An Uncommon Bond

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An Uncommon Bond

Author : Jeff Brown
ISBN : 0980885965
Genre : Electronic books
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In this higher consciousness love story, author Jeff Brown introduces the concept of 'uncommon bonds' through the profound connection between Sarah and Lowen- two soul-mates who have found their way to one another yet again. In this remarkably engaging story, we walk beside the lovers as they touch the divine and then struggle to ground their love in daily life. From the heights of sacred sexuality to the depths of human foible, they ultimately have to choose- die to this love, or shrink back to mediocrity, open to the next portal of possibility or postpone it until the next lifetime. Shaped a.
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An Uncommon Bond

Author : Louise Cabral
ISBN : 9781411626140
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.23 MB
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Is there balance in the world, a recompense in which the victimizer becomes the victim and visa versa? Tivoli and Tamara Nolan, identical twins, offer an answer to this question. An Uncommon Bond has allusions to the connection between the psychic world and the everyday world as we know it. But it is full of action, of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and of the romance of young love betrayed. It spans California, Japan, Rome, Paris, London and other fascinating places while the intensity of the story builds, making it impossible not to turn the pages. It is only in the world beyond death that Tivoli comes to confront the lives she has destroyed. More unforgivable than any other is the damage done to her twin, the other part of her. It is her obligation then to restore the self-confidence of which she has robbed Tamara. Her means of doing this employs the machinations of the psychic world and the workings of reincarnation to bring the twins to karmic harmony.
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An Uncommon Bond

Author : Jay Townsend
ISBN : 1072017652
Genre :
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When Buddy Johnson lets his emotions get the best of him, he kicks a basketball and shatters an upstairs window at the house of an old man in town. This isn't just any old man. Buddy and his friends call this old man Crazy Carl. To make matters worse, his mom is making him go see the old man every Saturday for three weeks. Life isn't fair!Carl Ross is a loner. He is an alcoholic. He is suicidal. He has lost everything. Then some kid kicks a ball and it shatters the window to his office upstairs in his house. He finds out the ball belongs to Buddy Johnson. This brings up memories from his past. Memories he tries to forget every day. Carl turns to God for answers. God speaks and Carl develops a plan to meet with Buddy for three weeks and during that time gives Buddy three different challenges he must accomplish. These challenges spur conversation on what Carl calls the "servant leadership cycle" - SEE, CONNECT, and LEAD.What happens when a traumatized past meets a promising future? How can one event change the life of so many people? Find out in this leadership book when Buddy and Carl meet to develop an inspiring story of faith, forgiveness, and friendship.

An Uncommon Bond

Author : Jamie Hemmerle
ISBN : 1583852107
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.53 MB
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Kate Caulkins has lost her husband to the corporate world, and her life to feelings of doubt and frustration. It's Christmas 1990, and as the Caulkins family prepares for the holidays their lives are about to change forever. Kate's husband, Chris, finds himself frequenting the Casino's of Atlantic City, dreams of riches dancing like visions of sugar-plums in his head, oblivious to the world around him. Kate finds herself preparing for a possible war. Within this framework, their lives take off on a course of self-discovery and adventure. Action moves from a small town in Pennsylvania, to the bright lights and glitz of Atlantic City, to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and beyond. Chris is left to care for the children and their home. Haunted by A Christmas Carol-like dream, coping with the apparent loss of his wife, and courted by a romantic co-worker, a reawakening takes place. This self-discovery may be too late, however, when Kate is taken away by a bazaar set of circumstances. An Uncommon Bond is a story of self-actualization and discovery, an inspiring tale of love and hope shared by two ordinary people with an extraordinary bond. Author Bio
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Uncommon Bond

Author :
ISBN : 9781935636298
Genre : Internet
File Size : 44.87 MB
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Rose Allison Flynnmgrew out of her troubled childhood, went to college, became a teacher, married a lawyer, raised two children and didn't ask any questions. For thirty-seven years. Facebook led her to Jake, the n ow long-married boyfriend she left in 1969 and the internet fields their emotional reunion. Rose wants more from life and Jake feeds her passion online, but makes no promises.
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The Uncommon Bond Of Julia And Rose

