An Introduction To The Study Of Wisdom Literature

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Introduction To Wisdom Literature Proverbs

Author : Lawrence Boadt
ISBN : 0814614752
Genre : Religion
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The Complete text of each biblical book is given, with the commentary on the same or facing page. Review aids and discussion topics make the series practical and useful for individual or group Bible study.
Category: Religion

The Tree Of Life

Author : Roland Edmund Murphy
ISBN : 0802839657
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.23 MB
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Since 1990 Roland Murphy's Tree of Life has been a standard introduction to the wisdom literature of the Bible. Now The Tree of Life is available in a third edition, complete with a new preface by the author and a special supplement that surveys the latest developments in wisdom research. This superb study thoroughly explores the wisdom writings of the Bible, interpreting this literature in a way that illumines the development of Israel's search for wisdom throughout its tumultuous history. Murphy looks at each wisdom book individually -- Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiasticus, and Wisdom of Solomon -- and adds to them a discussion of wisdom from other parts of the Old Testament. His careful investigations expose the various guises that wisdom adopts -- the "fear of the Lord," moral formation, the universality of human experience, the mysteries of creation, and others.
Category: Religion

Exploring The Old Testament

Author : Ernest C. Lucas
ISBN : 9780830853113
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Ernest C. Lucas provides an informed, illuminating and interactive introduction to the ancient background, the literary artistry, and the varied and timeless messages of the Psalms and Wisdom literature.
Category: Religion

Job An Introduction And Study Guide

Author : Katharine J. Dell
ISBN : 9780567670946
Genre : Religion
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In the light of dramatic new interpretative approaches to the Bible this guide to Job follows not only a range of new approaches to the text but also addresses the traditional historical questions and other topical issues. Dell particularly highlights the problem of genre in understanding Job. She shows how problematic the term 'wisdom' is for this unique book, and argues that its radical sentiments earn it, rather, the title of 'parody'. Of all the biblical books it comes closest to tragedy, raising profound questions about its nature and place in the biblical canon. Job's relationship to its ancient Near Eastern counterparts, notably in ancient Mesopotamia, are also closely examined and key theological themes that characterize the book are explored. Finally different approaches - feminist, liberationist, ecological and psychological - are outlined so as to illuminate and inform our own personal readings and generate ever fresh understandings of this enigmatic text.
Category: Religion

Babylonian Wisdom Literature

Author : Wilfred G. Lambert
ISBN : 0931464943
Genre : History
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In Babylonian studies 'Wisdom' is used to cover a group of texts similar in scope to the Biblical Wisdom books: discussions on the problem of suffering, teaching on the good life, fables or contest literature, and proverbs.
Category: History

An Introduction To Old Testament Study

Author : John Haralson Hayes
ISBN : 0334007046
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Intended as guide and textbook for those coming new to Old Testament study, and to provide clear directions for those puzzled by the complexity of the subject, this book sets out simply and clearly the basic issues, problems and methods of approach in current Old Testament scholarship. Dr Hayes begins by describing the development of the Hebrew Bible and how it came to exist in different canonical forms. After an account of the nature of textual criticism, he then gives a brief history of the development of Old Testament study and the problems faced by its pioneers. A full chapter is devoted to the use of form criticism in connection with the Old Testament literature, and then detailed attention is paid to each of its main categories: the Pentateuch, the historical books, Israelite prophecy, the Psalms, Israelite wisdom literature, and Jewish apocalyptic. Bibliographies are provided for each chapter, giving books for further study, and tables and summaries consolidate explanations which are notable for their lucidity. All technical terms are explained on their first appearance, and justice is done to views differing from those of the author.
Category: Religion

Wisdom To Live By

Author : Derek Kidner
ISBN : UOM:39015012977842
Genre : Bible
File Size : 74.44 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Bible

Handbook On The Wisdom Books And Psalms

Author : Daniel J. Estes
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114229441
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this work, Daniel Estes introduces students to the Old Testament poetical books--Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. Each chapter explores one of the five poetical books. Estes first summarizes some of the book's key issues. He then devotes the main portion of the chapter to an exposition of the book, interacting with major commentaries and recent studies. Each chapter concludes with an extensive bibliography, allowing for further exploration.Following in the tradition of Handbook on the Pentateuch (over sixty thousand copies sold), this valuable resource will help pastors, students, Sunday school teachers, and Bible study leaders better understand the overall flow of each poetical book.
Category: Religion

