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Algorithmic Composition

Author : Gerhard Nierhaus
ISBN : 9783211755402
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 62.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Algorithmic composition – composing by means of formalizable methods – has a century old tradition not only in occidental music history. This is the first book to provide a detailed overview of prominent procedures of algorithmic composition in a pragmatic way rather than by treating formalizable aspects in single works. In addition to an historic overview, each chapter presents a specific class of algorithm in a compositional context by providing a general introduction to its development and theoretical basis and describes different musical applications. Each chapter outlines the strengths, weaknesses and possible aesthetical implications resulting from the application of the treated approaches. Topics covered are: markov models, generative grammars, transition networks, chaos and self-similarity, genetic algorithms, cellular automata, neural networks and artificial intelligence are covered. The comprehensive bibliography makes this work ideal for the musician and the researcher alike.
Category: Mathematics

Algorithmic Composition

Author : Mary Simoni
ISBN : 9780472035236
Genre : Music
File Size : 42.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Algorithmic Composition offers new ways of thinking about the organization of sound that we call music
Category: Music

An Open Design For Computer Aided Algorithmic Music Composition

Author : Christopher Ariza
ISBN : 9781581122923
Genre : Computers
File Size : 21.87 MB
Format : PDF
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This dissertation introduces a new design for a computer-aided algorithmic music composition system. Rather than exploring specific algorithms, this study focuses on system and component design. The design introduced here is demonstrated through its implementation in athenaCL, a modular, polyphonic, poly-paradigm algorithmic music composition system in a cross-platform interactive command-line environment. The athenaCL system offers an open-source, object-oriented composition tool written in Python. The system can be scripted and embedded, and includes integrated instrument libraries, post-tonal and microtonal pitch modeling tools, multiple-format graphical outputs, and musical output in Csound, MIDI, audio file, XML, and text formats. Software design analysis is framed within a broad historical and intertextual study of the themes, approaches, and systems of computer-aided algorithmic composition (CAAC). A detailed history of the earliest experiments, as well as analysis of the foundational CAAC systems, is provided. Common problems and interpretations of CAAC are then presented in a historical and intertextual context, drawn from the writings and systems of numerous composers and developers. Toward the goal of developing techniques of comparative software analysis, a survey of system design archetypes, based on seven descriptors of CAAC systems, is presented. With this foundation, athenaCL system components are analyzed in detail. System components are divided into abstractions of musical materials, abstractions of musical procedures, and system architecture. For each component, object models, Python examples, and diagrams are provided. Further, each component is given context in terms of its compositional implications and relation to alternative and related models from the history of CAAC.
Category: Computers

The Oxford Handbook Of Algorithmic Music

Author : Alex McLean
ISBN : 9780190655716
Genre : Music
File Size : 85.42 MB
Format : PDF
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With the ongoing development of algorithmic composition programs and communities of practice expanding, algorithmic music faces a turning point. Joining dozens of emerging and established scholars alongside leading practitioners in the field, chapters in this Handbook both describe the state of algorithmic composition and also set the agenda for critical research on and analysis of algorithmic music. Organized into four sections, chapters explore the music's history, utility, community, politics, and potential for mass consumption. Contributors address such issues as the role of algorithms as co-performers, live coding practices, and discussions of the algorithmic culture as it currently exists and what it can potentially contribute society, education, and ecommerce. Chapters engage particularly with post-human perspectives - what new musics are now being found through algorithmic means which humans could not otherwise have made - and, in reciprocation, how algorithmic music is being assimilated back into human culture and what meanings it subsequently takes. Blending technical, artistic, cultural, and scientific viewpoints, this Handbook positions algorithmic music making as an essentially human activity.
Category: Music

