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Cookie Crisis

Author : Sarah Willson
ISBN : 1590549813
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Tommy and Dil take the wrong cookies to the school bake sale.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

All Growed Up

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ISBN : 0439321840
Genre : Rugrats (Fictitious characters)
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"The babies are fed up with Angelica's antics. And what better way to stick up for themselves than to get biggerer - and quick!
Category: Rugrats (Fictitious characters)

Child And Adolescent Development For Educators

Author : Christi Crosby Bergin
ISBN : 9780170388665
Genre : Adolescence
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Child and Adolescent Development for Educators covers development from early childhood through high school. This text provides authentic, research-based strategies and guidelines for the classroom, helping future teachers to create an environment that promotes optimal development in children. The authors apply child development concepts to topics of high interest and relevance to teachers, including classroom discipline, constructivism, social-emotional development, and many others. Child and Adolescent Development for Educators combines the core theory with practical implications for educational contexts, and shows how child development links to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers. Case studies and real-world vignettes further bridge the distance between research and the classroom. Along with strong coverage of key local research such as the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children and Longitudinal Study of Indigenous children.
Category: Adolescence

Child And Adolescent Development In Your Classroom

Author : Christi Crosby Bergin
ISBN : 9781285965604
Genre : Education
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Covering development from early childhood through high school in an easy-to-follow format, this book provides future teachers with authentic, research-based strategies and guidelines for their classrooms. The authors apply child development concepts to topics of high interest and relevance to teachers, including classroom discipline, constructivism, social-emotional development, and many others. A strong emphasis on diversity among children is reflected throughout. Case studies and real-world vignettes further bridge the distance between research and the classroom, helping future teachers be better prepared to create an environment that promotes optimal development in children. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Category: Education

Portrait Of Betsy

Author : Leland William Howard
ISBN : 9781456726232
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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She wasn’t a dog anyone wanted. Bald from the nape of her neck to the tip of her tail, she was a scrawny little black dog with little to recommend herself to anyone other than the little tricks she used to perform to amuse people. A loser dog. But then, I wasn’t a person anyone wanted either. A loser in the eyes of the world. A ne’er do well named Jamie Fairchild, who, at the age of forty-one, had tried his luck in many places and invariably had failed. For twenty years, I had become a stranger even to the members of my own immediate family. I didn’t want a dog. I wasn’t even looking for one. But God has a way of intervening, regardless of our hopes, dreams, and personal wills, not necessarily giving one what one wants but what one needs. “Th ey ‘tole me you needed me,” Betsy told me. “Who told you?” “My superior offi cers,” she smiled, elevating her chin toward heaven. “Th ings hasn’t been goin’ so well with ya these past twenty years. I hear tell ya had big dreams once, but you went bust, was homeless jes like me fer awhiles. I also hear tell them folks of your’n ain’t much of a family. But then, mine tweren’t neither. I hears ya likes adventure, ain’t afeerd of takin’ risks. I ain’t either. I also hear tell ya likes to perform. I does too. But ya lost your confi dence along the way. Well, I’m here to give it back to ya.” Before long, Betsy was putting me through my paces. “Ah-ten-tion!” she’d bark at me. “Th at’s what our C.O. always barked at the fellas I worked with in New Guinea. Saunders was his name. Man, he was a doll, but he could also be one mean sonofabitch, let me tell ya. When Saunders barked them orders, them guys all shot up straight as ramrods. Shoulders up, ass in, chest out. Now, lissen up, Pop. Ah-ten-tion! Git that chin up! What good’s it doin’ hangin’ down thataways on your collarbone?” “Well, no one would be able to cuff me under it if it’s hanging down.” “Lissen, Pop,” she would say. “No one’s gonna cuff you under the chin. And if they does, I’ll take care of ‘em so good, they won’t need to wear no shoes! No one messes with a Marine. Not if they know what’s good for ‘em. Now lissen up! Chin up! Shoulders back! Ass in!” Awkward as these unaccustomed positions felt to me, I complied with her commands. “Yeah,” her muzzle widened into a grin. “Th at’s more like it, Daddy.” If Betsy had set me onto the road of physical exercise, she also corrected my posture. If it hadn’t been for the disciplines that she imposed upon me, I’d now be a walking question mark. “Why are ya walkin’ with your shoulders down on your chest?” she’d bark. “You wanna be a hunchback one day?” “No,” I said. “Th en stand straight and stop hangin’ your head,” she said. “How are ya ever goin’ to see where you’re a-goin’ lookin’ down at the ground all the time?” “You look at the ground when you sniff ,” I’d say. “Yeah, but that’s only to get the smell of direction. It’s in the dog world what you call a map in the human one. But ya c’aint go nowheres by always lookin’ at the map. Time comes when you’ve gotta keep your eye on the road.” Th is was the army now, and I had become Private Jamie to Sergeant Betsy. When I would slump down into that easy chair, one of whose armrests she had completely disemboweled, and had sunk into those pointless ruminations about what I should or should not have done so many years before, Betsy would approach my feet and deposit at them the tug o’ war rope, fall back on her rear haunches, her big brown eyes shining with excited anticipation, her muzzle dropped open in an eager smile. “Come on, Dad, let’s play.” “Oh, please, not now, Betsy,” I’d say. “Oh yes, now,” she insisted. “Come on. What good’s settin’ there goin’ over things you c’aint do nuthin’ ‘bout? When you does stuff like this, you’re like me when a fl ea gets on my tail and I keep tryin’ to bite it off of it, but the more I turns around, that tail jes keep gittin’ further away from me. Memories is like fl eas, Dad. You chew on ‘em too long, they gets your tail sore. Ya gotta keep your eye on your star. Th ere’s one up yonder that’s your’n and your’n alone. Keep your eye on it, and it won’t be forgettin’ ya. You jes take a hold on my tail, Pop, and I’ll take ya to your highest dreams.”
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Look Back All The Green Valley

