Animal Welfare In A Changing World

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Animal Welfare In A Changing World

Author : Andrew Butterworth
ISBN : 9781786392459
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Contemporary and challenging, this thought-provoking book outlines a number of the key dilemmas in animal welfare for today's, and tomorrow's, world. The issues discussed range from the welfare of hunted animals, to debates around intensive farming versus sustainability, and the effects of climate and environmental change. The book explores the effects of fences on wild animals and human impacts on carrion animals; the impacts of tourism on animal welfare; philosophical questions about speciesism; and the quality and quantity of animal lives. The welfare impacts of human-animal interactions are explored, including human impacts on marine mammals, fish, wildlife, and companion and farm animals. Animal Welfare in a Changing World provides: Concise, opinion-based views on important issues in animal welfare by world experts and key opinion leaders. Pieces based on experience, which balance evidence-based approaches and the welfare impacts of direct engagement through training, campaigning and education. A wide-ranging collection of examples and descriptions of animal welfare topics which outline dilemmas in the real world, that are sometimes challenging, and not always comfortable reading. This is a 'must-read' book for animal and veterinary scientists, ethologists, policy and opinion leaders, NGOs, conservation biologists and anyone who feels passionately about the welfare of animals
Category: Medical

Agricultural Marketing And Consumer Behavior In A Changing World

Author : Berend Wierenga
ISBN : 9781461562733
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As in many other sectors, in agribusiness major changes are taking place. On the demand side, consumers are changing lifestyles, eating and shopping habits, and increasingly are demanding more accommodation of these needs in the supermarket. With regard to the supply: the traditional distribution channel dominators - manufacturers of branded consumer products - are trying hard to defend their positions against retailers, who gather and use information about the consumer to streamline their enterprises and strengthen their ties with the consumer. The agricultural producers, meanwhile, face increased regulations with regard to food additives, pesticides, and herbicides. Pressures rise as their business becomes more specialized and capital-intensive than that of their predecessors. Finally, the larger political climate is not so favorable to agriculture, which now has to compete in the global market without significant government support. This title describes and interprets changes in the domain of agriculture and food. The contributors develop the theme of taking an interdisciplinary approach to coping with these changes, using concepts and methods developed in general marketing, which are adapted so as to apply to the particular characteristics of the food and agriculture sector. This book is published to honor the distinguished career of Professor Mathew T.G. Meulenberg from Wageningen Agricultural University, on the occasion of his retirement in September 1996. As a scientist, teacher, and advisor to the agribusiness and the government, Professor Meulenberg has made an important contribution to the development of marketing, inside and outside the domain of agriculture.
Category: Business & Economics

Safety And Reliability Safe Societies In A Changing World

Author : Stein Haugen
ISBN : 9781351174640
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Safety and Reliability – Safe Societies in a Changing World collects the papers presented at the 28th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2018 in Trondheim, Norway, June 17-21, 2018. The contributions cover a wide range of methodologies and application areas for safety and reliability that contribute to safe societies in a changing world. These methodologies and applications include: - foundations of risk and reliability assessment and management - mathematical methods in reliability and safety - risk assessment - risk management - system reliability - uncertainty analysis - digitalization and big data - prognostics and system health management - occupational safety - accident and incident modeling - maintenance modeling and applications - simulation for safety and reliability analysis - dynamic risk and barrier management - organizational factors and safety culture - human factors and human reliability - resilience engineering - structural reliability - natural hazards - security - economic analysis in risk management Safety and Reliability – Safe Societies in a Changing World will be invaluable to academics and professionals working in a wide range of industrial and governmental sectors: offshore oil and gas, nuclear engineering, aeronautics and aerospace, marine transport and engineering, railways, road transport, automotive engineering, civil engineering, critical infrastructures, electrical and electronic engineering, energy production and distribution, environmental engineering, information technology and telecommunications, insurance and finance, manufacturing, marine transport, mechanical engineering, security and protection, and policy making.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Bats In The Anthropocene Conservation Of Bats In A Changing World

