Antonio Vieira

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Antonio Vieira And The Luso Brazilian Baroque

Author : Thomas Cohen
ISBN : 9780299237936
Genre : History
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Preacher, politician, natural law theorist, administrator, diplomat, polemicist, prophetic thinker: Vieira was all of these things, but nothing was more central to his self-definition than his role as missionary and pastor. Articles in this issue were originally presented at a conference, “The Baroque World of Padre António Vieira: Religion, Culture and History in the Luso-Brazilian World,” Yale University, November 7–8, 1997, commemorating the three hundredth anniversary of Vieira’s death.
Category: History

Ant Nio Vieira

Author :
ISBN : 9780190858575
Genre : Religion
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This volume is the first English translation and annotation of the sermons of António Vieira, a major cultural figure in the Portuguese-speaking world. Born in Lisbon in 1608, Vieira was a Jesuit who lived and worked in both Europe and Brazil in the service of the church and the Portuguese crown. His sermons are among the most renowned pieces of baroque oratory in the Portuguese language. These carefully selected sermons offer insight into Vieira's visionary thought on social and spiritual matters. In the Sermon for the Success of Portuguese Arms against the Dutch, Vieira inveighs against God for His apparent abandonment of the Portuguese and begs for divine intervention. His Sermon of St. Anthony is an allegory that addresses the inequities that he witnessed in Brazil. The Sexagesima Sermon parodies literary clichés from his time while prescribing a more effective, if harsher, style of preaching. The Sermon of the Good Thief is a rebuke to the imperial officials who used their positions for personal enrichment, and a warning to kings against complicity with corruption. Vieira's Sermon XXVII addresses African slaves and their Brazilian masters, attempting to comfort the first group in their trials and to admonish the second for their brutality. Finally, the Sermon called Arm tells the story of the relic of Francis Xavier's arm sent from India to Italy in 1614, and pays tribute to the obedience of Vieira's Jesuit predecessor.
Category: Religion

Ant Nio Vieira S Sermon Against The Dutch Arms 1640

Author : António Vieira
ISBN : 3631482272
Genre : Brazil
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This is the first critical edition of Antonio Vieira's Sermon against the Dutch (1640), one of his best and most famous pieces of writing. The discovery of nine new (apograph) manuscripts and the inclusion of early Spanish translations (which are related to the previously unpublished manuscripts) as well as of old and new Portuguese editions shed a new light on the history of his sermons and point the way to a different philological approach to the work of the renowned Jesuit. The editor's introduction and commentary provide fresh insights into the language employed by Vieira and his use and interpretation of classical, historical, theological and literary sources. This edition is completed by a critical bibliography. It summarizes and adds to all previous philological research into Vieira's sermons and other work."
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Songs Of Africa

Author : Antônio Vieira
ISBN : OCLC:661090582
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The Marrano Factory

Author : António José Saraiva
ISBN : 9004120807
Genre : History
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First published in Portuguese in 1969, this is the only work by Antonio Jose Saraiva available in English and the only single-volume history devoted primarily to the working of the Portuguese Inquisition, a most lucid and compact survey. "The Marrano Factory" argues that the Portuguese Inquisition s stated intention of extirpating heresies and purifying Portuguese Catholicism was a monumental hoax; the true purpose of the Holy Office was the fabrication rather than the destruction of "Judaizers."
Category: History

The South In World Politics

Author : C. Alden
ISBN : 9780230281196
Genre : Social Science
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The South in World Politics is a timely analysis of the influence and effectiveness of developing states in shaping the international order from the politics of the Cold War and North-South confrontation to the contemporary challenges of globalization and the rising power of emerging economies.
Category: Social Science

Tropical Babylons

Author : Stuart B. Schwartz
ISBN : 9780807895627
Genre : History
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The idea that sugar, plantations, slavery, and capitalism were all present at the birth of the Atlantic world has long dominated scholarly thinking. In nine original essays by a multinational group of top scholars, Tropical Babylons re-evaluates this so-called "sugar revolution." The most comprehensive comparative study to date of early Atlantic sugar economies, this collection presents a revisionist examination of the origins of society and economy in the Atlantic world. Focusing on areas colonized by Spain and Portugal (before the emergence of the Caribbean sugar colonies of England, France, and Holland), these essays show that despite reliance on common knowledge and technology, there were considerable variations in the way sugar was produced. With studies of Iberia, Madeira and the Canary Islands, Hispaniola, Cuba, Brazil, and Barbados, this volume demonstrates the similarities and differences between the plantation colonies, questions the very idea of a sugar revolution, and shows how the specific conditions in each colony influenced the way sugar was produced and the impact of that crop on the formation of "tropical Babylons--multiracial societies of great oppression. Contributors: Alejandro de la Fuente, University of Pittsburgh Herbert Klein, Columbia University John J. McCusker, Trinity University Russell R. Menard, University of Minnesota William D. Phillips Jr., University of Minnesota Genaro Rodriguez Morel, Seville, Spain Stuart B. Schwartz, Yale University Eddy Stols, Leuven University, Belgium Alberto Vieira, Centro de Estudos Atlanticos, Madeira
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Antonio Candido

