Anecdotes From The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad

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Anecdotes From The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad

Author : Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui
ISBN : 9781934271278
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This booklet is intended to give the reader a glimpse into the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah's blessings be upon him) whose message is addressed to all mankind and holds good for all times to come. The very nature of this work demands that one should study the different biographies of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, his sayings and actions as mentioned in the standard works like Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim, etc., and make selections therefrom. The choicest and most typical of anecdotes of the Holy Prophet are presented. These will hold the readers' interest and appeal to them.
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Enjoy Your Life

Author : Dr. Muhammad Adb Al-Rahman Al-Arifi
Genre :
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This is an exquisite collection of incidents from the life of the Prophet (S), stories from our Islamic Heritage, and thought-provoking anecdotes from the life of the author. The aim of the book is to train the reader to enjoy living his life by practicing various self-development and inter-personal skills. What is so compelling and inspiring about this book is that, in order to highlight the benefit of using social skills, the author draws from the lives of the Prophet (S) and his Companions. The techniques for living a happy and a leisured life are 100% applicable in every society. To meet the real goodness of life, manage and discipline ourselves well, our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) always was and will always be our mentor. His great characters must be followed and applied to our way of living. 'Enjoy your Life' is a must read book. Not only that, but it's reader-friendly. It teaches you how to deal with people in different manners by containing most of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)'s lifestyle that can be benefited by Muslims and and even the non-Muslim readers. The book is written by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Arfi (b 1970) who is a prominent scholar and orator from Saudi Arabia. Every reader mostly recommends this book to others with assurance that they'll benefit from it much more than one expects.

Anecdotes From Islam

Author : Ibarāhīma Khām̐
ISBN : UCAL:B4051705
Genre : Exempla, Islamic
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Prophet Muhammad In French And English Literature

Author : Ahmad Gunny
ISBN : 9780860376460
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Gunny, a pioneer in the study of French and European literary and theological representations of Islam in the modern period, offers a survey of over 350 years, which is both a cross cultural history and a discussion of the intellectual changes in the representation of the Prophet's life based on the examination of original published and unpublished manuscripts." -Islamic Horizons "Ahmad Gunny has been a pioneer in the study of French and European literary and theological representations of Islam in the modern period. Thanks to his acclaimed critical studies, students and scholars alike have found in his work new and important directions for research." —Nabil Matar, professor, University of Minnesota This magisterial survey of the Prophet Muhammad over three hundred and fifty years is both a cross cultural history and a discussion of the intellectual changes in the representation of the Prophet's life based on the close examination of original published and unpublished manuscripts. Ahmad Gunny is fellow and senior associate at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.
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Islam And The Malay Indonesian World

Author : Peter G. Riddell
ISBN : 1850653364
Genre : Indonesia
File Size : 24.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This text examines the history of the arrival of Islam in South East Asia and the manner in which it has developed in this setting.
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Love At Home

Author : Khurram Murad
ISBN : 0860371220
Genre : Families
File Size : 81.46 MB
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These stories highlight the mutual love and respect which should characterize Muslim family life.
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Women Of Sufism

Author : Camille Adams Helminski
ISBN : 9780834828308
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The luminous presence of women who follow the Sufi Way—the mystical path of Islam—is brought to life here through their sacred songs and poetry, their dreams and visions, and stories of their efforts as they witness the Truth in many realms. These writings reflect the honor and respect for the feminine in the Sufi worldview, and they are shared in the spirit of inspiration and hope for the flourishing contributions of women to the spiritual development of humanity. Spanning the centuries, from the time of the Prophet Muhammad to the present day, the selections are by or about an array of Sufi traditions in different parts of the world, from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East to Europe and America—from beloved members of the Prophet's family to the mystic Rabi'a al-Adawiyya to the modern scholar Annemarie Schimmel. Biographical anecdotes and personal memoirs provide a glimpse into the experience of great saints and contemporary practitioners alike, while providing an introduction to the principles and practices of Sufism.
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Stories Of Bible Children

Author : E. M. Waterworth
ISBN : OXFORD:591032984
Genre : Children in the Bible
File Size : 89.91 MB
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The Ad Th Isnads Transmission Terminology And The Issue Of Dating

Author : Mustafa Akram Ali Shah
ISBN : 0415476208
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.75 MB
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"The Prophetic traditions of Islam, which are commonly referred to as the hadiths (literally: 'reports'), preserve the sum and substance of the utterances, deeds, directives, and descriptive anecdotes connected with the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his Companions. Together with the Qur'an, the hadiths provide the religion of Islam with its principal scriptural sources. The collection features an accessible and informative introduction which presents an outline of the significance of the hadiths within the religious tradition while also reviewing classical scholarship devoted to the literature of the traditions; moreover, the introduction decisively sets into context the academic debates and arguments which are fleshed out in the articles selected. It also charts developments in the academic study of hadiths, summing up the current state of the field and features a detailed bibliography listing primary classical sources germane to the field of Prophetic traditions together with recent research monographs and articles devoted to the subject. This Major Work provides an authoritative collection of the seminal research articles produced by western academic scholarship on the subject of the hadith over the past century, including recent papers on the subject. In bringing together the finest examples of scholarship devoted to the hadith and the classical literature that surrounds it, these volumes provide an indispensable reference resource for academics, research institutions, governmental organizations, and those with a general interest in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, Arabic Cultural Studies, and Middle East History." -- Publisher description.
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Understanding Muhammad