Wiley Blackwell Companion To Wisdom Literature

Author : Samuel L. Adams
ISBN : 9781119158257
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.21 MB
Format : PDF
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A comprehensive introduction to ancient wisdom literature, with fascinating essays on a broad range of topics. The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Wisdom Literature is a wide-ranging introduction to the texts, themes, and receptions of the wisdom literature of the Bible and the ancient world. This comprehensive volume brings together original essays from established scholars and emerging voices to offer a variety of perspectives on the “wisdom” biblical books, early Christian and rabbinic literature, and beyond. Varied and engaging essays provide fresh insights on topics of timeless relevance, exploring the distinct features of instructional texts and discussing their interpretation in both antiquity and the modern world. Designed for non-specialists, this accessible volume provides readers with balanced coverage of traditional biblical wisdom texts, including Proverbs, Job, Psalms, and Ecclesiastes; lesser-known Egyptian and Mesopotamian wisdom; and African proverbs. The contributors explore topics ranging from scribes and pedagogy in ancient Israel, to representations of biblical wisdom literature in contemporary cinema. Offering readers a fresh and interesting way to engage with wisdom literature, this book: Discusses sapiential books and traditions in various historical and cultural contexts Offers up-to-date discussion on the study of the biblical wisdom books Features essays on the history of interpretation and theological reception Includes essays covering the antecedents and afterlife of the texts Part of the acclaimed Wiley Blackwell Companions to Religion series, the Companion to Wisdom Literature is a valuable resource for university, seminary and divinity school students and instructors, scholars and researchers, and general readers with interest in the subject.
Category: Religion

An Introduction To The Study Of Paul

Author : David G. Horrell
ISBN : 9780567656261
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This tried and tested introduction to Paul needs little introduction of its own. After considering Paul's importance and influence, and the important sources for the study of Paul, the volume covers the following key topics: the earliest period of Christianity - from Jesus to Paul; Paul's life before and after his 'conversion'; his individual letters; the major elements of his theology; his attitude to Israel and the Jewish law; perspectives on the Pauline assemblies, including their socio-economic location, meeting places, and attitudes towards women; and Paul's legacy in the New Testament and beyond. The volume has been revised throughout and fully updated with respect to bibliography, and to presenting the latest debates surrounding Paul's thought in a manageable format - including those around 'old' and 'new' perspectives, with a new section on the 'radical' new Jewish perspective, and those related to the socio-economic status and character of the Pauline assemblies. The helpful study questions and reading lists have also been revised.
Category: Religion

An Introduction To Wisdom Literature And The Psalms

Author : Marvin E. Tate
ISBN : 0865546525
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.88 MB
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The author’s discussion of Crow tribal history and his vivid descriptions of current reservation life show how the Apsáalooke are adapting to a changing world. By examining pivotal social and religious institutions, including the clan-uncle and clan-aunt relationships, the acquisition and use of medicine, and the Sun Dance, the author show how reciprocity and interdependence weave together Apsáalooke society and help individuals determine their place in clan, society, and cosmos.
Category: Religion

Wisdom Literature And The Structure Of Proverbs

Author : Theodore Anthony Perry
ISBN : UOM:39015026975667
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Wisdom is one of the oldest and continuous genres of our literary tradition, dating back to the Hebrew Bible and the literatures of the Ancient Near East and extending into modern times through such notable points of transmission as medieval Spain. Despite its length and multicultural complexity, wisdom can be characterized, beyond its well-known emphasis on guidance in practical living, by its use of literary structures such as proverbs and maxims. A close study of these forms reveals a remarkable continuity of purpose, an interest in underlying logical structures that were crucial to both the analysis and the production of meaning. This study focuses less on "popular" proverbs than on the critical stance through which the sages approached such popular perceptions of truth. Perry argues that wisdom was a reaction to dangerous tendencies in the normal use of proverbs: their authoritarian presumption, the assumption that they somehow represent absolute truths. By way of reactive defense, sages responded through the creation of wisdom sayings, here viewed as specific tools of critical thinking and value analysis. Perry approaches the Bible from a literary point of view and draws interesting parallels with the work of such scholars as Greimas and other structuralists. He then offers a formula derived from the sages' own exegetical practices for unlocking the secrets of wisdom sayings.
Category: Literary Criticism

Character In Crisis

Author : William P. Brown
ISBN : 080284135X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.5 MB
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At a time when the chasm between academic scholarship and theological reflection seems to be widening, both the academic guild and the church share in common an uncertainty over how to study and appropriate the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. On the one hand, mainline denominations have for the most part avoided the books of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes in their preaching and educational curriculum. Biblical scholars, on the other hand, have labored hard to identify the theological significance and thematic center of the wisdom literature, but without much consensus. In Character in Crisis, William P. Brown helps to break the impasse by demonstrating that the aim of the Bible's wisdom literature is the formation of moral character - both for individuals and for the community. Brown traces the theme of moral identity and conduct throughout the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, with a concluding reflection on the Epistle of James in the New Testament, and explores a range of issues that includes literary characterization, moral discourse, worldview, and the theology of the ancient sages. He examines the ways in which central characters such as God, wisdom, and human beings are profiled in the wisdom books and shows how their characterizations impart ethical meaning to the reading community, both ancient and modern.
Category: Religion

