Ali B Abi Talib

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100 Virtues Of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Author : Ibn Shadhān Al-Qummī
ISBN : 9780973593709
Genre : Religion
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This book contains one hundred narrations based on the chains of transmission that are accepted by the General Population, about the merits of the commander of the Believers, Ali b. Abī Ṭālib, and his sons, the Imams. This book specifically has had a great impact in the Muslim world because the author has carefully selected the sources from Sunni books, thereby eliminating any question of impartiality. Those who study the history of Islam find that occasionally, paid writers try to create doubt in the peoples’ hearts with their poisonous books. It is our scholars who fight them with precious and authentic publications, such as this one, which is void of any personal opinion. There are two editions of this book. The first is in the library of Āyatullāh Sayyid Muṣṭafā Al-Khūnsārī, and the second one is in the library of Āyatullāh Al-Mar'ashī Al-Najafī.
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Peak Of Eloquence

Author : Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥusayn Sharīf al-Raḍī
ISBN : UOM:39076002729908
Genre : Islam
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Fazail E Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Author : Syed Tilmiz Hasnain Rizvi
ISBN : 9781304871404
Genre : Religion
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Fazail-e-Ali (Virtues of Imam Ali a.s) the first Shi'ite Imam and the son in law of Prophet Muhammad (s). This is a selection of virtues of Ali b. Abi Talib (as) from the sources of Ahle Sunnah. Translated in Urdu by Syed Tilmiz Hasnain Rizvi, and in English by Sheikh Idrees Samawi.
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In Search Of Ali Ibn Abi Talib S Codex

Author : Seyfeddin Kara
ISBN : 3959940556
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The history of the text of the Qur'an has been a longstanding subject of interest within the field of Islamic Studies, but the debate has so far been focused on the Sunni traditions about the codices of Caliphs Abū Bakr and ʿUthmān b. ʿAffān. Little to no attention has been given to the traditions on ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib's collection of the Qur'an. This book examines both Shiʿi and Sunni traditions on the issue, aiming to date them back to the earliest possible date and, if possible, verify their authenticity. To achieve this, the traditions are examined using Harald Motzki's isnād-cum-matn method, which is recognised as an efficient tool in dating the early Islamic traditions and involves analysis of both matn (text) and isnād (chain of trans-mission) with an emphasis on finding a correlation between the two. "Kara's application of hadith criticism to Shi'i sources is innovative as well as constructive. Respectful of others' contributions, he nonetheless subverts conventional sceptical and starkly sectarianised approaches to Scriptural textual history." (From the foreword by James Piscatori)
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Ali B Abi Talib

Author : M. K. Zeineddine
ISBN : 1635054435
Genre : Religion
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This book sets the scene for a compelling story of an Imam who earned Prophet Muhammad's complete trust and exclusive attention from an early age. Eloquent in speech, gallant in battle and wise in counsel--that is Ali b. Abi Talib, the highly praised by the Quran and the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family). Admired by Eastern and Western thinkers like Thomas Carlyle who described the Imam as, 'a noble-minded creature as he shows himself, now and always afterwards; full of affection, of fiery daring. Something chivalrous in him: brave as a lion; yet with a grace, a truth and affection worthy of Christian knighthood. Touching on one of the gravest issues of our time--terrorism--this book can prove exceedingly useful to readers of all faiths, particularly Muslims, who may understand from Ali himself the true meaning of jihad as a way to defend peace and develop societies; not an excuse to promote fear, ignorance and destruction. In the classical tapestry of this book, we will also introduce Ali's views on matters of love, remembrance, justice, freedom and knowledge, which truly reflect the prophetic character of this grand figure. The intention is to paint an evocative portrait of Ali as one of history's most charismatic personalities. Each chapter is replete with drama, history and words of wisdom from Ali, extracted from his sermons and letters in the famous book, Peak of Eloquence or Nahj al-Balagha. The majority of hadiths have been carefully selected from mainstream scholars such as Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Tirmidhi and many others who did not necessarily share the same faith as Ali's, yet appreciated his passion for humanity. M. K. Zeineddine is a writer with keen interest in the sublime teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his People of the House (ahl al-bayt). Given his extensive research, the author is of the strong opinion that Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerance despite what has been unjustly campaigned against it throughout the centuries. The remarkable virtues of ahl al-bayt, with Ali b. Abi Talib being a prominent figure, stand a clear proof of that.
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The Ten Granted Paradise

