An Introduction To Molecular Ecology

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An Introduction To Molecular Ecology

Author : Graham Rowe
ISBN : 9780198716990
Genre : Biologie moléculaire
File Size : 61.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Revised edition of: Introduction to molecular ecology / Trevor J. C. Beebee, Graham Rowe. 2008. 2nd ed.
Category: Biologie moléculaire

Molecular Ecology

Author : Joanna R. Freeland
ISBN : 9781119426158
Genre : Science
File Size : 68.40 MB
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A fully updated guide to the increasingly prevalent use of molecular data in ecological studies Molecular ecology is concerned with how molecular biology and population genetics may help us to better understand aspects of ecology and evolution including local adaptation, dispersal across landscapes, phylogeography, behavioral ecology, and conservation biology. As the technology driving genetic science has advanced, so too has this fast-moving and innovative discipline, providing important insights into virtually all taxonomic groups. This third edition of Molecular Ecology takes account of the breakthroughs achieved in recent years to give readers a thorough and up-to-date account of the field as it is today. New topics covered in this book include next-generation sequencing, metabarcoding, environmental DNA (eDNA) assays, and epigenetics. As one of molecular ecology’s leading figures, author Joanna Freeland also provides those new to the area with a full grounding in its fundamental concepts and principles. This important text: Is presented in an accessible, user-friendly manner Offers a comprehensive introduction to molecular ecology Has been revised to reflect the field’s most recent studies and research developments Includes new chapters covering topics such as landscape genetics, metabarcoding, and community genetics Rich in insights that will benefit anyone interested in the ecology and evolution of natural populations, Molecular Ecology is an ideal guide for all students and professionals who wish to learn more about this exciting field.
Category: Science

An Introduction To Molecular Evolution And Phylogenetics

Author : Lindell Bromham
ISBN : 9780191070693
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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DNA can be extracted and sequenced from a diverse range of biological samples, providing a vast amount of information about evolution and ecology. The analysis of DNA sequences contributes to evolutionary biology at all levels, from dating the origin of the biological kingdoms to untangling family relationships. An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics presents the fundamental concepts and intellectual tools you need to understand how the genome records information about evolutionary past and processes, how that information can be "read", and what kinds of questions we can use that information to answer. Starting with evolutionary principles, and illustrated throughout with biological examples, it is the perfect starting point on the journey to an understanding of the way molecular data is used in modern biology. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre features: For registered adopters of the book: - Class plans for one-hour hands-on sessions associated with each chapter - Figures from the textbook to view and download
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Invasive Plant Ecology In Natural And Agricultural Systems

Author : Barbara Diane Booth
ISBN : 9781845936051
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.70 MB
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`As an undergraduate text [the book] does a superb job of traversing the wide expanse of ecology. Several chapters should be key components of any course on understanding weed ecology.' Biological Invasions --
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Molecular Ecology And Evolution Approaches And Applications

Author : B. Schierwater
ISBN : 9783034875271
Genre : Science
File Size : 80.5 MB
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The past 25 years have witnessed a revolution in the way ecologists and evolutionary biologists approach their disciplines. Modern molecular techniques are now reshaping the spectrum of questions that can be addressed while studying the mechanisms and consequences of the ecology and evolution of living organisms. "Molecular Ecology and Evolution: Approaches and Applications" describes, from a molecular perspective, several methodological and technical approaches used in the fields of ecology, evolution, population biology, molecular systematics, conservation genetics, and development. Modern techniques are introduced, and older, more classic ones refined. The advantages, limitations, and potentials of each are discussed in detail, and thereby illustrate the widening range of cross-field research and applications which this modern technology is stimulating. This book will serve as an important textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, and as a key reference work for researchers.
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Advances In Molecular Ecology

Author : North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
ISBN : 9051994400
Genre : Science
File Size : 88.40 MB
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Each contributor to this publication was asked to examine how molecular genetic tools have contributed to their specific areas of consideration. To increase the practical utility of the book, a summary of software that is available for the anaylsis of data in molecular ecology is included.
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Origins Of Biodiversity

Author : Lindell Bromham
ISBN : 9780199608713
Genre : Biodiversity
File Size : 69.43 MB
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This book is a unique introduction to the fields of macroevolution and macroecology, taking an enquiry-led approach to exploring the evolution and distribution of biodiversity across time, space and lineages.The only introduction to macroevolution and macroecology to adopt an innovative enquiry-led, case study-based framework to encourage active learning and critical thinking, this book:Extends the study of evolutionary biology and ecology beyond the topics covered in typical undergraduate textsExplores the nature of scientific investigation by emphasising hypothesis testing and highlighting the range of analytical tools available to contemporary researchersEncourages active student-driven learning by using open questions and current debates to promote critical thinking, identify interesting and important problems, and demonstrate how to frame testable research hypothesesCombines these three skills--an understanding of macroevolutionary and macroecological principles and patterns, a grasp of hypothesis testing, and the ability to identify important questions--to allow students to look at the world with new eyes, and develop an understanding of why the biological world is as it is.
Category: Biodiversity

