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Fatherhood In 60 Minutes Or Less

Author : Mark M. Welfley
ISBN : 9781620236437
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 45.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Eight years in the making, “Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less: 101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb, and Untold Truths for Fathers by any Definition” is a quick-hitting read, perfect for busy fathers everywhere. The advice in “Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less” is useful for fathers of all types including: · Traditional fathers, · Foster and adoptive parents, · Big brother mentors, · Single parents, · Same-sex parents, · Older, first-time fathers, and · Anyone with a father or father figure in their life. Author Mark M. Welfley draws on his own experiences as a non-traditional father, touching on topics that parenting and fatherhood reference guides and books don't often mention. Concise and thought-provoking, “Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less” offers practical wisdom and a working knowledge of fatherhood.
Category: Family & Relationships

Building Website With Joomla 1 5 In 60 Minutes

Author : AK SHEHU
ISBN : 9781482891560
Genre :
File Size : 37.74 MB
Format : PDF
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WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK? Individuals wanting to learn Joomla! best practices. Individuals wanting to learn Joomla! to Develop their websites. Business owners or employees responsible for their company's website. Web designers looking to expand their service offerings by providing Joomla! sites for clients. Individuals considering Joomla! for their next project. Web Professionals looking to save time by learning from Joomla! It is impossible to say exactly how many websites run Joomla! But over 25 Million copies of Joomla! software has been downloaded since March 2007. There are 500,000 Joomla! Forum members and over 8,000 Extensions listed in the Joomla! Extension Directory. Joomla! is now the new wave of Technology, Better, Faster, More Efficient and best of all FREE. This book brings you an easy Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Joomla! in record time. With this book, it doesn't matter if you are a non- technical person simply looking for a way to create a fast and quality website. Joomla! is the option. The Open source is growing fast and Joomla! leads the charge. With access to a Webhost/server, a browser and the Joomla! software, you can create your own great website for FREE. Some more great and creative things you can do with Joomla!: Corporate Websites or portals Online magazines, newspapers, and publications E-commerce and online reservations Government applications Small business Websites Non-profit and Organizational Websites Community-based portals chool Websites Personal or family homepages and many more.... Without knowing a line of Code, and one of the most interesting things about Joomla! is that you do not need to be a programmer to build a Joomla! website. Read through the entire book and master how to build a Joomla! website in 60 minutes or less.

Vb Net In 60 Minutes A Day

Author : Bruce Barstow
ISBN : 9780471481010
Genre : Computers
File Size : 32.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Professional Visual Basic .NET skills are in heavy demand since it's often the easiest and fastest way to connect the many components that are required in an enterprise-level application Includes thirty one-hour lessons that recreate a typical week-long introductory seminar Covers the critical information that every VB .NET developer should know The author has written more than thirty courses in application development, messaging, and network development and is currently training for AutoDesk Companion Web site features an online presentation by the author that follows along with each chapter and includes an audio-only option for readers with dial-up Internet connection
Category: Computers

60 Timely Thoughts In 60 Minutes

Author : Robert Kerin,MD
ISBN : 9781481715652
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 68.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the years unfolded for me, a recurring desire was trying to rhyme words. Limericks offered the opportunity along with the challenge of meter. Of the many that have been penned, I have summoned the courage to select those enclosed, sprinkled with satire and a dash of poetic license. One target of the satire is the system of medical care existing for patients and doctors alike. For both, insurance carriers and the federal government dictate the parameters within which care may be dispensed. No longer do doctors have the independence to “hang out a shingle” like dentists still do, and establish a solo practice. For the most part, group practice prevails, time constraints exist, care is less personal, and medicine has become a business, as it has to for anyone to survive. While my crystal ball is murky, the future does not look too enticing for medicine.
Category: Health & Fitness

Fifty Years Of 60 Minutes

Author : Jeff Fager
ISBN : 9781501135804
Genre : History
File Size : 60.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Starting with the third decade, the decade that saw a new generation of reporters and encapsulates the reasons the show became a hit, Fager tells the history of 60 minutes. He takes us into the editing room, details the decades of human drama that have made the show's success possible, and describes how the program learned from the mistakes they made. An intimate look at how the news gets made.
Category: History

Java In 60 Minutes A Day

Author : R. F. Raposa
ISBN : 9780471480983
Genre : Computers
File Size : 58.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Shows readers how to use Java to harness the power of object-oriented programming Includes thirty one-hour lessons that recreate a typical week-long introductory seminar Focuses on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Helps readers to develop skills that are critical to many Web services scenarios The author was one of the first Sun Certified Instructors and has since taught Java to thousands of developers Companion Web site features an online presentation by the author that follows along with each chapter and includes an audio-only option for readers with dial-up Internet connection
Category: Computers