Author : Ann Williams
ISBN : 0996930302
Genre : Female friendship
File Size : 38.88 MB
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In 1860 Julia Henderson made her will directing that her slave Rose not be sold like a brute beast, a feeble attempt to atone for the shame she bore for letting tragedy come to Rose's family, sin she would carry to her grave. Julia then decided to keep a memory journal, beginning with childhood when she woke one morning to find her father sobbing, her dead mother cradled in his arms. A slave, with cheerful little Rose in tow, was moved into their home to care for Julia and her brothers. Julia was charmed by Rose, and their half century of near sisterhood began. Rose also began to write a journal; as a child she had learned to write in Julia's "play school." The novel unfolds in the form of those interwoven journals, relating many of their shared experiences, nuanced differently by each writer. Julia adores Rose, abhors slavery, but is oblivious to her own biases. Rose returns Julia's affection with reservations; she detests being property, and having no say-so over her life. The gnarly hands of slavery encumbered them both. Both Julia and Rose were born at the turn of the 19th century on a small farm where slavery, although demeaning, was paternalistic rather than cruel. By 1860 they were living on a large cotton plantation, and writing against a background of unrest, political turmoil, and rumors of impending war. By then cruelty toward slaves, spawned by hate and fear, abounded, and laws supporting the "peculiar institution" had become nearly draconian. The journals, each in its writer's distinctive voice, tell of childhood, marriages, raising children, family separations, and deaths of loved ones. They write about the people in their lives, endearing characters, quirky ones, and some who were purely mean. And how they became tightly bound by childbirths and illness, those special intimacies reserved for women; and how other events devastated Rose, shamed Julia, and nearly broke the trust between them.
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The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Author : Tony Dungy
ISBN : 1414365799
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Retailers Choice Award winner, 2012 Strengthen the core of your life and faith on a year-long journey with beloved Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy and co-author Nathan Whitaker! This deluxe LeatherLike edition of the New York Times best-selling The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge contains 365 reflections from Tony and Nathan on living an “uncommon life” of integrity, honoring your family and friends, creating a life of real significance and impact, and walking with the Lord. This year, step up to the challenge to spend time with God—and dare to be uncommon every day. A perfect gift for sports fans, coaches, athletes, and dads!
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Advertising Theory

Author : Shelly Rodgers
ISBN : 9781136514869
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advertising Theory provides detailed and current explorations of key theories in the advertising discipline. The volume gives a working knowledge of the primary theoretical approaches of advertising, offering a comprehensive synthesis of the vast literature in the area. Editors Shelly Rodgers and Esther Thorson have developed this volume as a forum in which to compare, contrast, and evaluate advertising theories in a comprehensive and structured presentation. Chapters provide concrete examples, case studies, and readings written by leading advertising scholars and educators. Utilizing McGuire’s persuasion matrix as the structural model for each chapter, the text offers a wider lens through which to view the phenomenon of advertising as it operates within various environments. Within each area of advertising theory – and across advertising contexts – both traditional and non-traditional approaches are addressed, including electronic word-of-mouth advertising, user-generated advertising, and social media advertising contexts. As a benchmark for the current state of advertising theory, this text will facilitate a deeper understanding for advertising students, and will be required reading for advertising theory coursework.
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Author :
Genre :
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Christian Marriage Companion