Author : Christian C. Voigt
ISBN : 9783319252209
Genre : Nature
File Size : 43.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book focuses on central themes related to the conservation of bats. It details their response to land-use change and management practices, intensified urbanization and roost disturbance and loss. Increasing interactions between humans and bats as a result of hunting, disease relationships, occupation of human dwellings, and conflict over fruit crops are explored in depth. Finally, contributors highlight the roles that taxonomy, conservation networks and conservation psychology have to play in conserving this imperilled but vital taxon. With over 1300 species, bats are the second largest order of mammals, yet as the Anthropocene dawns, bat populations around the world are in decline. Greater understanding of the anthropogenic drivers of this decline and exploration of possible mitigation measures are urgently needed if we are to retain global bat diversity in the coming decades. This book brings together teams of international experts to provide a global review of current understanding and recommend directions for future research and mitigation.
Category: Nature

Marine Mammal Welfare

Author : Andy Butterworth
ISBN : 9783319469942
Genre : Science
File Size : 71.20 MB
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Marine mammals attract human interest – sometimes this interest is benign or positive – whale watching, conservation programmes for whales, seals, otters, and efforts to clear beaches of marine debris are seen as proactive steps to support these animals. However, there are many forces operating to affect adversely the lives of whales, seals, manatees, otters and polar bears – and this book explores how the welfare of marine mammals has been affected and how they have adapted, moved, responded and sometimes suffered as a result of the changing marine and human world around them. Marine mammal welfare addresses the welfare effects of marine debris, of human traffic in the oceans, of noise, of hunting, of whale watching and tourism, and of some of the less obvious impacts on marine mammals – on their social structures, on their behaviours and migration, and also of the effects on captivity for animals kept in zoos and aquaria. There is much to think and talk about – how marine mammals respond in a world dramatically influenced by man, how are their social structures affected and how is their welfare impacted?
Category: Science

Knowledge For A Changing World

Author : University of Minnesota. College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences
ISBN : MINN:31951P006736480
Genre : Agricultural education
File Size : 42.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Agricultural education

Animal Rights

Author : Robert Garner
ISBN : 9780814730973
Genre : Nature
File Size : 64.18 MB
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In the 1990s, Marilyn Agee developed one of the most well-known amateur evangelical websites focused on the “End Times”, The Bible Prophecy Corner. Around the same time, Lambert Dolphin, a retired Stanford physicist, started the website Lambert’s Library to discuss with others online how to experience the divine. While Marilyn and Lambert did not initially correspond directly, they have shared several correspondents in common. Even as early as 1999 it was clear that they were members of the same online network of Christians, a virtual church built around those who embraced a common ideology. Digital Jesus documents how such like-minded individuals created a large web of religious communication on the Internet, in essence developing a new type of new religious movement—one without a central leader or institution. Based on over a decade of interaction with figures both large and small within this community, Robert Glenn Howard offers the first sustained ethnographic account of the movement as well as a realistic and pragmatic view of how new communication technologies can both empower and disempower the individuals who use them. By tracing the group’s origins back to the email lists and “Usenet” groups of the 1980s up to the online forums of today, Digital Jesus also serves as a succinct history of the development of online group communications.
Category: Nature

The European Union In A Changing World

Author : Rajendra Kumar Jain
ISBN : UOM:39015069128356
Genre : European Union
File Size : 38.68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Revision of papers presented at a seminar organized by West European Studies Division of the Centre for American and West European Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in association with the Centre for Human Sciences of the French Embassy, New Delhi, on 6-7 September 2001.
Category: European Union

The Welfare Of Animals

Author : Clive Phillips
ISBN : 9781402092190
Genre : Science
File Size : 26.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Welfare of Animals is an exciting book that will stimulate and provoke its readers. It describes many problems faced by animals – those we use for food, for pleasure or in research, and those simply but harshly affected by shrinking habitats in the face of the ever-growing human population. And yet it is not a depressing read. It focuses not only on the difficulties that animals face, but on their capacity for free-choice, for joy and excitement, and on the possible ways in which the planet can be shared between species if only we take the time and trouble to think more carefully about the impact of our actions. Clive Phillips moved from the United Kingdom to take up a Foundation Chair in Animal Welfare at the University of Queensland, becoming Australia’s first Professor of Animal Welfare in 2003. This cultural leap, combined with his travels in countries like Malaysia and Borneo, permits him the unique and broad perspective that forms the backbone of this book. Eschewing the normal territory patrolled by the animal scientist (explaining the physiological basis of the stress response or causation of abnormal behaviour), Clive ventures into jungles and deserts, city centres and tribal homelands, and presents a book that remarkably and successfully combines travel-diary, nature notes, social and cultural history.
Category: Science