Rawls In 60 Minutes

Author : Walther Ziegler
ISBN : 9783750427846
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 40.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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John Rawls's masterpiece A Theory of Justice was discussed all over the world already during the author's lifetime. Its very title is provocative since it is generally believed that there can be no general theory of justice: what is just for one man is unjust for another. But Rawls succeeds nonetheless in giving a definition of a just society. To do this he develops a brilliant procedure: choice from behind a "veil of ignorance". If we are to choose, absolutely fairly and objectively, how property, income and education are to be justly distributed, then the people choosing must not know in advance whether, in the society they choose, they will be rich or poor, male or female, worker or employer, educated or uneducated, talented or untalented. Because a rich man is likely to find great differences in wealth just, a poor man unjust. Only a "veil of ignorance", says Rawls, "forces each to take the welfare of others into account". Such a choice "behind a veil" could, of course, never actually take place. But if it did, says Rawls, then it would produce the only two perfectly just principles of justice that can be applied to a society: the equality principle and the "difference principle". By these the quality of every modern society can be measured. What do these principles mean in detail? And can the same thought-experiment work in other contexts? If, for example, we did not know whether, in a future society, we would be humans or animals, would we then choose a vegetarian society? Rawls surely sets off, with his Theory of Justice, a whole firework display of ground-breaking new ideas. This introduction to Rawls appears as part of the popular series "Great Thinkers in 60 Minutes".
Category: Philosophy

Early Childhood Curriculum For All Learners

Author : Ann M. Selmi
ISBN : 9781483322551
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Early Childhood Curriculum for All Learners: Integrating Play and Literacy Activities is designed to teach early childhood professionals about the latest research on play and early literacy and then to show them practical methods for adapting this research to everyday classroom practices that will encourage the development of learning skills. The authors link solid, play-based research to specific developmentally appropriate practices. By combining these two areas, the text demonstrates that academic learning and play activities are highly compatible, and that children can and do develop academic skills through play. In addition, the text focuses on socio-dramatic play, a recently acknowledged, essential aspect of child-initiated play interactions. It provides specific strategies that link these interactive behaviors with the early academic skills needed for the initial primary grades. Implementation of the information presented in this book will enable children to experience a richer transition into primary education classrooms.
Category: Education

Global News Access

Author : Carla B. Johnston
ISBN : 0275957748
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A consultant on public policy, Johnston introduces readers to two parallel media worlds: a world of haves that is grand, global, and gratuitous; and a world of have-nots that is silent, segmented, and secluded. She finds that though most everyone vaguely believes that the world would be better with
Category: Computers

Handbook Of Local Anesthesia E Book

Author : Stanley F. Malamed
ISBN : 9780323242028
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48.38 MB
Format : PDF
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A practical, "how-to" guide to safe anesthesia practices in dentistry, Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6th Edition covers all the latest advances in science, instrumentation, and pain control techniques. From basic concepts to specific injection techniques, from dosage charts to the proper care and handling of equipment, this book provides in-depth, full-color coverage of key anesthesia topics, including specific hazards and errors in technique that may result in complications. Written by Dr. Stanley Malamed, dentistry's leading expert on this subject, Handbook of Local Anesthesia is a valuable reference that will help you prevent, recognize, and manage complications of local anesthesia administration. Videos on an available companion DVD (sold separately) are narrated by Dr. Stanley Malamed, covering topics such as local anesthetic agents, anesthetic injection techniques, potential complications, and risk management. Full-color photographs and line drawings are included throughout the book. In-depth discussions cover the anesthetic agents used in dentistry, along with their clinical actions. Routes of administration are described for all anesthetics. The proper care and handling of equipment is addressed, along with the problems that may be encountered. Requirements for pain control and local anesthesia within various dental specialties are included. Comprehensive information on Articaine is included, a local anesthetic that is gaining widespread use in the United States. Numerous boxes and tables provide a quick reference and comparison of techniques, drugs, and dosages. Dosage charts, injection techniques, information on duration of action, and contraindications for local anesthetics are included at the end of the book for quick reference. Updated discussions of the armamentarium needed to succeed in local anesthesia delivery reflect the latest available drugs and devices. Updated discussions of the techniques needed to provide successful pain control. Updated step-by-step procedures cover the techniques for administering intraoral anesthesia. The latest advances in science, technology, and pain control techniques are covered.
Category: Medical