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An Impeccable Spy

Author : Owen Matthews
ISBN : 9781408857809
Genre : History
File Size : 46.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'The most formidable spy in history' Ian Fleming 'A superb biography ... More than a hundred books have been written about him and this is undoubtedly the best' Ben Macintyre Richard Sorge was a man with two homelands. Born of a German father and a Russian mother in Baku in 1895, he moved in a world of shifting alliances and infinite possibility. A member of the angry and deluded generation who found new, radical faiths after their experiences on the battlefields of the First World War, Sorge became a fanatical communist – and the Soviet Union's most formidable spy. Like many great spies, Sorge was an effortless seducer, combining charm with ruthless manipulation. He did not have to go undercover to find out closely guarded state secrets – his victims willingly shared them. As a foreign correspondent, he infiltrated and influenced the highest echelons of German, Chinese and Japanese society in the years leading up to and including the Second World War. His intelligence regarding Operation Barbarossa and Japanese intentions not to invade Siberia in 1941 proved pivotal to the Soviet counteroffensive in the Battle of Moscow, which in turn determined the outcome of the war. Never before has Sorge's story been told from the Russian side as well as the German and Japanese. Owen Matthews takes a sweeping historical perspective and draws on a wealth of declassified Soviet archives – along with testimonies from those who knew and worked with Sorge – to rescue the riveting story of the man described by Ian Fleming as 'the most formidable spy in history'.
Category: History

Madame Delaflote Impeccable Spy

Author : Sue Chamblin Frederick
ISBN : 0985210451
Genre : Paris (France)
File Size : 62.8 MB
Format : PDF
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Her courage crossed endless barriers. Like a pure, flawless diamond, it reflected her strength and resolve, lighting the way through a never-ending stream of adversities that nearly cost her her life. Madame Delaflote, Impeccable Spy is the timeless story of ordinary individuals who become extraordinary patriots in their quest to battle tyranny and evil in times of war. As a grief-stricken war widow, Eleonore Delaflote wanted to die. Her searching fingers touched the pills in the pocket of her coat; her eyes found the bed where she would take her last breath. Her room at the Hotel de Crillon became dark and still as light faded across the skies of Nazi-occupied Paris. The beautiful young widow's wish for death is averted when a British spy finds refuge in her hotel room and escapes capture by the Gestapo. The Germans frantically search for the deadly assassin before he completes his mission to murder one of Germany's most feared Nazis. Avery Gannon, a revered spymaster working for the SIS, realizes that Eleonore Delaflote is no ordinary woman when she unleashes hidden strengths that allow her to follow him into the dark world of espionage and becomes an impeccable spy. Together, deep in the treacheries of a world war, they become one of the most celebrated spy teams in British history.
Category: Paris (France)

Black Sun

Author : Owen Matthews
ISBN : 9781473568716
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'One of the best thrillers of recent years . . . a glorious book, a tour-de-force. It drips with authenticity from every page . . . a page-turning, thumping good read.' David Young, bestselling author of Stasi Child 1961. Hidden deep within the forests of central Soviet Russia is a place that doesn’t appear on any map: a city called Arzamas-16. Here a community of dedicated scientists, technicians and engineers are building the most powerful nuclear device the world will ever see – three thousand times more powerful than Hiroshima. But ten days before the bomb is to be tested, a young physicist is found dead. His body contains enough radioactive poison to kill thousands. The Arzamas authorities believe it is suicide – they want the corpse disposed of and the incident forgotten. But someone in Moscow is alarmed by what’s going on in this strange, isolated place. And so Major Alexander Vasin – a mostly good KGB officer – is despatched to Arzamas to investigate. What he finds there is unlike anything he’s experienced before. His wits will be tested against some of the most brilliant minds in the Soviet Union – eccentrics, patriots and dissidents who, because their work is considered to be of such vital national importance, have been granted the freedom to think and act, live and love as they wish. In Arzamas, nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the project. Not even murder . . . Intricately researched, cunningly plotted and brilliantly told, Black Sun is a fast-paced and timely thriller set at the height – and in the heart – of Soviet power.
Category: Fiction

Stalin S Spy

Author : Robert Whymant
ISBN : 1860640443
Genre : Espionage
File Size : 27.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the true story of a remarkable man who pulled off a seemingly impossible espionage mission in Tokyo, before and during World War II. Richard Sorge, born to a Russian mother and a German father, ran a network of Japanese and Europeans under the noses of Japan's dreaded secret police. From 1933 until he was caught in late 1941, he transmitted priceless secrets to Red Army intelligence. Sorge's espionage group - perhaps the most successful operating in this critical period - kept the Russians informed about Japanese and German intentions, and also helped influence decisions made by these governments.
Category: Espionage