Music And Connectionism

Author : Peter M. Todd
ISBN : 0262200813
Genre : Music
File Size : 48.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As one of our highest expressions of thought and creativity, music has always been a difficult realm to capture, model, and understand. The connectionist paradigm, now beginning to provide insights into many realms of human behavior, offers a new and unified viewpoint from which to investigate the subtleties of musical experience. Music and Connectionism provides a fresh approach to both fields, using the techniques of connectionism and parallel distributed processing to look at a wide range of topics in music research, from pitch perception to chord fingering to composition.The contributors, leading researchers in both music psychology and neural networks, address the challenges and opportunities of musical applications of network models. The result is a current and thorough survey of the field that advances understanding of musical phenomena encompassing perception, cognition, composition, and performance, and in methods for network design and analysis.Peter M. Todd is a doctoral candidate in the PDP Research Group of the Psychology Department at Stanford University. Gareth Loy is an award-winning composer, a lecturer in the Music Department of the University of California, San Diego, and a member of the technical staff of Frox Inc.Contributors. Jamshed J. Bharucha. Peter Desain. Mark Dolson. Robert Gjerclingen. Henkjan Honing. B. Keith Jenkins. Jacqueline Jons. Douglas H. Keefe. Tuevo Kohonen. Bernice Laden. Pauli Laine. Otto Laske. Marc Leman. J. P. Lewis. Christoph Lischka. D. Gareth Loy. Ben Miller. Michael Mozer. Samir I. Sayegh. Hajime Sano. Todd Soukup. Don Scarborough. Kalev Tiits. Peter M. Todd. Kari Torkkola.
Category: Music

Evolutionary And Biologically Inspired Music Sound Art And Design

Author : Colin Johnson
ISBN : 9783319164984
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design, EvoMUSART 2015, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April 2015, co-located with the Evo* 2015 events EuroGP, EvoCOP and Evo Applications. The 23 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 43 submissions. They cover a wide range of topics and application areas, including generative approaches to music, graphics, game content and narrative; music information retrieval; computational aesthetics; the mechanics of interactive evolutionary computation and the art theory of evolutionary computation.
Category: Computers

Patterns Of Intuition

Author : Gerhard Nierhaus
ISBN : 9789401795616
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34.47 MB
Format : PDF
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The present book is the result of a three year research project which investigated the creative act of composing by means of algorithmic composition. Central to the investigation are the compositional strategies of 12 composers, which were documented through a dialogic and cyclic process of modelling and evaluating musical materials. The aesthetic premises and compositional approaches configure a rich spectrum of diverse positions, which is reflected also in the kinds of approaches and methods used. These approaches and methods include the generation and evaluation of chord sequences using genetic algorithms, the application of morphing strategies to research harmonic transformations, an automatic classification of personal preferences via machine learning, and an application of mathematical music theory to the analysis and resynthesis of musical material. The second part of the book features contributions by Sandeep Bhagwati, William Brooks, David Cope, Darla Crispin, Nicolas Donin, and Guerino Mazzola. These authors variously consider the project from different perspectives, offer independent approaches, or provide more general reflections from their respective research fields.
Category: Computers

Music In Images

Author : Arjun Gupta
ISBN : OCLC:865578931
Genre : Digital media
File Size : 65.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The development of the digital computer provides increasingly powerful means for automation of different processes. Today this development has reached a level that automation can even be applied in the production of forms of music, where the digital computer provides means of devising and implementing formal systems for the composition of music. While formal processes and algorithms have been utilized for centuries within the creative activity of music, the tools and technique of their application known as algorithmic composition. [5] This project offers an approach for generation of music (melody and chords) from digital images using their pixel values as input. The computer program reads an image and algorithmically assigns correlations between image pixel values. These values are then transformed into melody and chords, and music is produced using the computers audio interface.
Category: Digital media

The Oxford Handbook Of Computer Music

Author : Roger T. Dean
ISBN : 9780199887132
Genre : Music
File Size : 53.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music offers a state-of-the-art cross-section of the most field-defining topics and debates in computer music today. A unique contribution to the field, it situates computer music in the broad context of its creation and performance across the range of issues - from music cognition to pedagogy to sociocultural topics - that shape contemporary discourse in the field. Fifty years after musical tones were produced on a computer for the first time, developments in laptop computing have brought computer music within reach of all listeners and composers. Production and distribution of computer music have grown tremendously as a result, and the time is right for this survey of computer music in its cultural contexts. An impressive and international array of music creators and academics discuss computer music's history, present, and future with a wide perspective, including composition, improvisation, interactive performance, spatialization, sound synthesis, sonification, and modeling. Throughout, they merge practice with theory to offer a fascinating look into computer music's possibilities and enduring appeal.
Category: Music

A Life For Music

Author : Eduardo Reck Miranda
ISBN : 0895796732
Genre : Music
File Size : 53.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Music