Allahs Mountains

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Allah S Mountains

Author : Sebastian Smith
ISBN : 9780857710284
Genre : History
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This text explores the turmoil of the North Caucasus. Crisscrossed by billion-dollar oil pipelines and facing Iran and Turkey, this predominantly Moslem region is perhaps the most strategic in the Russian Federation. It is also the most unstable. Ferocious resistance meant that Russia took almost three centuries to conquer it and the declaration of independence by Chechnya, with the vicious war that ensued in 1994, laid bare enduring tensions between the indigenous peoples in Moscow. Beyond Chechnya, many other ethnic groups, like the Dagestanis, Adyegei and Balkars struggle to preserve their identities although none has so far taken up arms. The stakes are high: for the North Caucasians, ethnic pride and even survival as distinct people; for the Russians, control over the huge oil resources of the Caspian Sea and territorial integrity of the state.
Category: History


Author : Program Director Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science Donald G Janelle
ISBN : 1402016123
Genre : Science
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WorldMinds provides broad exposure to a geography that is engaged with discovery, interpretation, and problem solving. Its 100 succinct chapters demonstrate the theories, methods, and data used by geographers, and exemplify the conceptual and topical richness of contemporary geography. The 150 contributing authors and co-authors address the challenges posed by issues such as globalization, regional and ethnic conflict, environmental hazards, terrorism, poverty, and sustainable development. This volume demonstrates the utility of geography as a conceptual discipline that contributes theoretically; as an applied practice that informs policy-making; and as a coherent set of methodologies to gather and analyze data about Earth and its occupants. WorldMinds is the ideal general reader to supplement textbooks in the full range of academic geography courses. In addition to geography students and instructors, it is relevant to researchers, applied geographers and policy makers.
Category: Science

Inferno In Chechnya

Author : Brian Glyn Williams
ISBN : 9781611688016
Genre : History
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In 2013, the United States suffered its worst terrorist bombing since 9/11 at the annual running of the Boston Marathon. When the culprits turned out to be U.S. residents of Chechen descent, Americans were shocked and confused. Why would members of an obscure Russian minority group consider America their enemy? Inferno in Chechnya is the first book to answer this riddle by tracing the roots of the Boston attack to the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. Brian Glyn Williams describes the tragic history of the bombers' war-devastated homeland-including tsarist conquest and two bloody wars with post-Soviet Russia that would lead to the rise of Vladimir Putin-showing how the conflict there influenced the rise of Europe's deadliest homegrown terrorist network. He provides a historical account of the Chechens' terror campaign in Russia, documents their growing links to Al Qaeda and radical Islam, and describes the plight of the Chechen diaspora that ultimately sent two Chechens to Boston. Inferno in Chechnya delivers a fascinating and deeply tragic story that has much to say about the historical and ethnic roots of modern terrorism.
Category: History

Life Times Of Allah S Messengers

Author : Ibn Katheer
Genre :
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The exact number of prophets and messengers sent by Allah is not known, but the Qur'an makes clear that all of the prophets were sent to various nations to preach Islamic monotheism. Muslims believe that all the Divine Messengers including those in common with Judaism and Christianity - conveyed the same message of true monotheism and submission to the one God, Allah. Belief in these prophets and messengers is an essential part of the Islamic faith and Muslims do not differentiate between them, according them all the same respect and reverence. Darussalam is proud to present the abridged English translation of Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End), by the renowned scholar Abu Al-Fida, 'Imad ad-Deen Isma'eel bin 'Umar bin Katheer (Ibn Katheer), recounting the stories of the prophets and their nations.

Martyrdom And Sacrifice In Islam

Author : Meir Hatina
ISBN : 9781786730268
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.39 MB
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Over the years, the belief system around self sacrifice has become key to understanding the Middle East and its political relationships with the West although much of the literature and conversation has been restricted to modern concepts of jihadism. The recent spate of scholarship relating to suicide bombers and jihadists studies these concepts without a broader understanding of the principle of martyrdom. This book expands on the chronology of self-sacrifice within Islam and contextualises the use of suicide bombings using details of the rise of martyrdom in places such as Iraq, Lebanon, Chechnya and Pakistan. It historicises the background in which 'jihad' has been glorified while also exploring contemporary methods of recruitment, like the use of the internet. The authors pay close attention to the different sects and factions of Islam and the differing interpretations of jihad that accompany these ideologies. In the current political climate, a book that explores martyrdom within the framework of historical perspectives, geographical regions and the influence of outside cultures is essential.
Category: Religion