Molecular Ecology Of Rhizosphere Microorganisms

Author : David N. Dowling
ISBN : 9783527615803
Genre : Science
File Size : 28.59 MB
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This book helps evaluate the state of the art of rhizosphere microbial ecology and biotechnology. Experts in the field review methods and strategies applied to the detection, identification and monitoring of microorganisms in the rhizosphere. Major topics treated include: - construction of genetically marked rhizosphere bacteria - detection of marked wildtype and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - identification of wildtype and GMOs by DNA probes and PCR amplification - rapid typing of non-modified and GMOs by PCR-based techniques - assessment of the role of gene transfer - EU regulations for the use and release of GMOs - biosafety results from field testing of GMOs In addition, technologies for the modifying gene expression and gene products for specific traits of agronomic interest in genetically engineered rhizosphere bacteria are covered.
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Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual

Author : George A. Kowalchuk
ISBN : 9781402021763
Genre : Nature
File Size : 81.22 MB
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Microbes are key drivers of the world's ecosystems. The vast majority of the world's diversity and metabolic potential lies within micro-organisms, yet we are just beginning to understand and utilize this ultimate resource of biological diversity. Critical to our exploration of the microbial world are methods that allow for the analysis of organisms that are invisible to our eyes, difficult to distinguish from each other, and often impossible to grow using available culture methods. The field of microbial ecology has been revolutionized in the past two decades by the introduction of molecular methods into the toolbox of the microbial ecologist. This molecular arsenal has helped to unveil the enormity of microbial diversity across the breadth of the earth's ecosystems, and has revealed that we are only familiar with a very small minority of the organisms that carry out key microbial functions in diverse habitats. The Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual, Second Edition (MMEM-II) provides a detailed and user-friendly description of the methods that have made this revolution in microbial ecology possible. However, what is perhaps most exciting about MMEM-II is that it contains a large number of new chapters, highlighting the newest trends in microbial ecology research, which seek to provide more quantitative and statistically robust data, and means of coupling microbial identity and function. In addition, the majority of the proven methods described in MMEM 's first version have undergone significant revisions to provide the most up-to-date applications available. The state-of-the-art methods described in MMEM-II have not only been provided by experts in the field, but in most cases by the laboratories that actually first developed and applied the methods, thus providing the MMEM-II user with unique first-hand tips and insight. The new on-line format available for MMEM-II should also add to the utility of MMEM-II by allowing users to search for key topics throughout the manual, skip between interrelated chapters at the push of a button, and by providing immediate availability to protocol updates and new chapters dedicated to future technical developments. Please note that this publication is available as print only OR online only OR print + online set. Save 75% of the online list price when purchasing the bundle. For more information on the online version please type the publication title into the search box above, then click on the "eReference" version in the results list.
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Molecular Ecology Of Aquatic Communities

Author : J.P. Zehr
ISBN : 9789401142014
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.83 MB
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This book presents a compendium of molecular biology applications for the study of aquatic community ecology. The collection presents the diversity of approaches that have been used, and provides future directions for the study of `molecular ecology' of aquatic communities, from viruses to fish, and in aquatic systems ranging from freshwater streams and lakes to estuaries and oceans. This collection of papers will provide a useful text and resource for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in ecology, as well as for the researcher and educator.
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Tropical Zoology

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822009742487
Genre : Zoology
File Size : 40.54 MB
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Category: Zoology

Molecular Ecology And Evolution

Author : John C. Avise
ISBN : 9789814317757
Genre : Science
File Size : 31.99 MB
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This volume is a reprinted collection of 69 ?classics? from the Avise laboratory, chosen to illustrate a trademark brand of research that harnesses molecular markers to scientific studies of natural history and evolution in the wild. Spanning the early 1970s through the late 2000s, these articles trace how the author and his colleagues have used molecular genetics techniques to address multifarious conceptual topics in genetics, ecology, and evolution, in a fascinating menagerie of creatures with oft-peculiar lifestyles. The organisms described in this volume range from blind cavefish to male-pregnant pipefishes and sea spiders, from clonal armadillos to natal-homing marine turtles, from hermaphroditic sea snails to hybridizing monkeys and tree frogs, from clonal marine sponges to pseudohermaphroditic mollusks to introgressing oysters, and from endangered pocket gophers, terrapins, and sparrows to unisexual (all-female) fish species to ?living-fossil? horseshoe crabs, and even to a strange little fish that routinely mates with itself. The conceptual and molecular topics addressed in this volume are also universal, ranging from punctuated equilibrium to coalescent theory to the need for greater standardization in taxonomy, from cytonuclear disequilibrium statistics to the ideas of speciation duration and sympatric speciation, from historical population demography to phylogenetic reconstructions of males' sexual ornaments, from the population genetic consequences of inbreeding to Pleistocene effects on phylogeography, and from the molecular underpinnings of null alleles to the notion of clustered mutations that arise in groups to compelling empirical evidence for the unanticipated processes of gene conversion and concerted evolution in animal mitochondrial DNA. Overall, this collection includes many of the best, most influential, sometimes controversial, occasionally provocative, always intriguing, or otherwise entertaining publications to have emerged from the Avise laboratory over the last four decades. Thus, this book conveys, through the eyes of one of the field's longstanding pioneers, what ?the organismal side? of molecular ecology and evolution really means.
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Integrative Phytochemistry From Ethnobotany To Molecular Ecology