Wisdom In Israel

Author : Gerhard von Rad
ISBN : 9780567445957
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This classic text, the last major work by the great Hebrew Bible scholar Gerhard von Rad, has long been unavailable in North America. It is now being reissued in paperback from to satisfy the continuing demand for copies of the book. In brief, the subject of von Rad's study of Hebrew wisdom is Israel's willingness to ground faith in encounter with the world as the creation of God. Those familiar with the author's Old Testament Theology will recall how he identified two great watersheds in the history of Israel's thought. The first was the rise of the prophetic movement, which occasioned a radical reinterpretation of Israel's religious traditions as expressed in the earliest creedal formulations found in the Pentateuch. The second watershed, which preceded the prophetic movement and was a basically different assessment of Israel's relation to Yahweh, was achieved by wisdom teachers at the start of the monarchy. This book studies this first and somewhat novel break with Israel's older sacral traditions. Von Rad bases the study on a wide range of literary materials principally concerned with the books of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and the Wisdom of Ben Sirach. "No finer introduction to the fundamental theological questions raised by the wisdom literature of Israel is available." Theology Today Gerhard von Rad was for many years Professor of Old Testament at the University of Heidelberg.
Category: Religion

The Anthropology Of Wisdom Literature

Author : Wanda Ostrowska Kaufmann
ISBN : 0897894723
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This unusual book examines definitions of the fable, apologue, parable, moral tale, etc. The author applies methodologies used by archaeologists in the study of artifacts to the study of literature.
Category: Social Science

Dictionary Of The Old Testament Wisdom Poetry Writings

Author : Tremper Longman III
ISBN : 9780830817832
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Old Testament books of wisdom and poetry carry themselves differently from those of the Pentateuch, the histories or the prophets. The divine voice does not peal from Sinai, there are no narratives carried along by prophetic interpretation, nor are oracles declaimed by a prophet. Here Scripture often speaks in the words of human response to God and God's world. The hymns, laments and thanksgivings of Israel, the dirge of Lamentations, the questionings of Qohelet, the love poetry of the Song of Songs, the bold drama of Job, and the proverbial wisdom of Israel all offer their textures to this great body of biblical literature. Then too there are the finely crafted stories of Ruth and Esther that narrate the silent providence of God in the course of Israelite and Jewish lives. Coverage of each biblical book includes an introduction to the book itself as well as separate articles on its ancient Near Eastern background and its history of interpretation. Additional articles amply explore the literary dimensions of Hebrew poetry and prose, including acrostic, ellipsis, inclusio, intertextuality, parallelism and rhyme. And there are well-rounded treatments of Israelite wisdom and Wisdom literature, including wisdom poems, sources and theology. In addition, a wide range of interpretive approaches is canvassed in articles on hermeneutics, feminist interpretation, form criticism, historical criticism, rhetorical criticism and social-scientific approaches. The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings is sure to command shelf space within arm's reach of any student, teacher or preacher working in this portion of biblical literature.
Category: Religion

The Wisdom Of Torah Epistemology In Deuteronomy And The Wisdom In Literature

Author : Ryan O'Dowd
ISBN : 9783525530894
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This recent study presents a hermeneutically sophisticated examination of Jewish ways of knowing as evidenced in the writings of the Hebrew Bible. Keenly aware of the philosophical and cultural currents in epistemology from ancient history to today, O'Dowd focuses on the peculiarities of the ancient Hebraic traditions.
Category: Religion


Author : Jill Middlemas
ISBN : 9780567696939
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this guide, Jill Middlemas introduces students to the Book of Lamentations by examining the book's structure and characteristics, covering the latest in biblical scholarship on Lamentations, including historical and interpretive issues, and considering a range of scholarly approaches. In particular, the guide provides students with an introduction to Hebrew poetry as it relates to Lamentations and includes insights from the field of trauma and postcolonial studies. With suggestions of further reading at the end of each chapter, this guide will be an essential accompaniment to study of Lamentations.
Category: Religion

Come And See Wisdom

Author : Laurie Manhardt, Ph. D.
ISBN : 1931018553
Genre : Wisdom literature
File Size : 27.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Come and See Catholic Bible Study Wisdom covers the wisdom literature of the bible found in the Old Testament -- Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, Wisdom and Sirach. This study uses modern study tools -- inductive and deductive learning, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the writings of popes and saintsto unlock an ancient treasure and show its current application.
Category: Wisdom literature