti

Author : R. K. Sharma
ISBN : MINN:31951D01179709F
Genre : Archaeology
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Contributed articles on various aspects of Indian civilization.
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Annual Bibliography Of Indian Archaeology

Author : E.C.L. During Caspers
ISBN : 9789400978225
Genre : Social Science
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When in 1925 the initiative was taken by the Kern Institute Leiden to start the publica tion of an Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology, the Board of the Institute could do so with confidence, as it was sure of the assistance of scholars all over the world as to the supply of publications as well as of information. With the help of this material a bibliography could be compiled by a small team of highly skilled archaeologists who could devote part of their time and attention to such a task for the benefit of their colleagues in all parts of the world. Times since then have changed, and circumstances have become less and less favourable. To find classified labour for the compilation and editing of such a bibliography has become extremely difficult, and this the more so as this work cannot be paid in accordance with the standards for this branch of classified documentation. The work has to be done as a part of the daily routine work even a scholar in today's time is expected to perform, and which he cannot but consider as being detrimental to the performing of those parts of his work, that demand the use of those qualifications that actually make him the expert.
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A History Of Ancient And Early Medieval India

Author : Upinder Singh
ISBN : 813171120X
Genre : History
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Basic Approach Developed as a comprehensive introductory work for scholars and students of ancient and early medieval Indian history, this books provides the most exhaustive overview of the subject. Dividing the vast historical expanse from the stone age to the 12th century into broad chronological units, it constructs profiles of various geographical regions of the subcontinent, weaving together and analysing an unparalleled range of literary and archaeological evidence. Dealing with prehistory and protohistory of the subcontinent in considerable detail, the narrative of the historical period breaks away from conventional text-based history writing. Providing a window into the world primary sources, it incorporates a large volume of archaeological data, along with literary, epigraphic, and numismatic evidence. Revealing the ways in which our past is constructed, it explains fundamental concepts, and illuminates contemporary debates, discoveries, and research. Situating prevailing historical debates in their contexts, Ancient and Early Medieval India presents balanced assessments, encouraging readers to independently evaluate theories, evidence, and arguments. Beautifully illustrated with over four hundred photographs, maps, and figures, Ancient and Early Medieval India helps visualize and understand the extraordinarily rich and varied remains of the ancient past of Indian subcontinent. It offers a scholarly and nuanced yet lucid account of India s early past, and will surely transform the discovery of this past into an exciting experience. Tabel of Contents List of photographs List of maps List of figures About the author Preface Acknowledgements A readers guide 1. Understanding Literary and Archaeological Sources 2. Hunter-Gatherers of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Ages 3. The Transition to Food Production: Neolithic,Neolithic Chalcolithic, and Chalcolithic Villages, c. 7000 2000 bce 4. The Harappan Civilization, c. 2600 1900 bce 5. Cultural Transitions: Images from Texts and Archaeology, c. 2000 600 bce 6. Cities, Kings, and Renunciants: North India, c. 600 300 bce 7. Power and Piety: The Maurya Empire, c. 324 187 bce 8. Interaction and Innovation, c. 200 BCE 300 ce 9. Aesthetics and Empire, c. 300 600 ce 10. Emerging Regional Configurations, c. 600 1200 ce Note on diacritics Glossary Further readings References Index Author Bio Upinder Singh is Professor in the Department of History at the University of Delhi. She taught history at St. Stephen s College, Delhi, from 1981 until 2004, after which she joined the faculty of the Department of History at the University of Delhi. Professor Singh s wide range of research interests and expertise include the analysis of ancient and early medieval inscriptions; social and economic history; religious institutions and patrona≥ history of archaeology; and modern history of ancient monuments. Her research papers have been published in various national and international journals. Her published books include: Kings, Brahmanas, and Temples in Orissa: An Epigraphic Study (AD 300 1147) (1994); Ancient Delhi (1999; 2nd edn., 2006); a book for children, Mysteries of the Past: Archaeological Sites in India (2002); The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology (2004); and Delhi: Ancient History (edited, 2006).
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The Art And Archaeology Of Pashash

Author : Terence Grieder
ISBN : 9780292773097
Genre : Social Science
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Among the vast treasures discovered in Peru since its conquest by Pizarro, only a small fraction has been excavated scientifically. The Art and Archaeology of Pashash is an account of the discovery and excavation of one of the richest Pre-Columbian burials ever scientifically excavated in Peru. The tomb and its offerings unearthed at Pashash, in the northern Andes, provide new perspectives on the cultural meaning of Andean funerary treasure. About A.D. 500 the flexed body of an aristocrat was wrapped in cloth and set in a small tomb sealed by a heavy stone. Three separate offerings were put in place during the construction of the funerary temple above the tomb. Near the body were placed about fifty large gold pins with elaborately sculptured heads, the most important set of Peruvian metalwork scientifically recorded in context. Decorated pottery also accompanied the body. Beneath the doorway to the temple chamber above the tomb a second offering was placed, composed of vessels modeled as jaguars, snakes, and dragonlike combinations of the two, with other fine pottery, unfired clay bowls, and stone bowls. The images in this offering represented the theology of a shamanistic religion. A third offering of broken ritual vessels was placed in the earth fill just before the temple floor was built. This collection of several hundred works of art found together and dated by radiocarbon, related to a stratigraphic sequence for the site as a whole, makes possible a unique history of the art of this highland Andean region. Grieder describes the phases of development and the symbolism of the previously little-known Recuay style of pottery and attributes many works to individuals, illuminating the role of artists and their relations with their patrons. Among the author's discoveries is evidence of the use of potters' wheels and lathes to make ceramic and stone vessels and ritual objects, reversing the long-held contention that these tools were unknown in Pre-Columbian America. The Art and Archaeology of Pashash will be valuable to specialists in Andean archaeology as well as to those interested in the art and culture of Pre-Columbian America.
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The Lost River

Author : Michel Danino
ISBN : 9789351187745
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The Indian subcontinent was the scene of dramatic upheavals a few thousand years ago. The Northwest region entered an arid phase, and erosion coupled with tectonic events played havoc with river courses. One of them disappeared. Celebrated as -Sarasvati' in the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata, this river was rediscovered in the early nineteenth century through topographic explorations by British officials. Recently, geological and climatological studies have probed its evolution and disappearance, while satellite imagery has traced the river's buried courses and isotope analyses have dated ancient waters still stored under the Thar Desert. In the same Northwest, the subcontinent's first urban society"the Indus civilization"flourished and declined. But it was not watered by the Indus alone: since Aurel Stein's expedition in the 1940s, hundreds of Harappan sites have been identified in the now dry Sarasvati's basin. The rich Harappan legacy in technologies, arts and culture sowed the seeds of Indian civilization as we know it now. Drawing from recent research in a wide range of disciplines, this book discusses differing viewpoints and proposes a harmonious synthesis"a fascinating tale of exploration that brings to life the vital role the -lost river of the Indian desert' played before its waters gurgled to a stop.
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