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The War Prerogative

Author : Rosara Joseph
ISBN : 9780191641275
Genre : Law
File Size : 23.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book studies the evolution of the war prerogative in England from 1600-2012. It traces the historical theory and practice of the war prerogative and proposes reform of the constitutional arrangements for its exercise. It addresses three key questions. First, what have writers on political and constitutional theory said about the constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative, and, in particular, what justifications have been advanced for those arrangements? Secondly, in practice, has the executive in fact possessed sole and exclusive powers over war and the deployment of force, or have Parliament and the courts had a role to play in their exercise and scrutiny? Thirdly, are there better ways to organise our constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative, to enable a more substantive role for Parliament (particularly the House of Commons) in its exercise and scrutiny? On the first question, it is shown that orthodox theoretical and political discourses have continuously asserted the executive's exclusive power over war, but the justifications advanced for that arrangement have changed over time. Those changes reflect the varying influence of different political theories at different times. On the second question, it is found that, contrary to orthodox theoretical and political discourses, Parliament has played an active and substantive role in the exercise and scrutiny of the war prerogative. The courts have refused to intervene in the exercise of the war prerogative, but have been more ready to intervene in cases involving the exercise of powers incidental to the war prerogative. On the third question, it is argued that reform of the constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative is necessary and desirable. The use of 'institutional mechanisms' is recommended, which are small-scale rules and institutional arrangements, within existing institutions, which aim to promote certain normative goals. In particular, the enactment of a statute is proposed, which would impose conditions on the executive's exercise of its war prerogative. It is argued that these proposals show that, through careful institutional design, democratic values, national security, and operational efficiency can each be reconciled and promoted.
Category: Law

Theaters Of War

Author : V. Casaregola
ISBN : 9780230100879
Genre : History
File Size : 71.87 MB
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Historian Vincent Casaregola examines the portrayal of WWII in popular culture and how that protrayal has changed over time. By examining WWII films, literature, theatre and art from the Cold War era, the Vietnam War, the Reagan years, and present day, he seeks to understnad the part played by current politics, events and conflicts.
Category: History

Douglas Rayner Hartree

Author : Charlotte Froese Fischer
ISBN : 9812795014
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 56.26 MB
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This scientific biography of Douglas R Hartree not only describes important events in his life but also outlines his contributions to a number of fields. He is best known for his OC self-consistent fieldOCO theory for atoms, a theory he later used for the much more difficult problem of predicting the behavior of a magnetron. When Fock pre-empted his work on exchange, he began research into radio-wave propagation. Hartree was very interested in the process of computation. When he learned of a differential analyzer for solving differential equations, he first built a model using Meccano, a toy for children. The success of this model spread the notion of using devices to solve scientific problems. Application of the analyzer led Hartree to control theory and fluid dynamics. In both these areas he made significant, original contributions. With his extensive computing background, he was selected as the first civilian to evaluate the possibility of applying the US ENIAC computer to nonmilitary problems. His research touched the lives of many scientists."
Category: Biography & Autobiography

World War Ii

Author : Cyrus Leo Sulzberger
ISBN : 0828103313
Genre : History
File Size : 59.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From Hitler's rise to power to the Japanese surrender on the deck of the Missouri in 1945, World War II is brought into sharp focus in this dramatic book. Over a third of World War II consists of eyewitness accounts, as Sulzberger emphasizes the people involved in this historic event--the leaders, the victims, and the fighters.
Category: History

125 Years

Author : John L. Lewis
ISBN : 0750306092
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The modern Institute of Physics and its predecessors have served the needs of physics and physicists for 125 years. In celebration of this anniversary, 125 Years: The Physical Society and The Institute of Physics charts the history of the Institute from its origins to the present day. It provides a fascinating account of the people and events that shaped the Institute's development and includes the: Emergence of physics as a separate scientific discipline Formation of the Physical Society of London Establishment of the Institute of Physics Granting of a Royal Charter to the Institute of Physics Final decades of the millennium Separate chapters are devoted to the educational, professional, and publishing activities of the Institute. Pioneers such as Guthrie, Glazebrook, and Phillips could not have envisaged the ways in which the modern Institute has developed, but would surely approve of the way it is moving forward to the next millennium.
Category: Science