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And Did Those Feet

Author : Charlie Connelly
ISBN : 9780748111534
Genre : Travel
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The landscape of the British Isles is filled with history, much of which we miss as it flashes past the car window. Do we even realise that we're following the same path as the Tolpuddle Martyrs, or that we're driving past the exact spot where King Harold was killed, shot through the eye with an arrow? As a lover of both history and the British countryside, Charlie Connelly decided to rectify this, and set out on a series of walks that recreate famous historical journeys. En route he retells the story of the original trip while discovering who and what now inhabit these iconic routes. Walking in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Charlie journeys alongside Boudicca's ghost in Norfolk, relives Bonnie Prince Charlie's flight to Skye disguised as Flora MacDonald's maid and takes the same 32-mile round trip as the starving Louisburgh famine walkers. He suffers broken toes, becomes trapped in the Scottish Parliament and encounters dead poets and a surprisingly high number of mad old women in woolly hats. Told with Charlie's customary charm and wit, And Did Those Feet will reveal the historical secrets hidden in the much-loved coastal, country and urban landscapes of Britain.
Category: Travel

And Did Those Feet

Author : Ted Dawe
ISBN : 9781775530800
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Adventure, danger and mystery from the award-winning Ted Dawe. 'The year mum died and Dad went mad I was packed off to a farm for a while.' The first sentence sets the scene for this tender and dramatic story. But this is no ordinary farm: our narrator's Aunt Lorna, Uncle Frank and five cousins belong to the Jerusalem League, a William Blake cult. Their house is unusual, in that the rooms are hexagons - six-sided - as are the doors and windows, the dinner table and plates. And you guessed it; they're bee-keepers. Our young narrator takes us through his initiation to farm life: chores and more chores, which he doesn't mind really, starting a new school and coping with the local bully, Noel Cudby, finding the perfect place: a swimming hole hidden in the bush, and making friends with Pimpernickle, the resident pig. It's here with Pimpernickle when we become aware of his loneliness: 'That pig is sure smart. I reckon he can tell my moods. When I'm feeling depressed, which is quite often to tell the truth, he comes over and stands next to me real close.' But when our storyteller goes off to school camp things turn from wet to wetter. Noah's flood is served up with a good serving of wind: the river rises and floods and the sorry lot of wet kids and a few parents are forced to head for higher ground. How will they cross the river and reach safe ground? Just what happens when they're rescued? A tender story told with humour and insight.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

And Did Those Feet

Author : Michael Goldsworthy
ISBN : 9781780887838
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.13 MB
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Many folklore stories over time are slowly transformed into myth and legend, permeating the national psyche, eventually becoming part of the way that we think and view ourselves as a nation. This incisive quest attempts to unravel and find answers to many of the still unanswered questions that present themselves when enquiring into some of these myths and legends. This quest offers definitive answers to such questions as: • What is the relationship between the Neolithic works dotted around the British landscape, and those who built the many churches on pre-exiting pagan sites? • Who was St. Michael and why is it that his name is inextricably linked with the phenomenon of the longest ley line in Britain? What does this system of ley lines constructed upon the British landscape portend for future generations? • Who was Joseph of Arimathea and where is he buried? • Where exactly is the fabled Island of Ictis; can we establish a relationship between this island, renowned in the ancient world as an exporter of tin, with Joseph of Arimathea? • What exactly is the prophetic tradition? Do the biblical prophets have any relevance today? Was the prophecy of Melkin that tells of the whereabouts of Jesus’ tomb, of that same prophetic tradition? • Was King Arthur’s body actually found in Glastonbury, or was it an elaborate hoax? If not, where is he buried? What is the connection between the Templar treasure and the Isle of Avalon and what has this to do with Leonardo da Vinci? • What is the meaning of the Grail stories? What is the Grail and who does it serve? Where is the Island of Sarras and why is it so named. • What has the Grail tradition to do with the Turin Shroud? How was it that Science was unable to say how the image on the Turin Shroud was formed? Why can no one explain the shrouds provenance or history prior to 1353 AD? These topics initially seem to be so disparate and unconnected that any relation between them appears scant and impossible to establish with any degree of certainty. However, it is the aim of this enquiry to show how inextricably linked these diverse questions are. It shows how the many pieces of a puzzle that have hitherto been unconnected, hidden, deliberately obscured, ignored, misunderstood, or even inadvertently lost over time, can be resolved into one conclusive body of evidence.
Category: Religion