Contemporary Esotericism

Author : Egil Asprem
ISBN : 9781317543565
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.66 MB
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The study of contemporary esoteric discourse has hitherto been a largely neglected part of the new academic field of Western esotericism. Contemporary Esotericism provides a broad overview and assessment of the complex world of Western esoteric thought today. Combining historiographical analysis with theories and methodologies from the social sciences, the volume explores new problems and offers new possibilities for the study of esoterica. Contemporary Esotericism studies the period since the 1950s but focuses on the last two decades. The wide range of essays are divided into four thematic sections: the intricacies of esoteric appeals to tradition; the role of popular culture, modern communication technologies, and new media in contemporary esotericism; the impact and influence of esotericism on both religious and secular arenas; and the recent 'de-marginalization' of the esoteric in both scholarship and society.
Category: Philosophy

Sahih Bukhari

Author : Muhammad Muhsin Khan
ISBN : 9781471063695
Genre : İslam Dini- Hadis- Buhari
File Size : 86.82 MB
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Sahih Bukhari is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), also known as the Sunnah. The reports of the Prophet's (saw) sayings and deeds are called ahadeeth. Imam Bukhari lived a couple of centuries after the Prophet's (saw) death and worked extremely hard to collect his ahadeeth. Each report in his collection was checked for compatibility with the Qur'an, and the veracity of the chain of reporters had to be painstakingly established. Bukhari's collection is recognized by the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world to be one of the most authentic collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh).
Category: İslam Dini- Hadis- Buhari

The Mountains Of Allah

Author : Paul Chavchavadze
ISBN : UCAL:$B87351
Genre : Historical fiction
File Size : 27.15 MB
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Fight between Turks and Russians in the Caucasus in 1850's.
Category: Historical fiction

I Wonder About Allah

Author : Ozkan Oze
ISBN : 9780860375432
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 79.55 MB
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Have you ever wondered about Allah? Have you ever wanted to ask where Allah lives, or why you can't see Him? How He managed to create everything and why all of creation obeys Him? These questions, and many more, are explored inside. Ozkan Oze was born in Turkey in 1974. While at high school, he started working at Zafer Magazine's editorial office in Istanbul and discovered his love of literature and books. Since then he has gone on to become the editor of Zafer Publications Group and continually writes. He is married with two children.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Beyond Abundance

Author : Muhammad Anees Rehman Mian
ISBN : 9781105814273
Genre :
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Ethnic Groups Of Europe An Encyclopedia

Author : Jeffrey E. Cole
ISBN : 9781598843033
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30.55 MB
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This comprehensive survey of ethnic groups of Europe reveals the dynamic process of ethnic identity and the relationship of ethnic groups to modern states. • Includes an introduction describing the concept and practice of ethnicity in Europe, past and present • Contains contributions from 80 distinguished international scholars, including some of the foremost experts on particular groups
Category: Social Science

Epz Terrorism

Author : Nicholas Fotion
ISBN : 9781441157577
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37.73 MB
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Terrorism poses an undeniable threat to societies throughout the world today. Martyr terrorism, the fastest growing form of terrorist activity, and arguably the most effective, has become a regular occurrence. But how has terrorist activity evolved in the last 100 years, and what are the ethical costs of terrorism? In this informative book, three philosophers, all experts on the ethics of conflict, examine the various definitions of terrorism and the nature of martyr terrorism. Through accounts of terrorist campaigns, from 19th century Russian terrorism, to the 20th century campaigns in Ireland, Israel and Greece, and contemporary campaigns in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq, this fascinating book explores the ethical implications of terrorism from a philosophical perspective. Setting out the social, psychological and political causes of terrorism, the book interrogates the cases for and against terrorist activity in terms of just war theory. Articulate, provocative and stimulating, this timely book is an ideal introduction to an important contemporary social issue.
Category: Philosophy