Author : John Romeo
ISBN : 008053483X
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.28 MB
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This monograph series is commissioned by the Phytochemical Society of North America (PSNA). The volumes in this series contain articles on developing topics of interest to scientists, students and individuals interested in recent developments in the biochemistry, chemistry and molecular biology of plants. Volume 37 concentrates on the integration of techniques to solve complex phytochemistry problems. This volume describes the combination of multiple techniques to solve complex plant science problems. The chapters investigate What, Why and How secondary metabolites are formed. Volume 37 covers a wide range of phytochemistry topics from Ethnobotany to Molecular ecology.
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Subseafloor Biosphere Linked To Hydrothermal Systems

Author : Jun-ichiro Ishibashi
ISBN : 9784431548652
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is the comprehensive volume of the TAIGA (“a great river ” in Japanese) project. Supported by the Japanese government, the project examined the hypothesis that the subseafloor fluid advection system (subseafloor TAIGA) can be categorized into four types, TAIGAs of sulfur, hydrogen, carbon (methane), and iron, according to the most dominant reducing substance, and the chemolithoautotrophic bacteria/archaea that are inextricably associated with respective types of TAIGAs which are strongly affected by their geological background such as surrounding host rocks and tectonic settings. Sub-seafloor ecosystems are sustained by hydrothermal circulation or TAIGA that carry chemical energy to the chemosynthetic microbes living in an extreme environment. The results of the project have been summarized comprehensively in 50 chapters, and this book provides an overall introduction and relevant topics on the mid-ocean ridge system of the Indian Ocean and on the arc-backarc systems of the Southern Mariana Trough and Okinawa Trough.
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Fundamentals Of Ecology 3e

Author : DASH
ISBN : 9781259081095
Genre :
File Size : 40.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book covers all major Fundamentals of Ecology, well-supported by illustrations & exhaustive real-time stats. Application-oriented chapters like Statistical Ecology, Eco- technology & Molecular Ecology have also been provided to help the reader achieve the desired technical edge in the subject.

An Introduction To Ecological Genomics

Author : Nico M. van Straalen
ISBN : 9780199594689
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The genomics revolution has expanded from its origins in molecular biology to impact upon every discipline in the life sciences, including ecology. This new edition incorporates a balance of plant, animal, and microbial examples, and continues to define the new and exciting field of ecological genomics.
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Rotifera X

Author : Alois Herzig
ISBN : 9781402044083
Genre : Science
File Size : 31.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume reflects the latest developments in the research of a global community of rotifer researchers, who came together at Illmitz, Austria in 2003. Contributions are manifold and span fields from phylogeny and evolution of the phylum Rotifera to practical aspects of aquaculture and ecotoxicology. Major issues include phylogeny and evolution, genetics and molecular ecology, new aspects of rotifer anatomy through the application of confocal laser-scanning microscopy, anhydrobiosis, long-term studies in lakes and rivers, population dynamics and community ecology, trophic relationships between copepods and rotifers, alongside biodiversity studies based on classical taxonomic concepts and molecular approaches. Although primarily focussed on one taxonomic group, the scientific outcome of this meeting is of relevance to the study of other aquatic microinvertebrates as well.
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Molecular Approaches To Ecology And Evolution

Author : R. deSalle
ISBN : 3764357258
Genre : Medical
File Size : 52.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Four years ago we edited a volume of 36 papers entitled Molecular Approaches to Ecology and Evolution (Schierwater et ai. , 1994), in which we attempted to put to gether a diverse array of papers that demonstrated the impact that the technologi cal revolution ofmolecular biology has had on the field ofevolutionary biologyand ecology. The present volume borrows from that theme but attempts to focus more sharply on the impact that molecular biology has had on our understanding of dif ferent hierarchical levels important in evolutionary and ecological studies. Because DNA sequence variation is at the heart ofeverypaper in the present volume, we feel it necessary to examine how DNA has affected study at various levels of biological organization. The majority of the chapters in the present volume follow themes es tablished in the earlier volume; all chapters by authors in the previous volume are either fully updated or entirely new and expand into areas that we felt were impor tant for a more complete understanding of the impact of DNA technology on ecol ogy and evolution. The collection of papers in this volume cover a diverse array of ecological and evolutionary questions and demonstrates the breadth of coverage molecular tech nology has imparted on modern evolutionary biology. There are also a broad range of hierarchical questions approached by the 17 papers in this volume.
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