Al Si Alloys

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Al Si Alloys Casts By Die Casting

Author : Juraj Ružbarský
ISBN : 9783030251505
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book presents a study on the influence of selected technological parameters of die casting upon strength and use properties of Al-Si alloy casts produced in die casting. It contains a theoretical part describing the principles of casting technology, and its practical part revolves around the relationship between selected technological parameters of die casting in regard to strength and use properties represented by tensile strength and porosity of die casts.
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Al Si Alloys

Author : Francisco C. Robles Hernandez
ISBN : 9783319583808
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 33.96 MB
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This book details aluminum alloys with special focus on the aluminum silicon (Al‐Si) systems – that are the most abundant alloys second only to steel. The authors include a description of the manufacturing principles, thermodynamics, and other main characteristics of Al‐Si alloys. Principles of processing, testing, and in particular applications in the Automotive, Aeronautical and Aerospace fields are addressed.
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Squeeze Casting Of Al Si Alloys

Author : Bellisario Denise
ISBN : OCLC:1154215576
Genre : Technology
File Size : 79.53 MB
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Squeeze Casting of Al-Si Alloys.
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Surface Structure Modification And Hardening Of Al Si Alloys

Author : Denis A. Romanov
ISBN : 9781000280968
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37.18 MB
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Surface Structure Modification and Hardening of Al-SI Alloys explores the hardening of material surfaces using concentrated energy flows resulting in the nanostructuring of surface layers. The authors demonstrate how these methods achieve a reduction in plastic deformation of the surface and a more uniform distribution of elastic stresses near the surface during operational use, significantly reducing part failure. It presents results from research and scientific and technological enterprises involved with the modification of light alloy surfaces for use in the automobile and aerospace industries. Additional key features include: Addresses theoretical and experimental research computer simulations of structural phase transformations at the nanolevel to create new materials Details and compares electroexplosion alloying, electron beam processing and electron-plasma alloying of an Al-Si Alloy Explains multiphase plasma jet treatment to obtain high-quality coatings with good and high functional properties This reference is a valuable resource for specialists in the field of physical material science, condensed state physics, metal science and thermal treatment and will be of interest to undergraduate and post-graduate students in these fields.
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Casting Aluminum Alloys

Author : Michael V Glazoff
ISBN : 0080550231
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 69.18 MB
Format : PDF
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Casting Aluminum Alloys summarizes research conducted at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloy during many decades in part together with Alcoa Inc. The research covered areas of the structure, properties, thermal resistance, corrosion and fatigue of aluminum alloys in industrial manufacturing. Emphasis on interconnection among phase equilibria, thermodynamics and microstructure of alloys Systematic overview of all phase diagrams with Al that are important for the development of casting aluminium alloys Diagrams ("processing windows") of important technological properties such as castability, molten metal fluidity, tendency to hot pre-solidification cracking, porosity Mathematical models for alloy mechanical properties facilitating the down-selection of best prospect candidates for new alloy development New principles of design of eutectic casting aluminium alloys Examples of successful novel casting alloy development, including alloys for high-strength applications, alloys with transition metals, and novel alloys utilizing aluminium scrap
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Aluminium Alloys

Author : Jürgen Hirsch
ISBN : 3527323678
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.83 MB
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Aluminium is a well established modern lightweight engineering and functional material with a unique combination of specific properties like strengh, formability, durability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. It is present in many intelligent solutions in established markets like building, transport, packaging, printing, and many others, in our fast moving modern society. The various aluminium alloys can be processed quite efficiently in large quantities by conventional fabrication routes, as well as in special sophisticated forms and material combinations for highly innovative high-tec solutions and applications. This book contains latest information about all these aspects in form of the refereed papers of the II th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys "ICAA", where world-wide experts from academia and engineers from industry present latest results and new ideas in fundamental as well as applied research. Since 22 years the ICAA series provides scientists and engineers with a complete overview over the latest scientific and technological developments, featuring profound technology-based overviews and new innovative perspectives. This book is a reference for the scientific community as well as for the aluminium industry working on aluminium alloy development, processing and application issues. It gives a global perspective on the current focus of international research with emphasis on in-depth understanding of specific properties and applications of conventional and advanced aluminium alloys.
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Impression Creep Properties Of Hypoeutectic Al Si Alloys With Scandium Additions

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051919415
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Abstract: The present work pertains to an improvement of high temperature stability of age hardenable hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy. Addition of scandium (Sc) was attempted to modify the microstructure and to improve the high temperature stability of the hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy. The high temperature stability was determined by impression creep techniques. The tests were performed at temperature 250°C and applied stresses in the range of 160 to 200 MPa for dwell times up to 3000 seconds. The results showed that the creep strength of the hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys was improved. For all loads, hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy with 0.4 wt% Sc had the lowest creep rates and thus the highest creep resistance among all materials tested. This may be attributed to the possible microstructural changes, solute enrichment of the matrix and pinning of the grain boundaries by the fine precipitates.

Electron Ion Plasma Modification Of A Hypoeutectoid Al Si Alloy

Author : Dmitrii Zaguliaev
ISBN : 9781000297058
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 74.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Electron-Ion-Plasma Modification of a Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy details theoretical and experimental research and computer simulation of structural phase transformations in AlSi10Mn2Ni Silumin on different scale levels under electroexplosion alloying, electron beam processing and electron-plasma alloying at the nanolevel in order to create new materials. The authors summarize and analyze more than 10 years of research on the electron-ion-plasma effect on strength properties and structure-phase states’ transformations of hypoeutectic Silumin. Key Features: Details physical and mathematical models of mechanisms of surface layer hardening under conditions of varying energy effects Offers insights into improved strength characteristics of Silumin Explores optimal processing modes for increased strength and improved tribological characteristics This book is a valuable resource to researchers and engineers involved with the modification of light alloy surfaces for the automotive and aeronautical industry.
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Advanced Light Alloys And Composites

Author : R. Ciach
ISBN : 079235222X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 57.9 MB
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An expert exposition of the structural and mechanical properties of light alloys and composites, bridging the gap between scientists and industrial engineers in its consideration of advanced light materials, their structure, properties, technology and application. Includes basic problems of alloy constitution and phase transformations. The aluminium alloys are the main topic of the book, consideration being given to their properties, casting technology, thermomechanical treatment and structure. Attention is also given to the magnesium alloys, particularly those having rare earth metal constituents. Both commercial titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds are discussed, as are metallic composites. The latest engineering techniques are discussed in both theoretical and practical terms.
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Multicomponent Phase Diagrams Applications For Commercial Aluminum Alloys

Author : Nikolay A. Belov
ISBN : 0080456960
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.96 MB
Format : PDF
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Despite decades of extensive research and application, commercial aluminum alloys are still poorly understood in terms of the phase composition and phase transformations occurring during solidification, cooling, and heating. Multicomponent Phase Diagrams: Applications for Commercial Aluminum Alloys aims to apply multi-component phase diagrams to commercial aluminum alloys, and give a comprehensive coverage of available and assessed phase diagrams for aluminum-based alloy systems of different dimensionality. Features data on non-equilibrium phase diagrams, which can rarely be obtained from other publications Extensive coverage of all groups of commercially important alloys and materials
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