An Elegant Beauty

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An Elegant Beauty

Author : Cross Stitch Collectibles
ISBN : 1724708899
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An Elegant Beauty - W.C. Wontner extra-large print cross stitch pattern by Cross Stitch Collectibles Finished Sizes (approximate) 14 count: 21.5" x 23.25" 18 count: 16.75" x 18" 24 count: 12.5" x 13.5" Stitches: 300w x 325h Pattern Features: * Large-print pattern for easy reading!! * Full color glossy front cover * Full cross stitches only (no backstitching or specialty stitches) * Black and white chart with easy-to-read alphabetic symbols * Comprehensive instruction sheet to guide you through the pattern pages. * Full thread list indicating DMC color numbers, names and quantity required * Cross stitch pattern chart only. No fabric, threads or other materials included. Benefits of Large-Print Cross Stitch Patterns: : This book is an "Extra-Large-Print" cross stitch pattern. Stitching our beautiful cross stitch patterns is a labor of love and very time-consuming. Reading such large patterns for hours at a time can pose a challenge for stitchers of all ages. The large grids and alphabetic symbols used in this cross stitch pattern book makes tackling such a large project much easier and more enjoyable. Cross Stitch Collectibles specializes in high quality cross stitch reproductions of fine art paintings by the Great Masters, including Italian Renaissance, Impressionist, Pre-Raphaelite, Asian, Fractal art, and many more styles. You will find something to love and cherish in our vast collection. Cross stitch your own masterpiece today!!

Elegance Beauty Truth

Author : Lewis Pyenson
ISBN : UOM:39015055870359
Genre : Aesthetics
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Category: Aesthetics

Makeup And Fashion Designer S Elegant Beauty Journal

Author : Simple Magic Books
ISBN : 1674175876
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Format : PDF
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Do you love fashion, sewing, beauty, art, and cosmetics? This unique journal was made especially for you. Contains 122 planner pages for makeup looks and fashion design. Test eye shadow swatches, sketch clothing ideas, plan textile choices, and journal your ideas. Great gift for fashion student or makeup artist. Best used with dry media.

The Japanese Theatre

Author : Benito Ortolani
ISBN : 0691043337
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 46.87 MB
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From ancient ritualistic practices to modern dance theatre, this study provides concise summaries of all major theatrical art forms in Japan. It situates each genre in its particular social and cultural contexts, describing in detail staging, costumes, repertory and noteworthy actors.
Category: Performing Arts

Elegance In Science

Author : Ian Glynn
ISBN : 9780191507137
Genre : Science
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The idea of elegance in science is not necessarily a familiar one, but it is an important one. The use of the term is perhaps most clear-cut in mathematics - the elegant proof - and this is where Ian Glynn begins his exploration. Scientists often share a sense of admiration and excitement on hearing of an elegant solution to a problem, an elegant theory, or an elegant experiment. The idea of elegance may seem strange in a field of endeavour that prides itself in its objectivity, but only if science is regarded as a dull, dry activity of counting and measuring. It is, of course, far more than that, and elegance is a fundamental aspect of the beauty and imagination involved in scientific activity. Ian Glynn, a distinguished scientist, selects historical examples from a range of sciences to draw out the principles of science, including Kepler's Laws, the experiments that demonstrated the nature of heat, and the action of nerves, and of course the several extraordinary episodes that led to Watson and Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA. With a highly readable selection of inspiring episodes highlighting the role of beauty and simplicity in the sciences, the book also relates to important philosophical issues of inference, and Glynn ends by warning us not to rely on beauty and simplicity alone - even the most elegant explanation can be wrong.
Category: Science

Italian Women S Experiences With American Consumer Culture 1945 1975

Author : Jessica L. Harris
ISBN : 9783030478254
Genre : History
File Size : 43.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book analyzes the spread of American female consumer culture to Italy and its influence on Italian women in the postwar and Cold War periods, eras marked by the political, economic, social, and cultural battle between the United States and Soviet Union. Focusing on various aspects of this culture—beauty and hygiene products, refrigerators, and department stores, as well as shopping and magazine models—the book examines the reasons for and the methods of American female consumer culture’s arrival in Italy, the democratic, consumer capitalist messages its products sought to “sell” to Italian women, and how Italian women themselves reacted to this new cultural presence in their everyday lives. Did Italian women become the American Mrs. Consumer? As such, the book illustrates how the modern, consuming American woman became a significant figure not only in Italy’s postwar recovery and transformation, but also in the international and domestic cultural and social contests for the hearts and minds of Italian women.
Category: History

