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Alien In The Family

Author : Gini Koch
ISBN : 9781101513545
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal romance in Gini Koch’s Alien novels, as Katherine “Kitty” Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies, and deadly secrets. • “Futuristic high-jinks and gripping adventure.” —RT Reviews Planning any wedding is hard enough, but Katherine "Kitty" Katt and Jeff Martini have a lot more to worry about than seating arrangements, because multiple inter-stellar invasions, Alpha Team in mortal peril, and inter-alien conspiracies are all on the guest list—and the gifts they've brought contain some explosive surprises. The discovery that Martini is actually a member of the Alpha Centaurion Royal Family brings additional bad news—emissaries are on their way to see if Kitty's royal bride material. And they're not the only things coming from the Alpha Centauri system. Amazonian assassins, spies, alien beasties, shape-shifters, and representatives from the Planetary Council, combined with a tabloid reporter who's a little too on the mark, create a deadly situation for Kitty and the rest of Alpha Team. When the assassins strike far too close to home for anyone's comfort, Kitty realizes it's going to come down to more than throwing a bouquet—she's going to have to face an entire planetary consciousness and dethrone a monarch in order to make it to the church on time... Alien in the Family is the thrilling third installment of the Alien novels.
Category: Fiction

Loving An Alien 2

Author : Retha Shortridge
ISBN : 1514765837
Genre :
File Size : 48.44 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a continuation of Loving an Alien1. Matt marries Sugarita, the pregnant hybrid alien, and she takes his family and friends into space to search for his previously abducted ex-wife. It is a journey that he will never forget, and his life is forever changed. This is a suspenseful story of love and war. Will Matt's human crew ever see Earth again or will they make a permanent home in space?

Alien Family Road Trip Red S Planet Book 3

Author : Eddie Pittman
ISBN : 9781683358688
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 57.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The epic conclusion to this intergalactic trilogy from Disney cartoonist Eddie Pittman In this rollicking conclusion to the Red’s Planet trilogy, Red discovers evidence that aliens may have abducted her mother and father, and is convinced her parents are still alive. But the only humans who fit their description are on a spaceship headed back to Earth. With help from her friends, Goose and Tawee, Red embarks on an epic adventure to find them, in a journey that takes them across the vast distance of space and the rocky deserts of the American West. But will Red find her family? Or will she end up losing her friends along the way?
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Memoirs Of An Illegal Alien

Author : Fernando Briceño
ISBN : 9781453509524
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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MEMOIRS OF AN ILLEGAL ALIEN AN AMERICAN ADVENTURE Fernando is a table tennis player representing his school from Ecuador at the US Open in Miami in 1986. After the tournament, with his brother Jaime and his teammate Douglas, he gets on a New York City bound Greyhound bus. Fernando is captivated by the grandeur of the city and, after his return to Ecuador, dreams of going back someday. Three months later he returns to the United States. This time he overstays his visa and becomes an illegal alien. He struggles on account of things varied in nature and overcomes most of them. He also gets to savor some triumphs. He gets married in 1997 and obtains a work permit. In 1999, he gets a DEA-sensitive clearance, and he starts to work in the wiretap department. His marriage ends up in a divorce before getting a green card, and he is in limbo. He continues to work wiretaps for the DEA, Customs, IRS, ICE, ATF, and others. His dedication, passion, and work quality, despite the fact that he is a high school dropout, catapult him to the top of his game, and he is offered to work directly for the DEA by starting his own company. He jumps at the chance, and with great success, he manages to work for the government in some of the most exciting drug-smuggling cases in the United States. Almost twenty-four years after his arrival to this country, Fernando is in need of a lung transplant. He still is an illegal alien and hopes that someday he will get his green card and maybe die a United States citizen, in the country that he loves. His father, an American citizen, filed a petition on his behalf in 2004, and the wait to legalize his status goes on.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Removals Involving Illegal Alien Parents Of United States Citizens

Author : Richard L. Skinner
ISBN : 9781437915259
Genre :
File Size : 82.33 MB
Format : PDF
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A report on detentions and removals involving U.S. citizen children and their parents among Immigration and Customs Enforcement¿s detention center population over the past 10 years. Covers: (1) the total number of aliens removed from the U.S.; (2) the number of instances in which one or both parents of a U.S. citizen child were removed; (3) the reason for the parents¿ removal; (4) the length of time the parents lived in the U.S. before removal; (5) whether the U.S. citizen children remained in the U.S. after the parents¿ removal; and (6) the number of days a U.S. citizen child was held in detention. The U.S. conducted 2,199,138 alien removals between FY's 1998 and 2007. These removals involved 108,434 parents of U.S. citizen children. Illustrations.

Public Policy In Soviet Private International Law

Author : André Garnefsky
ISBN : 9789401534925
Genre : Law
File Size : 73.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This study is based on original Russian sources, due atten tion being paid to some authoritative views advanced by foreign lawyers. Leaving aside the essentials of the work in the hope that they will speak for themselves; I should like to make some prelim inary remarks regarding the linguistic and other formal aspects. First of all it should be noted that many of the Soviet laws have already been translated into English either in the USSR itself or in Western countries. This fact is fully reflected in the bibliographical survey at the end of this study. Some laws have been translated both in the Soviet Union and abroad, as for instance the Fundamentals of Soviet Civil Legislation. In such a case I have used the translation made in the USSR even though linguistically it may be inferior to the translation made in the West. The author has translated only those legal provi sions of which no English translation was available. For transliteration, I have used the system of the Library of Congress of the USA without its diacritical marks. Further, a word should be said about the references in the notes. They are very brief and consist of the surnames of the authors concerned and if necessary an additional element, e. g.
Category: Law

Family Zealous Love Stain

Author : Patricia Taylor
ISBN : 9781634176637
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 39.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A wonderful book of vivid historical poetry.
Category: Poetry

The Immigration Handbook

Author : Ivan Vasic
ISBN : 0786455063
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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While the United States remains a nation of immigrants, the path to citizenship is not an easy one—and in fact has become more difficult in recent years. In clear, readable language, this volume explains in detail every step an individual must take to obtain a nonimmigrant visa, an immigrant visa leading to permanent residency, or actual citizenship. This book is essential reading for anyone involved with immigration—whether for themselves, a relative, or an employee. Examples of common immigration forms for the individual and for families are included and a list is provided of the most important websites for immigration issues.
Category: Political Science

Alien Ice

Author : Alfred H. Berger
ISBN : 9781453507315
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When a Kryogenetics engineer working at a military facility discovers how to revitalize people to remain at their present age, and remain there for 100 years at a time, all hell breaks loose. Military, Mafia, and space aliens, greedy rich government persons, there comes into being the race of who gets the secret first. The good guys against the bad, or so it seems. The engineer and his wife are kidnapped by paid mercenaries recruited by doublecrossing persons wanting this information for themselves and stand to make billions and billions of dollars. One man with a secret. An adventure follows that will span the United States, Europe, the fringes of outer space, and space aliens, and that will tax the ingenuity of his mom and dad to get them free from their glacial entombment.
Category: Fiction