Author : Antonio Candido
ISBN : 9781400863983
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Here Howard Becker makes available for an English-speaking audience a collection of the provocative work of Antonio Candido, one of the leading men of letters in Brazil. Trained as a sociologist, Candido conceives of literature as a social project and is equally at home in textual analyses, discussions of literary theory, and sociological, anthropological, and historical argument. It would be impossible to overstate his impact on the intellectual life of his own country, and on Latin American scholars who can read Portuguese, but he is little known in the rest of the world. In literary, women's, and cultural studies, as well as in sociology, this book contributes a sophisticated and unusual perspective that will dazzle readers unfamiliar with Candido's work. Emphasizing the breadth of Candido's interests, the essays include those on European literature (Dumas, Conrad, Kafka, and Cavafy, for example), on Brazilian literature (Machado de Assis and others), on Brazilian cultural life and politics, and on general problems of criticism (the relations between sociology and criticism, and the problem of literature in underdeveloped countries). Of particular interest is a long piece on Teresina Carini Rocchi, an Italian immigrant to Brazil, who was a lifelong socialist. Originally published in 1995. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.
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Conflicts Of Empires

Author : Jonathan Israel
ISBN : 1852851619
Genre : History
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The period between the late sixteenth and the early eighteenth centuries was one of tremendous, and ultimately decisive, shifts in the balance of political, military and economic power in both Europe and the wider world. Spain's overwhelming dominance in the 1580s seemed unassailable, yet by the Peace of Utrecht in 1713 its greatness had been eclipsed, leaving supremacy to Britain, France and, in the commercial sphere, the Dutch. In these essays (five of which are previously unpublished) Jonathan Israel argues that Spain's efforts to maintain her hegemony continued to be centred on the Low Countries. One should not readily assume that Spain's order of priorities was misconceived: at times she appeared to be close to succeeding. Both France and Britain were deeply riven by religious, political and social divisions during a large part of the seventeenth century. While it is true that after Spain's final defeat, at the Peace of the Pyrenees (1659), French preponderance within, and British supremacy outside, Europe seemed increasingly probable, the overthrow of James II in 1688 might well have been the prelude to political chaos and civil war in Britain. While long-term economic and social trends played a large part in shaping the outcome of events, it is also true that the impact of personalities and short-term contingencies could often be decisive.
Category: History

The Evolution Of The Portuguese Atlantic Essays In Honour Of Ursula Lamb

Author : Timothy J. Coates
Genre :
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This special issue volume of the Portuguese Studies Review in honor of Ursula Lamb (1914-1996) presents studies by Timothy Coates, A.J.R. Russell-Wood, Ivana Elbl, Alberto Vieira, Martin Malcolm Elbl, Gerardo A. Lorenzino, César Braga-Pinto, Geraldo Pieroni, Janaína Amado, Mark Cooper Emerson, Ernst Pijning, and Kirsten Shultz. The studies explore the themes of settlement, colonization, ethnogenesis, banishment and exile, the intellectual and political construction of colonial identities, cross-cultural urbanism, and regulation of commerce. The volume also includes a bibliography of Ursula Lamb's works.

Historical Interpretations Of The Fifth Empire

Author : Maria Ana T. Valdez
ISBN : 9789004191921
Genre : Religion
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Drawing on the tradition of the interpretation of eschatological concepts such as Fifth Empire and succession of ages, this book attempts to contextualize and analyze António Vieira, S.J., interpretation’s, particularly in the História do Futuro and in the Clavis Prophetarum.
Category: Religion

Portuguese Humanism And The Republic Of Letters

Author : Maria Berbara
ISBN : 9789004217218
Genre : History
File Size : 80.10 MB
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This volume focuses on the interdisciplinary investigation of Portuguese humanism, especially as a noteworthy player in the international network of early modern scholarship, literature and visual arts.
Category: History

Dreams Dreamers And Visions

Author : Ann Marie Plane
ISBN : 9780812245042
Genre : History
File Size : 79.52 MB
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In Europe and North and South America during the early modern period, people believed that their dreams might be, variously, messages from God, the machinations of demons, visits from the dead, or visions of the future. Interpreting their dreams in much the same ways as their ancient and medieval forebears had done—and often using the dream-guides their predecessors had written—dreamers rejoiced in heralds of good fortune and consulted physicians, clerics, or practitioners of magic when their visions waxed ominous. Dreams, Dreamers, and Visions traces the role of dreams and related visionary experiences in the cultures within the Atlantic world from the late thirteenth to early seventeenth centuries, examining an era of cultural encounters and transitions through this unique lens. In the wake of Reformation-era battles over religious authority and colonial expansion into Asia, Africa, and the Americas, questions about truth and knowledge became particularly urgent and debate over the meaning and reliability of dreams became all the more relevant. Exploring both indigenous and European methods of understanding dream phenomena, this volume argues that visions were central to struggles over spiritual and political authority. Featuring eleven original essays, Dreams, Dreamers, and Visions explores the ways in which reports and interpretations of dreams played a significant role in reflecting cultural shifts and structuring historic change. Contributors: Emma Anderson, Mary Baine Campbell, Luis Corteguera, Matthew Dennis, Carla Gerona, María V Jordán, Luís Filipe Silvério Lima, Phyllis Mack, Ann Marie Plane, Andrew Redden, Janine Rivière, Leslie Tuttle, Anthony F. C. Wallace.
Category: History

The Fire Of Tongues

Author : Thomas M. Cohen
ISBN : 9780804729079
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.76 MB
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"This important contribution to the biographical literature on Antãonio Vieira demonstrates how his experiences in Brazil, and his detention by the Inquisition in Portugal, convinced him that the missionary enterprise must be separated from Portugal's imperial project. Vieira concluded that the Jesuits' special talents (especially their talent for languages) equipped them to build the Christian church in the New World"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Colet Nea Diamante

Author : José Antonio Vieira
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Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
ISBN : OXFORD:555094487
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