Global Politics In A Changing World

Author : Richard W. Mansbach
ISBN : IND:30000087935957
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43.28 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of classic writings and current events articles from journalistic sources illuminates the central issues in the study of international relations while familiarizing students with contemporary actors and debates in world politics. Case materials emphasize the global nature of issues in the Post-Cold War era. The distinctive blend of readings-from sources such as The New York Times and The Economist-provide a stimulus for informed debate and encourage students to view daily events as part of the larger process of global change. A reorganized structure includes the addition of Part I: The Changing Nature of War which allows for a greater thematic coherence and supports a change in emphasis from traditional to postmodern warfare. Every chapter opens with a brief essay to provide context, then addresses key topics from a scholarly/theoretical view, followed by readings that present news and current events within the chapter theme. Suggested topics at the end of each chapter help reinforce students' understanding of readings and provide a starting point for class discussion. Chapter 3: A New Kind of War? International Terrorism and Chapter 8: Thy Brother's Keeper: Human Rights and International Law in the Postinternational Era respond to the September 11, 2001 attacks and the increased importance of human rights and international law.
Category: Political Science

Ecology And Conservation Of Wolves In A Changing World

Author : Ludwig N. Carbyn
ISBN : UOM:39015038133982
Genre : Nature
File Size : 44.19 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a compilation of selected papers presented at the Second North American Symposium on Wolves, held in Edmonton in August 1992.
Category: Nature

Women In A Changing World

Author : International Council of Women
ISBN : UOM:39015050560518
Genre : Women
File Size : 45.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Women

The Economics Of Farm Animal Welfare

Author : Bouda Vosough Ahmadi
ISBN : 9781786392312
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This landmark new text charts the latest developments in economic research relevant to farm animal welfare. A range of global experts and key opinion leaders outline the challenges in achieving sustainable livestock production while improving farm profit, climate change and animal welfare, and make policy-relevant recommendations for the future. This is a theoretical yet practical book that examines: - the origins of farm animal welfare, cross-disciplinary interactions and the future of the field; - consumer demand and changing preferences as animal welfare rises up the social agenda; - the impact political organisations such as the EU and WTO have on animal welfare. An important resource for policy makers and animal welfare scientists, economists and clinicians, this book provides a thought-provoking yet evidence-based review for all those interested in quantifying and improving farm animal welfare.
Category: Medical

Law Enforcement In A New Century And A Changing World Improving The Administration Of Federal Law Enforcement Report Of The Commission On The Advancement Of Federal Law Enforcement

Author :
ISBN : 016088439X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Global crime, cybercrime and terrorism in new and evermore dangerous form will threaten the safety of Americans and the security of the United States in the next century. Globalized crime knows no borders; it can undermine business competition, corrode enemies, and destabilize political systems. Cybercrime can assault any country’s physical and information infrastructure. Terrorists can kill and destroy for maximum effect. In addition, increasingly sophisticated drug trafficking uses advanced information and telecommunications technologies to import and distribute illegal drugs without detection. For the first time in recent history, a Congressional Commission has set out to study the integration of widely disparate and often conflicting issues to strengthen the law enforcement fabric of the Federal Government while protecting democracy and the rights and liberties of individual citizens. The Commission saw its role as calling the Nation’s attention to the broadest concerns in national and international law enforcement. It also urges the Nation and its Federal law enforcement establishment to break down the barriers of institutional thinking and find new ways to approach the challenges of crime in the new century. Over its 2-year tenure, the Commission met more than 20 times and took verbal and sometimes written testimony from some 70 witnesses, including two members of President Clinton’s Cabinet and numerous presidential appointees. They identified that reforms are needed in six major areas: 1) To combat global crime, cybercrime, and terrorism; 2) Make it clear that the Attorney General has broad coordinating authority for Federal law enforcement, and minimize overlap and duplication 3) Provide the intelligence and information needed to combat terrorism; 4) Make global crime a national law enforcement priority; 5) Reverse the trend toward federalization; and 6)Focus on professionalism, integrity, and accountability.
Category: Political Science