God S Spy

Author : J.G. Jurado
ISBN : 9781409124115
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A serial killer is on the loose in the Vatican... In the days following the death of Pope John Paul II, 115 cardinals are called to the Vatican in order to take part in the conclave and elect the new Pope. With Rome under siege to foreign press and thousands of mourners, the last thing it needs is a serial killer on the loose... Paola Dicanti is a profiler who works with the Italian police. She has been put in charge of profiling serial killers in a department of one - i.e. herself - but so far all her experience of serial killers is theoretical. This is until she is called to the church of Santa Maria in the Vatican state. A cardinal has been found murdered, his eyes destroyed, his hands cut off. It seems that this is not the first victim - another cardinal was found in similar circumstances but the authorities didn't want a scandal. Recovering from a bitter affair with her boss, Paola begins to build her profile using information from the scene of the crime, from the autopsy, and from forensic evidence. She is helped in this by Anthony Fowler, a priest from the States. But it turns out that Fowler is no ordinary priest - he clearly has links to the CIA, and knows a lot about the serial killer than Dicanti could ever have guessed...
Category: Fiction

The Librarian Brother Soldier Spy

Author : Robert A. Rungkat
ISBN : 9781456843946
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Alex Renault and his brother Michael spend much of their early years of childhood in the Middle East, SE Asia and Australia with their diplomatic parents. Alex’s parents finally decide to make Adelaide, South Australia, their permanent living abode, but not before the parents depart once again on a mysterious mission overseas. Alex’s father declares to his children this will be the parents final and last. From then on, many events take twists and turns with a macabre discovery of a dead body of a young man and woman on Adelaide’s River Torrens. Terrorists bombing occur in this sedate city, Alex’s girlfriend Linda is targeted, the storyline thickens with more twists and turns, it becomes worse when Alex is told of news that knocks him for a six by his detective friend James. It will open many readers’ eyes to adjoin the world of realism and nonfiction in deciding which is what, as some dates and places described are so familiar, but totally Fiction indeed.
Category: Fiction

Great Spies Of The 20th Century

Author : Patrick Pesnot
ISBN : 9781473862197
Genre : History
File Size : 23.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Heroes to some, traitors to others, spies and intelligence officers continue to fascinate and enthrall us with their abilities to operate secretly in the shadows. With these mini-biographies of twenty agents of various nationalities (including members of the DGSE, KGB, CIA, MI6 and Mossad), Patrick Pesnot and 'Mr X' bring the reader as close as possible into the world of espionage, though a panorama of intelligence history. Among the best known of these agents, the reader will find Aldrich Ames, an American accused of spying for the KGB; Eli Cohen, the Israeli spy best known for his espionage work in Syria and Klaus Fuchs, the German-born British agent who helped the USSR to manufacture its atomic bomb in 1949.
Category: History

Bridget Wilder 3 Live Free Spy Hard

Author : Jonathan Bernstein
ISBN : 9780062382740
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 60.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Super-spy Bridget Wilder goes from middle school to the White House on an undercover mission to rescue the president’s daughter in the conclusion to this hilarious, action-packed series. As a CIA super-spy, Bridget Wilder protects famous boy bands, rescues cooking contest contestants, and tackles evil villains at school assemblies. So when the President’s daughter is kidnapped on the campaign trail, Bridget goes undercover to stop a malicious plot to seize control of the United States of America. But when saving the country means sharing her secret identity—with her mom!—Bridget’s double-life is threatened. Is this super-spy about to get super-grounded or will Bridget Wilder survive to spy another day?
Category: Juvenile Fiction

A Spy At Twilight

Author : Bryan Forbes
ISBN : 0451402634
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A lethal explosion in Hyde Park launches an investigation that threatens the post-Thatcher British socialist government, and only Alec Hillsden, falsely branded a traitor to Britain and exiled to the USSR, knows the truth
Category: Fiction

Autobiography Of A Spy

Author : Mary Bancroft
ISBN : UOM:39015004753045
Genre : Espionage, American
File Size : 58.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mary Bancroft boede i Zürich under 2. verdenskrig og arbejdede som journalist, da hun blev involveret i spionage i forbindelse med Allan Dulles, leder af OSS. Hun kom blandt andre i kontakt med Bernd Gisevius, der repræsenterede "20 juli-sammensværgelsen" mod Hitler.
Category: Espionage, American