Author : Dr. Sunny Uwadiae
ISBN : 1477222553
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 39.85 MB
Format : PDF
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Christian Marriage Companion is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on the biblical model of marriage and family. It is a blueprint on what an ideal Christian marriage is and how to achieve it. It exhaustively explains the ordinance and covenant of marriage, its central and peripheral purposes, role relationships of man and wife, how to push beyond intimacy into marital unity, hindrances to a happy marriage, how to resolve confl icts, and how to achieve a blissful Christian marriage. It fully examines issues such as same-sex marriage, oral sex, use of sex toys, pornography, masturbation, divorce, remarriage, effective communication, forgiveness, adultery, and active listening. With over 300 Bible references and real-life examples from marital counselling sessions, the book covers virtually all the knowledge and skills for making a Christian marriage a true success. It is a manual covering all that a person needs to know to bring full healing to their marriage, making the book a veritable alternative to face-to-face counselling. It reveals striking truths about Christian marriage that will be extremely hard to fi nd elsewhere. These include an in-depth analysis of the marriage proclamation, the idea that emotional and spiritual education is the central purpose of marriage, the idea of spiritual divorce, and the idea that Christian marriages aim at a deeper-than-intimate relationship. Christian Marriage Companion is the kind of book you simply place on the shelf for your spouse to read in their own time. They will fi nd it absolutely compelling to read. As they do so, only the stone-hearted will resist being reformed by it. Newlywed couples and those looking to improve their marriage would fi nd this book most useful. Although it was written specifi cally for Christian couples of all denominations, it has great potentials for positively impacting the marriages of non-Christians who read it with open minds. The Christian marriage ideals it teaches are unsurpassable and altruistic.
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Historic Haunts Of Savannah

Author : Michael Harris
ISBN : 9781625846631
Genre : History
File Size : 90.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Georgia’s oldest city plays hostess to a bevy of ghostly guests whose stories are wrapped up in its rich southern history. As one of America’s most haunted cities, Savannah, Georgia, has a long list of stories of the supernatural, such as the story of the first two people hanged in colonial Savannah for the murder of their abusive master. Or James Stark, a tempestuous planter, and Dr. Philip Minis, who settled their dispute with a duel and still hang around the old building at Moon River Brewing Co. Or the terrifying “boy-giant,” Rene Rhondolia, who preys on young girls and animals. Join authors Michael Harris and Linda Sickler as they navigate the chilling world of those who refuse to leave their Savannah homes. Includes photos! “Story-loving Sickler and research-savvy Harris dug behind the ghost stories of what’s called one of America’s most haunted cities.” —Savannah Now
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An Uncommon Time

Author : Paul Alan Cimbala
ISBN : 0823221954
Genre : History
File Size : 89.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A collection of new essays on the Civil War paints a vivid portrait of life in the Northern states, revealing the many effects of the conflict on the lives of ordinary people. (History)
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A Favor For Fdr

Author : Derek Hart
ISBN : 9780595759606
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In response to the fear that the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb, the US government through the OSS (forerunner of the CIA) commissioned a super-secret mission to evaluate the status of German science and to assess their progress in the area of nuclear fission. So what were the Germans really up to? The German scientists were all great minds capable of reaching the same conclusions as the American team. Were they morally against the bomb's development or did they just not understand the technical problems and concluded its development was not feasible? We may never know, because they publicly denied the possibility that such a bomb could be built, even after learning about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. US Army Captain Robert Brock makes a personal promise to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to destroy all evidence that the Germans have actually perfected the design for an atomic bomb. The "favor" takes him to Greece, Italy, France, and into Germany itself, as ALSOS races to prevent the Third Reich from using their weapon of mass destruction. Go along for a fast-paced ride as Brock delivers whatever it takes to make good on his promise, offered as a favor to FDR.
Category: Fiction

Stumbling Into Paradise

Author : Steve Osman
ISBN : 9781453508008
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24.52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1989 just as tourism was beginning in Costa Rica, the author moved to the tropics with his wife and two young daughters. This is the saga of their often humorous adventures in their new found paradise. The Costa Rican saying pura vida "pure life" summed up their hopes, but they soon learned that there's no such thing as heaven on earth. This is a must read for those contemplating dropping out to live on a tropical beach. Steve and Mary Lou now live in Montana and maintain their home in Manuel Antonio as a vacation rental, visiting as tourists when they can.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Provisional Pulpit