Climate Change And Sustainable Development

Author : Thomas Potthast
ISBN : 9789086867530
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Climate change is a major framing condition for sustainable development of agriculture and food. Global food production is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time it is among the sectors worst affected by climate change. This book brings together a multidisciplinary group of authors exploring the ethical dimensions of climate change and food. Conceptual clarifications provide a necessary basis for putting sustainable development into practice. Adaptation and mitigation demand altering both agricultural and consumption practices. Intensive vs. extensive production is reassessed with regard to animal welfare, efficiency and environmental implications. Property rights pay an ever-increasing role, as do shifting land-use practices, agro-energy, biotechnology, food policy to green consumerism. And, last but not least, tools are suggested for teaching agricultural and food ethics. Notwithstanding the plurality of ethical analyses and their outcome, it becomes apparent that governance of agri-food is faced by new needs and new approaches of bringing in the value dimension much more explicitly. This book is intended to serve as a stimulating collection that will contribute to debate and reflection on the sustainable future of agriculture and food production in the face of global change.
Category: Science

The Future Of Cetaceans In A Changing World

Author : William C. G. Burns
ISBN : UVA:35007005149491
Genre : Law
File Size : 22.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume consists of fifteen chapters by prominent authorities in the fields of cetacean law, policy, and science. The overarching purpose of the book is to assess the challenges faced by cetacean species in the 21st century, and the role of legal, political, and scientific institutions to meet these challenges. The book also contains several chapters that address the abiding ethical questions dividing those who seek to continue to exploit cetaceans as resources and those who maintain that direct exploitation should be permanently banned on the grounds of sentience or intelligence. Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.
Category: Law

Animal Welfare And Human Values

Author : Rod Preece
ISBN : 9781554587674
Genre : Nature
File Size : 57.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the most populous province in Canada, Ontario is a microcosm of the animal welfare issues which beset Western civilization. The authors of this book, chairman and vice-chairman, respectively, of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, find themselves constantly being made aware of the atrocities committed in the Society’s jurisdiction. They have been, in turn, puzzled, exasperated and horrified at humanity’s cruelty to our fellow sentient beings. The issues discussed in this book are the most contentious in animal welfare disputes — animal experimentation, fur-farming and trapping, the use of animals for human entertainment and the conditions under which animals are raised for human consumption. They are complex issues and should be thought about fairly and seriously. The authors, standing squarely on the side of the animals, suggest “community” and “belonging” as concepts through which to understand our relationships to other species. They ground their ideas in Wordsworth’s “primal sympathy” and Jung’s “unconscious identity” with the animal realm. The philosophy developed in this book embraces common sense and compromise as the surest paths to the goal of animal welfare. It requires respect and consideration for other species while acknowledging our primary obligations to our fellow humans.
Category: Nature

Animals And Human Society

Author : Aubrey Manning
ISBN : 9781134874279
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 23.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Modern society is beginning to re-examine its whole relationship with animals and the natural world. Until recently issues such as animal welfare and environmental protection were considered the domain of small, idealistic minorities. Now, these issues attract vast numbers of articulate supporters who collectively exercise considerable political muscle. Animals, both wild and domestic, form the primary focus of concern in this often acrimonious debate. Yet why do animals evoke such strong and contradictory emotions in people - and do our western attitudes have anything in common with those of other societies and cultures? Bringing together a range of contributions from distinguished experts in the field, Animals and Society explores the importance of animals in society from social, historical and cross-cultural perspectives.
Category: Social Science

The Welfare Of Invertebrate Animals

Author : Claudio Carere
ISBN : 9783030139476
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is devoted to the welfare of invertebrates, which make up 99% of animal species on earth. Addressing animal welfare, we do not often think of invertebrates; in fact we seldom consider them to be deserving of welfare evaluation. And yet we should. Welfare is a broad concern for any animal that we house, control or utilize – and we utilize invertebrates a lot. The Authors start with an emphasis on the values of non-vertebrate animals and discuss the need for a book on the present topic. The following chapters focus on specific taxa, tackling questions that are most appropriate to each one. What is pain in crustaceans, and how might we prevent it? How do we ensure that octopuses are not bored? What do bees need to thrive, pollinate our plants and give us honey? Since invertebrates have distinct personalities and some social animals have group personalities, how do we consider this? And, as in the European Union’s application of welfare consideration to cephalopods, how do the practical regulatory issues play out? We have previously relegated invertebrates to the category ‘things’ and did not worry about their treatment. New research suggest that some invertebrates such as cephalopods and crustaceans can have pain and suffering, might also have consciousness and awareness. Also, good welfare is going to mean different things to spiders, bees, corals, etc. This book is taking animal welfare in a very different direction. Academics and students of animal welfare science, those who keep invertebrates for scientific research or in service to the goals of humans, as well as philosophers will find this work thought-provoking, instructive and informative.
Category: Science