Author : James Hughes
ISBN : 9780812202311
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.62 MB
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The sheer scale and brutality of the hostilities between Russia and Chechnya stand out as an exception in the mostly peaceful breakup of the Soviet Union. Chechnya: From Nationalism to Jihad provides a fascinating analysis of the transformation of secular nationalist resistance in a nominally Islamic society into a struggle that is its antithesis, jihad. Hughes locates Chechen nationalism within the wider movement for national self-determination that followed the collapse of the Soviet empire. When negotiations failed in the early 1990s, political violence was instrumentalized to consolidate opposing nationalist visions of state-building in Russia and Chechnya. The resistance in Chechnya also occurred in a regional context where Russian hegemony over the Caucasus, especially the resources of the Caspian basin, was in retreat, and in an international context of rising Islamic radicalism. Alongside Bosnia, Kashmir, and other conflicts, Chechnya became embedded in Osama Bin Laden's repertoire of jihadist rhetoric against the "West." It was not simply Russia's destruction of a nationalist option for Chechnya, or "Wahabbist" infiltration from without, that created the political space for Islamism. Rather, we must look also at how the conflict was fought. The lack of proportionality and discrimination in the use of violence, particularly by Russia, accelerated and intensified the Islamic radicalization and thereby transformed the nature of the conflict. This nuanced and balanced study provides a much-needed antidote to the mythologizing of Chechen resistance before, and its demonization after, 9/11. The conflict in Chechnya involves one of the most contentious issues in contemporary international politics—how do we differentiate between the legitimate use of violence to resist imperialism, occupation, and misgovernment, and the use of terrorism against legitimate rule? This book sets out indispensable lessons for understanding conflicts involving the volatile combination of nationalist insurgency, jihad, and terrorism, most notably for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Category: Political Science

Allah S Scorpion

Author : David Hagberg
ISBN : 9781429918213
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.17 MB
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Under the cover of a moonless night, al-Quaida operatives made their way inside the infamous Camp Delta prison on the American base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Their goal was to free five prisoners. But their attempt fails. The rescuers and prisoners, all former Iranian Navy submarine crewmen, were all killed. Their freedom was to be the first step in unleashing a deadly act of terrorism--a mission codenamed Allah's Scorpion. The CIA and Kirk McGarvey are called in, but first McGarvey must stop the destruction of the Panama Canal by a Venezuelan oil tanker rigged to explode in one of the locks. What seems to be an unrelated attack turns up the same cryptic code name. But this mission may prove to be the ultimate strike against America, a grand finale to what began on 9/11. A pair of Russian nuclear warhead missiles that were spirited into Lybia just before the invasion of Iraq have turned up on the radar, and they are in transit by sea to a undisclosed launch site in the Atlantic Ocean. Once again, Kirk McGarvey is the only man in the position to stop them—the only man capable of knocking out Allah's Scorpion. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Category: Fiction

The Life Of Mohammad The Prophet Of Allah

Author : Etienne Dinet
ISBN : 9781465527196
Genre :
File Size : 65.50 MB
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An existence, so full of stirring events as that of the Prophet Mohammad, cannot be described by us in all its details. As there are limits to all books, we have had to rest content with a selection of the most important episodes, so that each might be developed as we deemed necessary. Thus we present to the reader a series of pictures and not a complete history. Our scaffolding and sketches are borrowed from very ancient authors such as Ibn Hisham, Ibn Sad, etc., without forgetting a more modern writer, Ali Borhan id-Din Al-Halabi who, in his book known by the title of "Es Sirat'al Halabia," gathered together different versions from all the best-known historians. An incontestable proof of their veracity, in our opinion, is that these narratives, some dating as far back as twelve centuries, fit in perfectly with the manners, customs, hopes and language of the Moslems of the desert; those who at the present day, by their mode of living, are more akin to the Arabs of the Hijaz among whom Mohammad accomplished his Mission. These remarks will serve to warn the reader that in this work will be found none of those learned paradoxes destined to destroy traditions, such sophisms delighting modern Orientalists by reason of their love of novelty. The study of innovations introduced in this way into the Prophet's history has caused us to note that they were often prompted by feelings inimical to Islam which were not only out of place in scientific research, but were also unworthy of our epoch. As displayed by their authors, they generally denoted strange ignorance of Arab customs, notwithstanding that these commentaries were accompanied by considerable erudition, although too bookish. In order to refute such new-fangled assertions, it was enough to check each in turn. Being so contradictory, one killed the other. Their extreme improbabilities, from the standpoint of Oriental psychology, only served to enhance with still greater clarity the perfect likelihood of those traditions sanctioned in the world of Islam. We have been guided by them. We have been satisfied to choose those that seemed most characteristic, setting each in its proper place, thanks to information gleaned in long interviews with pilgrims visiting the Holy Cities of the Hijaz, while reviewing these episodes in the light of our experience of Moslem life, in the Great Desert of Sahara, where one of us two had lived from birth and the other for the last thirty years and more. In strict agreement with the Qur'an, the only indisputable book according to the Moslem Doctors of the earliest times and those imbued with the modern liberal spirit, such as the celebrated Shaikh Abdu, we have put aside all the posthumous miracles attributed to the Arab Prophet and which only serve to blur his true physiognomy.