Author : Fred Chappell
ISBN : 9781466860520
Genre : Fiction
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The last in the Kirkman family cycle by one of our most treasured writers In Look Back All the Green Valley, Jess Kirkman returns to the North Carolina mountain town of his boyhood to be with his ailing mother and finally settle the family's accounts after the death of his father ten years ago. Cleaning out his father's secret work room reunites him with the irrepressible Joe Kirkman and leads him to make new discoveries--in the dusty room he finds an unusual machine made of stovepipe and ceramic, and a handwritten map. These clues lead him to uncover a part of his father's history he never knew. Rich in the story telling traditions of Southern Appalachia, Fred Chappell's magical novel celebrates a way of life that has passed. Look Back All the Green Valley follows Chappell's three previous novels--Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You, Brighten the Corner Where You Are, and I'm Am One of You Forever--and concludes one of the most rewarding cycles of novels in recent memory.
Category: Fiction

The Drowning Of Chittenden

Author : Rebecca Williamson
ISBN : 9781587151958
Genre : Fiction
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There's a terrible secret buried in the drowning Chittenden hills. A generation ago, Janie Bainbridge's mother ran from that secret, leaving the hills forever for a life in the city. She never returned. A year ago, when they finished the dam and the hills began to drown, the secret found Janie's grandfather--and it killed him. Today, rebuilding her life in the wake of a nightmarish divorce, Janie's returned to Chittenden. Returned to face the secret that created her--returned to discover the truth, or die.
Category: Fiction

Elsie Mae Has Something To Say

Author : Nancy J. Cavanaugh
ISBN : 9781492640233
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Elsie Mae is pretty sure this'll be the best summer ever. She gets to explore the cool, quiet waters of the Okefenokee Swamp around her grandparents' house with her new dog, Huck, and she's written a letter to President Roosevelt that she's confident will save the swamp from a shipping company and make her a major hometown hero. Then, news reaches Elsie Mae of some hog bandits stealing from swamper families, and she sees another opportunity to make her family proud while waiting to hear back from the White House. But when her cousin Henry James, who dreams of one day becoming a traveling preacher like his daddy, shows up and just about ruins her investigation with his "Hallelujahs," Elsie Mae will learn the hard way what it really means to be a hero.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

You Cared For Me

Author : Brett Robinson
ISBN : 9780595318322
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.48 MB
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Physician assistant students write about some of their first clinical encounters with real patients. But there's a twist-these stories are written from the perspective of the patients! An elderly farmer, a single teen who is pregnant, a motherless child, a World War II veteran, a newborn baby-these are just a few of the many people who touch and teach physician assistant students early in their clinical experience. Read the stories of sorrow, joy, surprise, patience, uncertainty and hope in the lives of patients and caregivers alike.
Category: Fiction