Green And Pleasant Land

Author : Amanda Gilroy
ISBN : 9042914386
Genre : Art
File Size : 20.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The present volume, number VIII in the series Groningen Studies in Cultural Change, offers a selection of papers presented at a workshop organised by Amanda Gilroy and Wil Verhoeven entitled Green and Pleasant Land: English Culture and the Romantic Countryside. The contributions in this volume illuminate the ideological investments of particular ways of experiencing the English countryside of the Romantic era. While their analyses of cultural change are historically specific, they explore, too, the conflicted present-day legacies of romantic landscapes.
Category: Art

Those Feet

Author : David Winner
ISBN : 9781468309294
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 59.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This follow-up to Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Soccer is “an enchanting love letter to English football” (The Daily Telegraph). In this playful, witty, and highly original look at English soccer, David Winner, author of the acclaimed Brilliant Orange, journeys to the heart of an essential English pastime and sheds new light on the true nature of a rapidly changing game that was never really meant to be beautiful. With the same insightful eye he brought to his bestselling study of Dutch soccer, Winner shows how Victorian sexual anxiety underlies England’s many World Cup failures. He reveals the connection between Roy Keane and a soldier who never lived but died in the “Charge of the Light Brigade.” And he demonstrates how thick mud and wet leather shaped the contours of the English soul. “It’s neither a history of the game nor a memoir, instead exploring the interplay between sport, history, and national character . . . For thinking fans of the game, this is exquisitely pleasurable reading . . . As [Winner] finds acceptance, and even fondness, for the English game, his insight, humor, warmth, and enthusiasm place him in the top echelon of soccer writers.” —Booklist (starred review) “Thank God for David Winner . . . With an easy wit, Winner traces the game back to its roots and the results are as intriguing as they are amusing . . . A marvelous book.” —Duncan White, FourFourTwo
Category: Sports & Recreation

The Selected Poems Of William Blake

Author : William Blake
ISBN : 1853264520
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 58.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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William Blake was an engraver, painter and visionary mystic as well as one of the most revolutionary poets. This volume contains many of his writings, including: "Songs of Innocence," "Songs of Experience," "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell," and a selection from the Prophetic Books.
Category: Poetry

The Middle Of The Journey

Author : Lionel Trilling
ISBN : 9781590175521
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Published in 1947, as the cold war was heating up, Lionel Trilling's only novel was a prophetic reckoning with the bitter ideological disputes that were to come to a head in the McCarthy era. The Middle of the Journey revolves around a political turncoat and the anger his action awakens among a group of intellectuals summering in Connecticut. The story, however, is less concerned with the rights and wrongs of left and right than with an absence of integrity at the very heart of the debate. Certainly the hero, John Laskell, staging a slow recovery from the death of his lover and a near-fatal illness of his own, comes to suspect that the conflicts and commitments involved are little more than a distraction from the real responsibilities, and terrors, of the common world. A detailed, sometimes slyly humorous, picture of the manners and mores of the intelligentsia, as well as a work of surprising tenderness and ultimately tragic import, The Middle of the Journey is a novel of ideas whose quiet resonance has only grown with time. This is a deeply troubling examination of America by one of its greatest critics.
Category: Fiction

The Evil Empire

Author : Steven A. Grasse
ISBN : 1594741735
Genre : History
File Size : 20.85 MB
Format : PDF
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They invented slums. They invented child labor. They put Saddam Hussein in power. They burned Joan of Arc at the stake, and they enslaved the globe to get their tea fix. We're talking about England, of course, and the terrible evils they've set loose on the world. In The Evil Empire, American author Steven Grasse documents the 101 worst atrocities of Mother England everything from foxhunting to the invention of the concentration camp. With an irreverent mix of historical facts, smart commentary, and red-blooded American arrogance, Grasse offers a devastating critique of the country that gave us the machine gun, factory labor, and the metric system. Publishing just in time for the Queen's birthday (April 21), The Evil Empire is essential reading for true-blue Americans and others oppressed by the English throughout history.
Category: History