Author : Sayed Ammar Nakshawani
ISBN : 9780990374008
Genre : Islam
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Dr. Nakshawani in the following work not only corrects the widespread misconception that the Shi’i intellectual tradition despises and curses all Companions, but also clarifies the reason for which some Companions were considered people of Paradise in the Shi’i (and usually the Sunni) tradition. In a few places, the author notes reasons for which the Shi’i tradition does not venerate certain Companions. Discussing controversial history as it relates to Companions and the ahl al-bayt remains a difficult enterprise, where methods and premises, let alone conclusions, substantially differ from scholar to scholar. As an expert of the Shi’i tradition, Dr. Nakshawani presents relevant Shi’i narratives for non-specialists who would otherwise be unaware of them. Thus, the following biographies fill a gap in knowledge about Companions not only revered in the Shi’i tradition, but according to the collective memory of pro-Alid Sunni and Shi’i authors, granted Paradise.
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Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Author : Resit Haylamaz
ISBN : 9781597846899
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Ali ibn Abi Taleb is the fourth Caliph of Islam, but he is the first to remember from among all the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad as far as bravery is concerned. He is a symbol of courage and gallantry as much as a leading spiritual figure in Islam. This book brings to life the biography of this unique hero of Islam, analyzing where and how he was raised, the dynamics that formed his personality and the struggles that he went through in his lifetime.
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Biography Of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Author : Ali Muhammad As-Sallabi
Genre :
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The life of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) was full of energetic and dynamic missionary events. He was honored by wisdom and referred as the protector of Islam from the division and secretion. This volume has rich context of the comprehensive life events of Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s (R.A) after embracing Islam. It has a major focus on the history about battles of Islam with him as a commander, righteous, companion, activist, warrior and energetic ranger of the Prophet (PBUH). It also describes about mainly imperative actions in Makkah and the life in Madina with the principles as Amir Al-Mu’mineen. This book is the second in a series of the era “history of the Rightly Guided Caliphs” that bestow a comprehensive study about his personality and era. The writer “Ali Muhammad As-Sallabi” focuses in detail with true depiction of the Hadith and consolidated history of Islam. The foremost luminosity is on examining the development of guidance alongside the Prophet (PBUH) in the battle of the camel and other. The volume-II has two major sections with rich content of subsequent: - Battle of camel before and after event along Uthmaan’s series - The stance of “Fitna” and Islamic scholarly approach - Attempts of Reconciliation and Kuffa trip from “Abu Dahar” - Fighting breaks out and call of commander - Quick life review on Ali’s (R.A) companions and warriors - The battle of “SIFFIN” and outbreak of fighting - Mu’awiyah and the Roman King - The “Khawararij” and opinion - The span of the Caliphate of Ali’s (R.A)

Der Islam

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105015512085
Genre : Civilization, Islamic
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L B Maym N

Author : Matthew Wiley Simonds
ISBN : UCAL:C3410248
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Mecca And Eden

Author : Brannon Wheeler
ISBN : UOM:39015064909396
Genre : History
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Nineteenth-century philologist and Biblical critic William Robertson Smith famously concluded that the sacred status of holy places derives not from their intrinsic nature but from their social character. Building upon this insight, Mecca and Eden uses Islamic exegetical and legal texts to analyze the rituals and objects associated with the sanctuary at Mecca. Integrating Islamic examples into the comparative study of religion, Brannon Wheeler shows how the treatment of rituals, relics, and territory is related to the more general mythological depiction of the origins of Islamic civilization. Along the way, Wheeler considers the contrast between Mecca and Eden in Muslim rituals, the dispersal and collection of relics of the prophet Muhammad, their relationship to the sanctuary at Mecca, and long tombs associated with the gigantic size of certain prophets mentioned in the Quran. Mecca and Eden succeeds, as few books have done, in making Islamic sources available to the broader study of religion.
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National Union Catalog

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89015289200
Genre : Union catalogs
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Includes entries for maps and atlases.
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