Author : Brandon Rottinghaus
ISBN : 9781603441957
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The cornerstone of the public presidency is the ability of the White House to influence, shape, and even manipulate public opinion. Ultimately, although much has been written about presidential leadership of opinion, we are still left with many questions pertaining to the success of presidential opinion leadership efforts throughout the modern presidency. What is still missing is a systematic, sequential approach to describe empirical trends in presidential leadership of public opinion in order to expand on important scholarly queries, to resolve empirical disputes in the literature, and to check the accuracy of conventional political wisdom on how, when, and under what conditions presidents lead public opinion. In The Provisional Pulpit, Brandon Rottinghaus develops a simple theory of presidential leadership, arguing that presidential messages are more likely to be received if there are fewer countervailing agents or messages to contradict the president’s message. He concludes, based upon the findings presented in this book, that the “bully pulpit” is largely provisional for modern presidents. The more the president can avoid the political echo chamber associated with partisan battles or communications, the better the chance the president has to lead public opinion. The Provisional Pulpit adds an important layer of understanding to the issue of how and under what conditions presidents lead public opinion. All modern presidents clearly attempt to lead public opinion; often, due to factors outside their control, they fail. This book is an exploration into how and when they succeed.
Category: Political Science

An Uncommon Soul

Author : Jason M. Gold
ISBN : 9781628380347
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When asked if he would oversee the implementation of his protocol, Josh never imagined that it would bring him overseas… After thousands of innocent people are murdered on a picture perfect Tuesday morning, retribution comes from an unlikely source. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 reshaped the world. For Dr. Joshua Walker, it was the day his old life ended and his new one began. After witnessing the attack on the World Trade Center and losing two of his friends, he begins studying the culture, the political landscape, and the evolution of the responsible terrorist organization in Afghanistan and Pakistan. After publishing two highly informative scholarly papers, Josh is contacted “out of the blue” by an old friend who works for the CIA. Utilizing his intellectual and urbane skills to help repair the shattered spirit of the country, Josh drafts a protocol statement that radically alters the way the United States confronts global terrorism. Rather than sending in large groups of soldiers, Josh believes that specially trained teams of America’s fighting elite can learn Arabic and Farsi, study Afghan culture, and disguise themselves, thereby enabling them to infiltrate the ranks of al-Qaeda. Josh is recruited into the fold of covert operations, international intrigue, and political stratagem. Driven by a fierce patriotism, a sense of devotion to his fallen friends, and possessing a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and methodology of al-Qaeda, he accepts every challenge that comes his way. Even if that means going to Afghanistan to prove the effectiveness of the DOTICE Protocol, hoping to ultimately face the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks, in order to bring one of history’s most heinous figures to justice …
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How The Dog Helps

Author : Revey Hertzler
ISBN : 1646621476
Genre :
File Size : 64.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How the Dog Helps, by Revey Hertzler, is a collection of poems told from the perspective of a gender neutral protagonist who, along with their dog, suffers from clinical anxiety.

Signs Of Infinity

Author : Paula Upton
ISBN : 0997446048
Genre :
File Size : 55.2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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2nd Edition. As spiritual seekers progress along the path of awakening, they claim the secret keys of mystical knowledge and comprehend the cardinal signs of awakening. This indispensable guidebook reveals hundreds of vital keys to soul growth that are hidden within the mystical traditions of religion, conveys the meaning of signs, truths, and principles, and divulges the great mission of the mystic's heart and mind. Impassioned guidance is interwoven with practical tips and spiritual tenets. Receive the keys to the kingdom, and unlock the sacred mysteries leading to insight, revelation, and wisdom. Become initiated into the ancient order of the mystic and glimpse into the realm of The Eternal. Signs of Infinity will help you:? Acknowledge common signs of spiritual awakening? Avoid perils on the path that threaten wisdom and maturity? Understand the reciprocal nature of intention, thought, and deed? Comprehend the mechanisms of the veils concealing Reality? Explore six forms of spiritual resistance that impede the path? Safeguard the gems of spiritual growth ? Discern how ego, desire, and delusion hinder transformation? Embrace the mission of your mystical heart

Grounded Spirituality

Author : Jeff Brown
ISBN : 1988648033
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Black And White Cat White And Black Dog

Author : Marlaena Shannon
ISBN : 0989773205
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 73.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When they first met black and white cat and white and black dog were not friends, but an act of kindness sets them on the path to becoming forever friends.
Category: Juvenile Fiction