Searching For Beauty

Author : Cherie Burns
ISBN : 9781429988001
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 58.15 MB
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A fascinating portrait of the Standard Oil heirerss and legendary American trendsetter Millicent Rogers Nobody knew how to live the high life like Millicent Rogers. Born into luxury, she lived in a whirl of beautiful homes, European vacations, exquisite clothing and handsome men. In Searching for Beauty, Cherie Burns chronicles Rogers's glittering life from her days as a young girl afflicted with rheumatic fever to her debutante debut and her Taos finale. A rebellious icon of the age, she eloped with a penniless baron, danced tangos in European nightclubs, divorced, remarried and romanced, among others, Clark Gable. Her romantic conquests, though, paled in comparison to her triumph in the fashion world where she electrified the fashionistas by becoming the muse to designer Charles James, appearing in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and - at the end of her life - retreating to Taos, New Mexico where she popularized Southwestern style. With Searching for Beauty, Millicent Rogers enters the pantheon of great American women who, like Diana Vreeland and Babe Paley, put their distinctive stamp on American Style.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Japanese Mind

Author : Roger J. Davies
ISBN : 9781462900510
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In The Japanese Mind, Roger Davies offers Westerners an invaluable key to the unique aspects of Japanese culture. Readers of this book will gain a clear understanding of what makes the Japanese, and their society, tick. Among the topics explored: aimai (ambiguity), amae (dependence upon others' benevolence), amakudari (the nation's descent from heaven), chinmoku (silence in communication), gambari (perseverance), giri (social obligation), haragei (literally, "belly art"; implicit, unspoken communication), kenkyo (the appearance of modesty), sempai-kohai (seniority), wabi-sabi (simplicity and elegance), and zoto (gift giving), as well as discussions of child-rearing, personal space, and the roles of women in Japanese society. It includes discussion topics and questions after each chapter. All in all, this book is an easy-to-use introduction to the distinguishing characteristics of Japanese society; an invaluable resource for anyone—business people, travelers, or students—perfect for course adoption, but also for anyone interested in Japanese culture. Next in this series: Now available separately, Japanese Culture: The Religious and Philosophical Foundations is a fascinating journey through Japan's rich cultural history.
Category: Social Science

Study On Chinese Traditional Theory Of Artistic Style

Author : Hu Jiaxiang
ISBN : 9789813279445
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 25.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The book features an in-depth analysis of pre-modern Chinese discourses on artistic style especially the concept of Vitality-Charm (氣韻). Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the book examines Vitality-Charm and related topics from the perspectives of aesthetics, stylistics, semiotics, cosmology, art history, and socio-cultural history. It reviews the development of, and examines the relations between, the concepts of poetic vision, spiritual resonance, spiritual expressiveness, Vitality-Charm and so on in the tradition of Chinese art (including literature, music, dancing, and drama). The book also attempts to clarify confusions caused by the overlapping and indistinct demarcations between the concepts when they are used in the discourse of, and even the training of art — especially traditional Chinese art.
Category: Philosophy

Color Class Country

Author : Gay Young
ISBN : 1856491803
Genre : Afro-Americans
File Size : 42.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On gender race and class.
Category: Afro-Americans

The Revenant

Author : Michael Punke
ISBN : 9781250066633
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A thrilling tale of betrayal and revenge set against the nineteenth-century American frontier, the astonishing story of real-life trapper and frontiersman Hugh Glass The year is 1823, and the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life. Hugh Glass is among the company’s finest men, an experienced frontiersman and an expert tracker. But when a scouting mission puts him face-to-face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mauled and not expected to survive. Two company men are dispatched to stay behind and tend to Glass before he dies. When the men abandon him instead, Glass is driven to survive by one desire: revenge. With shocking grit and determination, Glass sets out, crawling at first, across hundreds of miles of uncharted American frontier. Based on a true story, The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession, the human will stretched to its limits, and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution.
Category: Fiction

Chinese Calligraphy

Author : Yee Chiang
ISBN : 9780674968035
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.17 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the classic introduction to Chinese calligraphy. In nine richly illustrated chapters Chang explores the aesthetics and the technique of this art in which rhythm, line, and structure are perfectly embodied. He measure the slow change from pictograph to stroke to the style and shape of written characters by the great calligraphers. It is a superb appreciation of beauty in the movement of strokes and in the patterns of structure--and an inspiration to amateurs as well as professionals interested in the decorative arts.
Category: Social Science

The Reluctant Spy

Author : John H. Goodwin
ISBN : 9781452057781
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Reluctant Spy is the timely story of Calvin Evan, a smart, but flawed CIA agent, beginning with the 1979 Iranian revolution. Cal develops a critical Iranian operative and becomes embroiled in the audacious, yet little honored effort to liberate the American embassy hostages. Romantically, he’s caught between his love for a rescued refugee and the aggressive intentions of his boss’ manipulative daughter. Ensnaring him, the savvy daughter navigates his career away from the political fallout of the mission’s failure and directs him to the battleground of the 1980’s- the Nicaraguan Contra war where Cal runs an illegal funding operation. Morally conflicted and victimized by his erratic behavior, he slips into a burned out funk, posted to Switzerland. There, amidst the rise of Middle Eastern terrorism, his past pulls him into conflict with his former Iranian asset, possibly a double agent, and reunites him with his long ago betrayed love, now a death squad target. The Reluctant Spy is the tale of Cal’s torment in trying to reconcile his heroic and destructive behaviors, his successes and failures, and his search for happiness and contentment. The backdrop of his struggles is the American foreign policy establishment’s often futile efforts to influence and control global events while carrying on insidious bureaucratic warfare. John H. Goodwin is a 1981 graduate of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, Magna Cum Laude. John used his experience living abroad and knowledge of foreign cultures and American political and military affairs history in writing The Reluctant Spy. John manages global investment portfolios for wealthy American and international families at Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management business.
Category: Fiction