Author : Ali Sina
ISBN : 9780980994803
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Focusing on the "why" rather than the "what," this resource unravels the mystique of Muhammad, one of the most enigmatic and influential men in history.
Category: Political Science


Author : Lloyd Ridgeon
ISBN : 9780748688159
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The first English translation of 3 major texts in medieval Sufi ethics.
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Islamic Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105008402757
Genre : Islam
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Ylg Pamphlet

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B5167817
Genre : Children
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Seven Doors To Islam

Author : John Renard
ISBN : 0520917472
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Seven Doors to Islam reveals the religious worldview and spiritual tradition of the world's one billion Muslims. Spanning the breadth of Islamic civilization from Morocco to Indonesia, this book demonstrates how Muslims have used the literary and visual arts in all their richness and diversity to communicate religious values. Each of the seven chapters opens a "door" that leads progressively closer to the very heart of Islam, from the foundational revelation in the Qur'an to the transcendent experience of the Sufi mystics. However, unlike most studies of Islam, which see spirituality as the concern of a minority of mystical seekers, Seven Doors demonstrates its central role in every aspect of the Islamic tradition.
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Stories Of The Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Author : Mohammad Amin Sheikho
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mohammad Amin Sheikho Birth: 1890 A.D (1308 A.H) Death: 1964 A.D (1384 A.H) Precept: Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an Early Years Scholar Sheikho was born in al-Ward district in Sarouja Quarter, one of the historical districts of Damascus, in Syria which was called mini-Istanbul during the period of the Ottoman rule. He was raised in an Arab style house situated opposite the famous public al-Ward Bathhouse. This house stands there to the present day. Scholar Sheikho was still young when his father, the merchant Ismael Sheikho, departed this world. Mohammad Saleem, the only and elder brother of Mohammad Amin, was assigned as a director of the Military School during the Ottoman rule. Education At the age of twelve the boy who was to become the great scholar was enrolled at al-Rashidiya School, he then went on to complete his studies in Amber, the Royal Ottoman Faculty in Damascus. He received many certificates of praise and commendation during the Ottoman rule and then under the reign of King Faisal in Syria. There are many copies of these certificates still preserved in trustworthy hands. Achievements During the period of the Turkish rule, he was head of many police-stations in Damascus and its dependent counties. He was a shining example to all for his unfailing attention to duty, the vitality with which he approached every task, and the high level of achievement in many varied deeds which were of great benefit to mankind. During the French mandate he was appointed a director of the prisons of the citadel of Damascus. When the great Syrian uprising took place against the French forces, he helped the revolutionaries in every conceivable way until they placed the seal of the revolution in his trustworthy hands. Due to his subversive activities he fell foul of the French governor of Syria resulting in an order being issued for his execution; but the Almighty God saved him. During this period he was compliant in many attempts to overthrow French rule. He was the companion of Sheikh Amin Kuftaro for almost twenty years and following his death Scholar Sheikho followed his footsteps and became the next in succession to guide and teach the disciples of the eminent sheikh. His assemblies were distinguished by the profound level of wisdom with which he imparted his teaching and guidance. He took great care to draw the attention of his followers to beware of the tales of the Israelites which defame the biography of the noble persons, the Envoys of God (pth), and of anything ascribed to them which conflicts their perfection and impeccability. In 1953, the famous coeval philosopher, Sir John Godolphin Bennett came from Britain to visit him. He remained in his company for three weeks that were filled with lengthy dialogues about the religion of Islam and its actuality. Sir John asked Scholar Sheikho many questions about the exact definition of the ‘spirit’ and the difference between that and the ‘soul’, as well as asking for clarification about Godly Justice, a topic which he found difficult to comprehend. As a result of this visit, Sir John practised Islamic legislation and performed the prayers along with the followers of the scholar. This visit was referred to briefly in the autobiography of Sir John Bennett in his book Witness; but after his death, a book containing special personal recollections written by Sir John was published in 1975 under the title Journeys in Islamic Countries, wherein he spoke in detail about this meeting. In this book he gave a detailed account of the personality and character of Scholar Sheikho, and of his lectures and disciples. He also mentioned the great benefits he had derived from his life-changing meeting with the scholar. During his lectures Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho pointed frequently to the belief in the return of Jesus Christ (pth), from the Islamic perspective. He also indicated the near advent of this significant world event as, according to his explanations, most of the conditions for this momentous Hour had been fulfilled. This was disclosed in his book: The Envoy of Peace Looms on the Horizon: the Return of Jesus Christ. In referring to his meeting with Scholar Sheikho, Sir John made mention of this issue in his two books: Witness and Journeys in Islamic Countries. Professor Abdul-Kadir John, alias al-Dayrani, published the book Stories of the Scholar wherein he writes in detail about many deeds performed by his teacher, Mohammad Amin Sheikho. One of His Pupils Professor A. K. John, alias al-Dayrani is the best known and most distinguished among the pupils of Scholar Sheikho. He received a certificate of General Education (a Syrian certificate which included the study of nine different sciences). Prof. al-Dayrani collected and verified more than fifty books which were dictated by Scholar Sheikho and written on his behalf. Therefore his name is always mentioned in association with the name of Mohammad Amin Sheikho.
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