A Song For Kate

Author : Lynnette Kent
ISBN : 9781459235557
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The song of his heart Dixon Bell left his hometown of New Skye thirteen years ago with only a broken heart and a guitar to his name. He turned that heartache into a successful songwriting career, but he never forgot the girl he left behind…Kate Bowdrey. So when he learns that Kate is single again, he moves back home to make her his. But his dream of romancing Kate isn't so easily accomplished. Her soon-to-be ex, L. T. LaRue, is one of the most powerful men in town, and he's making both of their lives miserable. Kate's kids are still fragile, and her parents are urging Kate to reconcile with her ex. But Dixon's greatest challenge to a future with Kate…may be Kate herself.
Category: Fiction

Highland Lover

Author : Hannah Howell
ISBN : 1420129228
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell continues the spellbinding saga of the powerful Murray clan in this sensual tale of lovers both tempted and tormented by their own passion. . . A reckless need to break free of his family led Gregor MacFingal Cameron on a quest for a rich bride, only to fall prey to kidnappers and be tossed into a cold cell. He is soon joined by a frightened young woman who makes him regret his mercenary search for a wife. After a daring escape, he gladly joins Alana Murray's quest to rescue her sister, and soon temptation leads to seduction, with unspoken promises easily made, but harder to keep. Alana knows the bond forged by danger and desperation has earned her an ally willing to fight for her sister's cause. But Gregor's tantalizing seduction leaves her breathless, and she seizes her one chance to experience true passion before an arranged marriage seals her fate--never anticipating the inescapable intensity of a man and a love that will change everything. . .
Category: Fiction

Experiencing Art

Author : Arthur Shimamura
ISBN : 9780190240745
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80.28 MB
Format : PDF
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How do we appreciate a work of art? Why do we like some artworks but not others? Is there no accounting for taste? Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to explore connections between art, mind, and brain, Shimamura considers how we experience art. In a thoughtful and entertaining manner, the book explores how the brain interprets art by engaging our sensations, thoughts, and emotions. It describes interesting findings from psychological and brain sciences as a way to understand our aesthetic response to art. Beauty, disgust, surprise, anger, sadness, horror, and a myriad of other emotions can occur as we experience art. Some artworks may generate such feelings rather quickly, while others depend on thought and knowledge. Our response to art depends largely on what we know--from everyday knowledge about the world, from our cultural backgrounds, and from personal experience. Filled with artworks from many traditions and time points, "Experiencing Art" offers insightful ways of broadening one's approach and appreciation of art.
Category: Psychology

Gardening All In One For Dummies

Author : The National Gardening Association
ISBN : 9781118053164
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 20.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"God almighty first planted a garden: and, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures." --Sir Francis Bacon National surveys show that gardening has become the most popular, least exclusive hobby nationwide. From the balconies of Manhattan to the patios of Malibu to the backyards of Chicago, anybody with a few square feet of earth is doing their best to make their little corner of the world more gracious and beautiful. And the best thing is, you really don't have to be born with a green thumb to give life to a glorious garden. Anybody can do it with a little coaching. Which is where Gardening All-in-One For Dummies comes in. Puzzled by pruning? Baffled by bulbs? Can't tell a hosta from a hyacinth? Don’t worry! This all-in-one reference delivers the know-how you need to transform your little patch of the outdoors into a blooming paradise. Drawing upon the expertise of the National Gardening Association, it gets you up to speed on: Basic gardening skills—from understanding your microclimate to using gardening tools to managing pests and common plant diseases How to design, plan and build a garden landscape that reflects your unique sense of style Selecting, planting and maintaining stunning roses Building a raised bed for your perennials and making them bloom in any climate Choose, grow and maintain annuals From amaryllis to spider dahlias to wood tulips—coaxing beauty from homely bulbs Enjoying nature’s bounty by growing you own vegetables and herbs A veritable encyclopedia of gardening, this Gardening All-in-One For Dummies is an indispensable resource for novices and experienced gardeners alike. It brings together between the covers of a single volume seven great books covering: Gardening Basics Garden Design Roses Perennials Annuals Bulbs Vegetables and Herbs Your one-step guide to a beautiful garden, Gardening All-in-One For Dummies shows you how to experience the “purest of human pleasures” in your own backyard.
Category: Gardening